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Harmless Obsession Argumentative Essay

The most interesting and entertaining activities in the world are sports. Sports have billions of fans all over the world who are specifically obsessed with different types of games. Football is one of the most interesting and entertaining types of games with billions of fans across the world, from the youngest to the oldest. I have seen participation of many countries, multinational companies and billions of fans in world cup, thus depicting the extent of football obsession.

The successfulness of the world cup demands enormous amount of money, great talents of footballers and mammoth crowd of fans to cheer up and get entertained. Due to the interesting and entertaining nature of football, I have developed great obsession in that I cannot help missing even a single game especially world cup and National Football leagues. Football is harmless obsession because it is very entertaining, and enhances socialization, but it is has manipulative obsession as well.

Entertaining nature of football gives a lot of fun not only to the fans but also to the players themselves. As I am one of the many fans, I derive a lot of pleasure in cheering, yelling and watching tactical skills that players demonstrate in the field. Field is the only place where I can shout or yell as loud as I want without interfering or attracting unnecessary attention from the public.

The yells and shouts are forms of pleasure because they reduce my stress and enhance breathing mechanism of my lungs. Having gone through a stressful week, watching football on a screen or going into the field reduces stress and increases blood circulation in my body thus enabling me to feel good both physically and mentally.

For instance, whenever I have stress, I always watch a football match on the screen or go into the field where I can have freedom of shouting and yelling, and at the end of the day, I feel good and happy. As a fan of football, I derive more pleasure in watching, shouting and yelling, since these experiences reduce stresses in the mind attributed to too much reading or boredom. I am deeply obsessed with football to the extent that, if I do not play the game twice a week, I feel tired and weary.

Football enhances socialization because of its huge following. For me to watch a football match on the screen or in the field, I need fans so that I can competitively cheer up my team and make the match lively; otherwise, watching the match alone or with very few fans is very boring and disinteresting.

Football enhances socialization because no one can watch a football match alone without getting bored and therefore watching football match demands large crowd of fans, for the pleasure comes from the competitive cheering and company of friends.

I feel good when I am competitively cheering and in the company of many friends who are exciting and entertaining. Socialization aspects of football overwhelm and compel me to leave my comfortable room and go out in search of preferred theater where I can meet friendly fans and experience great pleasure of football that accompanies cheering and socializing with fans.

Overindulgence in football pleasure is manipulative, as I cannot do without watching football no matter the circumstances. Football pleasures have manipulated my priorities and daily timetable.

As a football fan, I no longer follow my personal timetable for I usually find myself tossed up and down by the influence of football pleasures and friends. Overindulgence in football pleasure has made me lose self-control and misplace my daily priorities. For instance, manipulative capacity of football game is so grave in that I can prefer to watch it than read for the imminent exams or tests.

For my case, it is easy to adjust my timetable in order to watch a football match in spite of impending exams but I feel guilty for neglecting priorities and consenting to the manipulations of football pleasure and friends. Moreover, overindulgence in football may result into gambling, which is very addictive and manipulative. When I wanted to demonstrate my prowess in football analysis, I would bet using a lot of money by predicting a probable winning team in a given match or the smartest player to score a goal.

Eventually, I develop sense of guilty and remorse in response to unnecessary loss of self-control and money due to the manipulative and compulsive nature of football pleasures. With great obsession of football, I am always bracing myself to cope with inevitable manipulations that can potentially make me lose self-control.

From experience, I can confirm that football is the most interesting and entertaining game with great pleasure and guilty as well. I derive a lot of pleasure from fans’ activities such as competitive cheering, objective watching of the playing tactics and socialization. These pleasures are very important, as they have helped me in reducing stress, getting physical fitness and effective socialization.

On the other hand, when I overindulge in football pleasures, I lose my self-control due to the manipulative and compulsive obsession of football. The loss of both self-control and money trigger a sense of guilty and remorse in me; therefore, football is a guilty pleasure game.

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