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My Cell Phone Essay

Life can be a tremendously overwhelming process depending on an individual’s direct surroundings. Challenges expert licensed require an inspiration factor particularly when an individual is away from home and relatives for some time.

Keeping contact with friends and kin is valuable in life to keep updated on what is occurring within the social order. There are several things in life we practically cannot live without which have proven to be of considerable help.

The cell phone has always been my most central companion and can be immensely categorized as the most noteworthy object in my existence.

This device has enabled me to keep up with friends and family and meet with new people who have contributed to my development and maturity in the current world characterized by inventions and socialization.

The portability attribute gives this device its splendor. The electronic machine is commonly found in all areas in the world hence easing the process of communication. It has brought a variety of innovative things for the user and to a substantial extent affected the way people relate in the globe.

I have used it for both private and specialized purposes in my occupation as a nurse. The cell phone is a vital way of communicating with superiors and colleagues while on the ground thus forestalling critical situations.

The phone enables the access of technologies like the camera and the related modifications. These have been helpful in several situations in my life. An example is a situation while at work when I had to deal with a tragedy involving a snake bite.

It was a life-threatening situation which involved identifying the snake to take the appropriate first-aid procedures. Through my know-how, I could make out the snake, but it had a particularly different shade of color which I could not relate to.

In nursing, there is room for risk-taking, so I had to be particularly certain on practical action to save the life of the combatant.

Luckily I remembered just in time that my phone had an inbuilt camera. I quickly photographed the snake and uploaded the image to a snake specialist who readily identified the species and advised us on how to deal with the situation.

Apart from the camera, there are several other features which increase the importance of this gadget. The latest phone offers superb quality music which is necessary for leisure purposes.

As a nurse, I was exposed to many situations while assisting navy personnel who are frequently faced with crises. Their controlling character personality constantly made the work look harder than it was; hence once in a while, I would listen to tunes from my phone to relax.

In today’s busy society, having a portable device to communicate through is expedient. Whether it is sending messages through the Internet or getting updated on the latest news, my cell phone has ensured that I am aware of the latest happenings.

Having reachable Internet is indispensable especially to a student who is required to do research. A feature like an alarm clock has enabled me to keep time for appointments and lectures.

The need for carrying several electronic devices like cameras, recorders, and melody players has been considerably reduced. An ultra-modern handset is presently equipped with all the features thus reducing the stress associated with carrying several types of equipment.

The technical progress has been of immense use in storing files in the form of text applications on the phone. Most of these features have eliminated carrying of bulky books and laptops in class especially when the cell phone has a memory of 10 GB.

One of the desired applications of the cell phone is the ease of handling transactions. The risk of walking around with money amidst widespread mugging is reduced by the phone’s ability to administer on-spot transactions.

Electronic transfers involved in paying education fees are easy to perform compared to the long lines experienced in banking. Surveys indicate that students of a different kind use the cell phone frequently compared with other citizens.

As a student, its use is indispensable as evident in scholarly responsibilities. With lighter and more complicated versions being invented, it has continued to gain popularity among students.

My phone has a tracking contrivance through which it can be traced when lost, and can locate exactly where an individual is through GPRS, helping others tell my exact location.

Anything which is dominant transforms the social order; the cell phone has dwarfed the impact of other inventions like the TV. Everybody will find this device to be necessary for routine processes.

My mobile phone is a gadget which has profoundly influenced my daily activities; however, the cell phone has its disadvantages.

Privacy is not guaranteed as anybody can determine my location without my will; furthermore, its injurious health effects may discourage an individual from owning a handset.

In this world of constantly advancing expertise and competition, I foresee more features being added to this object and greater technology to reduce its health effects. Its benefits are more than the disadvantages in several aspects. This object remains vital to my livelihood.

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