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50 Electricity Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. The Evolution of Electricity
    In one of her works Diana Bocce observes, “The kite experiment helped Franklin establish a relationship between lightening and electricity, which led to the invention of the lightning rod” This is considered one of the […]
  2. Generation of Electricity in OECD Countries and Its Sources
    The main objective of this research is to find out how power is generated in OECD countries and its contribution to the world’s electricity needs.
  3. The History of the Ertan Dam and Its Use for Generating Electricity
    The Ertan dam was one of the largest dams constructed in China. It was one of results of the improvements of the economy of china.
  4. Dubai Water & Electricity Company
    To find out the outputs and the outcomes of the reforms To evaluate the success of the implementations of the reforms To achieve the above objectives, the information required will be gathered through review of […]
  5. Environmental Effects of the Production of Electricity by Various Energy Sources: Natural Gas vs. Its Alternatives
    Speaking of the effects of a power plant that is run on natural gas, it is necessary to point out that the effects on the environment are drastic, as a rule, seeing how the use […]
  6. Privatizing the Electricity Sector
    In addition, Paredes has argued that privatization of the electricity sector is likely to reduce the cases of illegal connections that have been witnessed in the past, when the government was the only shareholder in […]
  7. Enhancement Of Geothermal Electricity Production In Africa: The Kenya’s Perspective
    The chief research objective will be the strategic management in the enhancement of the geothermal electricity production in the country. What challenges are facing geothermal electricity generation in the country?
  8. The Use of Sugar Wastes to Generate Electricity
    The main project stakeholders for this project include: Project manager He is in charge of the project Project team members-they are in charge in implementation of the project Sugar mill management- they are the project […]
  9. Trading Between and Within Markets For Electricity, Gas and Carbon
    With the aim of reducing carbon emission in the atmosphere, the company should balance the cost of fuel gas market price with the carbon credits available to generate in order to make profits once electricity […]
  10. Nuclear Power Exploitation to Generate Electricity
    Nuclear power plants expose the society to significant dangers in the event of a major disaster in the nuclear power plant.
  11. Wind Power Exploitation to Generate Electricity
    The most basic way that a wind turbine works is by using the kinetic energy of the wind and turning it into electricity that can be used by humans.
  12. Electricity Production and Consumption in the US
    Major mining zones in the US include the Western Coal Region, the Appalachian Coal Region, and the Interior Coal Region, which agree that production and conversion of coal to useful energy is relatively cheaper than […]
  13. The Renewable and Non-renewable Electricity Sources
    Loss of human and aquatic life is one of the effects of environmental degradation. One of the major effects of harnessing this source of electrical energy is the subsidence of land.
  14. Electricity as the Best Invention
    This process began centuries ago, yet its most active stage was launched in the middle of the nineteenth century, and one of the major moving forces of the rapid technological development was the reception and […]
  15. Environmental Studies: Reducing the Consumption of Electricity
    A table showing the number of devices that were plugged to the wall sockets in my home for a period of one week.
  16. Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority’ Quality Planning
    The performance of the ADWEA is going to be considered within the affinity diagram; we are going to check the major problems and key issues in ADWEA with the help of nominal group technique, implement […]
  17. Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company’ Demand Forecasting
    The power utility companies used demand for power that was recorded in the past to determine future demand for the commodity.
  18. Quality Management of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
    The mission of this authority was to meet the requirements of their customers through providing them with enough water and electricity.
  19. Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority’s Pre-Assessment Audit
    The management of the organization would like to improve the delivery of the services of the firm as well as improve its performance.
  20. The Electricity Industry in Australia
    The government and opposition parties are debating in parliament about the proposed constitution and the support for the segment as part of the overall electricity industry. The report also looks at the contribution of the […]
  21. Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority’s Customer Satisfaction
    It is paramount to limit the number of customers that are not happy in this sector most of the time, and even a small percentage should not be disregarded.
  22. How Hybrid Cars Generate Electricity?
    By using the motor of a car as both the generator of electricity and the key source of the mechanical power to rotate the wheels, the designers managed to make a logical compromise between the […]
  23. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: Employee Performance
    The main objective of the EPM at DEWA is to develop and nurture leaders at all levels of the organisation. DEWA encourages managers and employees to keep their performance records throughout the year.
  24. Saudi Electricity Company’s Objectives and Constraints
    In the application of the HSM method, thus paper addresses how these factors are made some of the most vital aspects allowing the assessment of each factor seen within the subject company.
