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Other Technology Essay Examples and Topics

Technologies: Holograms History and Types

The reference beam travels independently through a series of mirrors to the film plate while the object beam passes through a series of mirrors to the object and finally to the film plate.

Water Tailing Technologies Issues

These challenges remain the major setbacks to the adoption of the two technologies in water tailing treatment. The environmental concerns have affected the adoption of forwarding osmosis and vacuum distillation in tailing water treatment.

National System of Innovation’ Contributions

While many proponents highlight that national systems have done a lot to facilitate the commercialization of disruptive technologies, I suppose that the national systems have done little to commercialize disruptive and sustaining technologies.

Technology Support Team’ Building

In a well orchestrated team the operation is so smooth it is difficult to recognize the role of the team leader. This can be taken to signify the absence of egocentric motives and personalities in [...]

Innovation Life Cycle: S-curve Technology

Thus, the S-curve reveals the performance of the product, technology, strategy, service, and innovation. The break point on the S-curve defines the vulnerability of the innovative product over time.

Wireless Technology Proposal: WiMax and Wi-Fi

After a careful study and research of the available wireless technologies in the market, I propose implementation of one of the discussed wireless technologies WiMax is one of the latest wireless access technologies.

Drones Usage Impacts in the US

The US has made extensive use of drones in the Iraq and Afghanistan military campaigns leading to great enhancements on the technology.

Binoculars Comparison

The prisms refract the light at the set angles to produce the desired results in terms of the quality of the image.

Fire Hazards Related to Fireworks

In the period of the Song Dynasty that lasted from 960 to 1279, a majority of the ordinary persons could buy a variety of forms of fireworks from market sellers, and splendid exhibits of fireworks [...]

The Cloud Security Problems

One of the issues that need to be addressed in a company's information system is data security and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

Technological Advances in US

The United State is the country that made the most significant technological contributions in the 20th century. The US underwent significant changes in the postwar period of 1946 to 1960.

Technologies: Amateur Film vs Cell Phone Photography

An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of photography concludes the paper. Cellphone and film cameras have apertures that regulate the quantity of light passing to the sensor and film, respectively.

Qualitative Research Results Technologies

Finally, the research investigates the relationship between communication, remuneration and job satisfaction. However, this study investigates the relationship between job satisfaction and the two variables.

Roku Internet Device in Thailand

One of the biggest hindrances to the introduction of the Roku Internet device into the Thailand market is the excess control of the government over the Internet content that often discourages Internet users and investors [...]

Is the Robotics Development Helpful or Harmful?

Robots remain the best option, as they will connect the children with the happenings in the school. They will dress the robot with their favorite clothes, communicate with the teacher using the robot, and swivel [...]

“The Most Human Human” by Brian Christian

In the introduction, the author outlines the genesis of his choice of the book's title by discussing the origin of the term, 'the most human.' Therefore, the introductory chapter gives the reader a strong base [...]

Technologies Effects on Society

Proponents of the technology argue that it improves communication and enhances learning. However, sustained use of technology leads to the development of addictions that affect the productivity, work, and health of victims.

Technological Advancements

Summaries Eggers's description of the book's title as The Circle is similar to that of the company. In addition, the familiarity of the author with modern technological advancement is convincing to the audience.

3-D Printer Technology

The objects that can be created with this printer should be at least 5x5x5 inches. These are some of the details that should be considered by the seller.

Technology Issues: Cell Phone Effects

My claim is that cell phones have no impact on people's health because it is supported by a number of researches, in particular on the psychological influence of cell phones on pregnant women and the [...]

Technologies: History of Telephone

First, it is necessary to note that the telephone is a device used to communicate. When a speaker picks up the handset, switch hook is closed, and a direct current is sent to the line [...]

Technologies: Fire Protection System for Spray Booths

Automotive paint spray booths spraying flammable/combustible liquids are the power-ventilated structures which are actively used to provide the spraying operations because of the structures' purpose to avoid the escape of the hazardous spray and to [...]

Dependence on Technology

Imagining one's life without a mobile phone, for example, is practically impossible for most of the present-day citizens; in addition, with the advent of the internet, and the incredible availability of information, the power of [...]

My Cell Phone

It has brought a variety of innovative things for the user and to a substantial extent affected the way people relate in the globe.

Apple Versus Samsung Smartphones

With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones, Samsung competes with Apple's iPhone. The screen, look and feel of Samsung smartphones is strikingly similar to that of the iPhone.

Securing Wireless Networks

The first risk that is specific to wireless technology is infiltration of an access point. If the access point of a wireless network is left unsecured, unauthorized people can gain access to the network's resources.

4G Cell Service

In comparison to other networks, the functionality of 4G networks is distributed amongst a set of gateways and servers. It has also become easier to make video calls due to the speed and latency of [...]

‘E-Readers vs. Print Readers: The Way Forward’

Of course there exist many other benefits that e-readers provide to users that may never be accessible in paperback contexts, but the present paper argues that traditional books are not about to be replaced by [...]

Biometrics and User Authentication

The cost of installing a fingerprint authentication system is higher relative to a voice recognition system. The cost of face recognition biometric authentication system depends on the security level of the system.

Virtual Reality in Construction

Originally, the use of virtual reality in construction within the past decade has been limited to 3D object design wherein separate 3D representations of the exterior and interior of the buildings are designed utilizing 3D [...]

