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Technologies: History of Telephone Research Paper

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Updated: Mar 18th, 2020

What Is Telephone?

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without such means of communications as mobiles, the Internet, social networks, etc. However, it all began in the nineteenth century when the telephone was invented. First, it is necessary to note that the telephone is a device used to communicate. The device relied on wire connection as signals from one device to another were sent via wires. Each device has a certain digital code which enables other users to reach it.

Invention Of The Telephone And Its Early Uses

Interestingly, many people were working on similar devices, but Bell was the first one to patent his invention in 1876. Notably, he did not call his invention ‘ the telephone’ as in the documents it is called “Improvement in Telegraphy” (as cited in Stefoff, 2005, p. 46).

More so, the device was not aimed at transmitting human speech, but it was an apparatus that transmitted “vocal or other sounds” (as cited in Stefoff, 2005, p. 46). However, soon (three days later), Bell and his assistant managed to transmit human speech. During their tests, they managed to transmit and hear words.

This was a great breakthrough, and Bell wrote to his relatives and friends that he foresaw times when people would communicate without leaving their homes (Stefoff, 2005). The inventor was right. Of course, first telephones were used in a limited number of places. Moreover, the quality of the sounds was also quite low. However, soon, people understood that the telephone could be used in a variety of ways.

The Process Of Telephone Broadcasting

As has been mentioned above, the signal is transmitted via the wire. Major components of the telephone are a transmitter, a receiver, an alerting device, a ringer, a switch hook, the circuit. When a speaker picks up the handset, switch hook is closed, and a direct current is sent to the line and it sends the dial tone to the phone on the other side of the line. The wire transmits sounds and people can talk irrespective of the distance.

Types Of Telephones And Modern Uses Of Telephones

The electronic system was used for about a century, but in the 1960s, digital telephony came into play (Stefoff, 2005). Digital telephony was characterized by higher quality and lower costs. It enabled people to communicate without paying attention to distances.

Now, IP telephony is becoming more and more popular. Governments, companies and lots of people are using this type of telephony. At present, lots of people worldwide own mobile phones and can be accessed every minute.

Introduction In The Uae And Its Development

In 1968, the first communication station was built in the UAE. Sheikh Rashid agreed with the British Telecommunications Company Marconi, and the UAE had their first telecommunications in the early 1970s (Dubai’s telecommunications, 2008). Admittedly, the use of the telephone was not extensive due to its high costs.

However, it began developing quickly, and the EUA is now one of the leaders in the sphere of telecommunications in the Middle East and the world (Arab media outlook, 2012). It is necessary to note that telecommunications are transforming now.

Young Emiratis use social networks and their mobile phones to communicate. Older generations have also acknowledged the benefits of the use of mobile technology. Thus, the telephone in the UAE has transformed into new technology which helps people address different issues of modern society.

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