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Guess’ Website: Design Analysis Essay

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Updated: Oct 14th, 2021

The fashion brand whose website that I would be analyzing for the purpose of this paper would be that of the internationally renowned brand; “Guess”. Having stores in more than fifty-nine countries, this brand is one of the oldest fashion brands to have existed. The website of this brand opens with links to various regional centers where this brand franchise can be found. The background of a woman posing adds a sense of fragility and sensuality from the first link of the website.

The viewer is made to feel like the world that will open further will be based on a touch of elegance, opulence, and female fragility. The colors of the website are black and white further adding subtlety into the design as the brand is based on a theme of elegant sensuality. The woman’s pose and her clothing clearly seem to hint at those yet there is a refinement in the sensual element a well. The white dress of the woman is clearly designed to show so.

The brand’s name is, however; written in a glaring red color and large font which immediately attracts the attention of the reader and the red color acts as a sharp contrast to the muted colors prevalent on the rest of the website.

If the viewer clicks on whichever regional franchise the viewer wishes to view; the nest two images of a woman posing create a sublime appeal. The woman is a confidant, poised female whose elegant stature and her calmness portray a sense of peace and calmness.

The brand is clearly meant for those who wish to be known as those who have a touch of elegance that is refined yet has a tinge of sensuality in it.

The clothes themselves are meant to entice the viewer to continue viewing the website as they are subtly provocative and there is nothing vulgar about them.

The website portrays the brand to be a fashion house which creates a fine line between subtle provocation and outright vulgarity. Classy images of women in black and white clothes are clearly a cut above mere poses of women in less clothing times. The white and black color theme continues on and it adds a sense of the age element associated with this brand that has been around for quite some time now.

If the reader wishes to view the products range and the accessories, a link by the name of “Marciano”, the designer has been provided which is no longer black and white elegance but the image of a confidant woman again portrays the earlier on the sense of a fashion brand catering to the strong, confidant female of today.

The colors of the website are now white with brown and blue coloring; adding a sudden sense of life to the website. The modern coloring brings the reader back to the present age time period.

The look book allows the reader to have access to three different gowns portrayed by women who again seem quite poised. The colored images act as a sharp contrast to the white background immediately attracting the viewer’s eye. The latest trends and accessories are also shown with separate links and the accessories are shown as a boxed image with price tags attached to them.

Though the website is quite simple, yet this simplicity is itself quite refreshing as it allows the reader to view what /he/she wants instead of going through a number of links without having access to the right one. The links are right at the top of the main site allowing the reader simple access.

The accessories can be seen by the as arrival or if the viewer wants to see specific accessories, the scroll down option allows the viewer access to that as well.

An option of “As seen on” allows to reader r to view the brand‘s products that were either displayed in famous magazines or worn by famous people including celebrities. This allows the viewer a number of bright images that show various people posing in Guess products, and the semblance of the colors attracts the eye of the viewer as they are all bright but not clashing with each other. The white background theme continues to add a sense of sereneness.

Another option of suiting -white in the present case allows the reader to have access to the taste-suiting products of the brand.

Shoes are portrayed in the same manner as the accessories, the blue coloring of the font, allows the reader to view the images in a better sense as the focus is no longer on the classical imagery in the back, but on the brightly colored product’s images.

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