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Data Essay Examples and Topics

Healthcare Database Normalization

Since the table in the first normal form has composite primary keys, which cause partial dependencies of students' data and lecturers' data, their removal will create a table in the second normal form.

University Information Assurance Managment & Control

Classification procedures can be different for companies, which can be proved by the information policies of the University of Liverpool and University of Wisconsin, but the general principle of information management appears to be more [...]

How to Identify and Locate a Newspaper in E- Databases?

The results showed that a search statement consisting of three concepts, features of the search databases, and the use of basic and advanced searches consisting of ley words, concatenated words, and indexing were necessary to [...]

ACL Fraud Detection Solution

A midway oversaw additional backing forms that make it simple to keep up the quality and respectability of the location investigation and investigative results.

Database Management System Process

In this process, the participation of end-users is critical in helping to minimize resistance to change that is brought about by the system in the rollout phase.

Internet Knowledge in “Super Crunchers” by Ian Ayres

The author's recent work tackles this very query-what are the correct applications of information and how can lessons are drawn from the book be utilized together with the perception and know-how of this doctor?

Data Destruction Techniques for Hard Drive

Sanitizing a hard drive will ensure that all the data on the drive are completely wiped out, and there is no way it can be retrieved while a formatted hard drive data is still on [...]

Netflix Inc.’s Database and Analytics

Netflix also assisted the customers to develop the habit of online rentals. The fulfillment operations enabled the customers to rate and list the movies.

Information Visualization: Task by Data Type Taxonomy

In the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the way the TTT may be implemented at the individual, group, and organizational levels can be substantially defined by both the types of data used at those [...]

The Big Data Definition

It can be used in any field that requires operations with the big data sets, including the fact that there is a possibility of utilizing the Big Data techniques for the purposes of resolving various [...]

Big Data Definition and History

The creation of the World Wide Web was the premise for the emergence of big data. The development of the Internet enabled people to store data online.

“The Dark Side of Big Data” by Tom Goodwin

The rise of social media and the improvements in data aggregation led to the collection of large quantities of user-generated data, and it was only a matter of time until businesses started using this data [...]

Paper Document Management and Workflow

The fact is that the last version of a document contains numerous changes made in the course of editing. The usage of this tool conditions the increased efficiency as there is no need in various [...]

Big Data in the Cities and Data-Driven Planting

The data is collected by means of the placement of sensors and cameras, the use of mobile apps that allow the citizens to report the issues, and, possibly, the engagement of the social networks.

Motivations of Businesses to Employ Big Data

It is shown that companies face immense amounts of information, and their reaction is the attempt to process and analyze it with the intention to gain a better understanding of how they should develop and [...]

Big Data and Its Use in Analytics

Among the most common examples of big data are such things as the constant stream of messages in social webs, meteorological data, the data on the location of the subscribers of mobile webs, the data [...]

Collection of Environmental Data: System Designing

The scope of the study will be limited to data collection by the government agencies and members of the public. Engaging the public in collection of environmental data will help the government to identify some [...]

Technologies: “Big Data” Term Definition

It is very difficult to control such a huge stream of data, and sometimes the information obtained with the help of the Internet or different cloud services can be unreliable or false. Having analyzed the [...]

IGNO Merchandise Company’s Database-Driven Website

The books by Morris and Rob and Ramakrishnan, Gehrke and Gehrke provided me with the skills when designing the database to ensure the integrity of data when transactions are executed by ensuring that the database [...]

IT Solutions for Businesses: Database and Network

The most important elements for the company's booth show are outlined below Suppliers: These are companies that will supply the booth materials and the equipment to be displayed at the show.

Canadian University Dubai and Data Mining

The aim of mining data in the education environment is to enhance the quality of education for the mass through proactive and knowledge-based decision-making approaches.

ISURVEY, Dub Interviewer, Voxco Online Software

The present paper undertakes a comparative analysis of three such data collection software namely iSURVEY, Dub Interviewer, and Voxco Online.iSURVEY is the versatile and reliable data collection software that supports unlimited devices and can be [...]

The New Information System: Microsoft Access

The provision of the above-stated functions will go a long way in ensuring the data integrity of the organization and improve the system's performance. The ability to access different data sources is a primarily consideration [...]

The Big Data’ Significance for the Companies

The Internet is useful for the formation of the marketing trends due to the formulation of big data with the social networks, information transparency, and the creation of the user personas.

Information Management in Organisations

Krizan, Merrier, and Logan observe that one of the most common and easiest ways of enhancing the sending and receiving of information in the workplace is through the use of mobile phones. Another advantage of [...]

