Rehabilitation Essay Examples and Topics

Reliability of Incremental Shuttle Walk Test

Literature Review: Incremental Shuttle Walk Test (ISWT) Reliability Incremental Shuttle Walk Test (ISWT) has been in use for the last two decades and it is imperative to determine its reliability. Singh, Morgan, Scott, Walters, & Hardman (1992) noted that the ISWT tool could offer an objective means of assessing disability and allowing straightforward comparisons of […]

Drug Addictions Counseling: Assessment and Diagnosing

Drug addictions counseling is a challengeable and daunting profession because it requires specific abilities and skills to establish a good rapport with the client. Indeed, individual characteristics and qualities are of particular concern to medical treatment and counseling because they influence significantly the attitude of clients to treatment. There is a false assumption concerning the […]

Exploring the Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Abstract This research paper establishes that the problem of substance abuse in the female sex is increasing in most parts of the world. The trend is worrying. Some of the policy changes discussed include the use of specialized care providers, provision of care in the society, and the establishment of more women-specific rehabilitation centers. Issues […]

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Introduction Alcohol and drug abuse is one of the major health and social challenges faced by a number of European countries such as United Kingdom and the United States of America. Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol usually results into drug addiction, which has severe effects on the health of the drug user. For instance, […]

Planning Proposal

It is very important for people, irrespective of their being normal or with disabilities, to have access to recreational activities. Unfortunately, people with certain disabilities have to come across certain hurdles in order to take advantage of the available recreational activities (Harris Survey, 1998). There may be scores of reasons for this situation e.g., knowledge […]

Substance Abuse Treatment for Various Client Populations

Substance abuse is known to be caused by different reasons in different groups of the society. Various societal factors tend to cause variations in the way people abuse various substances, and consequently the way treatment can be administered. For a long time now it has been an assumption that children cannot abuse substances, and for […]

Case Management: Drug Addiction

Introduction The concept of case management is quite broad as it covers many areas. While accepting that it is difficult to concisely define case management, Moore (1990) suggested that the definition of the term case management was social science that was individually adapted to meet the specific needs of a patient. The method is quite […]

Peculiarities of the Addiction Treatments

The purpose to reduce the stigma of addition can be found in the stereotype of the addicted people who are different than normal people and can be dangerous. As this problem grows fast and many people face with it, it is necessary to use the various approaches in order to reduce the stigma of addiction. […]

The Problem of Lack of Trained Staff in Queens Hospital

The greatest problem that has adverse effects on service delivery at Queens Hospital is lack of properly trained staff. In the smoking cessation department, the employees and volunteers have not undergone the necessary training especially with regards to handling special cases such as mentally disturbed clients. They therefore tend to work with the assumption that […]

Park therapeutic recreation programs

Contextual environment This is an analysis of Berala on the Park therapeutic recreation programs. Berala Park is twenty-four hours nursing care that offers high quality services and care to clients of all ages. Additionally, Berala Park offers leisure and recreational activities. Berala Park services are categorized into three groups, which include health, lifestyle and activities […]

Spirituality Effect on Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

Introduction The main aim of this research is to determine whether spirituality has an effect on drug abuse treatment programs. Articles for the research were all published in renowned journals, and a key word search of spirituality and drug abuse led to them. Some articles were too prescriptive while others did not focus on an […]

Drug Abuse and Religious Spirituality Concept

Thesis Statement: Adding the concept of religious spirituality to drug abuse treatment programs can help to decrease the amount of relapses by patients. Introduction In his examination of the effectiveness of current drug abuse treatment programs, Olmstead et al. (2012) noted that the rate of relapses among patients was quite high, often reaching 50% or […]

An Innovative Treatment Program for Adolescent Female Substance Users

Introduction Researchers have cited the high rate of illicit drug use, misuse, and dependence as one of the foremost triggers of adolescent morbidity and mortality in the U.S., and a critical primary public health challenge facing the youth across the world (Sussman et al., 2008; Meyers et al., 2010). In one study conducted in 2004, […]

Therapeutic Recreation

Study Rationale The RT practice entails continued improvement of interventions including fitness programs to help improve care for developmentally and intellectually challenged people. This study draws from a research by Wilhite, Biren and Spencer (2012) that examines the impact of a fitness intervention on the disabled and their caregivers. This study will examine the experiences […]

Rehabilitation in people with spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) are often associated with paralysis of peripheral body parts including limbs, neck, and the back. People with SCIs are highly immobile and for this reason, they are exposed to very many risks such as the development of heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. Once these diseases develop, they can cause premature death. […]

Physical Therapist Assistant (major)

My major is physical therapy. Physical therapist assistants perform their duties under the supervision of physical therapists. Core duties of physical therapist assistant include assisting patients to recover from illnesses, injuries, and surgeries. These are procedures, which help patients to manage pain and regain balance during movement. In addition, therapies are developed to enhance mobility, […]

Alcoholism Causes and Curing

Introduction Many people seem to have different perceptions about alcohol with many looking at it as a fashion especially in today’s changing world. However people may look at it, alcohol is and remains an addictive drug that is being abused every day by many people. Alcohol may be consumed for various reasons amongst them; relieving […]

Physical Therapy

A case study is an in-depth analysis of a phenomenon, a person, a group of people, or an event. Parts of a journal article may vary depending on the journal. Generally, parts that should be included are title, author, abstract, introduction, review of literature, methodology/materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements, conflict of interests, references, […]

Therapeutic Recreation – Prader-Willi Syndrome

Introduction The prader-Willi syndrome results from the deletion or lack of expression of seven of the genes found on chromosome 15. It is as a result of disruptions in the paternal chromosome 15. Disruptions in similar regions of the maternal chromosome result in the Angelman Syndrome (Eiholzer, 2005). People affected by the syndrome and its […]

The Career of a Physical Therapist

Introduction Physical therapists are medical experts who handle cases dealing with impairments, disability, immobility, or any other critical change of physical function of the body and healthiness as a result of injury. Their job include but is not restricted to diagnosis procedures, assessments, evaluations and conducting intervention duties so as to attain the highest functional […]

Physical Therapy in Canada and Thai

Introduction Physical therapy is a form of healthcare which basically deals with remediation of disabilities and impairments. This therapy involves the promotion of quality life, good body function, body movement potential by examination, evaluation, diagnosis and finally intervention by the right specialist. Professionals who perform these jobs are called physiotherapist and they focus more on […]

Family Night Agenda Handout and presentation

Topic for family night The topic of my family night is one that many families around the world can relate to only too well. For my family night, the main agenda will be to discuss the issue of drug abuse given that it is amongst the many social and health problem that affect many families […]