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Nanotechnology: Advantages & Disadvantages within the Business Context

Introduction Emerging technologies, in their varied forms and scope, are transforming the world of work, how business entities function, change and progress, and the nature of leadership, managerial and professional careers within the context of the 21st century’s business environment. Indeed, these technologies have evolved into fundamental components of business, industry, and commerce throughout the […]

Three Worlds of IT

This article dwells upon the use or rather effective exploitation of IT. First, the author states that three categories of IT exist (McAfee 3). These are function IT, network IT and enterprise IT. The researcher provides a precise description of the three categories. It is necessary to note that this classification can be very effective […]

Hospitality Information Systems and Users

Introduction The hospitality industry has gained a lot of recognition from all over the world in the recent past. Unlike in the ancient times when customer satisfaction was of less importance, nowadays every organization seeks to satisfy its customers in order to retain them as well as attract new customers given the high rates of […]

Research on Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification technology is a programme developed and fitted on computers to monitor the movement of goods across the world. The identification system is fitted with a moveable device (tag) which is used to transmit data (Hunt, Albert and Mike140). Many organisations across the world use this device to monitor the movement of their […]

GIS Applications and Data Types

Introduction A Geographic Information System is a combination of hardwares and softwares that enable researchers to envisage, capture, display and analyze data from different geographical positions. It gives the users a great opportunity to interpret data quickly and share it easily. It can be carried to any management information system without any collision. GIS uses […]

Geographic Information Systems: A Review

Abstract The study of geographical information system is an important part of construction practice and IT. Many institutions around the world have adopted it. There are a number of changes that this field of study has undergone with the most significant part being played by the increased innovation in computer science. GIS has revolutionised the […]

Google Docs Challenges and Opportunities

Problem Statement Most businesses depend on technology in their everyday tasks. From email and phone sessions to websites, there is almost not a single activity which does not involve technology. These technologies, which are now taken for granted, have bridged some great holes in business communication. As businesses grow geographically and internally, there is a […]

Assistive Technologies Linked to Low Vision

This is a case involving Emily, a five-year old female student with eye disabilities. Emily has successfully completed her pre-school studies and is about to start her kindergarten soon, where she would be expected to participate in general education with typical peers. Children like Emily who have visual impairments are characterized with various academic and […]

Assistive Technology for Hearing and Visual Impairments

Teaching the visually or hearing impaired students has always been a challenge to educators. This is especially true for students with both of these impairments. As of 2008, about 10,000 children between the ages of 0 and 22 had both of these impairments according to the National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness (Miles, n.d.). Fortunately, developments in […]

RFID in Food Industry and Global Trading Patterns

Introduction There has been increased technological development in the business world over the last couple of years. Technology has revolutionized most business activities, making them easier to carry out and more efficient. Among the technologies that have been in use for most businesses is the barcode technology. This is used in managing inventory for most […]

Information and Data Value

Today one can hardly argue that IT investment is a significant aspect of a company’s strategic planning. Recent technological outbreaks have enabled managers to collect and handle any amounts of data records. The question, thence, arises, whether the informational interpretation might present any significant value for a firm’s performance. Thus, the necessity of developing efficient […]

Information Technology Transformation in Organizations

The authors of the given article cogitate about the issue of IT technologies and its development in terms of the functioning of various organizations. Being an extremely important part of modern society, IT technologies influence the way in which organizations accomplish their tasks greatly. That is why, the authors tend to prove the fact that […]

Content Analysis Method

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Content Analysis Content analysis is one of the most applicable methods in social sciences (Berg and Lune, 2011; Weber, 1990). One of the major advantages of this method is that it “operates directly on text or transcripts of human communications” which, in its turn, enables the researcher to better understand […]

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and global trade patterns

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has a great potential of impacting global trade patterns. The RFID technology provides rich and timely information that enables those in business to have a complete control over their chain management due to increased visibility (Hansen, 2008). Many companies have been reluctant to adopt this technology because they fear facing […]

Feedback TAC (for Spa) system

Feedback TAC stands for Tele Assistance Collaboration that helps businesses and especially those in the hospitality industry to remotely manage their daily operations. In the cotemporary and very competitive world, businesses are looking for appropriate technologies to enable them establish a competitive edge over their rival firms. This has pressurized many firms to embrace appropriate […]

IS/IT Procurement: How Automation of Invitation Tender Can Support and Assist Companies

