Other Technology Essay Examples and Topics

Saving Energy Systems: Water Heater Technology

Introduction A water heater is a device that is used at homes to heat water for bathing. It works on the principle of converting electrical energy into heat energy. The following components make up water heaters: tank, dip tube, shut-off valve, heat-out pipe, thermostat, heating elements, drain valve, pressure relief valve, and a sacrificial anode […]

“The Most Human Human” by Brian Christian

The Most Human Human: What Artificial Intelligence teaches us about Being Alive, is a chef-d’oeuvre book by Brian Christian. The book highlights how computers are slowly becoming “human” courtesy of the undergoing technological revolution. In addition, the author explores how human beings behave like computers. Conventionally, the book underscores how computers shape the idea of […]

Technologies Effects on Society

Can you imagine living in a world without the internet, televisions, automobiles, mobile phones, computers, and music players? Can you imagine driving to a new location without a GPS device for guidance? Life would be boring, unbearable and slow. Technology has made life easier than it was in the early years of the 20th century […]

Information and Communications Technology’s Digital Divide

A digital divide is a form of inequality that manifests in social and economic spheres as a result of some sections of a community that do not access and use knowledge with respect to information and communications technology (ICT). From a multinational perspective, the divide that exists between countries due to limited access to ICT […]

Technologies in “The World Is Flat” by Thomas Friedman

“The World Is Flat” video by Thomas Friedman is a chance to learn better the list of software and hardware events and understand the essence of the trends in technology that have already become a kind of “flatteners” in the society. However, the information mentioned in the video proves that there is no end of […]

Technology in “Society is Dead: We Have Retreated into the IWorld” by Andrew Sullivan

The essay under analysis is called “Society is Dead: We Have Retreated into the world” written by Andrew Sullivan. The main purpose of this essay is to raise social awareness about the modern phenomenon of intentional isolation self-inflicted by the majority of our contemporaries these days. The author points out that the heavy use of […]

The Comparative Analysis Essays of Technological Advancements

Introduction The comparative analysis essay is based on Dave Eggers’s The Circle, James John Bell’s Exploring the Singularity and John Cheever’s The Enormous Radio. From the chosen texts, it is evident that the authors are not amused by the modern technological advancements and prefers a satirical opinion of the same. Thesis statement The advancement of […]

3-D Printer Technology

Introduction The modern technology has allowed for possibilities that were not imagined and expected some mere 10 or even 5 years ago. The computer and out flowing devices have become the much needed and used part of the current society which allows to better human lives. A 3-D printer is one of the inventions that […]

Technology Issues: Cell Phone Effects

Introduction Technological advancements have brought many changes in the modern world. According to Ling (56), technology has greatly changed the way various activities are undertaken. One aspect that has undergone significant changes is the mode of information transfer. Initially, people wrote letters in case of a need to pass information to another person, or use […]

Technologies: History of Telephone

What Is Telephone? It is impossible to imagine the modern world without such means of communications as mobiles, the Internet, social networks, etc. However, it all began in the nineteenth century when the telephone was invented. First, it is necessary to note that the telephone is a device used to communicate. The device relied on […]

Technologies: Fire Protection System for Spray Booths

Automotive paint spray booths spraying flammable/combustible liquids are the power-ventilated structures which are actively used to provide the spraying operations because of the structures’ purpose to avoid the escape of the hazardous spray and to limit vapors with the help of the exhaust systems. Following the International Building Code, “307.4 defines Class I, II, or […]

How Technology Has Changed Lives?

Introduction Since the turn of the century, the rate of technological advancement has been escalating at an alarming rate. Technology has influenced almost every aspect of people’s lives. Technology has changed lives in terms of the efficiency of service delivery, communication, social processes, education, and business development, among others (Katz 100). Technology has enabled people […]

Dependence on Technology

The modern world has become almost exclusively dependent on technology. Imagining one’s life without a mobile phone, for example, is practically impossible for most of the present-day citizens; in addition, with the advent of the internet, and the incredible availability of information, the power of technology has become obvious. Niel Postman, however, seems to take […]

My Cell Phone

Life can be a tremendously overwhelming process depending on an individual’s direct surroundings. Challenges expert licensed require an inspiration factor particularly when an individual is away from home and relatives for some time. Keeping contact with friends and kin is valuable in life to keep updated on what is occurring within the social order. There […]

