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Java is the best programming language Essay

I consider Java as the best programming language due to its small language vocabulary, portability and simplicity. Java has a small and regular vocabulary; a programmer can easily master and grasp .Any computer program written in Java can run and execute on any operating system hence compatibility with all operating systems.

Java was developed and released in 1995, much later after C and C++. As such it tends to solve some of the shortcomings cited in C and C++.For instance, it uses Javadoc, a documenting system that develops a systematic and organized method for documenting codes (Pawlan 1999).

It also uses Byte code verifier which enhances correctness and security of the compiled code hence reducing the number of runtime checks. This implies that with the knowledge of Java, one can comfortably take up programming tasks in C and C++ or any other language. Java is also purely object oriented, easy to interpret and has high execution performance. This makes it simple and easier to work with. For this reason, Java is sometimes referred to as “a powerful yet easy to learn and work with language” (Pawlan 1999).

Java is the most widely used programming language by web developers for both simple complex programming tasks. Due to its much simplified user platform, most people tend to have a general notion that Java cannot be used to create much complicated web applications due to its simple platform.

This is not true since most programmers use Java to write complex programs in a simple way easy that is to follow and interpret. Java was developed to write more complex programs in a simpler language. Even the most complex and sophisticated programs look so simple in Java making it hard to realize their complexity (Lindholm & Yellin 1999).

It is considered flexible; due to incremental development in terms of object- oriented features, coupled with Java’s simplicity, it is possible to rapidly develop applications and easily change them at will. This offers much freedom to the programmer to make changes to the program whenever he deems fit to do so.

It has the ability to develop robust and secure programs. It is also used to break down and portably distribute some complex programs. These features, together with its simple user platform, have made it find extensive application in programming tasks.

Java is the best in compilation and execution speed. Initially, most developers avoided using Java in more complex tasks due to its slow speed. Much effort was put in place to improve its speed and as a result, today, Java speed is comparable to C or C++ for equivalent tasks. With this speed, plus its improved performance characteristics, it is the best programming language (Gosling & Joy 2005).

Consequently, in modern programming, speed does not majorly rely on the language used, but also on the memory card capacity and processor speed. Java therefore, enables a programmer to write codes which compile fast and have few runtime checks using Java than in any other programming language. In this line, Java does not only offer a fast compilation process, but also better programs, with few errors and which can be run on any operating system.

Basing on speed, simplicity and the extent of application; Java no doubt, is the best programming language. It is so simple to use, with a user friendly language vocabulary and so fast in compilation these have made it the widely used language in programming. Its improved features regarding the aforementioned aspects make it more preferable than any other programming language. Hence, Java is the best programming language.

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