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Applications Essay Examples and Topics

Taxi App and Its Product Protocol

As a result, the significance of the concept in product development is something that we need to consider in the quest to achieve the best and succeed in the application of our taxi App.

Taxi Operator-Client Communication Application

Projectization, in this context, is defined as the extent to which participants see themselves as independent from the project but are an integral part of the project. The use of this application is secure.

The App Economy in the Canadian Market

Therefore, this study will focus on the positive and the negative aspects of the application economy in the context of the Canadian market in order to predict what developments will surround the country's app market [...]

Oracle Systems and Human Resource Management

The present paper describes the benefits of the technology and assesses the outcomes of the integration of in-house HR systems with Oracle, productivity changes, preservation of time, and mail administration under the new circumstances.

A South Korean Copy of Snapchat

Snow has become popular because it is focused on the Asian market and, in fact, it introduced Asia-specific features earlier than Snapchat managed to develop them and offer local-language versions of the app.

SAP Software and Axios Assyst Integration

The organization makes enterprise software that is used in the management of business operations and customer relations. The firm is able to manage the delivery of new systems and products.

Uber and Other Sharing Apps in Saudi Arabia

The usage of uber in Saudi Arabia has become viral, especially with the ban of women to drive. In conclusion, the usage of uber in Saudi Arabia has become viral, especially with the ban for [...]

“Trip Organizer” Mobile App

And while entering the market in a right time, "Trip Organizer" may take an advantage in the industry by uniting the functions of the trip organization with the social activities in one app.

NetSuite Accounting Automation Software

One of the most effective accounting software solutions is NetSuite and Razor Inc.is one of those organizations that have greatly benefited from the introduction of NetSuite as part of its intuitive to upgrade its accounting [...]

Gray Box Testing in Healthcare Application

The gray box testing is the most appropriate method for testing the software system to be used in a healthcare context. While the box method tests the internal structure of the software code, the black [...]

Minitab Software: Statistical Features

I think I should learn more about Minitab for the reason that it is a powerful instrument allowing us to process and review data obtained in the process of a quantitative study.

Mobile Applications’ Benefits and Challenges

The other factor to consider is the number of handsets obtainable for a mobile platform and their characteristics. Additionally, it also determines the type of mobile devices that can use the applications.

Google Android OS: Strategic Plan

One of the plans for the company is to be the choice company for smartphone manufacturers in the choice of software required for the manufacture of the phones.

Lead Fashion Designers’ Enterprise System

The separation of the application server from database server will make it possible for Lead fashion Designers' customers to access the application server where they can make their queries as well as facilitate them to [...]

Railway IT Systems: Internet of Things

As a result of the above-mentioned cohesion between the actions of the railway operators, the inspection of the existing assets can be carried out continuously as opposed to the intermittent approach adopted previously2 In addition [...]

The Future of Web Application Security

Apart from the significance of Web applications in today's business world, the applications come in as a major hurdle to global acceptance of the internet as a central basis of online business transactions.

Mobile Applications to Quit Smoking

A critical insight that can be gleaned from the said report is that one of the major factors linked to failure is the fact that smokers were unable to quit the habit on their own [...]

The Katarist Mobile Application

It is anticipated that if this application is successfully implemented and distributed to the general population of Qatar, a significant amount of interest will be developed and, as a result, this will promote Qatar's cultural [...]

Voice Recognition Technology: Definition and Usage

It is against this backdrop that this report explores the concept of voice recognition technology in terms of disadvantages and domain of its use, impacts of this technology on individuals and organizations as well as [...]

“Find Me” App: Low Fidelity Prototype

The first scenario is sharing that is, the app collects the location data and sends it to another application installed on the phone to transmit it to another user. At the bottom of the page, [...]

Google AdSense for Restaurant Business

Google AdSense is one of the programs that exist due to the introduction of Web 2.0. 0 and the tools it provides are currently employed by a variety of businesses that realise that to remain [...]

Three Worlds of IT

In my opinion, one of the most important advantages of the article is that the author provides a particular strategy to manage the three categories of IT.

Hospitality Information Systems and Users

Given the high demand for the aforementioned services as well as the increasing number of businesses offering the services, most organizations have opted for the application of information technology in the hospitality sector just like [...]

GIS Applications and Data Types

The use of a square grid to locate features in a defined location Ground survey and GPS is used to pick vector images Optical scanners mainly used to gather raster data.

Google Docs Challenges and Opportunities

In this paper, I will discuss the Google Docs as a one of the prominent tools for collaboration, and try to present the challenges that are faced in its implementation, and how they are overcome.

Information and Data Value

As far as the success of Return on Information metrics application is determined by the objective setting; it is logical to suppose that ROI is to be managed by the strategy marketing department likely to [...]

Content Analysis Method

The unit of analysis is the smallest meaningful unit analyzed by the researcher. This type of analysis can be implemented with the help of software.

The Improvement in Technology

The better technology the industry has, the greater the computing power and in effect the faster, persuasive and competitive the product becomes.

In-room Technologies Used in the Hotel Rooms

It also looks into how the technological advances all over the globe affect the hotel industry and how the industry is prepared to adopt the in-room technologies which are used inside the hotel rooms specifically [...]

Impact of Information Technology on Customers

Most businesses in the globe have adopted the digital way and businesses are sacrificing their time and finances to bring in advanced technologies to tackle and manage their processes within the business effectively and efficiently.

Impact of the Digital Society

Electronic commerce has the following drives with respect to impact of digital society: Internet penetration Many individuals and organizations are capable of accessing internet services to check emerging and market trends Internet charge services have [...]

IT Innovation and Its Impact on Business

The approach will be majorly an evaluation of the history of Google Apps and how since innovation it has proved to be essential in the business environment. Everybody in the chain of business has been [...]

New Technologies and Organizational Needs

To improve the organizational processes, increase the effectiveness of the work, contribute to the organizational development, many new technologies can be successfully used in the sphere of management.

Technology in Hospitality Industry

Some customers would like to continue working while in the hotel or even to keep in touch with the progress of their businesses and information technology advancement has made this possible nowadays.

Technology in Business

The industry is quite promising since in the past few years, more initiatives have been released to the market and in regards to that, future systems will be required to do more complex procedures requiring [...]

Instapaper Program Features

Ways a teacher can use this tool to support learning Teachers can save the course materials on their Instapaper accounts, and share them with the students who can then access them from anywhere.

Evaluation of Devices Used To Enhance Texts

Dehnart argues that the plagiarism checker embraces an odd way of doing business by announcing the crime and leaving the recipient of the report to analysis whether the outcome is justified or not.

Design of ICT For Disaster Management Systems

The design of the system was based on software functionality deemed critical based on extensive knowledge, experience, and tacit knowledge of the Office of Emergency Preparedness. The functionality of the system is critical in enabling [...]

ICT Disaster Management Systems

The role of ICT in the management of disaster is enormous in the current world. The events of the beginning of the 21st century has witnessed an unprecedented capacity of ICT to solve the emerging [...]

Use of Simulation in Military

The first type of simulation used in the military is live simulation. The second application of simulation in the military is the use of virtual simulation.

Application of RFID Technology

The silicon chip in the transporter tag contains object such as the exact place of location, the date of manufacture, the color of the product, the price, or any other relevant information.

Management of Technology

For this therefore, this improvement of quality as computers are invented is a cause for alarm in the management of technologies.