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Other Technology Essay Examples and Topics

Assistive Technology for Paraplegic Patients

In general, the device could be described as a certain system of blocks and levers that guarantee the transition of a patient from his/her wheelchair into a Jacuzzi.

The U.S. Video Game Industry

This was also based on the views of the company's developers who assumed that the technological advantages of the the16-bit system were extremely less than that of the 8-bit system.

Selection Procedure of Best Camera

The variety of cameras available to the modern buyers is so large that often it can be frustrating for both the experts and the enthusiasts since choosing the most suitable product they have to take [...]

Emerging Transportation Technology in the UAE

The purpose of this paper is to assess the most frequent purposes of interurban traveling of the UAE residents and their attitudes to Hyperloop, and to estimate the potential benefits of implementation of this technology.

The Role of Innovations

The first one is the discovery of electricity and the possibilities for its usage in everyday life. Finally, the creation of money altered the world greatly and conditioned the development of the market.

Blending Style and Technology

In order to advance in the fashion and style industry, it is important to create room for dialogue between the customers and the stakeholders in the industry.

Solar Potential of the Hayward Campus

The grey and blue color of the building can increase the performance of solar panels since they fall within the photovoltaic absorption range, which is 0.

Music Distribution Revolution

In relation to the case study, we can argue that the development of the algorithm led to the revolution in audio distribution.

Dealing With the Limitations of Flash Memory

Implanted medical chip technology can help to reduce the amount of medical misdiagnosis that occur in hospitals and can also address the issue of the amount of money that Jones Corp.pays out to its clients [...]

Smart Grid Energy Technology and Its Future

Among the recent developments in the energy sector is the smart grid energy technology. I would greatly support the campaign the usage of smart grid technology as a source of energy.

Toaster, Its Elements and Working Mechanism

When the piece of the appliance is triggered by the insertion of the piece of bread foods, the electrical stream increases the temperature of the bimetallic element; the element is in this manner refracted to [...]

LG Styler: Innovative Laundry Machine

Even if I put everything in the closet, it will be wrinkled when I need it. It makes the clothes look like new ones and even absorbs moisture.

Prediction the “City of the Future”

The "city of the future" will react to the issues experienced in the city of today. The future city will provide optimal life quality, and improve the comfort and health of individuals who work and [...]

Innovative Solutions: Improving Energy Plan

The paper outlines the most feasible approaches to improving the Energy plan by increasing the proportion of renewable energy in the energy mix and reducing demand for energy in the construction and transportation industries.

Laser Communication Links in Space

Inter-satellite laser communication is also a great prospect to explore, as there are no obstacles in space that could impede or reduce the effectiveness of a laser beam.

Dubai Technological Advancement: the Smart City

The city of Dubai is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai and the largest city in the UAE. According to Salem, the readiness of society and the government to embrace technology is a vital [...]

Wireless Sensor Networks in Military Applications

A wireless sensor network can be characterized as a self-designed framework of remote systems to screen physical or ecological conditions such as temperature, sound, vibration, weight, movement, or contaminations and to pass information through the [...]

Visual Cameras and Inspection in Fast Food Restaurant

Finally, a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of vision systems and inspection should help to clarify the benefits and the possible impact of this technology being implemented by one of the American firms on people, [...]

Geographic Information Systems in Dubai

For instance, it is possible to recommend the implementation of the technology of GIS in Dubai with the purpose of facilitation of car parking in the city.

Wearable Computing in Dubai’s Future

Therefore, a citizen of the future in Dubai would be able to connect to a mobile or wi-fi signal from every device at any location to access information and services.

Information Systems Types and Features

This paper aims to discuss the distinct types of these systems, to describe the interrelations between them, and to provide positive and negative features.

Time Travel: Is It Possible?

This subdivision contributes to the appearance of the debates related to the negotiation of the time barrier and moving in time from the past to the future and on the contrary, from the future to [...]

Telepresence as a Modern Technology

The success of this invention can be attributed to the development of broadband Internet services that are available in different parts and regions across the globe.