Apple Versus Samsung Smartphones

Smartphones are the latest rage in mobile phone technology. The yearly sale of mobile phones worldwide is more than a billion of which 20% accounted for smartphone sales (Kenny and Pon, 2011). There is a 100% annual increase in the sale of smartphones, and the high rate of penetration suggests that by the year 2015, […]

The Newest Gadget in Action: Anything Locator Application for iPhone

Concerning the Design: It’s not What It Seems Introducing a gadget with an original design is one of the keys to the success of the given technological novelty. Therefore, the peculiarities of the Locator Application for iPhone are of crucial importance for the public’s perception. Taking into consideration the elements that add to the stylishness […]

Securing Wireless Networks

This shift from paper based on electronic record keeping is very well informed. Adopting wireless and mobile technology will improve the doctors and nurses’ efficiency and lessen their workload. However, this technology comes with a number of challenges and risks (Kim, 2010). Some of these risks affect the patients’ wellbeing. This makes mitigation of these […]

4G Cell Service

Introduction Mobile communication has changed the way people used to communicate. The advancements made within the technology field can be attributed to these changes. Communication has been joined to mobility due to this, thus people are finding it easier to interact without necessarily moving over long distances. There has been increased growth within the wireless […]

Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

The three fundamental concepts of security are availability, integrity, and confidentiality. These concepts are commonly referred to as CIA or AIC triad which form the main role of any security program. Confidentiality prevents unauthorized disclosure of company’s data and ensures secrecy of the company’s data and information. Confidentiality should be maintained at all times while […]

Analysis of improving ATM services

Data gathering Data gathering on ATM services will apply a qualitative research design. This is the most appropriate method for the report. It will involve collection of data from various users and ATM service providers. The data gathering technique will involve collecting information from various countries and preparing semi-structured questionnaires. The this method is applicable […]

Origins, Characteristics, and Consequences of Technological Systems

Introduction Technological systems are usually very dynamic and complex. Their complexities stem from the impact they have on the environment and other aspects of human life. The electrification process also shares this complexity because since its birth, electrification has greatly influenced the economic, political, and social aspects of life. For instance, many people have experienced […]

‘E-Readers vs. Print Readers: The Way Forward’

In recent years, owing to advances in technology, readers are increasingly decamping from traditional reading models into electronic reading systems for digital text. E-readers such as Kindle and Nook have found great favor among an unprecedented number of young technology-savvy readers, who argue that the e-reading platform provides mobile accessibility, expanded digital content and affords […]

Packet Switching and Fibre Optics in Modern Communication and Data Storage

Future vision of data communication in fibre Fibre optics has continued to provide a flexible technology that enables the transfer of large amounts of data across long distances at very high bandwidths. Optical fibre technology has been tried and tested in transoceanic communication and offers gigabit communication bandwidths which enable high speed data transfer. This […]

Biometrics and User Authentication

Introduction One of the greatest concerns in the filed of information security is verification that an individual accessing confidential, sensitive, or secret information is approved to do so. Such access is normally achieved through an individual giving their identity through an authentication process. In simple terms, the individual accessing any classified information has to validate […]

Virtual Reality in Construction

Introduction Over the past 3 decades, building design has become increasingly complex due to the necessity of having to incorporate both the technological aspect of modern living (i.e. electrical wires, telecommunication systems, and interior ventilation) as well as the increasing popularity of built in appliances and furniture (i.e. hidden storage spaces, movable beds, etc.). This, […]

Comparison of 3G Wireless Networks to 4G Wireless Networks

Services and applications The 3G and 4G network have led to rise of mobile applications, which were not in use in the 1G, 2G and other previous technologies. Some of the services developed are location based services used to provide advert to people within a certain geographical location. Applications to watch live television on your […]

A Touch Detection Device and Its Limits

Introduction: A Touching Device as a Perfect Means of Security There can be no possible doubts that touch detection device s have become quite popular over the past few years. A true breakthrough in the sphere of science, they mean that the art of taking prints have developed to a new quality level, and that […]

Technology Evolution in The Modern Society

The modern society is being greatly reshaped by the rapid developments in information technologies where it is evident that computers, telecommunications networks, and other related digital systems have combined to increase people’s capacity to know, achieve, and even collaborate (I. T. L. Education Solutions Limited, 2009). The presence of these technologies has motivated people to […]

