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Importance of Conserving Electricity Research Paper

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Updated: Jun 25th, 2022

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without electricity because it enables the work of all gadgets and household appliances that make everyday life easy and convenient. Furthermore, business, medical, production, and all the other activity spheres cannot operate without electrical power. That is why people should understand that saving electricity should be a top priority for everyone because of many reasons in addition to saving money. Thus, the paper will demonstrate that conserving electricity is essential since it protects the environment, increases the quality of life, and protects the future of society.

Firstly, there is an evident connection between electricity consumption volumes and the state of the environment. It is so because a traditional approach to producing energy implies burning fossil fuels. This process leads to adverse consequences for the world and climate because it results in “carbon dioxide emissions from the electric power sector” (Hoffman et al., 2017, p. 1). It means that the more energy people consume, the higher amount of emissions will influence nature. This state of affairs can promote climate change and the destruction of natural habitats that bring many problems globally. For example, carbon dioxide emissions contribute to the greenhouse effect that is harmful to flora and fauna worldwide. Thus, it is rational to conserve electricity to protect the environment from an adverse impact.

Secondly, more reasonable use of electricity leads to a better quality of life. Even though various household appliances and technological advancements that are electrically powered tend to make life more convenient, they also imply essential disadvantages. For example, people use air conditioners to escape the heat at homes and in offices. However, this strategy leads to increased consumption of energy and prevents individuals from ventilating their places of stay. According to Patel (2019), this fact stimulates the emergence of indoor pollutants that provoke many health issues, including allergy, asthma, headache, and many others. That is why one can claim that conserving electricity can improve people’s quality of life by protecting health from harmful effects.

Thirdly, it is possible to admit that preserving energy will lead to significant social advantages in the future. As has been mentioned above, fossil fuels are traditionally burnt to produce energy. However, these sources are not renewable, meaning that they can sometimes vanish (Jupiter Tequesta, 2017). If people do not limit their consumption volumes, the world will sooner or later reach the point when fossil fuels are not available. At this point, humanity will enter a utopian stage because the absence of electricity’s universal availability will imply that people should reconsider their work and life approaches. Even though alternative sources of energy exist, they cannot satisfy the whole world’s demand. Thus, preserving electricity is necessary because reducing the production volumes today will protect the existing social order for future generations.

In conclusion, the paper has demonstrated that there is clear reasoning behind investing more efforts in preserving electricity. It is so because this behavior leads to essential benefits for the whole world, individuals, and even future society. Conserving electricity is vital since it protects the environment from harmful impacts, contributes to better health outcomes, and ensures that future generations will also benefit from this resource. Even though many people are concerned about preserving electricity to save their money by reducing their bills, there are also other significant reasons to consider.


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