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Rehabilitation Essay Examples and Topics

Physiotherapist Profession Description

People who have chosen a profession of a physical therapist are really brave and generous people. The main purpose of this paper is to show that the profession of physical therapists is hard both mentally [...]
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Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Exercise Training Program

The reduction in lower limb strength is associated with the reduction in activity of the lower limbs amongst patients; quadriceps strength is also decreased by 20 30% in patients with moderate to severe COPD, some [...]
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Careers in the Health Professions: Physical Therapy

The organization is the sole accreditation agency in the United States with regard to education in Physical Therapy. He is married with two children and is undergoing computer course in the hope of landing a [...]
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Methamphetamine and Cocaine Addiction Treatment

In fact, by doing so, people subconsciously try to prove that aggressiveness, anxiety, and panic attacks are not implications of drug dependence but the states they medicate with the help of methamphetamine.
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Opioid Therapy and Epidemic in New Jersey

One of the most significant causes of the spread of the disease is the production and prescription of opioid painkillers. The marketing resulted in a sharp increase in the availability of the pharmaceutical narcotics, and [...]
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Exoskeleton Hand for Rehabilitation

According to Ates, Haarman, and Stienen, stroke is one of the leading causes of paralysis around the world, especially in the developed countries. Post-stroke rehabilitation is meant expected to help an individual to restore the [...]
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Methadone Therapy: Benefits and Drawbacks

On the one hand, replacing illicit drugs, such as heroin, with controlled use of the opioid, is associated with decreased cravings and reduction in criminal activity due to the lack of need to get illegal [...]
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Substance Addiction Treatment in Students

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the etiology, the signs, and the design strategies to deal with addictions, as well as analyze and reflect on a case study of a student experiencing substance [...]
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Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Chronic Respiratory Disease

This statement holds significant clinical relevance to exercise science since it recognizes pulmonary rehabilitation and the use of various exercise training methods as a medically proven and effective method of treating symptoms in patients with [...]
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Coercion in Counseling of Addicted Clients

The central areas of concern include the impact of coercion on motivation, the effectiveness of coercion and existing alternatives, ethical and legal challenges to the use of coercion, and mandated clients' perspectives on the matter.
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Military Social Worker’s Services for Family

First of all, it is physical rehabilitation that is to be provided by the wife and the grandmother to James. Considering the reports of the staff, it is evident that Shaneka needs to receive relevant [...]
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Long-Term Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Regarding the case, the rehabilitation will consider particular Emilias needs as the program includes socialization and an after-treatment plan to help the patient to preserve abstinence and gradually improve her relations with family.
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Spinal Cord Injury: Types and Rehabilitation

The former refers to an injury that does not impair the functions of the spinal cord or causes only a partial functional impairment, while the latter implies the injury causing the complete rupture of the [...]
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Rehabilitation Patient Scheduling Models

The findings reveal that the application of automatic planning systems support the increase in service and work efficiency and facilitates the achievement of the positive patient and economic outcomes.
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Reliability of Incremental Shuttle Walk Test

While there were known variations in cases of cardiorespiratory responses in the ISWT and the 6MWT tests, the distance covered in the two tests showed strong correlations.
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Drug Addictions Counseling: Assessment and Diagnosing

Therefore, denial should be seen as "...a reflection of the interpersonal relationship between the counselor and the client". In this respect, the task of a counselor is to develop the clients' intrinsic motivation and enhance [...]
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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

For instance, the needle and syringe exchange program has helped to reduce the rate of HIV infection among the injection drug users in the UK, which is the pioneer of needle and syringe exchange program.
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Even the number of customized recreational equipments should be increased so as to enable the people with disabilities to choose from.
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Case Management: Drug Addiction

While accepting that it is difficult to concisely define case management, Moore suggested that the definition of the term case management was social science that was individually adapted to meet the specific needs of a [...]
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Park therapeutic recreation programs

At the same time, the Berala on the Park is dedicated to providing excellence and compassionate care services to the aging members of the society.
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Drug Abuse and Religious Spirituality Concept

Particularly, this high rate of relapses was determined by Olmstead et al.as a direct result of a degree of failure on the part of drug abuse treatment programs to sufficiently address the primary reason why [...]
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Therapeutic Recreation

The quarterly description has six basic components that guide recreational therapists in providing care and are entered in the patient's chart: the goal of the treatment/intervention; the intervention plan; the RT practitioner's views on the [...]
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Rehabilitation in people with spinal cord injuries

In particular, it is most beneficial to the SCI patient during the acute phase of spinal injury, before the patient can withstand orthostatic exercise and before commencement of the customary exercise.
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Physical Therapist Assistant (major)

The career of a physical therapist assistant is exciting, flexible, and highly rewarding, but students require necessary qualifications to join the profession.
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Alcoholism Causes and Curing

In addition, professional counseling is equally important as the specialist can be able to access the level of alcoholism in the patient, how dependant that person is on alcohol and such information which would help [...]
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Physical Therapy

The abstract is a comprehensive summary of all the components of an article. Analyzed results are found in the results section of the article.
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Therapeutic Recreation – Prader-Willi Syndrome

Patients of the syndrome exhibit a deficiency in growth hormones and are therefore short in stature. There is a significant number of people suffering from the Prader Willi syndrome and it is therefore necessary to [...]
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The Career of a Physical Therapist

The cost of attaining a degree in Physical therapy at the University of Delaware is estimated to be about 9,486 dollars for the in-state tuition fee and 23,186 for the out-of-state.
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Physical Therapy in Canada and Thai

Research indicates that the advancement of technology in medical field has also provided the need for physiotherapy in the field of health.
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Family Night Agenda Handout and Presentation

For my family night, the main agenda will be to discuss the issue of drug abuse given that it is amongst the many social and health problem that affect many families in the society.
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