Technology in Information Mining

What comes to the mind when talking about technology in relation to information are the changes in the methods of information extraction from different databases and processing of the data in order to come up [...]

Cloud Hosting Media Services

While this can be attributed to a number of factors, the most important of them is the existence of the internet as well as the emergence of many service providers.

Metadata and Tools in American Express

The ETL tool is used in the data integration section of the master data management implementation to alternate, standardize and transfer data to the master data management hub. Another factor that companies should consider in [...]

Recording and Analysing Data in HR

In an organization, employee data is collected as a part of HR data. In an organization, payroll data is a constituent of HR data.

Dealing with IT’s Internal Business Partners

For example, the structure of management, the practice of the management, and the team work exhibited within an organization determine the importance of IT in an organization.

Database Management Systems in Charities

In conclusion, the research will identify issues associated with the use of database management systems in charities as well as churches and effective ways to handle these problems.

Information Management Systems

It also discusses the importance of such systems in the context of the need to handle big data. For transaction processing system, the appropriateness of the dealings is overly dependent on the accurateness of the [...]

Data Mining Role in Companies

The increasing adoption of data mining in various sectors illustrates the potential of the technology regarding the analysis of data by entities that seek information crucial to their operations.

Data Warehouse

In a bid to get to that end, the data has to pass through data acquisition, which refers to retrieval of information from the data sources; that is, "a set of processes and programs that [...]

Relational Database Management Systems

Relational database management systems improve productivity, speed and flexibility of data management in an organization through a design that encourages a clear boundary between the logical and physical aspect of database management system.

Company Data Integration: American Express

For example, advertising and sales domain legacy data that may be important in determining the effectiveness of specific advertisements for the American Express company may be integrated into the information architect's design by employing a [...]

Company Operational Data Model

The logic model is an organized and illustrative way to share and present a company's understanding of the resources it is using for programs, the activities of the plan and the expected results.

Company Conceptual and Logical Data Views

On the one hand, the American Express keeps in pace with the time, employing the latest technologies to satisfy the clientele; on the other hand, some of the customers' complaints concerning the quality of services [...]

Information Processing Theory

Using the computer analogy, the proponents of this theory assert that the human mind is a hardware comprising of the brain and nerves as peripherals and that the mental processes are software.

Archives Unique Collections

The difference between the archival materials and the library materials is that in the archives,the materials are arranged in groups on the basis of their information content.

Database Implentation

The tbl_Player table is created to hold information on the players participating in the Queensland state soccer carnival and it comprises of seven fields, namely, Player Number, Full Name, Address, Contact, Age, Medical Notes and [...]

Instruments to Collect Data

The representation of data should be done in a way such that the purpose of the research will be evident from the data displayed on the graphs and charts.

Report for database of maintenance car

The Worker table tracks the company's employee details, the Customers table tracks the company's customer details, the Car table tracks the details of the cars serviced by the company and the Payment table tracks the [...]

Influence of Information Systems

The smooth flow of information in a business enterprise is essential for the survival of the business. Due to the limited scope of the traditional information systems, there was little functionality in the management of [...]

Data Mining Concepts and Methods

Speed of data mining process is important as it has a role to play in the relevance of the data mined. The accuracy of data is also another factor that can be used to measure [...]

Business Information System Management

The company has a very large network and through use of cloud technology, the company has been able to make its operations easer, though it still needs to realize strategies of full utilizing the technology.

HR database

In essence, the DDBMS will serve the interests of the organisation in addition to other physical aspects of the HRIS. For this reason, the design of the HR database should provide appropriate tools and techniques [...]

Data Warehousing and Its Benefits for Organizations

The report defines what data warehousing is and explains in details the importance of data warehousing in an organization. The implementation of the SAP in Lenovo has brought more benefits to the Company.

Concept of Data Management

Warehoused data is used to support decision making; the stored information is used for further analysis and identification of trends and variations in a given phenomenon.

Data Warehousing at REI

The second reason is that the company wants to increase the accuracy of the information in its hands regarding the outdoor activities of its members.

Acceptable Use Policy

Owners have the authority to change the policies regarding the use of the internet or intranet. Acceptable Use Policy covers the provisions for network etiquette, which is the limitation to the users of network and [...]

Business Data Analysis: Etisalat

Examples of information obtainable from data mining are transaction data, text report and memos, relational data, World Wide Web repositories, and multimedia data.

Business Data Analysis: Abu Dhabi Municipality

Some the databases used in the functioning of the business are; Databases resources management-This is the managerial activity applied to information system that helps in the management of organization resources.

