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Family Planning Essay Examples and Topics

Empowering Women and Their Newborn Babies

Similarly, the provision of proper prenatal education to pregnant women is an evidence-based practice that can empower them to breastfeed for more months and monitor the health statuses of their babies.

Amenorrhea and Dysmenorrhea Disorders

The complexity of functioning of reproductive systems is determined, apart from anatomic structures, by "complex hormonal and neurologic factors". Reproductive disorders are influenced by a variety of factors such as gender, age, and lifestyles.

Reproductive and Genetic Technology

Parenthood is a critical criterion of selection because it helps to minimize the emotional attachment to the fetus and reduce the risk of the psychological disturbance caused by the separation of the surrogate mother from [...]

Prenatal Stress Outcomes

The research of causes and effects of prenatal stress helped to achieve significant results in the elaboration of effective intervention practices that allow mothers to improve their life quality, reduce the level of stress hormones, [...]

Prenatal Medical Technology and Testing

While the non-invasive PT techniques, such as ultrasound, could help to predict genetic disorders in the fetus with less amount of precision, the prenatal DNA diagnosis received through analysis of maternal blood sample is a [...]

Childbirth Options and Complications

The choice of a particular birth option can be influenced by the cultural and social backgrounds of a woman, the availability of support resources, and potential health risks.

Abortion Counseling and Psychological Support

One recurrence is a woman's lack of autonomy which can directly pressure the decision to have an abortion. Women may be driven by a number of influences and ideological factors to have a certain level [...]

Nicotine’s Harm on Pregnancy and Fertility

Nonetheless, it is vital to highlight the gaps in knowledge related to the selected topic of the research while depicting the essentiality of the understanding of the negative consequences to women's health and fertility.

Gestational Hypertension: Mechanisms and Management

The problem with gestational hypertension consists in the fact that preeclampsia may develop on the basis of it. Evidently, the fetus is also exposed to the risks of high blood pressure and gestational hypertension in [...]

Giving Birth Control to Teenagers

It is paramount to say that it is a significant problem that needs to be addressed because the number of cases of teenage childbearing is one of the highest in the United States compared to [...]

Women and reproductive health

The perception of the society concerning the reproductive health of women often influences the subject of social policy in many societies.

Epidemiology in the News

For instance, America has managed to decrease the number of smokers from 55 to 25 percent in the past 40 years. Obesity Intervention strategies and the US policies concerning tobacco usage are expected to help [...]

West Nile Virus

There is also evidence that the virus can lead to the swelling of the brain and the spinal cord. In this case, the virus can lead to the death of society members.

Biological Surrogacy in the United States

Biological Surrogacy as a Commodity With the absence of effective regulations, biological surrogacy resembles the act of trade, where the child is exchanged for a considerable sum of money, and the surrogate mother is just [...]

Response paper in USA

The most controversial question is about the fact that the USA health care system provides the most expensive care services for pregnant women in the world, but the level of the quality of these services [...]

Teen Abortion: Understanding the Risks

Some liberalists have been at the forefront in advocating for women to be accorded exclusive rights to abort by basing their facts on the premise that abortion is a largely private matter, but their arguments [...]

Sexual and reproductive health

This is considering the fact that the low income people in the society are highly vulnerable to sexual and reproductive health problems.