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3-D Printer Technology Essay

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Updated: Mar 21st, 2020


The modern technology has allowed for possibilities that were not imagined and expected some mere 10 or even 5 years ago. The computer and out flowing devices have become the much needed and used part of the current society which allows to better human lives. A 3-D printer is one of the inventions that make life efficient and productive in many ways. The ability to produce something out of nothing in a short amount of time has really changed evolution and use of technology.

Size and weight

The weight of a 3-D printer should not exceed ten kilograms because this device must be easily transportable. Second, the build speed should be approximately 150 millimeters per minute while its build volume should be at least 64 cubic inches. However, it is not necessary to search for a 3-D printer with increased build speed.

In particular, it should not exceed 200 millimeters per minute. Furthermore, the diameter of its nozzle should be at least 0,4 millimeters. Additionally, the size of this device should be approximately 9x9x9 inches. The objects that can be created with this printer should be at least 5x5x5 inches. These are the main parameters that should be taken into account by the vendor when selecting a product.

Materials that can be processed by the printer

This device should process acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polylactic acid (PLA) because these are widely used materials (Evans, 2012, p. 17). Therefore, the build platform should reach a temperature of 106 C, as it is necessary for the processing of ABS (Evans, 2012, p. 17). It is not a must to consider products that can process only ABS or PLA. This is a requirement that should be kept in mind.

Quality of Prints and Cooling

Additionally, the vertical resolution of this printer should be at least 124 microns. This product must also have a cooling fan that can freeze the 3-D shape within 15 minutes at most. In addition to that, this product should have injection molded gears that increase the precision of movements (Evans, 2012, p. 17). Yet, this criterion is not obligatory. These are some of the details that should be considered by the seller.

Compatible software and hardware

Its input format should be G-code since it is one of the most widespread formats used today. Furthermore, this 3-D printer should be compatible with various free and open-source applications that are used to create three-dimensional models. For instance, one can mention Freeplane because many models are created with the help of this software.

This is significant, as I would like this device to be compatible with a wide range of software applications used by designers. Overall, the software which runs this device should run on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Each of these operating systems can be used. Moreover, this 3-D printer has to be compatible with USB devices because it should be integrated with various data storage devices (Evans, 2012).

This is one of the aspects that are essential to the product. Additionally, a memory card should be included, and its volume has to be at least 10 gigabits. Yet, this memory card should not exceed 15 gigabits since the cost of this device cannot be too excessive.

Possible alterations in the specifications

Overall, it is necessary to find a product that can combine increased speed and high-quality prints. Thus, the vendor should recommend the models that correspond to these specifications. However, one should focus on the following characteristics: 1) the materials that the printer can process, 2) the size of objects that can be created; 3) resolution; and 4) build speed. They cannot be changed under any circumstances. Other parameters of this device can be altered if there are no products that can match the aforementioned requirements

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