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Arsenal Ladies Football Club’s History and Effects Research Paper

Arsenal Ladies FC group

Presently, soccer is one of the most valuable activities around the globe. Looking at the Arsenal Ladies Football Club (ALFC), there are groups of girls participating in various football contests. The groups are associated with the famous Arsenal Football Club that brings people from diverse backgrounds and different age groups together. Considering Arsenal LFC, it is evident that the soccer group materialized from the Arsenal male football jersey director in fiscal 1987. Arsenal Ladies Football Club has been the most prosperous girls’ soccer group across the globe taking part in the English football competitions as well as other soccer tournaments. Since its inauguration, ladies from England have predominantly dominated ALFC. However, Arsenal women soccer-team was purposely intended to bring girls with a passion for football and those eager to advance their football talents. As the goal of ALFC, the club has so far won most important and aspired women trophies totaling to thirty-eight titles. The group currently hosts several girls of different ages and cultures from various corners of the world. Also, the Arsenal ladies soccer group proffers superior performance awards and training amenities (Cogill & Parr, 2006).

Arsenal Ladies FC group purpose and objectives

The main intention of the Arsenal Ladies Soccer group is to recognize the outstanding feminine players with football aptitudes and admitting them in the educational and technical programs. Such programs have ensured the production of proportionate young and excellent sportswomen. Also, the club aims at participating in other domestic, intercontinental, along with European football leagues. Harmonizing and nurturing the talents of young girls were part of the reasons for the initiation of ALFC. The other purpose of the Arsenal women soccer group was to bring together the diverse football flairs with the aim of establishing a basis for income earning. However, the aim was to strategize and offer profound structures for the growth and establishment of opportunities for the elite and non-elite talented female players. Arsenal Ladies Soccer Club targets girls aged five to twenty years to join its established excellence centers.

Moreover, the soccer group provides educational programs to the young talented football girls aspiring to win the competitive and non-competitive soccer awards (Ellis, 2010). Generally, the level of competition for the available playing positions creates a healthy club relationship. The group has won several football league awards in support of its objectives and aims.

The nature of the Arsenal Ladies soccer group

The Arsenal women soccer group is very efficient as it integrates girls with varying ages and academic qualifications. The group offers sound composition for the administration to develop football talents of the elite and non-elite talented girls. Indeed, the Arsenal Ladies soccer group has the policy to expand and establish opportunities for the girls aged between five and nineteen years. The group initiated the program dubbed the extensive growth Excellence Center to enable female players of special age to meet their football desires. The Arsenal Ladies FC has a career path project called Player Development Center, which caters to girls who are nine years and below.

Further, the Excellence Center has playing teams grouped according to age ranging from Under 11, 13, 15, to 15 years. Additionally, the group has first-team reserves aged sixteen years and above, as well as the first team composed mostly of ladies having eighteen years coming from Hertfordshire University (Chalcraft, 2012). Hence, the football career passage facilitates girls of different ages to participate in football at all stages.

The development phases of Arsenal Ladies football group

The ALFC has undergone several phases of soccer development ever since its inauguration. At the outset, the soccer group introduced the Excellence Center program accommodating girls with less than nine years who underwent Player Development sessions. In fact, before reaching nine years, the Centre for Player Development enables juvenile players to achieve valued experience, have fun in football and later move for the tryouts in the Excellence Centre. Furthermore, many young women seeking for chances in the Excellence Center by attending customary annual trials. The fortunate outfield players receive proper training from the experienced and qualified coaches two times each week.

Similarly, two exceptional coaches for goalkeepers render specified directives, particularly to the shot-stoppers. In all the five age groups, every player pursues comprehensive corporeal and technical football programs. The girls undergo and gain from the daily football session, nutrition, fitness attentiveness, and health assessment offered at the Excellence Center (Gartner, 2007). Every soccer player is also entitled to two private assessments each season. Many players who go by the Center for Excellence have achieved worldwide credits by representing the first team in global tournaments.

Arsenal Ladies soccer group structure

Arsenal Ladies FC has a strategic center for excellence, seasonal excellent center tours, and quality associations with Hertfordshire University. The soccer club organizes and puts ladies of the same age groups in one team nearly all seasons. Thus, all girls from the same age sets get equivalent opportunities to participate in football activities. Besides, the soccer groups spend time with their teammates outside their home ground, and self-discipline is highly valued. The structure enables the players to foster team-building antics and individually as collectively develop their wits. The created Arsenal Centers for Excellence has seen football groups develop through different age set teams that, in turn, produced quality players. The excellent affiliation between Arsenal Ladies Soccer Group with the University of Hertfordshire has also augmented the group’s effectiveness. The ALFC players focus on the afternoon University sessions on Wednesdays (Swann, Taylor, & Ward, 1994). The structure has positively influenced the overall undertakings of the entire ladies’ soccer group.

The dynamics of Arsenal Ladies soccer group behavior

In the soccer group, set-ups members have self-motivation behaviors, which emanates from the commitment players get from the club itself. The Excellence Center nurtures different players, instill discipline, and offers rewards for better performances and dedicated players. The club has policies and regulations governing the players’ conduct both in the field, during training sessions, and back at home. Individual and group performances, actions, and influences on the soccer team are closely monitored. Any misbehaviors, peer pressure, and uncouth conducts are punishable. Players are encouraged during counseling and rehabilitation sessions to concentrate on their career development and avoid peer pressure (Ellis, 2010). Every soccer player in the group is also entitled to two private assessments every season, thus a positive attitude towards presentation.

Effects of girls’ soccer group on groupthink, conformity, and group polarization

A soccer group consisting of girls of different age sets has a varied influence on group thinking, compliance, and polarization. A great deal of maturity depicted by ALFC brings ease in girls’ group thinking while participating in the integral group events. Every player is entitled to undergo group-nurturing processes from the age of five until seventeen years intermingling with players from different cultures. The experience gained through interactions increases the level of compliance and minimizes group polarization. Misconduct is disallowed, and any form of nonconformity is punishable. The soccer group enables girls to contribute positively on matters that affect the club and each member (Chalcraft, 2012). Girls at ALFC receive two personal assessments and counseling sessions each season to reduce incidences of group polarization, nonconformity, and negative group thinking. Thus, girls in this soccer club enable members to think within the context of the subject matter, be compliant, and adhere to the group purpose.


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