  25. Photovoltaics Electricity Generation and Politics
    While solar energy is not being politically promoted on a large scale, the United States is trying to invest in the SunShot initiative for decreasing the overall cost of solar energy by 2030.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Electricity

  1. Saudi Electricity Company’s Financial Analysis
    The selected company for analysis in this report is the Saudi Electricity Company, which operates in the energy industry of Saudi Arabia.
  2. UAE Federal Electricity and Water Authority’s Policies
    This is what prompted the formulation of HSE, Health, Safety and Environment policies, to protect the public, the workers and the environment for the future generations.
  3. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Empowerment
    The objective of the organization is to enhance prosperity in customer services through the provision of clean water and secure electricity.
  4. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Employees
    The paper will seek to determine the primary reason for the symptoms indicated by DEWA’s HR staff and to provide recommendations for action to improve the current situation.
  5. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: Consultation
    As it stands now, the company is one of the biggest public corporations in Dubai if its size, the number of people it employs, and the customers it serves are anything to go by.
  6. Dubai Electricity & Water Authority’s Cost Management
    At the same time, Li et al.do not examine the design stage as a separate one and include it in acquisition cost, which also covers the cost of supplying, cost of phasing equipment, cost of […]
  7. Saudi Electricity Sector and Its Unsustainability
    However, as the paper reveals, the energy sector in the country is unsustainable since the electricity demand is on the rise, owing to the economic boom experienced in the oil-rich country.
  8. Dubai Electricity & Water Authority’s Asset Lifecycle
    If the infrastructure and material lifecycle is not taken into account in operation and strategic management, the organization can suffer significant economic losses due to disruptions in internal and external operations and processes.
  9. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Tech Innovations
    This article is focused on the assessment of the influences information technologies can produce on the elements and aspects of an organisation.
  10. Privatized Kuwaiti Ministry of Electricity and Water
    One of the sectors that are vital in development is management of electricity and water in the country. Secondly, there is a need to look at the financial muscle of the individuals and professionals that […]
  11. Brazil Regulatory Reform in the Electricity Market
    Another common problem encountered in this country is that the existing mechanisms in energy production and distribution fail to focus on the issue of demand.
  12. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Strategic Options
    In this regard, the implementation of the strategic planning as a framework is likely to benefit the organization by promoting its rapid response to the mentioned changes and the subsequent reframing promptly.
  13. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority: Sustainable Management
    Integrated sustainable water resource management is currently one of the major areas of focus for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, the body responsible for ensuring that there is regular supply of water and electricity […]
  14. Providing People With Alternative Sources of Electricity
    After generating power, the other part of this job is selling this energy to the targeted customers. Annually, the business conducts some form of promotion to customers and others to expand its customers.
  15. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Internship
    The company appeared as a result of a merger of the Dubai Electricity Company and the Dubai Water Department that had been founded much earlier, in 1959.
  16. Electricity Generation from Decomposing Food
    The content of the article is very important because food waste is one of the major components of landfills in the United States.
  17. Consumer Price Indices for Gasoline and Electricity in Canada
    The purpose of the study is to examine trends and patterns of the variation in the consumer price indices for gasoline and electricity in Canada.
  18. Electricity Hazards for Human Body
    The main points of this article are to offer the reader with an awareness of the generally dangers of electricity, and to provide some insight into the physiological effects of electrical shock on the human […]
  19. Electrical Safety and Hazards of Electricity
    The electrical safety regulation involves congressional legislation stating the need to protect health, safety, and the environment; setting goals for improvements in the present condition; and establishing the commissions to deal with the day-to-day problems […]
  20. Thomas Edison’s Study of Electricity
    From humble beginnings to the giant that he was, Edison’s life is a source of inspiration to the thousands of young people trying to make their mark in the world.
  21. Concept Generation: A Digital Electricity Meter
    It is necessary to automate the electricity billing process, hence, the need for smart electricity meters that are able to record electricity consumption data and relay that data to the relevant recipients. Providers and consumers […]
  22. The Role of Deregulation and Texas Electricity Rates
    The aim of this deregulation was to decrease the prices for electricity. This legislation played an important role in increasing competition but it failed to reduce the electricity rates, which means that not much has […]
  23. Texas Electricity Rate Soared After Deregulation
    Despite the fact that under the current economic crisis the world prices for such energy resources as the natural gas and oil fall, the overall situation is rather critical the world’s deposits of these fuels […]
  24. Shock Market of Electricity in Germany
    In the field of economics, a given market will be in a perfect equilibrium when the forces of demand and supply overlap.
  25. Digital Meter of Electricity and Server Communication
    Project manager would be able to view all the signals generated by the digital meter in form of charts and diagrams about usage of electricity and cost information.

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