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The 2012 Olympic Games Human Resource Planning Report

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Human resource planning is one kind of management functions applied to the human resources. It can also be viewed as a process in which individuals talents, interests and skills are matched with the opportunities available as well as the intended goals. The planning process involves the decisions on what and how things should be done as well as who will do each function (Jackson and Schuler 1990: 240). Human resource planning plays a pivotal role in every organisation. The success of any group activity will significantly be determined by the effectiveness of the human resource planning process. Good planning promotes learning and skill development among individuals.


In an effort to host an inspirational 2011 Olympic Games, LOCOG (London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games) is commitment in necessary preparations in order to achieve its objectives. This chance comes with great opportunities to the country both socially and economically. The main objective of this committee is to stage an inspirational Olympic and Paralympics Games for everyone (The Times 100, not dated: par 5). The committee is devoted to providing the necessary requirement for the games to ensure total satisfaction. The LOCOG is also determined in ensuring that the Olympic Gamers maximizes all possible benefits to the United Kingdom (The Times 100, not dated: par 9).

The role of Atkinson’s model of the flexible firm’ as a tool for Human resource Planning

The Atkinson’s model of the flexible firm as a tool for Human resource has a pivotal role in preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games. The planners will need the concepts proposed in this model in an effort to achieve its goals. The flexible firm model is a new management strategy which focuses on the means through which the implementation of the new technologies, greater use of flexible periphery and less rigid work practices which will propose profitability and competitiveness (Broadbent, 2003: 30).

The application of these aspects in the process of planning for the 2012 Olympic Games will play a major role in facilitating the organizing process. In particular, this model will be useful to the management committee in the human resource planning. According to the Atkinson flexible firm model, an organisation can significantly improve on its effectiveness by considering restructuring of its workforce and reducing any rigidity in job structure and design in its operations (Wisegeek, 2011: par 5).

LOCOG’s main objective is to provide satisfactory venues and any other requirements like infrastructure that will maximize the satisfaction of athletes, the public in the 2012 Olympic Games. The achievement of these requirements will be determined by how this committee will manage the employees involved in the implementation of these strategies. It will be advisable for the LOCOG’s to promote flexibility so the concerned party could be free to make the necessary changes. According to this model, employees will need to undergo retraining. Such a process will help in improvement of employee’s skills. Consequently, this will improve on the results in an organisation. In this case, the product will be an aspired hostage of the 2012 Olympic Games. This will also involve maximization of the benefits from hosting Olympic Games.

LOCOG values effective communication as well as consultations between the partners as well as the parties involved with its operations (The Times 100, not dated, par 10). This aspect will significantly help the organisation in attraction and retention of the sponsors. When the organisation promotes communication and consultation in its operations, every individual will be able to see clearly that its operations are driven by its actions. This will play a significant role in attraction of sponsors.

Recruitment and Selection Methods

In order for the 2012 Olympic Games to be successful, it is advisable for the management committee to apply the necessary recruitment and selection methods in an effort to attract the most attractive volunteers and employees. Recruitment is a crucial process on which the performance of an organisation is based (Brewster et al. 1994: 68). This is because the recruitment process generates costs and conditions in the current and future development in an organisation. In this case, the effectiveness of the recruitment process employed by the Olympic Games management committee will play an important role in promoting the achievement of its goals. There are several methods which can be applied in the recruitment process.

One way through which an organisation can attract the best candidates is through advertisement (Myers, 2004: 58). It is advisable for an organisation to use advertisement method which reaches the highest number of people. This will ensure that the message is received by the people within desired characteristics. Similarly, the committee involved in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games can use such media like newspaper to notify the public about a particular position. This will significantly help in absorbing the highly qualified candidates.

One of the recruitment methods which can be applied in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games is interview. This is where the recruitment panel interrogates the candidates in order to find whether they are qualified for a particular position (Piotrowski and Armstrong, not dated: 52). The organisation can also use the reference method in the recruitment process. In this case, the former employer may give information about the candidates.

Internal recruitment method may also be applied for the 2012 Olympic Games. In this case, the qualified individuals will be selected from within the organisation (Williams, 2011, par 3). One main advantage of this method is based on the fact the selected candidate will be conversant with an organization’s operations. So there is no wastage of time in adjustments.

However, it is important to take into consideration other factors while choosing the recruitment method. For instance, the cost of the recruitment process varies (Dale 2004: 67). For instance, there are substantial costs associated with the attraction of the best candidates. These include advertisement, mailing and other excises aimed at attraction of the best qualified employees in a position.

Legal Considerations in Employing New Recruits

In every organisation, there is some important employment legislation that would need to be addressed while absorbing its employees. Employment legislation is another important field in the human resource management. It is important for an organisation to consider the necessary legislation concerns in order to avoid unnecessary charges.

The employment acts provides various contractual rights for employees. According to the Employment Acts of 1999 and 2003, there are several contractual rights for employees (The Times 100: par 2). For instance, employees are entitled for National Minimum wage. This act also requires an itemized pay statement. Organizations are also not supposed to practice discrimination in the recruitment process. The management committee in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games must also consider these specifications. Violation of these specifications may lead to employee suing the organisation which can lead to fines.

Business Opportunities

The planning and delivery of the London Olympics 2012 has provided a number of business opportunities. The process has opened and developed new market for business opportunities at both the planning as well as the delivery levels of the 2012 Olympic Games. A number of companies have received contracts from the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA). Many more enterprises in the country are also benefiting through the supply chains associated with the products involved. The UK government has put all the necessary efforts to ensure that the nation derives maximum benefits from hosting the Olympic Games. This has significantly contributed to the development of the business industry.

One of the main areas which the Olympic Games create a major business opportunity is the hotel industry. There is expectation of a high demand for the accommodation and catering services. There will therefore be increase in sales during this period. This will significantly boost the hotel industry.

The London 2012 Olympic games will also benefit the building sector and other sectors which will receive tenders in provision of other services (Warwickshire 2010: par 1). However, the building sector has benefited most from the games. This will significantly help the UK Companies.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In conclusion, this discussion has clearly shown that a critical human resource planning process will be necessary for the committee involved in the planning of the 2012 Olympic Games. Application of the Atkinson’s model will be of great significance in this case. The flexibility in its operations will promote the performance of the workforce involved in the realization of the goals related with employment of the new recruits. This will help the organisation to avoid unnecessary charges. The hosting of the 2012 Olympic Games comes along with a number of opportunities to the United Kingdom. It is therefore necessary to adopt the necessary measures to ensure that the event is successful. As already noted, it will be advisable for the LOCOG, the committee which is involved in preparation for these games to ensure that all the necessary actions are taken in facilitating the process. It is advisable for this committee to be clear on its operations in order to attract sponsors.

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