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Mobile Applications’ Benefits and Challenges Essay


Usefulness of mobile-based applications

Geolocation is a technique that uses information obtained from mobile devices to show an individual’s physical position. This technique has become more common in social networking where people can locate the position of their friends. The other importance of mobile-based applications is that individuals can locate common places that are near their physical location. Before the introduction of mobile-based applications, several people used Google maps to locate positions. The current mobile devices have their users’ locations automatically connect (Rodger, 2012). Consequently, if an individual changes his position, the appropriate information sent or obtained will also change. The automatic changes are made possible by the presence of an inbuilt GPS chip. Through acquiring satellite data, GSP can be used to locate various areas. In areas with limited networks, the chips can also apply data from mobile phone towers to estimate the position of a mobile device. Therefore, the effectiveness of these mobile-based applications has to depend on the service available.

Network availability can be affected by heavy downpours and thick cloud cover. Therefore, this prevents GPS chips from acquiring satellite signals. Mobile-based applications are more effective on a clear day or when the user is in an open area. The most important thing to consider before using the mobile-based application is their capabilities. For instance, applications that are more complicated and have huge databases are considered to be more perfect. This type of application also has its own setbacks. By giving out personal location details on social networks, an individual might be at risk of being robbed. To solve this problem, mobile-application developers have provided privacy preferences. By using these preferences, an individual is still able to acknowledge the benefits of mobile-based applications.

Importance of using mobile-based application to obtain data

Data has become movable, manageable, and directly obtainable with the advancement of cloud computing. Additionally, people’s lives have also been made moveable with the introduction of mobile technology. Mobile-based applications provide an individual with portable working practices. Customers can make payments through their mobile phones hence it helps save time. Organizations using these applications can provide quality services to their customers. Therefore, this does not only improve their efficiency but also supports decision making. Using mobile phones, clients can access their payment centers and make various transactions at their comfort (Al-Hakim, 2007). Moreover, they can evaluate their transactions, share pictures, and check emails using their cell phones. The possibilities do not have any limit. Senior managers can still carry out their duties while on a trip.

The other importance of using mobile-based application to obtain data is that it is cost-effective. For instance, it lessens and controls the amount of money spent on maintaining the hardware. Due to the responsiveness of mobile-based applications, companies can adjust their services to meet their requirements. In addition, Information Technology departments can have tactical invention as their center of interest. The technical inventions will have a great impact by reducing the amount of time spent on operation and maintenance. Conversely, many organizations have not adopted cloud technology considering that it still has a number of obstacles. For instance, it has security risks, authoritarian conformity, and the problems in connectivity and accessibility.

Challenges of applications used in tiny screen mobile phones

One of the greatest challenges faced by mobile phone developers is the designing of tiny mobile screens. Although mobile phones are considered to be more superior with the inclusion of improved processors, color presentation and clear resolution, transferring a complete PC website might still not be possible. Additionally, transferring other mobile phone applications will also not be easy. Installing these applications will reduce the functionality of the mobile devices hence people using them will not be satisfied. Reducing the size of the website to match the smaller screens is not a viable solution. Therefore, the sites and applications should be improved to become more flexible. Additionally, the applications should be optimized as this will provide customers with a prolific experience. Different screen sizes, mobile phone competencies, and unstable user expectations are some of the device’s possible setbacks. The other problem is that most of the devices have dissimilar keyboards and ways of scrolling. Consequently, it becomes inconvenient for first-time users.

Interaction design procedures should be included in the mobile phones to reduce the challenges of applications used in tiny screen mobile phones. Arguably, it is important to consider that not all mobile applications will fit into every device. Therefore, customers are encouraged to target specific mobile devices that can accommodate most of the applications. The other challenge of applications used in tiny screen mobile phones is that data cannot be easily perceived. The attraction is the most important thing in qualified interaction thus mobile phone developers should increase the size of the mobile phone screen.

Techniques that can be used to select the most viable platform to support

The selection of accessible tools and languages are controlled by a particular mobile platform. Additionally, platforms also determine the types of mobile devices and application can operate on. Therefore, there are several factors an individual should consider when selecting a platform for mobile phone applications. For instance, an individual should consider the type of carriers that present devices for the platform. The other factor to consider is the number of handsets obtainable for a mobile platform and their characteristics. A viable platform to support should have a strong expansion environment. Moreover, its application delivery method should also be able to match. Currently, mobile phone developers have a variety of platforms to select. The platforms are Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

They can also select between Windows Mobile and Symbian. The problem is that most of the applications designed for the platforms are not compatible with one another. Consequently, the type of platform selected restricts the selection of tools and languages obtainable. Additionally, it also determines the type of mobile devices that can use the applications. Mobile developers should consider several factors before selecting a viable platform. For instance, they should select a mobile platform which is common with most of the customers. Besides, mobile developers should also select a mobile platform they are well conversant with. Platforms that can accommodate many features of an application are considered to be more appropriate.

How to provide high availability for applications

Currently, the people who use mobile phones depend on their speed and dependability. Consequently, this increases the speed at which they can communicate and use other business applications in their cell phones. Any delays can seriously interfere with companies considering that customer service will also be interfered with. It can also affect an organization’s efficiency, sales, and profits. Apart from causing huge losses to an organization, operational failures can destroy both the customers’ confidence and an organization’s image. Therefore, providing high availability involves predicting, discovering and systematically determining software malfunctions before they interfere with the stored data. To avoid operational failures, there should be several paths to application services and stored information. The other way of providing high availability is to ensure that the applications used are tested and validated. Additionally, operational procedures should back up the application for a longer period.

High availability for applications can be provided through clustering. This can be done by connecting a number of computers with one server using cluster software. Therefore, with the application of this software, many servers can operate as a single system. If the system fails to work, then the whole operation is moved to another computer before restarting the unsuccessful operation. Arguably, everything takes place automatically hence it is not easy to recognize any system failure. Even though the failure might cause some slight hindrance, a service must be completed. Clustering has several benefits. It avoids unplanned application failures and is friendly with an organization’s standard hardware. Network Load Balancing can also be used to provide high availability of applications. The major difference between Network Load Balancing and clustering is that its web traffic is equally supplied to many computers.

Network Load Balancing can notice system malfunctions and quickly forward web traffic to other computers. This process occurs within seconds hence this ensures that the customer’s service is not interrupted. This method is important because it offers an interrupted application service. Data can also be transferred to an isolated storage system through replication. Therefore, information can be retrieved and used in case there is a problem with the main storage system. High availability of applications can also be provided using RAID. It prevents failures by using scattered file system.

How to make mobile devices more secure

Considering that several organizations currently depend on the services of mobile phones, there is a need to ensure that it is secure. Some of the risks that might be involved are burglary and anxious communications. For instance, a burglar who has stolen a mobile phone can access private information contained in the device’s database. Consequently, it is the responsibility of the mobile phone users and developers to prevent the above threats. To make mobile devices more secure, users are encouraged to use lock codes in their phones thus it will not be easy for an intruder to gain access. Even though it is considered to be inconvenient, it has a number of benefits.

The other way of making mobile devices more secure is by setting up isolated wiping. Current mobile device software can erase information so long as it is activated. Therefore, it is possible for an individual to immediately erase information on a device. Many companies also need encryption installed in their computers to make it more secure. Anti-virus software can also be used to provide security to the mobile devices. This software detects and removes malware that might exist in a computer (Campagna & Krishnan, 2011). To reduce security risks, users are encouraged to use their mobile phones as a thin client. GPS features should also be off when not in use.


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