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64 Uber Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Uber Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Issues at Uber
    The company has penetrated the world market due to its ability to narrow the gap that has been there in the transportation industry, especially in the world cities.
  2. Uber Company
    In fact, the prospects described by the owners of the company and the abilities help to realize that the future of the company can be successful.
  3. Internet Models of Airbnb and Uber Companies
    Purpose or overview The purpose of this research paper is to establish the benefits of the internet business platform of the Uber and Airbnb, alongside their competitors such as Lyft, SideCab, HouseTrip, and Travelmob, to […]
  4. “Job Licenses in Spotlight as Uber Rises”
    In the article it is noted that licensing is believed to be the practice directed at the protection of the safety of customers and the preservation of quality of the services.
  5. UBER Company Significant Issues and Impacts
    The impact of the issue and its urgency with regards to the above-mentioned stakeholders is the disruption of the current economic model.
  6. Uber Technologies Inc. at the International Market
    The macro-analysis of the service’s industry can be done by looking at factors such as the economy of the country that defines the purchasing power of the clients, emerging trends in the industry, among others.
  7. Uber and Lyft Websites’ Design Evaluation
    The analysis finds that the Uber website is much more superior to the Lyft website in terms of coverage. According to Leger, the usability of a website is reflected in the volume of traffic the […]
  8. Uber Company’s Industry: Main Scenarios
    To begin with, the industry is associated with the use of technologies to transform the manner in which people travel from point A to B.
  9. Uber and Other Sharing Apps in Saudi Arabia
    The usage of uber in Saudi Arabia has become viral, especially with the ban of women to drive. In conclusion, the usage of uber in Saudi Arabia has become viral, especially with the ban for […]
  10. Uber Technologies Inc.: PR Campaign
    In the short term, it is expected to raise the potential clients’ awareness of the services provided by Uber and their advantages, and increase the number of provided rides by 3% by launching a social […]
  11. Uber Technologies Inc.’s Way to Success
    Having considered Uber’s history, it is possible to conclude that the company became successful worldwide due to the following reasons: The company’s appearance coincided with one of the biggest problems in San Francisco in 2010: […]
  12. Uber Company’s Disruptive Innovation Business Model
    Clayton further states that if a new entrant can identify a segment of the market that is underutilized or not utilized at all by the existing competitors, they can target the segment and use it […]
  13. Uber Company’s Strategy: Expansion Opportunity Plan
    Since it is evident that Uber drivers would find it hard to compete with the local services through the quality of service itself, the best course of action would be to win over the populace […]
  14. Uber Company’s Entry into Chinese Market
    It is imperative to state that the absence of support and cooperation from Uber and its competitors is a disadvantage because the effort to persuade the government requires teamwork.
  15. Uber Loses Right to Classify UK Drivers as Self-Employed
    The company supports its views by the following argument: the implementation of the mentioned rule would lead to the rethink of the very concept of the gig economy that is characterized by the use of […]
  16. Uber Company: Innovation in Society
    The majority of the customers in the developed world are between 17 and 34 years of age. Due to the nature of this company’s business model, Uber serves many customers in the health care sector.

🥇 Good Research Topics about Uber

  1. Comparative Market Analysis of Uber and Didi Kuaidi, Two Urban Transportation Companies in China
  2. Competitive Analysis Of Uber
  3. Airbnb, Uber and Legal Problems with the Digital-Sharing Economy
  4. Analysis of Service Marketing UBER Technologies
  5. Analysis of Uber Business Model
  6. Analysis Of User Data Breach Of Uber
  7. Analysis On Supply And Demand Gap In Transport To And From Airport Using Uber
  8. Analysis of the Labor Market for Uber
  9. Analyzing Uber’s Crisis Management Strategy
  10. Development Facilitating Factors Of The Uber Technologies Inc
  11. Economic Analysis of Uber
  12. How Do You Evaluate Uber´s Pricing Policy?
  13. What Are Uber’s Core Competencies?
  14. How Lyft And Uber Have Changed The Transportation Industry And Culture?
  15. How The Price Mechanism Operates Within The South African Uber?
  16. How Uber S Autonomous Cars Will Destroy 10 Million Jobs And Reshape The Economy?
  17. Marketing Management UBER Analysis
  18. Is Uber a substitute or complement for public transit?
  19. Satire: How to be Uber Cool?
  20. Uber Industry Context Comparison
  21. What is the economics of Uber?
  22. What is Uber’s business model?
  23. Why Has Uber Been So Successful?
  24. Why Uber Is in Its Internal Crisis?
  25. Will Uber Ever IPO?

🚖 Interesting Topics to Write about Uber

  1. Development of Uber
  2. Examination of the Issues on the Use of Greyball by Uber and Its Effect on Its Stakeholders
  3. Examination Of The Community And Moral Challenges Faced By Uber
  4. Examination of the Legal Disputes of Uber with Their Drivers and Passengers in the United States
  5. Uber Vs. Taxi
  6. Virtual Team Between Uber Drivers
  7. Culture And Conflict In The Organizational Culture Of Uber
  8. Disadvantages Of Uber
  9. Effective Business Communication Practiced in Business of Uber
  10. Information Technology Ethics: Uber Self Driving
  11. Strengths And Weaknesses Of Uber
  12. The Business Model Of Like Uber
  13. Controversial Hiring of Convicted Felons by Uber
  14. Development Of The Uber Generation
  15. Effects of Uber Lowering Their Prices
  16. Founding of Uber Technologies Inc
  17. Impact of Uber and Lyft on Taxi Service Quality: Evidence from New York City
  18. Importance of Knowledge Management Audit on Uber
  19. Marketing Model Of Uber
  20. Marketing Strategy Of Uber
  21. Proliferation of Uber in Society Today
  22. Transportation Sharing: Relay Rides, Lyft, Uber
  23. Uber in China

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