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Is the Robotics Development Helpful or Harmful? Essay

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Updated: Apr 2nd, 2020


In the contemporary world, people are trying to find solutions to various things through technology. The invention of robotics to replace the human being in doing some chores has brought controversies in the society. Essentially, robots are machineries that think and act like human beings in tough situations. Robots have replaced the human being in performing dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs. People have always questioned the mischief that the robots may cause if things go differently than planned.

Indeed, robotic errors can cause serious damages that are irreversible. Physical injuries, for example, are irreversible and the mischief can even cause massive deaths. However, as this paper will discuss, the number of people who want to have things done automatically has risen significantly; therefore, the development of robotics is quite helpful.

Robotics for the disabled

In any society, disabled people are unable to carry on with their daily errands because of their inability. Small children with chronic heart or lung disorders, for example, find it difficult to attend school and intermingle with other children. Parents would find it worthwhile to tutor their disabled children at home, but the system is somewhat boring for small children who anticipate exploring the world. The robots are the solution, but the robotics technology is quite expensive to purchase and maintain.

In fact, robots would be unstable whenever they lose the internet connections (Brown, 2013). However, objecting robots because of their expensiveness is inappropriate as parents can hold fund raisings, or seek help from the governmental societies that deal with the disabled to obtain funds. In fact, in the near future, the price of robots will drop, and anybody who needs one can afford to own and maintain it.

Despite the high costs of the robotic systems, it is worth noting that nothing can make a parent happier than experiencing the joy of a disabled child. Robots remain the best option, as they will connect the children with the happenings in the school. With the robotics technology, children will be able to control the robots using home computers at the comfort of their beds.

They will dress the robot with their favorite clothes, communicate with the teacher using the robot, and swivel it around the classroom to experience the fun of intermingling with other students.

Educationalists are advocating for the use of robotics, as they are valuable alternatives to tutoring. With the rise in the number of homebound or hospitalized school going children, the robots can play a significant role in educating the children instead of letting them lag behind academically. As they continue recovering, the children can benefit from the web-based videos.

Automatic appliances

Technologists have developed automatic machineries that can convey messages to the human beings in one way or another. Some robots can see, hear, feel, and react to an incident (Diana, 2013). In fact, people have turned out to adore the robots more than required. Some people have created emotion bonds with the robots and they have forgotten to relate with human beings. They treat the robots like living entities, celebrate them, and feel guilty if they harm them.

Although the adoration of robots is irritable, people should know that the felling comes naturally when a dull, dirty, or dangerous job is done with much ease. It is an erroneous way of judging the advantageous robots. Various appliances, tools, and gadgets demonstrate their robotic traits by communicating with the human beings in a special way. The timed commands of the cameras are robotic. The coffee makers will shut down automatically once the coffee is ready.

Various appliances would vibrate, produce sound, or light to converse something. The appliances do things automatically, and they do not need a human being to press buttons to have things done. The webcam for video conferencing will alert the user when a person on the other side is ready for a conversation. A washing machine will automatically converse to the owner that the laundry is ready through a text or call. Interestingly, some robots will watch people and understand what they need.

Robots and healthy living

Technologists have improvised robots that monitor the health condition of a person. Some people are against the idea of a robot guiding a person throughout the day. They say that they robot manipulates people, and they may do things outside their interest. Moreover, programmers and manufacturers can use the robots to instill awful behaviors for self-interests. A robot can influence people to change their entire thoughts, and worse of it all is the fact that people can hark into the program of the robot and deprive a person.

The mentioned cynical ideas are not ignorable; they are potential risks of using robots that should never bar people from achieving their goals. The ideas give wrong impressions as the improvised robots are playing a great role in helping people living with health conditions. The overweighed people, for example, can have a robotic coach with expressive eyes and an expressive face. The robot will help them to monitor their eating habits, medication habits, and it will enable them to exercise more than before.

Once the owners of such robotic systems form an emotional bond with their robots, they adhere to the rules of the game. The robot guides the users thorough out the daily activities.

Professional and personal services

The issue of using robots to raise children and care for the elderly has raised concerns as these people need human attention. Although the robot will provide all possible care, children raised with robots have some form of social isolation in their development (Sharkey, 2010). Maternal depreciation and attachment diminishes considerably and instead, the child develops an attachment to the robot. The elderly would consider the entire scenario as negligence, as they are in desperate need of human contact.

The entire scenario makes some relatives to feel guilty and disturbed. The opposing views are erroneous because domestic workers are uncommon and unreliable in the contemporary world. The robots are helping in performing home duties. Robots will help in cleaning sewers, disposing bombs, and help in odd jobs.

The child caring robots will facilitate video games, conversation, and give alert messages when children move out of range. Parents can control the robots using a computer or mobile phone. It is noteworthy that in the contemporary world, people cannot afford to leave their careers to attend to children and the elderly. The entire scenario is inevitable as people can only rely on the robots.


From the discussions, it is evident that robots are indeed helping people in running their daily errands. Disabled people, sickly people, children, and the elderly are great beneficiaries of the robots.

Moreover, the appliances used in the contemporary world have some robotic traits to facilitate people in running their daily errands with much ease. Although there are some risks and moral concerns associated with the use of robots, it is worth noting that robots are helpful. They have advanced the society and made life significantly easy, hence, life without robotics is unimaginable.


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