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Smartphone Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Smartphone Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Smartphones in Society
    Uncontrolled use of smartphone requires users to review the need to respond to smartphone alerts, deactivate the alerts, and consult their colleagues rather than the phone because such actions can reduce anxiety. Smartphone addiction is […]
  2. Smartphone Technology
    The iPhone 5 is a windows product that has proved to be among the best selling smart phone in the market.
  3. Smartphone as a Communication Sector Revolution
    The Smartphone has done much to pull the world towards the core of digital database. The youth has exploited this utility to download music and movies from the world over and store it for their […]
  4. Blackberry Smartphone Consumer Behavior
    Description of Internal Variables Consumer Personality: the personality of the consumer especially that of the middle class has a significant influence on the purchase decisions. With the brand and the specific outlet in mind, a […]
  5. Apple Inc. Smartphone Marketing Strategy in Australia
    Weaknesses The biggest drawback most of the mobile phone companies in the Australian market are facing is the limited market and distribution channels.
  6. Apple Inc. Smartphone Marketing Strategy Presentation
    The popularity of the brand has enabled the company to be successful and become the leader in Smartphones market under a highly competitive and volatile environment.
  7. Social Networks Application in Smartphone
    With the emergence and widespread use social networks applications, the challenge of distance should no longer be a hindrance in a relationship, especially in the wake of Smartphones.
  8. Influential factors affecting youth’s behaviors towards purchasing a smartphone
    Objectives Understand the background of the smartphone industry Analyze the smartphone market trends and the role played by the youths in this marekts Understand reasons why youths buy smartphones through a survey on 100 people […]
  9. Apple Inc. Smartphones strategic marketing plan
    Within the market segment, the objectives of the marketing mix includes To ensure sales increase by 40% To ensure increase in the sales margin by more than 20% To ensure increase in the total Smartphones […]
  10. Value of Smartphone Security
    The security standards include the use keystroke dynamics, monitoring the time of key holding, the flight time, multiplayer access regulations, priority regarding the application accessibility.
  11. Using Smartphones in Learning
    The other purpose of the study is to understand the recent developments that have been made to the smartphones and how people are able to adopt the changes.
  12. Nokia Pure View Smartphone Marketing Strategy
    In order to achieve the above objectives, other key issues such as the geographical environment where the Nokia targets to market the phone, the target population and the competitors in the market will also have […]
  13. Smartphone Software
    It is the software installed in apple phones such as iphone, the iPod Touch, and the ipad. This is the latest operating system, and it has various advantages.
  14. Use of Smartphones
    In regard with mobile phone technology, this paper examines the growing use of smart phones in the world, and the kind of impact these types of phones have on people’s lives.
  15. Apple Versus Samsung Smartphones
    With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones, Samsung competes with Apple’s iPhone. The screen, look and feel of Samsung smartphones is strikingly similar to that of the iPhone.
  16. Social Issues: Smartphones’ Positive Impacts
    In the past, it is expensive to make calls. In the past, it is not convenient to make calls using payphones.
  17. Smartphones and Dumb Behavior
    On the one hand, the use of smartphones negatively affects development of short-term memory in people. On the other hand, it is also found that the abundance of information negatively affects people.
  18. Smartphones and Information Technology Systems Management
    Smartphones such as BlackBerry have applications that increase the accessibility of information, which is critical in enhancing the organisations’ effectiveness particularly in the management of tasks and projects.
  19. Technologies: Customized Smartphones for Children
    The rising demand for the Smartphone took place because of the benefits that it has for both the parents and the children.
  20. Smartphones for Children: Design and Usage
    To reduce the above challenges, the software should follow a design that enables the children to use them conveniently. Additionally, the software needs to have features that match the demand presented by the children.
  21. The Smartphone: Anatomy of an Industry
    The smartphones industry, which has phone makers like Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung, and Lenovo, falls under the Electronic Computer Manufacturing section of the NAICS, with code 33-4111.
  22. New Product Feasibility: Tecno N7 Series Android Smartphone
    According to Abou-Moghli and Abdallah, product feasibility is one of the essential business marketing elements in the market analysis process, which is deemed as a scientific tool of obtaining relevant information pertinent to the provision […]
  23. Smartphones Role in Lifestyles Changes
    The fast and quick connectivity of smartphones to the internet provides a wide spectrum of understanding issues that individuals face in their professional and social lives. Creativity and innovation that smartphones facilitate lead to enhanced […]
  24. Samsung Company Smartphone Marketing
    The article gives a summary of the Smartphone market controlled by Samsung and the ensuing advertising expenditure from mobile marketing and advertisements because of the strategy employed by Samsung.
  25. Steering Wheel and Smartphone: A Deadly Combination
    Moreover, being distracted by mobile devices can cause harm not only to their owners but also to total strangers who merely happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  26. Apple’s Competition in Chinese Smartphone Market
    The analysis will examine the following forces that affect the company: industry competition, the bargaining power of suppliers, the bargaining power of consumers, the threat of new entrants, and the threat of substitute products.
  27. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone’s Security Issue
    The exploding smartphones have shown that, although the Samsung Company’s status and quality of products were supposed to be at the highest levels, they are not trustworthy from the consumers’ point of view.
  28. Risky Business: Students and Smartphones
    The study builds upon the previous research, and it is made visible in the introduction where the authors referred to the findings of many different studies concerning the issues or mobile security, their prevalence, the […]
  29. Survival of the Fittest in the Smartphone Industry
    They strive to estimate the potential for Nokia’s revival in the technology industry, understand the factors that led to the company’s demise, evaluate the factors that led to the prosperity of its rivals and formulate […]
  30. Smartphones and Mobile Applications in Business
    Given the high level of advancement in the field of information and technology, Atluri et al asserted that the tastes and preferences of consumers are likely to change as a result of their increased needs.

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