Optical Tools: History and Development

Nevertheless, as the socio-cultural progress in this part of the world continued to gain a powerful momentum, the idea of using lenses to create optical devices began to appeal to more and more intellectually advanced [...]

The Technology of Drones

Drones are an emerging sector of the aviation industry that has been received differently by the public primarily due to the possibility of misuse, infringement of privacy, and military use in combat.

Elsevier Publisher: Technologies Solutions

As reported by Gowers, Elsevier has earned the title of a "gorilla of scholarly publishers" because of the way it manages the business and the knowledge that is available to it, the access to which [...]

New Textiles Technologies

According to researchers, combining two types of electricity generation into one textile paves the way for developing garments that could provide their own source of energy to power devices such as smart phones or global [...]

Virtual Reality’s Main Benefits

The rapid development and the growing popularity of virtual reality raise a logical interest concerning the advantages and disadvantages that are related to the application of this new technology in various spheres of knowledge and [...]

Television, Its Invention and Technical Evolution

The history of television involves the contribution of several engineers from different parts of the world. This paper seeks to explore the technical evolution of the television from its invention to the current developments.

Virtual Reality Technology in Referee Training

Referees need to experience the practical nature of the profession during the training process, and the VR technology will eliminate the underlying challenges to the development of experience in the profession.

CCD Camera vs Tube Camera Comparison

In reality, the camera did not change positions in the scene; this effect is the result of the editing done so that a viewer could comprehend the film.

Digital Transformation: Hyper-Connectedness and Collaboration

The guiding principles for E2E economy formulated by the authors include the ability of organizations to provide optimal customer experiences through the right partnerships, capacity to use contextual and predictive analytics to generate customer value, [...]

Ice Machines, Their History and Types

According to experts, one of the things one should consider when buying an ice machine is the type of ice it produces and its suitability to the immediate needs. The other common type of ice [...]

3D Printing: Pros and Cons

The authors compare the quick advancement and loss in the price of 3D printers with the rise of the personal computers.

Microscopic Traffic SIMmulator Model

Unfortunately, these models are not suitable for ITS applications and large-scale traffic networks. With new ITS developments, incident management, mainline traffic control, and real-time route guidance become possible for traffic management systems.

Time Travel’s Definition

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the domain of time travel and to provide evidence that traveling to the future is more likely than to the past if the necessary conditions have been [...]

Virtual Reality and Solitary Confinement

Nowadays, the majority of the representatives of the general public all over the world are familiar with the concept of virtual reality, and many of them have already experienced it.

Access Control System in the Dormitory Project

Also, the system must also capture any individual trying to access the door and relay that information to the cameras at the security control room. The project's scope involves the successful installation of the Access [...]

Frequency Modulation, Its Applications and Future

The main reason the review of frequency modulation is the focus of the research is the rise in popularity of the digital media, which requires the novel approach and means of operation.

Point of Sale Software in Business

This receipt will comprehensively show the prices of the products bought as well as the expenses resulting from the sale of that product.

Single and Multi Touch User Interface

The core purpose of any multi-touch interface is to detect and process the users' intuitive gestures. The first and foremost advantage of multi-touch interfaces is that they can be adjusted to virtually every situation where [...]

Food and Water Quality Testing Device

The tool will provide solutions for assessing both solid and liquid substances for the presence of the agents harmful to the human body.

Global Positioning System: Drawbacks and Solutions

The reason for the scope of the paper is the success the system has had so far, the possibilities it offers in a multitude of fields and the impressive list of achievements already made possible [...]

Smart Card Technology, Its Benefits and Usage

The first smartcard to be in use was the telephone card for the payment of pay phones in France 1983. In addition, consumers can now use the stored value cards to access health care services.

Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance and Security

This aspect has led to the emergence of new forms of physical security systems to counter the changing security threats by improvising mechanisms of security threats perceptions and surveillance.

Drones Benefits in Law Enforcement and Industries

According to Ravich, drones have enhanced the productivity, safety, and efficiency of property claims adjusters. Drones have eliminated the risks of claim adjusters having to scale risky ladders with cameras.

