Family Planning Essay Examples and Topics

Adoption, childlessness or reproductive technology

Children are considered to be a blessing for couples. Many long lasting relationships are usually characterized by couples having plans of getting children during their relationship. Thus, couples always seek to have children to ensure that they are a complete family in line with what the society expects of them. Children are usually achieved through […]

The effect of methamphetamines on prenatal and postnatal development

Biophysical Information: Biophysical Strengths and Hazards The case study on Kim gives a clear information on the effect of methamphetamines on prenatal and postnatal development. The case study shows that the use of Methamphetamines (Meth) by mothers during the prenatal stage may have serious physical effects during the process of giving birth. Although there is […]

Women and reproductive health

Introduction Various health issues tend to affect women across the globe. In the last few decades, these issues have gradually proved to be very important given that they not only affect women, but also affect men and the entire society. However, even with concerted efforts, insecure abortion and childbirth still lead to the death of […]

Parenting Variables in Antenatal Education

Theoretical and operational definitions This section of the paper includes the definitions and measurements of those variables that are going to be investigated. The key objective of this study is to determine how antenatal education impacts the perceptions about breastfeeding and breastfeeding practices. In part, the operational definitions, provided in this paper, will rely on […]

Epidemiology in the News

Epidemiology is a section of medical science that deals with the study of diseases among people. It explains the relationship between people, environment and disease-causing agents, and deaths associated with the diseases under study (Brownson, & Pettit, 1998). Epidemiology studies compare expected and the actual deaths. In addition, it explains the reasons for decrease or […]

Communication Campaigns enhancing the understanding of the epidemiology and control of chronic diseases

Some of the chronic diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes and brain tumors have threatened the society so much. As a result, the medical society and the government have taken serious stapes in dealing with the challenge. Communication campaign is one of the initiative tools used against the spread of these diseases. Over time, this […]

West Nile Virus

Introduction Health is regarded as one of the critical aspects affecting human life. In essence, health refers to an individual’s well-being. Notably, there are internal and external factors that affect the health status of an individual. This paper analyses the West Nile Virus (WNV) as one of the external factors that affect an individual’s health […]

Biological Surrogacy in the United States

Research Paper Thousands of women in the United States face difficulties with fertility. They suffer from numerous health problems, because infertility always leads to a huge moral pain. Society often views women, who cannot have children, as men-like and incomplete. Even the most expensive reproductive technologies do not help to solve female infertility problems. In […]

Yellow Fever’ Causes, Symptoms and Effects

Yellow fever is an acute viral disease caused by infected mosquitoes found in tropical regions and is usually characterized by such systemic symptoms as hemorrhaging, vomiting and yellowing skin. The yellow fever is common in tropical regions, but it is important to state that it is not the same as malaria despite the fact that […]

Response paper in USA

Giving birth to a child is the most important event in the life of every woman. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to every detail of this significant process, to take into account all the aspects of the procedure and hope for the better. However, every pregnant woman wants to be sure […]

A Proposal on Doctors’ Not Prescribing Birth Control Pills to Teenagers or Anyone under the Age of 18

Most individuals assume that birth control pills were established in the 1960 although the activity dates back several years. A considerable number of traditional cultures developed clean portions of plants and tree bark as a form of controlling birth. Some statistics reveal that an extraction from the silphium plant was quite effective in controlling pregnancy. […]

Surrogate Parenthood: Positive and Negative

The debate surrounding the real parent of a “created” child is far from over. With myriad of court cases on the custody of surrogate children, there is seemingly growing worry and uncertainty over parenthood of children obtained from reproductive technology. As a matter of fact, some states are quite silent in terms of legislations governing […]

Teen Abortion: Understanding the Risks

Among the challenges which divide civilizations in the 21st century, that of abortion is clearly one of the most bothersome. Almost on daily instances, societies are bombarded with torrents of arguments about the admissibility or rejection of abortion from both sides of the divide. Crowds demonstrate and politicians lay bare their facts in popular discussion […]

Why Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy Occasions Unnecessary Risks to Prenatal Development

Introduction Researchers, child psychologists, policy makers and other theorists have demonstrated increased interest in the broad topic of drinking alcohol during pregnancy and the health risks associated with this behavior. Indeed, some of the available literature has focused attention to not only evaluating the unnecessary risks posed to the unborn child by engaging in drinking […]

Sexual and reproductive health

Introduction Sexual and reproductive health is quite essential in each and every society. Statistics in United States show that out of ten HIV positive adults, eight are men. Gonorrhoea, syphilis, genital warts and Chlamydia among other sexually transmitted ailments are still rampant in the United States. Women still continue to go though so much in […]