The Revolution of Digital Technology

Introduction Digital Revolution refers to the change in technology that has been going on in the last 40 years from analog technology and mechanical technology to the digital technology. The revolution have been characterized by rapid developments in the information technology with the computers becoming,faster,cheaper,powerful and smaller and this has information technology to be part […]

Technology Innovation: The Theft Prevention Chip Enterprise

Introduction The present world has witnessed increased competition, which has initiated pronounced levels of marketing, and consumer-focused approach in business. Consequently, increasing instances of insecurity and theft amplify the need to have effective theft prevention services. Despite the fact that several service providers provide tracking services, few focus on personal properties such as laptops, phones, […]

Latino Digital Divide in Illinois

The advent of digital technologies has been applauded for instigating a revolution across all spheres of human activity. Typically, these technologies came with a number of ramifications in the ethical and social realms. Nonetheless, a careful examination of the pros and cons of digital technologies suggests that the pros outweigh the cons, hence their ubiquity. […]

3D Printers in “Third Industrial Revolution”

Typology of Innovation I agree with the statement that 3D printing represents the “Third Industrial Revolution”. This technology is radical in nature in that its usage threatens to upset the established manufacturing process. 3D printing is a radical innovation in that it creates a new way of manufacturing (D’Aveni, 2015). Unlike the traditional manufacturing process, […]

Cyber Security Technologies

Abstract Advanced cyber attacks that target both public and private sectors at the international level have provoked an increase in research and funding for the establishment of novel cyber security technologies. Government and private institutions are investing in technologies that dynamically appraise networks through real-time and remote agent forensic investigations. Besides, organizations are coming up […]

Green Computing in Botswana

Introduction Green Computing refers to eco-friendly utilization of computers. Green computing is quickly gaining popularity in various organizations and it should not only be seen as an environmental issue, but as a way of making good use of electronic gadgets. The primary goal of green computing is to mitigate the use of harmful resources. Second, […]

Augmented Reality Technology

Summary Augmented reality is a relatively new computer technology used to enhance visual effect. It is quickly gaining acceptance in the entertainment industry and commerce. It has been used for marketing toys by Bandai, a toy manufacturer. Some industries use the technology in engineering projects. Moreover, the technology can be used for maintenance of simple […]

People Attitude about Green Computing

According to OECD (2006), the demand for information technology keeps rising every day. Information technology is termed as the driver of business activities in economies. Business information technology tools are needed to enhance business operations in different organizations. The rise in demand for information technology products causes firms to invest hence producing information technology tools […]

Virtual Reality Versus Augmented Reality

Definition Virtual Reality (VR) refers to a high-end user computer interface involving real-time interactions and stimulations that use several sensorial channels which include visual, auditory, tactile, smell and taste. Virtual Reality should not just be taken as a high-end user interface or a medium. This is because it includes applications that help in providing solutions […]

The Samsung Galaxy Tab

The presentation begins with an introductory statement, stating the date of entry into the market. It should be noted that the Galaxy Tab is based on the successes of the Galaxy S. whereas Apple’s iPad was the first of such gadgets into the market; Samsung already had Galaxy S in the works, thus the Galaxy […]

How podcasts differ from radio

Radio is form of mass-communication, which uses one-way wireless signal transmission technology to send audio recordings to a particular audience. The first radio station came into being in 1916 in Pennsylvania. In the period that radio has been in existence, it has become an avenue for sharing educational and entertainment content. This includes news, sports, […]


Introduction Multimedia equipments are devices that enhance communication in diverse facets of operation. The IT infrastructural systems are critical pillars that facilitate effective transfer of information. Indeed, the equipments are instrumental in driving social activities and economic performance of individuals or institutions. They provide pertinent incentives that define the level of operations in institutions especially […]

Computing Goes Green

Increased advancement in Information technology has enabled many sectors of the economy to adapt information technology in their day-to-day operations. Subsequently, many corporate have many clients as well as servers that they use in running their businesses. These computers consume a lot of electricity while operating as well as cooling. For instance, between 2000 and […]

Miniature Camera on Soccer Shirt

Introduction The fact that modern technologies have made an enormous progress over the years should not be overlooked, and it is necessary to find new uses for some of the devices that have been developed. One of the most interesting devices that should be discussed is a miniature camera that has been used for many […]

