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Cloud Computing Essay Examples and Topics

Cloud Computing and Its Environmental Impact

The computing cloud is a major consumer of energy in the world. Computing layers contribute to a substantial share of the market.

Ariane 5 Crash and Risks of Modern Cloud Applications

An internal variable that was tied to the horizontal velocity of the ship exceeded the limit that could be processed by the software of the computer in the rocket's backup IRS: an attempt to recode [...]

Google Chrome Browser and Operating System

Google Chrome is an application, whereas Google Chrome O/S is a computing system that contains several applications. As for Google Chrome, it is necessary to note that this application meets many requirements of users.

Cloud Computing and Its Technical Challenges

Cloud computing may also be referred to as "on-demand computing, software as a service, or the Internet as a platform". Therefore, the major challenge to cloud computing is security and privacy.

Cloud Storage Infrastructures

Their initial capacity was several hundreds of megabytes; contemporary optical disks can store tens of GBs. First flash drives had the minimal capacity of several hundred MBs; contemporary flash drives can store hundreds of GBs.

Deployment Models in the Aviation Cyberspace

Hence, it is crucial to examine the importance of cloud computing while using examples to illustrate the application of private and hybrid deployment methods in aviation cyberspace.

Efficacious Technology Management

Research the SLAs of two cloud vendors, such as Rackspace, Amazon, or Google. The selected cloud vendors are Google and Amazon For the vendors, you selected, what are the SLAs' uptime percentages?

Vendor Products and Services Implementation

There are a lot of reasons the companies face the implementation failure of different projects, sometimes even before the project was actually implemented.

Microsoft SharePoint as a Private Cloud App

The SharePoint allocation has the capability of efficiently replacing the sandbox and farm solutions thus, guaranteeing satisfaction to the administrators, users, and third-party application experts. In terms of the users' recompense, the SharePoint application enables [...]

The Cloud Provider Technical Concept

Due to the trendy nature of cloud services, several providers have adopted the term 'cloud' to advertise services that do not fall under this category.

Cloud Computing: Present and Future Technologies

According to Laudon and Traver, cloud computing refers to the use of a network system of remote servers which are hosted on the internet to facilitate storage, management, and processing of data. However, it is [...]

Cloud Storage: Modern Trends and Innovations

As to the innovations in cloud storage, it is stated that, during the past decade, the public cloud consisted of big data centers.

Salesforce, Google and Microsoft

This paper briefly compares cloud computing and cloud storage and goes on to discuss cloud computing services offered by Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft.

Nfrastructure-as-a-Service Concept

In Infrastructure as a Service, the provider is the owner of the storage and equipment which they lend to the user companies for a certain payment, which is assigned based on the resources used.

Cloud computing Summary

Despite the variety of advantages, the concept has presented to the end-users, there is also a range of risks associated with data and information security and privacy.

Cloud Computing Analysis

The main aim of this paper is to discuss the applications of cloud technology, its economic benefits, and how the technology has shaped businesses in the world.

Assessing the Benefits of Cloud Computing: A Case Study on NVoicePay

The present paper uses a case study on NVoicePay to illuminate the business advantages of cloud computing and how IT leadership can be effective in achieving technology buy-in by communicating the benefits of the technology [...]

Cloud Computing

The Concept of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Disaster recovery or disaster recovery planning refers to a set of actions and procedures that are aimed to restore the IT infrastructure of the business in case [...]

Cloud Computing

Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and RightScale are designed with capability to adapt with the size and amount of data and the number of users.

Cloud Computing: Data Confidentiality, Privacy and Thefts

However, a majority of organizations are faced with the chief decision on whether or not it is advisable to embrace the technology and move their data as well as that of their customers to a [...]

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies

Through cloud computing, the organization is in a position to access complex applications and enormous computing sources through the internet. Through cloud computing and virtualization technologies, the organization is likely to benefit from economies of [...]

Cloud Computing Definition

In a computer system using cloud computing, the workload of running applications is shifted from the local computer to the cloud, which consists of network computers.

Cloud Computing

Typically, the entire system of cloud computing drawing from its definition provides the infrastructure for organizations to offer clients services dynamically responding to their needs based on the pay-as-use basis, and the economic benefits which [...]

Cloud computing in supply chain management

Cloud computing is one of the advancements, which have significantly transformed the manner in which several companies manage and access information within and outside the firm.

White Paper on Cloud Computing

Cloud providers and services vary and it is important to select a model that suits the operations of an organisation. The organisation needs to assess functions that are to be performed through a cloud system.

Cloud Computing

According to Rodriguez, several organizations establish community cloud to have common requirements and need to share infrastructure to understand the benefits and aspires to assemble ideologies of a digital ecosystem with the use of a [...]

Cloud Computing and Corporate IT Infrastructure

It is important to recognize that the application of cloud computing has led to the development of new security threats. The organizations must consider the possibility of engaging the services of technical and experienced IT [...]

Cloud Computing

After that, we will delve into the characteristics of cloud computing which will then be closely followed by cloud computing services, how to manage a cloud, cloud organization standard, the benefits of cloud computing as [...]

Cloud Computing and the Usage of the Internet

Without cloud computing, the usage of computers would be very difficult because the users would require the IT experts to help them to install the programs required to run the applications that are used in [...]

The Trends of Cloud Computing

This is brought forth by the fact that the server and user are not close in proximity and thus accessibility and manipulation of data is not that free as it is under control. One of [...]

Amazon’s New Store: Utility Computing Case Study

Amazon realizing that it uses a fraction of processing power at any given time loaned the unutilized processing power and storage in an attempt to reduce the TCO.

IT Implementation Plan for Cloud Computing

Assessment of market requirements: Here, the service provider, the broker, and the organization must study the features of cloud computing to instill trust among them and on the new product.

Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Company

The internet is the major method of accessing the external network. The rapid pace of innovation on cloud computing is expected to continue in the near future.

Cloud compounding impact on businesses

Efficient management of the virtualization process is possible through the integration of systems that enhance stability and security of the cloud. The main hurdle for both consumers and businesses in adopting cloud compounding are lack [...]

Cloud Computing

In the software-as-a-service, the retailerprovides the software product,the hardware infrastructure and networks with the user via a front-end portal. In conclusion, software as a service cloud computing is not going to dominate the next several [...]

Use Software as a service

The software industry is a dynamic industry which has undergone several changes and one of the current trends in the industry is cloud computing.