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Modern Architecture In China Exploratory Essay


Nowadays the level of technology and the achievements in the design practice allows creating the real masterpieces both in the design of the exterior and interior. It goes without saying that the modern techniques facilitate the realization of even the most bold and creative ideas which seemed to be impossible in the past.

The aim of this paper is to describe two examples of the modern design.

Modern Architecture In China

The first example of the modern design progress which I am going to present to you is the Wuzhen Theatre created by the Chinese designers headed by Kris Yao. The construction has been built in Zhejiang in China. The project represents a bright example of the modern architecture. It is an amazing building embodying in itself both the contemporary architecture style and the elements of the traditional Chinese architecture.

The structure of the building is the reinforced concrete and steel framing (“Wuzhen Theatre” n.pag.). It has two floors above ground and one floor below ground (“Wuzhen Theatre” n.pag.). The façade of the theatre is zig-zag fan-shaped (“Wuzhen Theatre” n.pag.).

The panorama windows, although framed into the sash decorated with the creative bars, contribute to the substantial transparency of the building admitting the sun rays through the glass of the old gold color. As a whole the windows are associated with the traditional Chinese design which assumes the use of the gold and black color. In my view, the bars represent the bamboo which takes an important place in the Asian culture.

The theatre has been built nearby the river. If you take a look at the theatre from the side of the street with the traditional Chinese houses, you can see the contrast between the old Chinese architecture and the contemporary one. It is worthy to mention the beautiful illumination of the theatre at night when the golden lights are reflected in the river water.

The interior of the theatre also attracts the attention. It is made in the beautiful deep blue color which creates a calm atmosphere inside. A ceiling is also made in the blue color with white decoration elements. The walls inside the theatre are decorated with screens which are traditional in the Chinese culture.

The design of the interior can be described as the successful mix of the innovative surrealistic design and the Chinese authentic traditions of decoration.

“Using the culturally auspicious “twin lotus” as its metaphor, which functions perfectly with two theatres sharing one stage area, the design is composed of two oval shapes interlocking one another, one of them transparent and the opaque in form” (“Wuzhen Theatre/Artech Architects” n.pag.).

In my opinion, the design of the new theatre is useful as it represents one more place of interest in China. Besides, the new theatre is aimed to host the international theatre festival. Besides, it is planned that the fashion shows and even the wedding ceremonies will take place at the theatre.


In order to sum up all above mentioned, it should be said that the contemporary design embodies the high level of the design techniques and construction technologies development. Furthermore, it encompasses the creativity and mastery of the designers and architects. The examples of the contemporary design described in the essay are the bright examples of the achievements in the sphere of design and architecture.

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