Worldwide Architecture Essay Examples and Topics

Modern Architecture In China

Introduction Nowadays the level of technology and the achievements in the design practice allows creating the real masterpieces both in the design of the exterior and interior. It goes without saying that the modern techniques facilitate the realization of even the most bold and creative ideas which seemed to be impossible in the past. The […]

Romanesque and Gothic Architecture

Architecture history is an interesting subject in which we how art has evolved over centuries from Neolithic architecture of 10000 BC to the contemporary architectural designs. The existence of this history shows the gradual evolvement of the art to what the world has today. Each of the architectural designs has its own outstanding and unique […]

Ways to Improve Architectural Practice

Certainly, architectural prime is fading away and thus putting the architectural practice in a secret crisis. Eventually, the profession has eradicated the integrity of building construction. When asked of what they exactly do, architects should not merely state that they design constructions. Architecture comprises wider matters and not just dealing with aesthetics or forms. Therefore, […]

The CN Tower

Abstract The CN Tower is one of the major achievements of Canada’s architectural and construction industry. The tower was completed in 1975 and opened to the public in 1976. As one of the tallest structures in the world, the CN Tower remains an important tourist attraction in Toronto, Canada. Additionally, the tower is an important […]

The Art Form: The Great Sphinx

It is quite interesting to note that unlike its counterpart within Greek mythology who mercilessly killed travelers who could not answer its riddle the Egyptian Sphinx was actually thought of as a benevolent guardian with a special relationship with the Sun (World Wonders, 2009). This startling contrast between two cultures that existed at almost the […]

Architecture in Australia Modernism

This is a historical style of decoration, which is based on no philosophy. This style of decoration employs the use of symmetrical decorations with geometrical designs and streamlines, which makes it suitable for mass production. Such buildings are designed with curves like ceilings. This is a period of restoring what was damaged between the First […]

The National Museum of Australia

The purpose and the site context of the building The National Museum of Australia (NMA) remains one of the most memorable and magnificent structure in Australia. Architects, Ashton McDougall and Robert Peck designed the NMA. The building occupies an 11 hectare site in Canberra, Australia’s national capital, in Acton Peninsula at the edge of Lake […]

High Court of Australia

Introduction The Australian High Court is a national monument with historic, judicial and architectural significance to both the people of Australia and scholars. Its architectural design is unique to its time of development and is especially significant as it seeks to portray the important role the judiciary plays in the lives of Australians. This discussion […]

Does a strong axial plan always create ritual space?

So, what is the secret of the building plan of the Propylaea at the Acropolis? First of all it is necessary to say that the central gates of Propylaea look symmetrically from a distance only. It is the so-called visual deception. The ground of Acropolic was rising, and for this reason, the process of construction […]

Comparison between Romanesque and Gothic Architectures

Introduction Architectural styles are an important feature of any building. In the early years, most buildings were constructed for a particular function and consisted of little or no decorative features. In the middle ages, starting from the 11th century, the Romanesque style was introduced. In the 12th century, it was abandoned and the Gothic architecture […]

Queen Victoria Building

George McRae is credited as the designer of the now famous Queen Victoria Building, popularly known as QVB. The building, completed in 1898, was constructed as a tribute to the ruling monarch when Sydney was undergoing a ruthless economic slump. The complex structural design of the project was sketched in a manner such that the […]

Art History- Comparison essay between two figures.

Introduction Art History is an important concept in today’s society especially since it is very resourceful in understanding our past culture, generating positive and useful ideas, and portraying different aspects of meaning among many other reasons (Chin). In this paper, as we try to elaborate the similarities and differences between ziggurats and Khafre’s pyramid of […]

The City beneath the City

Introduction When the drilling of the subway in the Greek capital started, nobody assumed that it would turn into a great archaeological project. Discovering the city beneath the city in Athens became a valuable source of knowledge on history and culture of the Roman Athens. The remains of the statues, the ancient graves, pottery and […]

Taj Mahal and Qa’aba

The Main Characteristics, Intensions, and Cultural Values Taj Mahal.Taj Mahal is considered to be the heart India, and the masterpiece of Persian Architecture (Shah Jaham, 1632). Being the most recognizable building in the world, this sacred place was built in remembrance of Mymtaz Mahal, the third wife of Shah Jaham, the Mughal emperor. The construction […]

Stepped Pyramids in Egypt

The Egyptian pyramids can be discussed as the biggest stone buildings constructed by the ordinary people living during the ancient times. Today, the Egyptian pyramids are examined by many scientists and architects as the examples of the unique ancient architecture and as the symbols of the Egyptian art. Thus, the pharaohs of the Old Kingdom […]

The Art of Great Wall

The Great Wall of China, one of the world’s wonders and one of the greatest engineering projects in the history of the humankind is surrounded by myths and controversy which attract researchers and tourists all over the world. Preserved since ancient times, the Great Wall of China consists of scattered fragments which were built as […]

Golden Temple (Amritsar, India)

Abstract The Golden Temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib, is the central worship place for the Sikhs. It is located in Amritsar, Northern Punjab in India. The building is one of the oldest structures in the country, but one whose architectural design still amazes the current architects. The building of the temple was started in […]

The Gherkins – London Skyscrapers

Abstract The aim of this paper was to report on the construction of the 30 St. Mary AXE (Gherkin) in London and how a similar skyscraper would be constructed in modern times. The Gherkin was designed by the Foster and Partners and constructed by the Skanska group from 2001-2003. The building occupies the former site […]