Virtual Reality Ride Experience at Disneyland Florida

The basic concept of the proposed ride is to utilize the current advances in VR technology to create a simulated experience for park-goers that is safe, widely usable, and sufficiently immersive that there is a [...]

PlayStation Product: Innovation Analysis

A specific technological innovation is the console used in PlayStation in the video games industry. The inclusion of the software in the PlayStation led to improved visual quality of the consoles.

Imagineering Myths About Virtual Reality

Walt Disney Imagineering team, which encompassed a wide range of professionals responsible for various entertainments offered by theme parks, resorts, and other venues, is currently devoting a lot of time and effort to unlock the [...]

E-Bikes in the UAE: New Technologies Advance

Finally, the design stage would require specification of the key components, such as the capacity of the battery, the principle of the charging mechanism's operation, the use of the mechanical components, and the overall shape [...]

How a Mechanical Pencil Is Made

All these materials used in making a mechanical pencil are sourced and processed separately and then transported to the mechanical pencil manufacturers. The general purpose of a mechanical pencil is to write and draw.

Information System Development: Research Approaches

Besides, the running of an organization and achieving its purposes requires knowledge in the use of information technology and its management. Most of the design work is done by the managers and the IS practitioners.

History of the Heating Systems

Overall, this report will cover the development of heating systems from the second half of the nineteenth century to the present.

Technologies: Holograms History and Types

The reference beam travels independently through a series of mirrors to the film plate while the object beam passes through a series of mirrors to the object and finally to the film plate.

Water Tailing Technologies Issues

These challenges remain the major setbacks to the adoption of the two technologies in water tailing treatment. The environmental concerns have affected the adoption of forwarding osmosis and vacuum distillation in tailing water treatment.

Technological Progress in the Empire of the Air Documentaty

That is, the very notion of 'technological progress' is discursively ambivalent, in the sense of being simultaneously both: reflective of the actual mechanics of how the laws of evolution define the ways of humanity, and [...]

National System of Innovation’ Contributions

While many proponents highlight that national systems have done a lot to facilitate the commercialization of disruptive technologies, I suppose that the national systems have done little to commercialize disruptive and sustaining technologies.

Technology Support Team’ Building

In a well orchestrated team the operation is so smooth it is difficult to recognize the role of the team leader. This can be taken to signify the absence of egocentric motives and personalities in [...]

Innovation Life Cycle: S-curve Technology

Thus, the S-curve reveals the performance of the product, technology, strategy, service, and innovation. The break point on the S-curve defines the vulnerability of the innovative product over time.

Wireless Technology Proposal: WiMax and Wi-Fi

After a careful study and research of the available wireless technologies in the market, I propose implementation of one of the discussed wireless technologies WiMax is one of the latest wireless access technologies.

Digital Temperature Controller Effectiveness

The project aims to demonstrate the functioning of the digital temperature controller, which has the ability to control the temperature of machine and electronic devices in industries.

Drones Usage Impacts in the US

The US has made extensive use of drones in the Iraq and Afghanistan military campaigns leading to great enhancements on the technology.

Binoculars Comparison

The prisms refract the light at the set angles to produce the desired results in terms of the quality of the image.

Fire Hazards Related to Fireworks

In the period of the Song Dynasty that lasted from 960 to 1279, a majority of the ordinary persons could buy a variety of forms of fireworks from market sellers, and splendid exhibits of fireworks [...]

The Cloud Security Problems

One of the issues that need to be addressed in a company's information system is data security and cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.

Technological Advances in US

The United State is the country that made the most significant technological contributions in the 20th century. The US underwent significant changes in the postwar period of 1946 to 1960.

Technologies: Amateur Film vs Cell Phone Photography

An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of photography concludes the paper. Cellphone and film cameras have apertures that regulate the quantity of light passing to the sensor and film, respectively.

Qualitative Research Results Technologies

Finally, the research investigates the relationship between communication, remuneration and job satisfaction. However, this study investigates the relationship between job satisfaction and the two variables.