Johntech Website

Purpose The purpose of this AUP is to specify the acceptable behaviors for visitors of the interactive Johntech website hosted by John a technical computer expert with extensive experience in the field of computer technology.

Database structures of Abu Dhabi Airport

First, the supportive services department has all the critical information required in the monitoring and running of the airport. In addition, the database structures in this department help in the identification of potential risks to [...]

Benefits and Application of Database Packages

Furthermore, "database process is a tool which is beneficial to build effective applications like inventory and sale ordering management in business operation". The use, collection, and processing of information is important in business operation.

Data Mining Technologies

According to Han & Kamber, data mining is the process of discovering correlations, patterns, trends or relationships by searching through a large amount of data that in most circumstances is stored in repositories, business databases [...]

Information Technology Infrastructure Library

The major advocacy for ITIL is that the IT should be in line with the business needs. The last one, operate phase ensures efficiency in the operation by monitoring the services deployed to ensure effective [...]

Management information systems

A TPS is vital in managing the system resources as it maintains a pool of operating resources that are used in transaction processing, application program loading, and acquiring and releasing storage.

Data analysis on Apple Inc

Apple Inc.is one of the corporations that have identified the value of branding of its products and uses it to create a distinction between its products and those of its competitors in the market.

IT System for Louvre Hotels

To recap it all, it is vital to note that implementing such a system requires an overhaul of the current one by gradually upgrading from the old systems to a central and integrated system.

Decision Support Systems

A DSS has three major elements: Database management system that stocks huge volumes of data that is vital in finding solutions to problems for which the DSS has been designed to solve; Model-based management systems [...]

Recommendation for a relational database

The worst may happen in the case of loss of vital information of the business. This helps the users of the relational database system to visualize the information which is stored in the system.

Commercial Uses of Data Mining

Data mining process entails the use of large relational database to identify the correlation that exists in a given data. The principal role of the applications is to sift the data to identify correlations.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing System

The name business intelligence is a name that was formed in the mid 1950s to describe the act of changing un-grouped data from a company's or an organization's contrasting functional data into a common data [...]

A Discussion on the Acceptability of Data Mining

Today, more than ever before, individuals, organizations and governments have access to seemingly endless amounts of data that has been stored electronically on the World Wide Web and the Internet, and thus it makes much [...]

Management Information Systems (MIS)

In addition to heavy investment in the staff who left, their departure led to delay in the areas they were in charge of as well as repeating some of the steps already done during the [...]

The History of Relational Database Technology

In 1980's the disadvantages associated with relational database systems and the need to increase capacity of manageable objects led to the invention of commercial object-oriented database systems.

Data resource management

Other than utilizing the knowledge and experience that the employees have, there is the need to use available information to grow and develop knowledge and expertise in employees.

Challenges of the Huge Data in the Day-to-Day Transactions

This paper addresses some of the challenges the huge data may pose in the day-to-day transactions."RFID protocol is a communication protocol that uses radio waves to enable the transfer of data from an electronic tag [...]

Data Integration and Data Quality

Data quality is one of the protective measures that is highly valued by most companies because the records that are stored in databases can be used to trace events and for the referencing to be [...]

Data collection methods

They are collected together and the team leader who is usually the researcher asks relevant questions that lead to data collection in his area of interest.

Relational Database Systems

This is a business report, personally addressed to the manager of the Easy Drive School of Motoring explaining why and how a relational database system will address the problems of the organization.

Sample of Chart or Graph

While the stacked bar chart is very helpful in understanding the overall votes by respondents as well how many considered each focus area as critical or high, it does not give an idea of the [...]

Information System and Modern Business

For instance, the Enterprise Resource Planning System is currently used to address business challenges such as linking strategic objectives of the organization and performance.

Enterprise Architecture Center

According to Hayles,the main objective of EA is to enhance the performance of an organization by reducing the instances of faults in the tasks that are performed by their employees.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a term used to refer to a collection of applications that aim at keeping and making available a data bank in a certain industry or organization; the bank is referred to when [...]

Database Application at Amazon

A row contains data of one or more columns according to the design of a database; it describes a single instance of an entity.

Club IT’s Data Management

The central issue inherent in data management, particularly in the case of Club IT, is that the data will be coming in from multiple sources and rapidly.

The Bates Numbering System of Document Branding

In summary, it can be said that Bates numbering is a basic system of document organization operating on the principle of clearly embedding documents and images with unique digital or manual identifiers.

Data Analysis and Maintenance

The hypotheses of the research have been developed with the operationalization of the variables done. The other personal data such as the age, weight, height and personal characteristics of the employees shall be obtained from [...]
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