Museums and virtual technology

Introduction Since the advent of civilization, human beings have been interested in collecting, keeping and displaying things hence giving rise to the concept of museums. (Drurie,1997, p. 30). Museums have been termed as having historically been repositories where real physical objects that existed many years ago are kept. They have taken it upon themselves to […]

ArchiMate Architecture, ArchiMate Series, and Related

Background of ArchiMate Architecture ArchiMate is a language designed to offer information technology architects, a common language for analyzing, visualizing, and describing enterprise architectures. The language had been under development since 2002, when “the Dutch Telematica Institute” in collaboration with various government organizations, enterprises, and research institutes (Peňa and Villalobos 80) founded it. Since its […]

Tablet Pc

The most cost-effective Tablet Pc will be launched in Turkey in the near future. Tablet PC is a computing device that has a cheap price tag. However, it is loaded with unique features that are similar to other computing devices. Jones asserts that: Tablet Pc has the following advantages: it offers various learning styles; it […]


Miniaturisation is the process of continued minimisation of the sizes of devices and products. Hunt (1995) argues that miniaturisation is the ability to build smaller, lighter and stronger devices than before. The miniaturised devices are usually powerful and of a better quality than the predecessor versions. The best illustration of miniaturisation probably is in the […]

The influx of wireless technologies in organizations

Introduction The advent of wireless communication and mobile technologies played a significant role in enhancing mobility during communication, which is gradually becoming a primary necessity for organizations due to the nature of the present business environment that is based on the global environment (Basole, 2008). It implies that wireless communication and mobile technologies are essential […]

Biometric Security Systems

Biometric Methods to be used for the National Identity Cards Over the years, there have been numerous concerns about the issue of identification. At first, authentication was simple and was guided by two key factors. One of these factors was what a user needed to have, such as a badge. The badge was a vital […]

The Best Ideas

Introduction It is evident that the greatest ideas usually come up when one takes keen look at the most common things. Some of the most recognizable and valuable discoveries that are in use today were as a result of an extra attention to a specific common phenomenon that could be used to produce something great. […]

Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract Over the recent past, the concept of using wireless sensor networks has gained popularity in the world of technology, because of the numerous applications and systems, which are dependent on it. Although this is the case, just like any other technological idea, this technology has its own challenges, which in most cases result, because […]

Advantages and disadvantages of Precise GNSS /GPS Positioning and Applications

Advantages Precise point position has been defined as a method used to establish the accurate position by the aid of global positioning system (Ovstedal, 2002). One major advantage of precise GNSS or GPS is that the application results to tremendous cutting down of coasts in terms of labour and equipment. Similarly logistics for operations are […]

Precise Gnss/Gps Positioning And Applications

A global navigation satellite system (GNSS) is defined as a system of satellites that provides geo-spacial positioning with a global coverage. The system offers global coverage using electronic receivers for calculating positions and time. The GNSS positioning system has been undergoing tremendous improvements because of the need to expand its applications (Gleason, 2009). The modern […]

Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD

This paper has elaborated the characteristics that lead to the triumph of Blu-Ray standard developed by Sony over HD-DVD developed by Toshiba/NEC. Sony “was once bitten” in the standardization war between Betamax and VHS format; the company leant the value of having a tight linkage of vertical and horizontal supply chain to push a technically […]

The tale of two optical discs

The Blu-ray and HD DVD discs work on the same technology, that is, the blue laser diode technology. The HD-DVD simply entailed putting together two discs in order have a single double-layered disc, hence doubling the storage capacity. This technology was economical as it had backward compatibility with the original DVD, hence, it did not […]

Locative Media and Communication by Physical Implementation

Locative media are devices and systems that enable communication by physical implementation in a particular location. The contents of locative media are however not restricted to a specific location. Social interactions are greatly facilitated by the different types of digital locative media available. Different kinds of environments are enhanced by the detailed explanations and analysis […]

Computer Forensics Related Ethics

Abstract Computer crime which is referred as an illegal access to a computer system is on the rise in the recently. Computer crimes ranges from; hacking, phishing, cyber stalking, computer viruses and identity theft. Due to advancement in technology, data in various institutions is no longer kept in file papers but in computers. Human beings […]