Roku Internet Device in Thailand

One of the biggest hindrances to the introduction of the Roku Internet device into the Thailand market is the excess control of the government over the Internet content that often discourages Internet users and investors [...]

Is the Robotics Development Helpful or Harmful?

Robots remain the best option, as they will connect the children with the happenings in the school. They will dress the robot with their favorite clothes, communicate with the teacher using the robot, and swivel [...]

Saving Energy Systems: Water Heater Technology

A water heater is a device that is used at homes to heat water for bathing. It is critical to emphasize that safe limits of temperature and pressure are maintained in a water heater.

“The Most Human Human” by Brian Christian

In the introduction, the author outlines the genesis of his choice of the book's title by discussing the origin of the term, 'the most human.' Therefore, the introductory chapter gives the reader a strong base [...]

Technologies Effects on Society

Proponents of the technology argue that it improves communication and enhances learning. However, sustained use of technology leads to the development of addictions that affect the productivity, work, and health of victims.

Technological Advancements

Summaries Eggers's description of the book's title as The Circle is similar to that of the company. In addition, the familiarity of the author with modern technological advancement is convincing to the audience.

3-D Printer Technology

The objects that can be created with this printer should be at least 5x5x5 inches. These are some of the details that should be considered by the seller.

Technology Issues: Cell Phone Effects

My claim is that cell phones have no impact on people's health because it is supported by a number of researches, in particular on the psychological influence of cell phones on pregnant women and the [...]

Technologies: History of Telephone

First, it is necessary to note that the telephone is a device used to communicate. When a speaker picks up the handset, switch hook is closed, and a direct current is sent to the line [...]

Technologies: Fire Protection System for Spray Booths

Automotive paint spray booths spraying flammable/combustible liquids are the power-ventilated structures which are actively used to provide the spraying operations because of the structures' purpose to avoid the escape of the hazardous spray and to [...]

How Technology Has Changed Lives?

Although most of the music sold in online stores is copyrighted, there are people who manage to pirate and make a living out of it.

Dependence on Technology

Imagining one's life without a mobile phone, for example, is practically impossible for most of the present-day citizens; in addition, with the advent of the internet, and the incredible availability of information, the power of [...]

My Cell Phone

It has brought a variety of innovative things for the user and to a substantial extent affected the way people relate in the globe.

Apple Versus Samsung Smartphones

With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones, Samsung competes with Apple's iPhone. The screen, look and feel of Samsung smartphones is strikingly similar to that of the iPhone.

Securing Wireless Networks

The first risk that is specific to wireless technology is infiltration of an access point. If the access point of a wireless network is left unsecured, unauthorized people can gain access to the network's resources.

4G Cell Service

In comparison to other networks, the functionality of 4G networks is distributed amongst a set of gateways and servers. It has also become easier to make video calls due to the speed and latency of [...]

Analysis of improving ATM services

The interview will involve bank managers to give information about the methods they are applying in order to reduce the increasing ATM risks.

Origins, Characteristics, and Consequences of Technological Systems

Technological systems also share this complexity because technological systems are also processes of several political, technical, and ideological systems that work together to create the technological system. Broadly, this essay takes the example of electrification [...]

‘E-Readers vs. Print Readers: The Way Forward’

Of course there exist many other benefits that e-readers provide to users that may never be accessible in paperback contexts, but the present paper argues that traditional books are not about to be replaced by [...]

Biometrics and User Authentication

The cost of installing a fingerprint authentication system is higher relative to a voice recognition system. The cost of face recognition biometric authentication system depends on the security level of the system.

Virtual Reality in Construction

Originally, the use of virtual reality in construction within the past decade has been limited to 3D object design wherein separate 3D representations of the exterior and interior of the buildings are designed utilizing 3D [...]

Technology Evolution in The Modern Society

Service perspective - which holds that e-commerce constitute a tool that fulfills the needs and desires of companies, customers and management with aim of reducing the transaction costs while at the same time being able [...]
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