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Apple MacBook Pro Research Paper


Significant people

The development of Apple MacBook Pro can be seen as a great milestone in computer technology and specifically for the MacBook family and MacBook Pro line. The face behind this invention is Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive. There have been vital contributions by Steve Jobs especially in 2005 when Apple was upgrading from the use of PowerPC microprocessors (Michaels 25).


The apple MacBook Pro is part of moveable computers launched by Apple in January 2006. It substituted the PowerBook G4 and it was the next model following the iMac that was made known during the Apple-Intel transition. It is the most expensive and advanced in the MacBook family. In addition to this, it is presently formed with 13-, 15- and 17-inch screens (Cohen 15).


There are two designs of MacBook Pro, which equally use aluminum. The initial MacBook was a put back from the PowerBook G4, except that it made use of the Intel Core processors rather than PowerPC G4 chips (Cohen 15).

Two models were debuted in the market in 2006, with the 15-inch model being released on January and the 17-inch model in April. Later on within the year, they both got a number of updates as well as Core 2 Duo processors (Cohen, 15).

The other body design has a further tapered model and an exterior built from a solitary aluminum block. It was released on October 2008 as the “15-inch MacBook Pro and the 13-inch aluminum body MacBook” (Cohen 15).

Later in January 2009, a 17-inch model was conveyed, with fitted battery that connected the other MacBook Pro products. Successive revisions enhanced Intel Core 15 and 17 and paved way for Thunderbolt technology.

Impact on society

Apple MacBook pro is famous for its environmental friendliness due to the use of aluminum and glass during manufacture. Some people term it as the greenest line of products. It has a great proficient power supply that cuts down the amount washed out, transferring power from wall to computer thus reducing greenhouse gases and power bills.

It has power saving capability because, for instance it controls the processor amid keystrokes lessening power between letters while typing (Apple). It meets the strict low power necessities put by the EPA in their ENERGY STAR 5.2 prerequisite (Apple).

It is also without many dangerous toxins such as PVC, BFRs, arsenic, and mercury (Apple). Its packaging is intended to be as minute as possible, thus extra products fit on fewer planes. MacBook Pro can be recycled since it is made of aluminum, and reused after its long useful life. If the user lives in the U.S, they can get free recycling from Apple (Apple).

Inventions, details of development and testing

Apple terminated the use of PowerPC microprocessors back in 2006 to adopt the use of x86 processors manufactured by Intel, whereas several Macs have been given fresh names to show the change. Intel-based Macs are able to operate pre-existing software tailored for PowerPC by means of an emulator known as Rosetta, although at a lower notable speed.

Intel chips came up with the ability to run the “Microsoft Windows operating system” traditionally on apple devoid of emulation software like Virtual PC (Cheng 1). To counter the activities of hackers, Apple announced a publicly available beta of their own Boot Camp software that enables Intel-based Macs owners to fix Windows XP on their computers, which were later upgraded to hold Windows Vista.

The latest Apple industrial design has changed to support aluminum and glass that are termed as affable to the environment. “The iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lines use aluminum enclosures, and are now made of a single body” (Cheng 1).

Jonathan Ive has pressed on guiding products in the direction of modest and easy feel, which entails the abolition of disposable batteries in notebooks. Multi-touch signals from the “iPhone’s interface have been employed to the Mac line in the type of touch pads on notebooks and the Magic Mouse and Magic Track pad for desktops” (Cheng 1).

Other interesting facts

Recently, Apple has witnessed an incredible increase in the sales of Macs. This can be partly accredited to success in products like the iPod and the iPhone, which has created a “halo effect” whereby contented iPod and iPhone customers’ continue purchasing more Apple products in addition to Intel microprocessors (Michaels 25).

Between 2001 and 2008, Mac sales rose constantly annually, while Apple reported global sales of 3.36 million Macs in the 2009 holiday period.

Since Mid-2011, Macintosh keeps on benefitting from quick market share boost in the US, mounting from 7.3% of the entire computer consignments in 2010 to 9.3% in 2011(Michaels 25). Apple became the first company to introduce a new computer that made use of “Intel’s new Thunderbolt (codename Light Peak) I/O interface” on February 24, 2011. Thunderbolt takes pride in two-way transmit speeds of 10 Gbit/s (Cheng 1).

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