Contemporary issues in Multimedia and IT

Ethics are the principles that dictate right and wrong, and act as agents of decision making guidelines of behavior. On the other hand, laws are rules developed by an administrative system to combat crime. Most ethical issues are consequences of individuals trying to make decisions within or without the law that govern a system. When […]

Contemporary issues in Multimedia and Information Technology

The ability to create, modify, store, send, and link digitalized information is the most notable invention of the twentieth century. This phenomenon is widespread in all spheres of life around the globe. The continuing proliferation of information technologies and services has presented many legal, social, and ethical issues. These issues are the subject of discussion […]

Ethics in IT

For several years, most debates about ethics and information technology (IT) have focused on issues of professional ethics and issues of privacy and security. The professional aspects of ethics in IT concern preserving and developing a successful reputation through tasks completions. In this context, the worker is constantly behaving well i.e. a case of character […]

The History of Long-Lasting Rivalry Between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

The development of technology is, by all means, a positive trend, but it is constantly bringing new apples of discord. It was not long ago when people tried to get accustomed to tiny discs for DVD instead of VHS format. The new millennium has brought new choice: HD-DVD VS. Blu-Ray. The two formats do not […]

Emerging Technologies: Augmented Reality and iPhone Technology

Augmented Reality Augmented Reality is one of the latest technological innovations that interweave virtual reality with physical reality. It is technological innovation that has the power to overlay computer graphics into reality; hence, help its users to see the real world and virtual imagery that is connected to the actual objects and places. The primary […]

Concepts of HP Laptops

Introduction Today’s business and leisure activities run smoothly due to the emergency of new and supportive technologies. For example, since the emergency of personal laptop computers, people are able monitor their personal finances from time to time. Moreover, networking, documentation and online chats keep on asserting new opportunities to lives of many. Numerous companies ranging […]

Current and Past Technology

Introduction This paper involves producing a report to demonstrate how the current and past technology develops day by day to influence future developments. This report explains the relationship between technology on one hand and social and political factors on the other. Technology and marketing are inseparable in that marketing have to keep pace with the […]

Technological impact of the Samsung NC215S Netbook

Introduction Samsung electronics launched the Samsung NC215S Netbook in various places around the world in the past recent months. While many netbooks and laptops have been launched with great technological features, the thing that sets this Netbook apart from others is that its lid carries a solar panel on the top that allows the Netbook […]

Contemporary issues in multimedia and information technology

Media and the rising ease of information access have facilitated major legal and societal concerns in the past. Digital convergence and globalization in the present societies raise intricate legal, societal and ethical issues, regarding information access, privacy rights, intellectual property rights and freedom of expression (Gupta, 2005, p. 123). Because information and Communication Technology is […]

3D Printing Technology

Industry and market analysis What are the potential applications and markets for your technology? Are there particular sub-markets and are some more attractive than others at this stage in the development of technology? What is the size and growth rate of the market? What factors will influence the development of this market? Introduction The concept […]

Technology – Security Policy, Ethics, and the Legal Environment

Abstract In today’s technologically advanced and progressively more network-connected world, information technology security management backs economic and organizational technological arrangement, and also guards its IT operations and assets against internal and external threats, planned or otherwise (Peltier, 2001; Thomas, 2002; Dhilon, 2007). The principle function of IT security management is to guarantee confidentiality, integrity, and […]

Wireless Technology in IKEA

Phase I Proposing a New Idea In the twentieth-fist century, wire technology has winded round the Earth, leaving no space for creative ideas and alternative solutions. However, spatial characteristics are becoming more crucial while planning interior or constructing buildings. Imagine a future in which power transfer is carried out without physical conduct. Due to the […]

Technology and its future development

The development of technology has drastically changed the world. It is a good thing because it will help develop mechanisms and further advancements to help humanity on individual and social levels. The article “Singularity” talks about a great rate of development in technology and that it might lead to technology becoming self efficient. This is […]

Negative Impacts of Computer Technology

The Nano-Chip Implants These chips have been designed using nanotechnology. Their basic working principle is based on computer programming. These chips have the ability to perform various functions. For instance, they can erase human memory, enhance the ability of human memory, boost the effectiveness of the brain, utilize the human senses in computer systems, and […]