Technology Evolution in The Modern Society

Service perspective - which holds that e-commerce constitute a tool that fulfills the needs and desires of companies, customers and management with aim of reducing the transaction costs while at the same time being able [...]

The Revolution of Digital Technology

The revolution have been characterized by rapid developments in the information technology with the computers becoming,faster,cheaper,powerful and smaller and this has information technology to be part and parcel of lives as it is embedded in [...]

Latino Digital Divide in Illinois

A case in point is the Latino community in the state of Illinois, USA. The Eliminate the Digital Divide Grant Programme is part of the efforts by Illinois authorities to bridge the digital gap.

Cyber Security Technologies

The technology is regularly designed to alter the attack surface of a network, making it hard for attackers to access a system and reducing the susceptibilities and predictabilities available at any time.

Green Computing in Botswana

The primary goal of green computing is to mitigate the use of harmful resources. Section B of the questionnaire focused on assessing how the respondents handle computers.

Augmented Reality Technology

The cost effectiveness of this technology arises from its ability to keep a project on track, and this is the cost benefit of augmented reality.

People Attitude about Green Computing

The first category is composed of the direct effects of the information technology products on the environment. The country leads in terms of the wide use of computers and other information technology devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab

It should be noted that the Galaxy Tab is based on the successes of the Galaxy S.whereas Apple's iPad was the first of such gadgets into the market; Samsung already had Galaxy S in the [...]

How podcasts differ from radio

The internet is less subjected to the limitations on the scope of coverage that are radio experiences. The role of content creation is also easy for podcasts in comparison to radio broadcasts.


Differentiation multimedia devices and product evaluation The multi-communication tools are instruments that support the transfer of data from one standpoint to another. That is the devices influence image display, production of pictures, drawings, storage of [...]

Computing Goes Green

Globally, the increase in the cost of electricity as a result of the increase of the number of servers in data centers rose from $3.

Miniature Camera on Soccer Shirt

The issue is that some of the motions and rapid movements may lead to confusion, and it is paramount to take all the necessary measures to make sure that the level of stability of is [...]

Museums and Virtual Technology

They have taken it upon themselves to collect, preserve and explain these things for the current and future generations to have knowledge of their culture.

ArchiMate Architecture, ArchiMate Series, and Related

The research carried out by Iacob and Jonkers sought to define the process of model integration for ArchiMate, and found that the language uses integration of detailed designs to visualize, and analyze enterprise architectures.

Tablet Pc

Rutenbeck opines that "Tablet PC is cost effective, a mini- laptop device, and is designed with pen drive that makes it more useful especially to university students".


Miniaturisation is the process of continued minimisation of the sizes of devices and products. Privacy The reduction of the size of technological devices has made stalking and invasion of privacy an easy process.

The influx of wireless technologies in organizations

This implies that wireless and mobile technologies plays a significant role in the expansion of the communication lines within the organization, which in turn increases the capability and the capacity of the organization to respond [...]

Biometric Security Systems

One of the advantages of the facial biometric system is that it requires no contact and this addresses the worry of numerous people touching the same system as in the case of a fingerprint system.

The Best Ideas

This was the beginning of the discovery of the concept behind gravitational pull. This is how Newton got the idea that there was something that makes things fall and this thing was a kind of [...]

Wireless Sensor Networks

The set up of this topology is very organised in such a way that, every single node in the system has a unique number of nodes, which are interlinked to it, at the lower point [...]

Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

HD-DVD war, Sony had an upper hand in their Blu-Ray discs that store 25GB on a single layer compared to HD-DVD having a capacity of 15GB on a single layer.

The tale of two optical discs

The first flaw associated with the HD-DVD was disc capacity, whereas the HD-DVD disc had a maximum capacity of 15GB per side, the Blu-Ray disc has a maximum capacity of 25GB per side, hence, the [...]

Computer Forensics Related Ethics

Due to advancement in technology, individual information can be kept in databases, the risk of accessing this data is evident and this necessity the need of such a law so as to ensure security.

Contemporary issues in Multimedia and IT

CSEA reduced the thoroughness of privacy and made it easier for the ISP to hand over information to the government whenever the relevant authority suspects unlawful dealing in the local networks.

Ethics in IT

These are among the issues which have necessitated the governments across the globe to collaborate and develop comprehensive and detailed laws regarding the use of information technology.

Concepts of HP Laptops

The quality of HP laptops is not a selfish guarantee of aggressiveness in the market, but rather market protectionism and increased sales.

Current and Past Technology

Technology and marketing are inseparable in that marketing have to keep pace with the developing technology to ensure they use the most modern technology of the time.

3D Printing Technology

One can understand the industry of 3D technologies in terms of the software technology, the hardware and the nature of the products.

Wireless Technology in IKEA

In case with wireless power, the focus is made on efficiency because it influences the extent by which the energy is sent to the receivers of the power.

Negative Impacts of Computer Technology

For instance, they can erase human memory, enhance the ability of human memory, boost the effectiveness of the brain, utilize the human senses in computer systems, and also detect anomalies in the human body. The [...]

Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation

According to Freeman, the national system of innovation is defined as, "The network of institutions in the public- and private-sectors whose activities and interactions initiate, import, modify and diffuse new technologies".

The Dishwasher Advantages

Many people now rely on the dishwasher, and the traditional method of manually cleaning the utensils has become a thing of the past.