The Architecture of the Dome of the Rock

Introduction Located in the Qubbat As-Sakhrah Shrine, the Dome of the Rock is one of the most significant pieces of architecture that dominates the skyline in Jerusalem, Israel. It is an Islamic architectural work that symbolizes the religious significance of Jerusalem. Over the centuries, the Dome has remained a controversial shrine claimed by Jews, Muslims […]

CN Tower in Toronto

Abstract CN Tower, opened in 1973 reflects an impeccable structural of the modern world. It was constructed by use of concrete reinforced by steel pillars. At its time, the tower amazed many designers and engineers who consider it as the seventh wonder of the contemporary world. It serves as a significant point for communications transmitting […]

Basilica of Our Lady of Peace

Abstract The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro is in an administrative capital of Ivory Coast, Yamoussoukro. Architectures, designers, and constructors worked on the $ 300 million building between 1985 and 1989. The building heavily borrows its design from those of the Basilica of Saint Peter of Vatican. Pope John Paul II consecrated […]

Lloyd’s Building

Abstract In this paper, we shall study the facts and figures of the Lloyd’s Building, London and understand the circumstances prevailing at that time. Even though Richard Rogers was a renowned architect, there were some people who were not impressed by his designs. Probably, the reason was that Rogers was a modernist and designed building […]

Circus Maximus in Rome

Thesis statement Even though that it has already been close to 1500 years, since Rome was sacked by Gothic barbarians, the cultural, political and social legacy of Roman Empire never ceased affecting just about all the aspects of Western living, as we know it. This continues to be the case even today. The soundness of […]

Art of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb

Introduction Tutankhamun who was also known as king Tut was an Egyptian king who ruled in the 18th dynasty. He became a king at the age of nine years and at the age of 19 years he died. He cannot be credited as one of the greatest Egyptian Kings probably because he only ruled for […]

Architecture and cultural heritage

Introduction Dubai is emerging as one of the most respected architectural sites in the world owing to its renowned structures and remarkable designs. However, it must be understood that the buildings represent more than just the physical; they have a cultural role as well. Architecture in Dubai is an affirmation of its distinct multicultural composition […]

Networking, collaboration, leveraging innovation and your profession as a field of service to community

Introduction Most of the indigenous architectural works in Australia was domestic. The architecture involved the construction of shelters and residential camps. There was a variation of the architectural work ranging from temporary windbreaks to shelters. Also, the architecture involved the construction of round houses with roofs made of grass. The introduction of new architectural designs […]

Ashoka Pillars: the Mystery of the Ancient Civilization

One of the most incredible creations of the ancient civilizations, the Ashoka Pillar is the reminiscence of the bygone times and the most incredible specimen of the ancient art. Its magnificence is amazing, and hardly anyone can explain how the people belonging to that era could create something of the kind. One of the greatest […]

Designation Report on Central Commerce Collegiate Institute

Original and Present Use: So far, the building was initially called a school of business and commerce. At the current moment, Central Commerce Collegiate is a public school situated in Palmerston-Little Italy, Toronto, Ontario. In the course of development, it has transformed into a composite school (Central Commerce Collegiate Institute n. p.). Architectural Quality and […]

The great mosque of Cordoba or Mezquita

Introduction As mentioned earlier, the Cordoba mosque, also known as Mezquita, stands tall as a representative of the medieval Islamic civilization located in Spain. It is believed that the ground breaking of the mosque began in the Sixth Century AD as a Christian Visigothic church. The Mosque was, however, completed much later, in the year […]

Wooden Houses Vs Concrete houses in Saudi Arabia

Introduction The choice of housing is usually determined by different factors. Climatic and weather conditions include some of the elements that inform potential homeowners. Observably, a cost benefit analysis of diverse housing alternatives must be conducted. Presently, people have recognized the need to erect different kinds of buildings. These include both the concrete and wooden […]

Summary about Romanesque architecture period

Romanesque architecture period is one of the most cherished periods in the history of architecture. During this period, several buildings were constructed which have remained fascinating in Europe and attractive to people around the world. This essay gives a summary of the Romanesque architecture period, highlighting some of the major events which took place during […]

Ways through which space is defined by cultural ornamentation

Introduction In architecture and decorative art, ornamentation is a decoration used to embellish parts of a building or object. Monumental sculpture and their equivalent in decorative art are excluded from the term; most ornaments do not include human figures, and if present, they are small compared to the overall scale. The most common types of […]

Hanging in Fragile Balance: The Harmony of Beauty and Ornament

One of the most incredible pieces of the XV Century architecture, Ospedale Vault by Filippo Bruneschelli is a specimen of artwork which can challenge Alberti’s theory of the interconnection between beauty and ornament. Due to its peculiar structure and the specific elements of décor used by the famous architect, the work represents link between the […]

Relationship between Form and Structure in Design.

“Form ever follows structure” is a famous phrase that became the leading concept and “an aesthetic credo” of a Modernist architecture movement. A famous American architecture Louis Sullivan coined this statement in his article “The tall office building artistically considered”. At that time, when it was necessary to abandon the traditions and style of the […]

Masjid – i – Nuh Gunbad at Balkh. History, Desoghn and Architecture.

Beginning with the 4th century BC, Afghanistan survived many invasions. It was occupied by Alexander the Great, Batrichian Greek, Persia and other countries (Fletcher and Cruickshank 649). So, it is no wonder that the country absorbed the elements of culture of its invaders and transformed them in its architectural buildings. The Islamic architecture is famous […]

Form Follows Function: Relationship between Form and Structure

Architecture has always been one of the major means of expression of social and cultural changes in a particular society. Each historical period is characterized by a particular art movement that introduces its rules and laws. According to Hugh Morrison (2007, p. 15) “the besetting architectural sin of the nineteenth century was the imitation of […]