Programming Essay Examples and Topics

Vicarious Programming and Its Artificial Technology

Vicarious concentrates on developing an integrated algorithmic architecture that would result in human-level intelligence in areas related to language, vision and motor control. Today, the company concentrates on developing visual object recognition and segmentation with the aim of creating common products that work effectively in various sensory areas and perform various roles. Vicarious has adopted […]

Smartphone Software

Introduction Smart phone is a mobile phone which is based on a mobile computing platform. It has more advanced computing capabilities and networking as compared to a contemporary mobile phone. The first smart phones were developed to join the operations of a mobile phone and a personal digital assistant (PDA). Currently, Smartphone devices are used […]

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Model

The waterfall model has fixed sequences for developing software for organizations. The model assumes that the process of developing software should flow steadily through several phases until the last phase. The development of software assumes a sequential manner in this model. One cannot proceed to the next phase until the current phase is complete. It […]

Internet Usability Importance

Internet usability is a very important activity that helps to improve the internet-user interface mainly by utilizing domain names. Internet usability refers to the design and positioning of a website for ease of interaction with the users. Internet usability entails such activities as web site design, human-computer interaction, Web site usability, online brands, and online […]

Eye Tracking in Web Usability Studies

Introduction Web usability studies aim to represent how individuals can use websites and determine their effectiveness. In this case, eye tracking is often used as an appropriate research tool to support the usability testing in studies (Lew 2009). The focus on eye tracking is significant to understand the nature of users’ reactions in such forms […]

The Future of Software Development

Software professionals continue to face various complex challenges while implementing Scrum. In a bid to seek answers to this difficult situation, software professionals have shown realistic approaches that have helped various software industries make Scrum an Agile progress. The previous progress on software development will continue as long as software professionals and stakeholders do not […]

Quay Cranes Weight Management Problems

Abstract The employment of quay cranes assumes a variety of functions. Due to this, problems concerning scheduling and assignment of quay cranes arise. Cranes are to perform a variety of tasks when they are assigned to vessels. The main issues researched in this matter are safety during the operation of quay cranes, algorithm of vessel […]

Programming Logic – File Processing for Game Design

Introduction Digital electronic devices have tremendously revolutionized the world. Many electronic devices have been invented due to the increase in the state of technology day by day. Programmable logic devices offer a wide range of features, speed and characters. In most of cases, the PLD used for a given prototyping, is the same PLD that […]

Procedural Programming Language

Programming languages are used by software developers to design applications that can be run on computers. The choice of programming language depends on various factors including the “response time requirements of the system, time restriction of the project, and budget allocated for development and maintenance support” (Reilly, 2003). Other determining factors are the requirement for […]

Programming Logic and Design – Program Change

According to Bolton, “a computer program is a set of instructions for a computer to perform a specific task” (2012, p.1). Data processing is the process by which information is obtained from data (, 2012, p. 1). There are four main methods used by a computer program (or application) to process data. These are batch, […]

Quality and Rapid Application Development

Introduction Software development projects differ from development projects in other fields. The main difference lies in the relatively low or inexistent losses experienced when a software project fails to follow a rigid design process. Unlike a civil engineering project where all the design work must be completed before moving on site, software development projects are […]

Software Reliability and Testing Requirement

Most software products require testing to determine their reliability. Some software products with certain inputs might fail to work. Testing enhances the capability determining the degree of defects. Measuring test runs also assist in determining quality. The non-functional requirement of a test is usually a binary and not just a single activity. As such, a […]

The Use of Software Development Tools Always Increases Productivity

Introduction In the present competitive business world, it has become necessary for organizations to position themselves strategically so as to remain relevant to the needs of consumers and also to be better placed to fight the ever increasing competition form rivals in the same field. As a result, most business organizations are forced to turn […]

Google Cloud Products in Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit institution located in Mountain View, California. The institution produces a wide range of free edifying online videos for mathematics and other science related subjects. Millions of learners and scholars across the globe frequently access these videos via the institution website and YouTube channel. The website boasts of the tutorials with […]

Stratus and MS .NET

Introduction (Stratus and MS.NET) In order to support continuous processing and provide the maximum uptime possible, comprehensive server solutions are required to address areas such as hardware, software and service. Within the Windows market, it is reported that only Stratus technologies, together with its distribution channel partners offer this total solution (Sherman n.d.). The Stratus […]

Web Development

Introduction At the outset, web designing emerged as an easier and simple way of exchanging information. It was a better means of communication and had better networking benefits compared to the commercial reasons. Later on, the Web became an avenue for making profits, and the information space that was prior for providing free exchange thus […]

Software testing activities

The consultant will ensure system implementation strategy covering organizational business requirement for a HR system integrated in a single application. A project plan will consist of tasks, resource requirements, project schedule, and the project budget. The implementation plan will cover software testing activities, software installation activities, and training considerations. System behavior Testing system behavior will […]

Ten Programming Languages

Introduction Computer programming dates back to half a millennium after the end of antiquity. Until the invention of electronic computers in the twentieth century, it was not possible to run complex high level programming languages on a machine. The discovery and meteoric development of the computer enabled the development of the modern high-level programs, which […]

Modern Scripting Languages and Web Transformation

Introduction The rapid growth of the World Wide Web has turned the world into a global village (Boehm 3). Through the internet, web users are connected through one platform allowing for free flow of information. This is made possible through the creation of websites. These websites are created with the use of software applications on […]

Software Development Lifecycles

Introduction The development of programs such as games requires that an organization commit a large amount organizational resources and time. In large projects it is not uncommon for the budgets to run into millions of dollars and take years of effort before completion (Everett and McLeod 2007). In time it has been observed that to […]

Software Solutions in Web Design

In web design, there are numerous solutions, both open source and proprietary, developed for use by the designers. This has seen the quick evolution in design technologies and elegance. According to Jacobson (2007), among the available solutions is Joomla, which is an open source, content management system. Joomla is a powerful tool that enables web […]

Java is the best programming language

I consider Java as the best programming language due to its small language vocabulary, portability and simplicity. Java has a small and regular vocabulary; a programmer can easily master and grasp .Any computer program written in Java can run and execute on any operating system hence compatibility with all operating systems. Java was developed and […]

Contribution of the Factors to the Internet Growth

The World Wide Web as it is today has witnessed myriad changes. It began as a closed resource only used for governments and large organisations until later when it was revolutionized and became an open resource for the whole world. The benefits the internet has brought forth are mind boggling particularly in the aspect of […]

Levels of Computer Science

Introduction Some people, illiterate in computer science, do not understand what computer scientists refer as, computer-programming languages. Verily, computers operate under certain conditions, language being one of them. The language, programmed language rather, create computer programs thus regulating its operation according to specific instructions. Additionally, computer-programming languages help computer users to create or analyze computer […]

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

Hyper text markup language (HTML) refers to the principal rack up language used in exhibiting web pages and information that can be displayed in an internet browser. A web browser reads HTML credentials and converts them into web pages that are observable and perceptible. Elements consisting of tags enclosed in position brackets denote HTML. These […]

Reasons why developing software for wireless devices is challenging

Developing software for wireless devices is challenging for a number of reasons. One of the reasons arises from the fact that the various components of the wireless mobile devices are relatively small (Mahmoud, 2002, para. 7). This means that developing the software requires the developers to constraint themselves in accordance with the device. For example, […]