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Analysis of Sony PS3 Essay

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Updated: Aug 4th, 2021


The Sony PS3 is the latest gaming console set to replace Sony’s iconic PS2 gaming system. Promising better graphics, user interactivity and access to an online gaming community the Sony PS3 was meant to become an innovation that defined the latest gaming genres in the gaming industry.

Unfortunately initial sales of the product waned as a result of its initially high price and stiff competition from Nintendo’s interactive motion controlled Wii system. This actually resulted in abysmal PS3 sales during the first year of release with fewer consumers choosing the expensive PS3 console with few games compared to the much cheaper and trending Wii console. In light of this event, Sony changed its initial concept view for the PS3 in order to incorporate this growing consumer demand for interactivity.

Initial Promises of the PS3

As a gaming console the PS3 promised, and subsequently delivered, games which would literally astound gamers with the depth of the graphics and the greater degree of in-game features not present in the previous generation of consoles.

With titles such as God of War 3 and Devil May Cry 5 the PS3 was able to give gamers a fully interactive gaming environment that astounded consumers with the level of graphics available. The reason behind is the fact that the PS3 employs a Blu-ray disk reader which can play games with 30 to 40 gigabytes of information as compared to the DVD disks of the old PS2 which could only hold three to four gigabytes of information.

It delivered on its promise of greater functionality due to the presence of the Blu-ray player since it enabled consumers to play not only games but various high definition Blu-ray movies on the unit itself. The PS3 also promised to enable greater connectivity and interaction among gamers through the use of the Playstation network which enables players to compare scores, chat, interact and fight against each other over online connections.

Another feature the PS3 also promised was to be more than just a gaming platform but a home entertainment system enabling families to watch online TV programming, listen to music and an assortment of other similar functions. Finally, in an attempt to prevent the continued market dominance of the Wii gaming system the Sony introduced the Playstation Move, an interactive motion sensor device that enables players to have the same motion sensor capabilities of the Wii yet with better graphics and usability.

Changing the culture of gaming and the role of gaming within the home

The features of the PS3 gaming console enabled a greater degree of usability and interactivity by the entire family as compared to previous gaming platforms developed by the company which focused on either one to two player usability.

The interactive features in the form of the PS3 Move system meant that nearly the entire family could join in on a single game with each player having their own motion controller. Unlike the standard gaming controllers of the unit the new motion controllers enabled a greater degree of space and movement when interacting with the game which made it more of a group event rather than a solo gaming experience.

Not only that the added features of the unit in the form of a Blu-ray player, online TV viewer, and music player meant that the device could be used beyond just an ordinary gaming experience. As a result the growing level of interactivity seen from the PS3 means that the culture of gaming has been changed to include more user interactivity and playability as well as the addition of a group/family dynamic when it comes to gaming experiences.

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