How the way of Reading Books Changed due to Rapid Evolution of Technology

Technological evolution has led to the development of electronic sources that are about to replace hardcopy books. The discovery of tablets and e-readers has completely changed the way people read (Mayer 34). The use of reading devices such as iPads and computers has increasingly become very popular among readers and there are no signs of […]

The Definitive Ode to the Triumph of MAC over Windows PC

Introduction The world is no longer possible without computers and the Internet. Actually, it is computer skills and access to computer use and the Internet that predetermine everyone’s personal and professional success. The world of computer technologies is divided into two major camps – those, who use Apple Macintosh and those, who strongly believe in […]

Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation

Schumpeter (1934, p. 160) was among the first economists to study the broad subject of innovation. He went ahead to make a clear distinction between innovation and invention, where he defined invention as the discovery of a new idea or a previously unknown fact. Innovation, according to him, is the ability to successfully apply a […]

The Dishwasher Advantages

Claim The dishwasher has come as a savior to many American people; it solves many domestic chores related to dish washing in a manner that helps people a lot. It has a lot of advantages. Many people now rely on the dishwasher, and the traditional method of manually cleaning the utensils has become a thing […]

The MiniDisc’s Durability, Portability and Convenience

Introduction The ability of an organization to develop, successfully launch and market a product is essential in the determination of the long run competitiveness of the firm (Benedetto & Crawford 2007, pp. 21). The outcome of a successful innovation process is the creation of a commercially successful product (Eppinger & Ulrich 2007, pp. 260). The […]

The Blu-Ray Technology

Introduction The Blu-ray disc and the HD-DVD optical disc had a fierce format war between them for a long time. The Blu-ray is Sony’s technology while HD-DVD is Toshiba’s. The technological battle between Sony and Toshiba is precipitated by the urge of each of the two companies to take control over video format in the […]

Invention of television

According to Osborne (2010), Paul Nipkow, a German was the first person to transmit pictures over wires. He used the scanning principle developed by a rotating disc technology in 1884. The Nipkow’s scanning floppy thought was developed by John Logie Baird in the 1920’s, which led to development in electronics. He patented the idea of […]

Hologram’s Definition and Characteristics

Introduction A hologram can simply be defined as a 3D (three-dimensional) image. It is usually produced in a 2D (two-dimensional) surface but it gives a 3D image of a certain real object. Therefore, users of the hologram do not need to have special equipment in order to view the image in 3D. Most of the […]

Impact of New Forms of Technology on our Understanding of Pornography

Introduction “The impact technology has had upon society today cannot be measured. In fact, it has had such an impact that if it were wiped out, the human race would be thrown back into the Dark Ages” (Leon 2011, p. 2). The above statement was made to show the extent that technology influences our society […]

Comparison of three tablet computers: Ipad2, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy

Executive Summary Customers across the globe aspire to shop for the most cost-effective Tablet Pc in the market. In fact, several Tablet Pcs are offered at inexpensive prices and have appealing specs to different classes of users. On an average, a Tablet Pc in the current market costs $200. These tablets embrace the latest android […]

Ethics and Nanotechnology

Modern science is in a constant progress in order to contribute to the increased people’s demands. Every day the speed of the public’s life grows, it becomes more intensive and involves more elements. Today, to address all the people’s needs, it is necessary to have a lot of technological devices which function separately and makes […]

Telecommunication Project: Bluetooth

Abstract The research opens with a historical overview of the word ‘Bluetooth’. The study brings out the connection between the name and the Bluetooth functions to create a universal unification of connectivity protocols. The research has highlighted the use of Bluetooth in replacing cables and assisting in energy management and control. The study has focused […]

The XBOX 360 Kinect Intelligent Controller

Introduction With its ability to translate the external movement of a person into a digitized method of manipulation without the need for an additional medium in the form of a controller the XBOX 360 Kinect presents a plethora of possibilities that can be utilized for any manner of function ranging from the rehabilitation of people […]

Contemporary Issues in Multimedia and Information Technology

Every day people can observe the changes which are connected with the information technologies and multimedia. It seems that modern scientists can create any technologies with any possibilities. The limits are only in our mind. Nevertheless, recent inventions support the idea the possibilities of our brain can be combined with information technologies. The progress in […]

Mitsubishi Projector Manual

Review of major steps The projector has a remote control which may be used to control the operations of the projector from a distance. Before using the remote control, ensure that the batteries are well inserted at the back of the remote control. The range in which the remote control can be used is about […]

