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Programming Essay Examples and Topics

Why the System Architecture Should Be Used?

Below are the reasons why the system architecture should be used; The users will be created by the administrator thus a separate check can be processed for each.

Software Design Security

The safety of the application may also depend on the context of the issues that are identified throughout the process of software analysis and the level of employee expertise.

Software Development Life Cycle

Nevertheless, software development is a process that involves certain risks, as the SDLC framework is prone to weaknesses from the start of the project and until the acceptance of the final product by the customer.

Software Testing Profession

The most important skills in a software testing are the ability to critically think and analyze the situation in order to spot hidden and complex programming errors, and communication skills in order to properly relay [...]

Software Testing Tools

The primary purpose of using ThreadFix after ZAP is to let the program take the results gained by another tool to scan and store them in an enterprise console. When is it legal to use [...]

Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software

This paper considers the pros and cons of commercial off-the-shelf software when it comes to security risks; discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation; and offers an [...]

Concept of the Network Virtualization

Network virtualization is characterized by the capacity to make consistent, virtual systems that are decoupled from the core system equipment to guarantee the network can incorporate and support progressively virtual situations.

Programming Teams and Development Methods

The concept of extreme programming is essential in an organization and can be applied in management through team work. Integration of programming teams within other aspects of the organizations is important in strengthening the coordination [...]

Simulating Traffic Network

The obligatory convergence from the entrance ramp to the correct path of the road is demonstrated by a 'virtual vehicle' remaining toward the end of the blending path.

Joint Technical Architecture

The components of JTA are budding and consist of interfaces, services areas, and standards that are compatible with the requirement of the DoD's architecture.

Business Algorithms: Analytics and Optimization

The most widely known example is algorithmic trading which allows the business to evaluate the price of the trade, assess the risks related to the trade, and calculate the time necessary for the trade.

Problems of the Software Piracy

This paper examines the modes of software piracy, the reasons behind it, who are the offenders, the cost of such actions, and how and who to control them.

Marketing Algorithms and Data Brokers

The algorithm is useful in the automation of marketing strategy. The practice of a data broker company infringes on the rights of privacy and security to personal information.

Testing Approaches and Change Management Process

There are several integration testing levels: Component Integration Testing checks the interaction between the system components after their testing. System Integration Testing checks the interaction between different systems after the system testing.

Software Bugs Types, Causes and Consequences

A software bug is a term that is used to denote a fault, error, or failure in a piece of computer software, which yields an undesirable result such as a software crash, incorrect behavior of [...]

NFR+ Framework Method

During the implementation of the project, there is the need to verify the requirements in order to determine whether they are in line with the original specifications.

Arduino Board: Components and Usage

One of major peculiarities of Arduino is connecters that can be used to connect the board to different shields. Arduino is often used by designers and hobbyists as the boards are easy to use and [...]

Current Trends in Web 2.0

This is due to the fact that the server architecture needed to maintain sites such as MySpace has significant costs in terms of the amount of data utilized and the rate of users per day.

Different Programming Languages Analysis

One of the fundamental aspects of computer programs is the ability to control the behaviour and operation of the machine. With regards to the application of prototypes, a specific programming language is used.

Web Application Development

The choice of the programming language must be determined by the consideration of the multiple nuances and requires the strategic research.

The Systems Development Life Cycle

The Systems Development Life Cycle is a conceptual model for IT specialists to institutionalize system development through the conventional phases of planning for defining system development resource requirements, analysis for determining end user requirements, and [...]

Programming: Organizations as Socio-Technical Networks

This is due to the diversity of software and services that can be provided by the social website. For instance, there are links to the all the resources hence several Social network analysis tools in [...]

The Ideal HPC Programming Language

In the course of the study, a correspondence of the rewritten programming systems to the original models of computing was inspected.

Vicarious Programming and Its Artificial Technology

On the other hand, Vicarious has developed a range of questions and themes to guide its research. It is imperative to note that the breakthrough in cracking CAPTCHA could transform computer science and machine learning.

Smartphone Software

It is the software installed in apple phones such as iphone, the iPod Touch, and the ipad. This is the latest operating system, and it has various advantages.

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Model

When the engineer and the client identify all requirements and the design, then the model can enhance superiority and security of the product.

Internet Usability Importance

Internet usability refers to the design and positioning of a website for ease of interaction with the users. The branding of domain names also leads to enhanced internet usability.

Eye Tracking in Web Usability Studies

A researcher calculates the number of fixations on an area of interest to understand the level of the customers' interest. In most cases, a researcher needs to study the actual time spent on an area [...]

The Future of Software Development

With the kind of efficiency and effectiveness that Scrum has demonstrated in previous projects, it is strengthening the weak lines and minimizing the possibility of errors persisting for a long time.

Quay Cranes Weight Management Problems

In the article called "Quay crane scheduling problem" the authors recognise the problem with quay crane scheduling due to the growth of container traffic.

Procedural Programming Language

For instance, the development and deployment of the Net Express software package by Micro Focus Ltd has provided an ideal environment for COBOL coders."This makes it easy and fast to build and modernize COBOL enterprise [...]

Programming Logic and Design – Program Change

In the online processing method, processing of data takes place as it is input into the program, that is, unlike in batch processing it does not wait for the data to be organized into a [...]

Quality and Rapid Application Development

One of the main concerns that arose from the use of RAD was that the quality of the software produced did not always meet the quality standards for software projects.

Google Cloud Products in Khan Academy

The study will mainly focus on a number of challenges experienced by the institution at the initial stage, the ways the Google Cloud Platform or a specific Google App Engine was presented as a solution, [...]

Stratus and MS .NET

Regardless of the purpose of the server, it is important that the level of availability matches the applications and functions assigned to that server.

Web Development

Open source also encourages reliability and quality of software due to the independent reviews and the rapid dynamic nature of the web-based programming.

Software testing activities

The document will cover installation strategies of the licensed software, and the loading of the application with user test data. The training will be objectively based on system security and user problems.

Ten Programming Languages

The discovery and meteoric development of the computer enabled the development of the modern high-level programs, which have significantly changed the world of computing and influence various aspects of peoples' lives in the 21st century. [...]

Modern Scripting Languages and Web Transformation

These websites are created with the use of software applications on the web where many users can access them as compared to the desktop scenario that is beneficial to one end user only.

Software Development Lifecycles

Using the example of a construction project, the architect's blueprint can be taken to construe the methodology while the tools used by the construction workers are the tools needed for the task.

Software Solutions in Web Design

Joomla is reportedly among the most popular tools in web design and is based on the PHP and MySQL technologies. Interspire is a proprietary shopping cart development solution that is rich in many of the [...]

Java is the best programming language

It is so simple to use, with a user friendly language vocabulary and so fast in compilation these have made it the widely used language in programming.

Contribution of the Factors to the Internet Growth

With the use of this different scripting languages integration of multimedia features into products has become a reality and with the advancement in scripting languages the internet in the near future is expected to have [...]

Levels of Computer Science

For the programmer to create low-level programming languages, computer architecture is very necessary for machine coding in the Central Processing Unit of a computer.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

The inability of an individual to compute a sum in HTML disqualifies it as a programming language. The presence of formatting commands in HTML does not also qualify it as a programming language.
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