Introduction The internet has globalized this world to an extent that it looks like a virtual communal centre. People can send and receive electronic messages through e-mails. They can also make calls from literary anywhere in this globe and receive instant feedback. This has taken a new twist in the business world as prospective employees […]

The improvement in technology

Introduction The past decade has seen business trends receive a great upgrade due to the influx of technology. The improvement in technology has greatly affected the methods means and manner in which businesses choose to conduct their activities. Technology has been the greatest determinant of business growth for a variety of reasons. The better technology […]

Impact of Information Technology in Organizations Effectiveness

Introduction Information technology is a general term that refers to any hardware or software that is used directly in the production process. It alters the process of production, storage, communication or dissemination of information (Aksoy and DeNardis 8). Information technology has become a major component in the organization’s production process. Its impact on the production […]

Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits

As the disabled people population increase, technological advancement has kept the pace to cater for their needs. As a result, it has become easier for disabled or impaired people to access technology. This is in the context of their daily lives as well as academic acquisition. Various stakeholders including the government, organizations, and employees have […]

In-room Technologies Used in the Hotel Rooms

Introduction The following research paper analyzes in-room technologies used in the hotel rooms, which have been used by most hotels globally. It also looks into how the technological advances all over the globe affect the hotel industry and how the industry is prepared to adopt the in-room technologies which are used inside the hotel rooms […]

Impacts of Databases and ERPs on the Industry/Military

When computers were invented they were first restricted to the military but as time moved on other institutions realized that computers can be used to enhance their productivity. Computers use software programs to perform their duties such as managing payroll services among others. The applications have incorporated data from various sources to enable them execute […]

Technology to address challenges for intelligence agencies

Introduction After the terrorist attacks directed towards the United States on September 11, 2001, intelligence agencies shifted their attention to sealing hidden weaknesses in the existing defense measures. Over the years, there have been increased attempts to analyze security weaknesses and develop strategies to deal with emerging challenges. This has led to the establishment of […]

Advantages and disadvantages of Web-based electronic maps

Introduction The ArcGIS Server technology is an important innovation, which has enhanced geographical activities. ArcGIS server technology offers a suitable platform for delivery or sharing of GIS resources to users in different locations. Resources like maps can be efficiently delivered to a wider community by using this technology. Users can access and view the maps […]

The Role of RFID Technology in the Future of Business

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology used to track moving objects and one that has a long history of use in the commercial world (Blecker and George 273). The technology is usually implemented in the form of an electronic transponder that is attached to moving goods, people or objects. By analyzing the radio frequency […]

Impact of Information Technology on Customers

Introduction Businesses that are not applying of information technology systems in their business processes would undergo different challenges in the diverse and competitive market. Most businesses in the globe have adopted the digital way and businesses are sacrificing their time and finances to bring in advanced technologies to tackle and manage their processes within the […]

Impact of the Digital Society

Impact of the digital society and information development Information technology has great on organizations and individual lives. That is it has transformed our lives socially, politically and economically. Political Information technology has reduced the distance between various territorial boundaries countries and even the distance from continent to continent. Several years ago transportation means from even […]

The Effect of Information Systems on Business Operations

Introduction Over the years, the changes in modern business practices have forced organizations to embrace the use of information technologies (IT) in order to fight competition and remain relevant to the needs of customers. Generally, organizations that automate operations tend to benefit greatly from unique technological innovations. The challenge, however, is how to measure the […]

IT Innovation and Its Impact on Business

Introduction With the coming of technology, people have discovered that IT applications can be customized to meet their needs. This has led to a high level of innovation that was not there before. With such innovations and making everything accessible through a click of a button, Google Apps is one such application that has made […]

New Technologies and Organizational Needs

Every day scientists surprise the public with inventing a number of new technologies which can be considered as real revolutions in the world of science. Nevertheless, new technologies, especially information technologies, overcome more and more fields for their effective implementing there. Today we cannot imagine our life without different kinds of computers, processors, computer systems, […]

New Technology training in Hospitality Industry

Abstract The research paper explores the application new Technology training (or e-training/e-learning) in Hospitality Industry. It also looks on the advantages, drawbacks, opportunities, and challenges facing its application. Because of its adaptability, low cost, flexibility, modularity, and time saving, e-learning has been adopted by many companies largely in part due to its cost effectiveness. The […]