Everest simulation report

Executive Summary The Everest simulation was a web based group exercise of a group of students with an aim of reaching the peak of Mount Everest. This simulation powerfully exemplified the concepts of the importance of attitudes, power, communication, perception and personality and group structures in influencing the dynamics in a group and the success […]

Apple MacBook Pro

Significant people The development of Apple MacBook Pro can be seen as a great milestone in computer technology and specifically for the MacBook family and MacBook Pro line. The face behind this invention is Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive. There have been vital contributions by Steve Jobs especially in 2005 when Apple was upgrading from […]

Emerging Technology in wireless networking

Introduction The initial wireless networks were developed before the industrialization era. These systems transmitted information using rudimentary signals over a short distance. A highly structured set of signal combination was developed to pass across complex massages. Observations stations were located on higher grounds and along the roads to convey these massages. These early communication networks […]

Television as a Domestic Technology

If the efforts to revitalize television in the digital era are to materialize, television viewers will ultimately be required to be conversant with the set-top box (a novel consumer technology) which provides unprecedented means of consuming television. There is no doubt that this type of technology entails assimilation of new media technology into the household […]

Virtual Reality Technology

Technology is important in the daily lives of human beings since it positively impacts various sectors. It has made it possible for human beings to perform complex procedures that could not be possible without it. One of the most recent technology advancements that have been developed is virtual reality. It has led to drastic changes […]

The Impacts of Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 and iPad 2 From on the Individuals and on the Business

Executive Summary Samsung and Apple Inc. are one of the leading companies in the field of Information Communication and Technology by manufacturing products that meet the needs of individuals in the digital era. Samsung, through their Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Apple through iPad 2 have brought tremendous impacts on the media and internet access for […]

Kinetic Xbox 360 by the Microsoft

Executive Summary Kinetic Xbox is a system that uses infrared translates 3D body motion to control video games. Rare and prime sense companies because of technological competition in the Microsoft world introduced the product. Bill Gates and Paul Allen following a series of revolution of innovations founded Microsoft Corporation in 1975 and introduced its second […]

The Diskless PC System in the Ashley Company

Introduction PC’s are information processing and storage systems which were purposely created to allow some professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers and accountants among others to do business as a professionals corporation. For perfect performing of the PC’s, the Ashley Company has adopted the diskless PC system. In this diskless PC’s, a LAN (Local area network) […]

Security Planning and Assessment: Emerging Technologies in Physical Security

Running head: security “ Security Planning and Assessment: Emerging Technologies in Physical Security Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name 8th June 2011 Introduction Physical security involves the security measures undertaken to restrict people’s access to facilities, buildings, or stored information. The essence of the physical security measures is to […]

Analysis of Sony PS3

Introduction The Sony PS3 is the latest gaming console set to replace Sony’s iconic PS2 gaming system. Promising better graphics, user interactivity and access to an online gaming community the Sony PS3 was meant to become an innovation that defined the latest gaming genres in the gaming industry. Unfortunately initial sales of the product waned […]

Macintosh Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction When it comes to its aesthetic features, simplicity of use, security as well as compatibility with some of the latest gadgets today Macs far outclass PCs as the computer of choice for today’s tech savvy population. As of late the use of Macs has exploded in usage with literally millions of people adopting the […]

Capturing Images in the 21st Century

There was a time when capturing an image is a laborious and complex process. The technology back then was just enough to capture an image in black and white; the cameras require a real professional to operate and the equipment are not as portable as they are today. But in the 21st century the radical […]

Convergence in the Television Stations

Introduction The convergence of technology, as it has happened lately with convergence of television stations, is the evolving of different technological advances that perform similar tasks. The convergence of technology in the media field can be defined by the interlinking of the computing and information technologies that have become popular with the internet as well […]

The History of 3-D Film Making

3-D film making, a movie art form that gives the viewers realistic sense of a films actual depth perception, traces its earliest roots to the 3-D movie process patent filed by William Friese- Greene of Great Britain. Using 2 film projectors to project side by side images on screen, a stereoscope was used to merge […]

Organizational Technology Plan

Introduction In the contemporary world, technology has become an integral part of organizations; however, it has affected the society and the environment mainly due to the changes that come about with it, which people have to adapt. Generally, it plays an important role in the field of business, since it provides tools such as internet […]