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London as a Global City Essay


A global city is a city which has a big economic significance in the world. Thus for a city to be deemed as global or world class it has to pass certain criteria. These criteria include economic characteristics, political characteristics, cultural characteristics, transport characteristics, and many others such as population, information exchange, human capital, and business activities.

According to recent surveys Asian cities are emerging as newcomers in the prominence of cities on the globe. For instance in the latest survey according to Kearney (2010), 5 of the top ten global cities come from Asia. Currently London is ranked second after New York City.

Reasons why London is a global city

The city of London is considered a global city because of many reasons. The city is a metropolitan and therefore it has a mixture of different cultures. According to Bloomberg Businessweek (2010), London ranks second after New York. This index is based on the rich human resource and the cultural wealth and other strengths. Business activities in London are also of a very high index. The human capital of the British capital is also increasing.

Population of London

According to Bentham (2010), London’s population is set to reach 8.3 million people. This means that the population is increasing by 10% in a period of eight years. In addition to this, more people in England are moving from the rural areas into London for many reasons. The report also states that fewer Londoners are moving abroad. Increased population has the advantage of increased human resource and also the presence of a ready market for goods and services.

GDP of London

The GDP of London is currently on the rise. As Packer (2004) writes, London has grown to become a major financial centre of the world. London is a metropolitan capital and which still remains a powerful center where the world gets sucked. Before being overtaken by New York in the twentieth century, London had been leading other world cities in terms of size and wealth.

Cultural wealth of London

Since time immemorial, London has continued to increase in its cosmopolitan state. The British capital has continued to attract human labor from across the whole world. For instance it attributes its name from Italian linguistics whereby the city of London emanated from the Roman Londonium which was a tribal capital of Britannia.

Cultural wealth of London is an accompaniment of the way in which Britain gained colonial powers. Slave trade as Packer (2004) puts it, made Britain ports to fill with cultural diversity which later on spread to the interior.

Transport facilities

London has invested heavily in the transport sector. There is an excellent network of roads and railway lines traversing across London. London is also well known for its highly developed marine transport. The good network of transport facilities provides the ease of movement of goods to and from the market.

Movement of Human labor is also enhanced. According to Litman (2006), London has continued to decongest its roads by implementing certain measures. Henrion (2010), also states that businessmen can travel quickly into London from other European cities.

Medical facilities in London

London is well endowed with world class medical facilities. According to Uhlhorn (2010), London health care facilities are among the top of the world as it is with the Australian facilities. Major laboratory researches are done in London universities. Medical centers such as the UCL medical center are also characterized by world class research facilities.

Information exchange of London

London was among the first city in the world to use transmission of information in form of radio waves. The use of this system is dated back during the Second World War when Britain used the technology of radar to track airplanes. London has also excelled in the IT sector such that its development has also been attributed to its existing IT policies.

Business and economic activities

There are many business activities in London. The major businesses activities include stock exchange, banking industry, insurance industry, transport industry, real estate business among others. Services in the business industry also present a major source of income for the Londoners. The City University, London (2010) informs how information exchange is used in almost all sectors and how Londoners are being educated on how to use this system.

Political stability

Political stability of Britain has enabled her capital to grow expansively throughout the years. British political system has enhanced the presence of peace. The presence of peace makes London an attractive place to invest, visit or live. According to Durham (2005), political situation in London has been formulated to accommodate all kinds of people including gays.


In conclusion London’s prosperity has been depending upon the above factors. Other factors which have enabled London to develop to a world class city include, tourism sector whereby people from all over the world have been able to access London’s beauty. London has some of the best hotels in the world. In addition to all the above, Britain also has an excellent learning system whereby some of the universities are well known to be world class. This is according to the Consolidated School District of New Britain (2010)

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