Technology in Hospitality Industry

Introduction Initially, hotels used to depend on paperwork and cards at the customer care desk to communicate with their current and potential customers. They relied on those customers who would physically visit their information desk. However, with information technology advancement, those inconveniences are long gone. Use of Information technology has fully transformed hospitality industry where […]

Business plan: introduction of RFID technology in Knowledge Vault Library

Executive Summary Knowledge Vault Library is a reputed name in the library services industry, having being in operation for the past decade servicing over a million knowledge-thirsty visitors. The pursuit of knowledge has become a part of today’s society since the society is rapidly changing and individuals are undertaking rigorous reading so as to remain […]

Technology in Business

Introduction The upcoming technological trends have a lot to offer since they eliminates repetitive tasks that are usually coupled with errors. There are numerous types of technologies, which can be introduced in any business sector with great impact. However, these systems require numerous maintenance practices once in a while so as to ensure their reliance […]

Instapaper Program Features

Description Every day, people come across various reading materials on the internet that they would like to read. However, due to limitations such as time, the lack of access to the internet, and difficulties in recovering links to the readings, many people fail to read them. The reason for this is that they lack means […]

Evaluation of Devices Used To Enhance Texts

Text enhancement devices such as spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checkers help writers discover some of their own typos and evade plagiarism. These devices discover fault so promptly and ably that proofreading a document might seem useless. However, these text-enhancement devices are not perfect. It is obliging to combine using these devices with manual editing to […]

How can an organisation use an intranet to achieve knowledge sharing among its employees?

Intranet uses the services of World Wide Web technologies so as to distribute information within an organization. It supports a company business processes since it acts as the nervous and circulatory system for the company. It is a private network which comprises of interlinked local networks. The intranet serves the purpose of sharing and distributing […]

Design of ICT For Disaster Management Systems

DERMIS The need for real time response to disaster management followed the 9/11 events that required designing and integrating a dynamic emergence response management information system (DERMIS) into existing network and physical infrastructure. The design of the system was based on software functionality deemed critical based on extensive knowledge, experience, and tacit knowledge of the […]

ICT for Disaster Management Systems

Introduction The purpose of this research is to establish the conditions for successful design of ICT for disaster management systems in ICT and emergency services. Through an analysis of various guidelines, policy recommendations as well as case studies, the research will establish some of the situations that lead to successful ICT disaster management. The target […]

ICT Disaster Management Systems

Introduction The role of ICT in the management of disaster is enormous in the current world. ICT has proved to be very vital in effectively suppressing the impacts of the tragedies that humanity faces in the modern world. The events of the beginning of the 21st century has witnessed an unprecedented capacity of ICT to […]

What are the benefits of IS for individual and community?

Introduction Business managers have the responsibility of assessing benefits of implementing technology in their organizations. Most business managers would consider both benefits and costs of implementing Information Systems during assessment. Benefits are usually considered in terms of cost saved or increased revenue for the organization. Benefits can be either tangible or intangible. The former is […]

How Has the Linux Operating System Made Our Lives Better?

Thesis Statement Linux Operating system has rescued small business owners and consumers from exploitative tendencies from manufacturers of operating systems. Its capabilities has changed the world of computers especially on how small business will reduce the hidden computer maintenance costs that affect business performance. Introduction Linux is an “Operating System” which facilitates applications and helps […]

Use of Simulation in Military

The military has got a variety of applications which require new technology such as simulation. The uses include training the officers, rehearsing for military operations, testing and conducting evaluations and analyzing the effectiveness of war activities. Military training can be classified into training at the units or technical training. Technical training is usually structured from […]

Application of RFID Technology

The discovery of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology was initially met with skepticism. Skeptics were not convinced of the practicability if its implementation and argued that its use was limited. However, it is so much part of life today that it is impossible to imagine life without it. RFID technology utilizes radio waves to locate […]

The Efficiency Resulting From Utilizing Information Systems

This paper explores how the efficiency resulting from utilizing information systems plays a central role in shaping modern businesses. The paper further explores cloud technology in details and how it impacts on the current trend of technology. Moreover, the paper discusses the importance of information technology on issues of planning and protecting confidential information thus […]

Management of Technology

Building quality by use of computers The rapid rise in the use of electronics and mostly personal computers started during the early 1970s. This was when leading personalities like Bill gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Larry Ellison and Steve Ball made significant contributions in the revolution of computers. However, the history of personal computers cannot […]