Cloud Computing Essay Examples and Topics

Cloud computing Summary

Cloud computing has been gaining popularity for the last few decades. In fact, small as well as large organizations have realized the potential of cloud in saving costs of procurement, installation and maintaining data storage systems. Synchronized sectors, including banking, have realized such benefits in utilizing cloud computing. It is imperative for organizations to make […]

Cloud Computing Analysis

Introduction In the modern world, cloud computing has reshaped the usage of the web, as well as the storage of data in most companies. Cloud computing is a specialized technology that runs sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the new technology helps in the manipulation of files obtained from Google docs and Gmail. In […]

Assessing the Benefits of Cloud Computing: A Case Study on NVoicePay

In recent years, the emergence of cloud computing has transformed the business arena by providing an enabling force through which business organizations are now more able to efficiently and effectively reengineer their corporate strategy and competitive advantage. Although cloud computing is still in its development phases, a significant number of organizations have transitioned to the […]

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the latest and greatest trends in technology. It provides the end users with an opportunity to store data, as well as access numerous application and services, reducing costs that they usually spend on new software licenses. However, with cloud computing, there also comes a potentially heightened level of risk both […]

Cloud Computing

Cost reduction AWS offers a lot of economic benefits to Ericsson Company by reducing its expenses. Ericsson derives operational advantages including quicker setting up of infrastructure and convenient cost effective finishing of huge computational projects (Malaher, 2009). Amazon provides a free tier which allows Amazon EC2 to get started at no charge. AWS does not […]

Cloud Computing: Data Confidentiality, Privacy and Thefts

Introduction Cloud computing is among the fastest growing sectors of information technology. In fact, organizations are rapidly using the concept in business circles. Currently, it has become a key part of the information technology industry. However, a majority of organizations are faced with the chief decision on whether or not it is advisable to embrace […]

Threat with Transferring to Cloud Computing Services

Introduction Cloud computing has emerged as a technology that can increase organizational performance by offering numerous competitive advantages to the company. This technology offers distributive IT hardware and software capabilities to a company therefore saving costs that would have been incurred on IT infrastructure. The efficiency of business operations is increased as the organization is […]

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies

Introduction Cloud computing and virtualization technologies refer to new systems of information communication where many computers are linked to each other through a real-time communication network, such as the internet. Scientists identify cloud computing as the ability of operating a program on various processors simultaneously. It is useful in advertising, particularly in disposing hosted services […]

Cloud Computing Definition

Introduction Cloud computing refers to a computer system in which users sign in to a service based on the web, which has all the software and storage capabilities that the user needs in order to carry out his/her job. This implies that the user does not have to install a collection of software in his/her […]

Cloud Computing

Abstract Cloud computing is a relatively new approach of offering computing services on a shared hardware and software platform due to the benefits associated with the approach. That is the rationale for organizations such as Google and Amazon among others in shifting toward the cloud in their service provisions. Typically, the entire system of cloud […]

Cloud computing in supply chain management

Cloud computing is one of the advancements, which have significantly transformed the manner in which several companies manage and access information within and outside the firm. In general, this technology allows an organization to access its information technology services like, applications and infrastructure through the internet. For this reason, companies adapt to ever-changing business environment […]

White Paper on Cloud Computing

Introduction Cloud computing has been described as one of the most innovative IT solutions that companies need to incorporate into their operations. Cloud computing is a network of computing systems hosted within virtual environments. Cloud computing enables an organisation to provide shared software, hardware and other electronic resources to its users. This saves the company […]

Cloud Computing

According to Sugang (302), cloud computing is a detailed technology that involves the use of mid-remote server and Internet to uphold data and other applications. This technology allows businesses and other users to make use of this application without installing it. Also, they can access their documents using any computer with Internet access (Rodriguez 5). […]

Cloud Computing and Corporate IT Infrastructure

Cloud computing technology is one of the most recent technologies. It is applied within the IT processes. The technology is presently applied within the corporate IT infrastructure. There is an eminent shift from the customary software models. Competitive corporate organizations are shifting to cloud computing. Most corporate organizations are geared towards their IT infrastructure improvement […]

Cloud Computing

Abstract Over the recent times, Cloud computing has been a growing concept not just for IT (Information Technology) specialists, but also for scholars and researchers in other genres like business (Muglia, 2009, p. 2-4). Amrhein and Quint (2009) state that this is majorly based on the increased relevance of cloud computing in a wide range […]

Cloud Computing and the Usage of the Internet

Introduction Cloud computing refers to a technology that is integrated with the Internet to enable computer users to access resources online. This technology has developed so fast that many users have already used it without their knowledge. Cloud computing is an innovative technology that converts the Internet to become a reservoir of applications (Sanchez 1). […]

The Trends of Cloud Computing

Introduction In the past years data storage, access and retrieval have been tedious and time consuming. As times have been changing, different approaches have been considered in undertaking different duties. This has necessitated the continuous development of technology. This has been done by doing research and improving the current technology as time passes. In the […]

Amazon’s New Store: Utility Computing Case Study

Amazon built an innovative utility business model to offer two new technology services to its clients, namely Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Since only a small fraction of computing capacity was used at any given time, the sale of unutilized processing power and storage to other companies improved the ROI, by […]

IT Implementation Plan for Cloud Computing

Introduction Opportunities The massive transition in the technological sector has prompted organizations as well as government agencies to inculcate new information and technology innovations in order to remain competitive in the present market. An example of such changes is the cloud computing; it allows internet users to use computing resources like software and hardware over […]

Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Company

Cloud computing is one of the latest technological developments. Cloud computing refers to the use of computing resources in an external network. The internet is the major method of accessing the external network. Companies are slowly embracing this new technology. Most companies prefer to use external clouds in hosting IT services that are not critical. […]

Cloud compounding impact on businesses

Definition of cloud compounding Cloud compounding refers to a configuration that permits the provision of ubiquitous and efficient real-time network access to pooled computing resources. These resources are configurable and include networks, storage, servers, services and applications. Access to these resources is fast and requires minimal management effort or intervention by a service provider. Cloud […]

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be defined as a group of controls and policiesthat aim at securing data, applications, and the associated services of cloud computing.Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is one group of services offered by cloud computing(Amrhein and Scott 1). In the software-as-a-service, the retailerprovides the software product,the hardware infrastructure and networks with the user via a front-end […]

Use Software as a service

Introduction The software industry is a dynamic industry which has undergone several changes and one of the current trends in the industry is cloud computing. This technology is known as software as a service (SaaS), using this technology service delivery has improved in the software industry. Several outsourcing tools are available online for different uses […]