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3D Printer Technology Research Paper


3D printing is a unique form of modern day printing, originating from traditional ways of prototyping. It is a form of manufacturing technology with an additive element whereby a 3D object is generated by the process of multiple laying-down of material layers.

It has impacted greatly modern business transactions.

This paper outlines the technology used for a Form 1 3D printer (Kickstarter par. 4), as well as the impact this technology has had on business over the past ten years, the future of technology and business, the impact technology may have on business transactions in the next ten years.

The paper also assesses knowledge, skills, and abilities one may need to be a successful manager in the future.


The technology used

This printer employs Stereo Lithography (SL), the technology in which a laser sucks in a liquid plastic resin onto its surface; it is then hardened by exposing it to specified light frequencies/wavelengths.

One layer is sucked in and hardened by the laser; then another follows suit up to the last layer that completes the model. The printer requires connection to a computer that contains the blueprints of the object of interest.

The Impacts of technology on business in the past decade

The production process was slow as it involved traditional methods of handcrafting. The quality of business products was poor due to lack of high resolution by previous 3D printers.

The cost of production was higher as machines like CNC Mills were used for crafting employed X-ray technology, which was expensive. Since only a few countries could afford, crafting machines, such as the CNC Mill, a physical shipment of goods to consumers in remote areas was necessary.

The future of 3D printing technology and business

In future 3D printing, technology may be used to set up buildings since teams at Loughborough University are researching 3D concrete printing (T.T, S.A and S. 2012). Bio-printing, a technology of creating replacements for human beings, may become an area of investment for businesses.

Most businesses may acquire a 3D printer as its cost is foreseen to fall significantly; goods will be customer customized as this will only involve keying instructions in the software and direct printing.

Impact of technology on future business transactions

The 3D printer that uses the technology of Stereo Lithography will reduce business expenditure as it is fast and reduces cost by automating the design process, printing and binding separate parts of a model (Bomfunkman par. 4). Business transactions will be quick since 3D printing is a fast process.

There will be reduced a buyer-seller interaction as most homes may acquire the device. Businesses will stock blueprints of products rather than the tangible product itself.

Products will be manufactured close to their point of purchase and consumption; goods that previously relied on the productivity of large centralized companies will be manufactured locally (Richard A. D’Aveni 34).

There will be reduced international business transactions, involving the shipment of goods as the goods will be printed locally.

Qualities of a successful future manager

For success as a manager, one will need to be computer literate, have knowledge of CAD and be creative to produce unique products. One will need to embrace IT to be at par with changing technologies and be flexible to accommodate unique customer needs and also be well versed with the knowledge of their industry.


In conclusion, it must be highlighted that 3D printing technology has evolved gradually, it has also had numerous impacts on business, and its future looks green with impacts on businesses expected.

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