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4Phones Project Vision and Organisation Essay

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Updated: Jan 13th, 2021

Executive Summary

The business world is changing very fast due to changes in various factors of production. Firms are forced to come up with projects that will make them competitive in this market. This is one such project. In this project, the main aim is to improve communication, increase the working space and generally improve service delivery within the firm. The project has a clearly defined scope and objectives which state what the project stands to achieve. To make this a success, various stakeholders within the firm will play various responsibilities within their respective areas. From the top management to junior officers, each member will have a role to play in this project to realise desired results.

Project Definition


The vision of this project clearly states its purpose and aim in this industry. The vision gives this project a sense of direction. With a clear vision statement, the project members, and other members of this organisation will be certain of what is to be achieved by this project. They will have to develop their expectations based on the vision stated in the project. The following is the vision statement of this firm.

  • To develop a robust telecommunication infrastructure within this firm between various customer locations.

This vision statement clearly states what is expected of the project upon its completion. The project should improve interdepartmental communication within the firm as a way of improving the efficiency of the entire firm.


According to Panneerselvam and Senthilkumar (2010, p. 110), projects should always have clear objectives to be achieved by the project members. This scholar says that most projects have failed due to the lack of clearly stated objectives in the project. Project objectives help in defining the scope of the project. This scholar says that project objectives must always meet the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-sensitive) criteria. The following are some of the project objectives.

  • To provide customers with an online system which would enable them to communicate directly to the firm from their homes.
  • To develop a new work premise having a bigger working space, increased parking spaces, and reduced costs of operations as compared to the existing one.
  • To relocate existing technological infrastructure to the new premises within a span of two days without causing any inconvenience to the customers.
  • To have a generally improved system of communication within various departments within this firm upon completion of the project.

The above objectives are the specific objectives that should be achieved upon completion of this project. There are some benefits that the project will bring as the implementation will be underway. The above objectives can be adjusted accordingly, based on the prevailing circumstances.


Defining scope of a project is one of the most important aspects of a project. A project should always be focused on achieving specific objectives. Defining project scope helps in various ways. First, it helps in making the project members determine what is expected of them within a given time-frame. Meredith and Mantel (2012, p. 62) observe that in most of the cases, people will have very great expectations of a project whenever it is launched. In most of the cases, the expectation can be too high to be realised by the project. This is always the case when the project involves information and communication technology.

Over expectation of a project can be dangerous because members of the firm may fail to see the benefits of the project. Defining the scope of a project sets the mind of various stakeholders to what the project will offer. In this project, the scope will be to improve communication within the departments and offer improved working space within the firm. This will generally improve the efficiency of the firm and increase its productivity.


Deliverable Components Description
Improved Inter-departmental Communication
  1. Direct connectivity of various departments.
  2. Modern communication systems in various departmental offices
  3. A clear channel of communication-based on the position held in the firm
In this deliverable, the main aim will be to ensure that communication between one department and another. To improve efficiency between departments, there must be a clear system that allows the departments to communicate freely. This deliverable is meant to improve the internal environment of the firm. Its success will be determined by clear improved communication strategies amongst employees of this firm internally. This will make the process of meeting customer demands easier.
Improved Customer-Firm Communication
  1. A Communication channel between the firm and its customers
  2. A mechanism through which customers can receive instant feedback from the firm.
  3. A customer-friendly communication system.
The main focus of this project is to improve customers’ experience. The project aims at creating an environment where customers and specific personnel of the organisation can communicate directly. In this deliverable, this project will enable the firm to understand the feelings of customers regarding the services that this firm offers. It enables the firm to develop products that reflect the needs of the customers because of direct and constant communication that exists between customers and the firm. The system will also allow customers to express themselves to the firm easily. This will make it easy for them to describe their needs more easily. This makes this deliverable core in this project because it will be an important factor of growth of the entire firm.
Improved employee coordination
  1. A clearly defined path of communication
  2. Easy and shorter communication between top management and employees
The path of communication should be made in a way which allows the concerned individuals to pass their message without any form of miscommunication. In order to avoid distortion of a message, the channel of communication should be shorter. This way, the efficiency will be improved. The top management will be able to reach to the employees with their message, and the employees can easily communicate back their thought to the top management.

Project Organisation


Customer Group Customer Representative
Departmental employees Departmental heads. These are the people who stand to gain from the first deliverable stated in the table above. In each department, the head of the department will act s their representative.
Customers of the organisation Organisational buyer will be the representative. The second deliverable in the table above was geared towards ensuring that customers’ needs are taken care of in a timely manner. In this group, the representative will be picked from one of the organisational buyers of this firm.
The top management unit. The chief executive of this firm will be the representative in this group. The third deliverable is meant to improve coordination of employees within the firm. It is meant to make employee management easier than it is currently. The beneficiary of this deliverable will be the management unit. The chief executive will be the best representative of this group.


Stakeholder / Group Stakeholder Interest
Chief Executive Officer Chief executive officer will be interested in seeing improved service delivery through the process. This stakeholder’s main concern is to have a system which will improve the overall performance of the firm. The system should allow the chief executive to easily coordinate all other stakeholders and apparatus that are responsible for production within the firm. This stakeholder will be expecting the project to help the organisation achieve its vision within the stipulated period.
The Financial Controller In every organisation, the ability to achieve desired results always depends on the financial capacity of the firm. Therefore, a financial controller plays a vital role in an organisation. A financial controller will be interested in the financial consequences of the project to the firm. The impact of the project on the finances of the firm must be positive for the project to be determined as viable. Therefore, a financial controller must be convinced that the project will benefit the firm financial in the long run.
The Chief Marketing Officer Every organisation, whether it is for profit or not for profit organisation, cannot operate without a clearly defined customer focus. These customers will determine whether or not the operational activities of the firm can progress or not. Chief financial officer is responsible for ensuring that customers’ interests are well taken care of in order to make the visit the firm again. This officer will be concerned with strengthening the brand of the firm in the market (Bender 2010, p. 78). As such, he or she will be responsible for ensuring that all the employees in this department and all the resources assigned to it are used in convincing customers to visit the firm. This officer will be interested in how this project will ease customer communication. He or she will be interested in how well the project will increase customer satisfaction.

Project Team Role Responsibilities

Role Responsibilities
  1. Project Sponsor
The main role of the sponsor will be to ensure that the project has the needed funds to run and achieve its objectives successfully. It will also have a supervisory role in the management of the funds in the project.
  1. Project Board
The project board members will be responsible for issuing guidelines on the policies of the project. They will be issuing instructions to the project manager and ensuring that expectations of all other stakeholders are realised.
  1. Project Manager
The project manager will be the chief executive of the project. Project members will be working under his guide. He will be responsible for ensuring that all policies made by the board are successfully implemented in the project. He will regularly report to the project board on the progress made by the project.
  1. Project members
Project members are the officers who will be responsible for the implementations of various policies in the project. The members will be responsible for all the operational activities in the project that will help it achieve its desired objectives.


Project Team Organisation Chart
Project Team Organisation Chart.

List of References

Bender, M 2010, A manager’s guide to project management: learn how to apply best practices, FT Press, Upper Saddle River.

Meredith, J & Mantel, S 2012, Project management: a managerial approach, Wiley, Hoboken.

Panneerselvam, R & Senthilkumar, P 2010, Project management, PHI Learning, New Delhi.

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