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Other Medical Specialties Essay Examples and Topics

Anaemia in Pregnant Women and Adolescent Girls

On aetiology, research purpose reaffirms that the cause of anaemia is the deficiency of iron and vitamin A during pregnancy and that predisposing factors such as poor nutrition and inaccessible prenatal care contribute significantly to [...]

Public Health Promotion: Female Genital Mutilation

Socialisation of sexuality is manifested in the assimilation of sexual and social norms, a culture conditioned by sexual education and, the development of attitudes, the kinetics and postures of sexual intercourse and the development of [...]

Endometriosis and Its Etiology

In this way, they can identify the causes of the symptoms. This technique is useful in alleviating pain and reducing the risk of infertility.

Diagnosing and Managing Gynecologic Conditions

This report discusses the primary and differential diagnoses for the condition and suggests possible treatment methods. Differential diagnoses include the following conditions: Polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is a common endocrine disorder that affects up to [...]

Submacular Hemorrhage Treatment

Intravitreal TPA and gas technique relies on the synergy of two symbiotic processes the enzyme-induced lysis of the clot, which is caused by the effects of the TPA, and the use of a gas bubble [...]

Tinea Corporis and Candidiasis Symptoms

Tinea Cruris occurs on the groin and the perineum regions of the body. On the other hand, Tinea Corporis infects all parts of the body except the groin, beard and scalp regions while Tinea Unguium [...]

Endometritis and Endometriosis Symptoms and Care

Endometritis is the irritation or inflammation of the uterus lining or the endometrium, while, on the other hand, endometriosis is the occurrence and unusual implantation of endometrial mucosa in other areas apart from the uterine [...]

Sepsis, Its Treatment, Intervention, and Mortality

Identifying whether the elderly are likely to obtain the most benefit from this intervention, it is significant to find out the possible ways of preventing sepsis, types of infection that may lead to it, the [...]

Treating Conditions of the Eye

Fourth, they should hold the dropper with the other hand close to the eye but not touching it. Then, patients should wipe the excess liquid from around the eye and do the same operation with [...]

Massage Therapy and Labor Outcomes

In the assessment of the effectiveness of massage therapy administered by a registered massage therapist, the study hypothesized the therapy would relieve labor pain and defer the use of epidurals.

Otitis: Difficulties and Types

During the physical exam, the otitis media is seen in the signs of inflammation in the tympanic membrane, bulging in the posterior quadrants of the tympanic membrane, the presence of thick oozing, and pain without [...]

Medical Implants and Their Effects on Life Quality

These controversies revolve around the impacts of the medical implants on the health and the quality of life of patients. Medical implants such as breast and cochlear implants improve the quality of life of those [...]

Radiation Dosimetry Program

The goals are designed to enable a radiation oncology professional to fulfill the mission statement that directs a dosimetrist to impart the requisite skills and necessary knowledge to any graduating student to develop competent skills [...]

Foster-Care Centers and Public Health

Over the past ten years, California spent over $200 million on psychotropic drugs, which is about 70 percent of total foster care drug spending in the US.

The Problems of People with Deafness

Sensorineural deafness is the deafness attributed to a failure of the nervous system. On the other hand, conductive deafness is due to the destruction of fibers transmitting sound to the nervous system.

Interprofessional Healthcare Teamwork

By the end of the six-month period, the physical state of Carla will improve as cases of pneumonia will decrease by about 25%, as a result of the physical therapy, medication therapy, and changes in [...]

Quality of Life Among Osteoarthritis Patients in Makkah

Therefore, this literature review includes sections on the problem of osteoarthritis, epidemiology, risk factors, etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, classification of OA, the related physical functioning and quality of life, as well as methods of OA assessments [...]

Anatomy: the Upper and Lower Limb Muscles

The upper limb: the ventral tissue serves as the site for the development of the flexor group of the shoulder muscles and the entire musculature of the palmar side of the forearm and palm.

Ovarian Cyst, Its Diagnosis and Treatment

The use of oral contraceptives was effective in reducing the incidence of functional cysts. Fritz and Speroff emphasize the importance of high-dose formulations of oral contraceptives to resolve ovarian cysts.

Impact of Obamacare on Women’s Healthcare

This helps in the identification of potential risks to the health of individuals. In addition, it has reduced the amount of money that women pay to access various healthcare services.

Women and Their Bodies: Health Movement

These women were among the first activists of the women's health movement who drew the public's attention to the problem of sexism related to the provision of health services for women.

Organ Donation Myths: Critical Thought

This essay is aimed at subverting three of the most common myths about the subject matter by considering the facts closely, relating them to the values concerning the organ donation, and isolating the issues related [...]

Anatomy of the Human Chest

The heart is located in the middle of the thorax between the lungs and is more inclined to the left below the sternum.

Osteoporosis, Risk Factors, Treatment, & T Score

A young person of 30 years old is as a standard because he/she has optimum bone mineral density, and thus reliable in determining the extent of osteoporosis among individuals Thus, bone mineral density is a [...]

A Research on Cochlear Implant

The microphone receives various sounds from the environment and this is then transmitted to the speech processor which ensures proper selection and arrangement of sound.

Microcytic, Hypochromic Anemia

This paper looks at the direct and indirect impacts of lead deposits on the hemoglobin heights and the resultant effect on the blood levels of the same person.

The Arthritis Definition

The fluid assists in the nourishment of the joint. There are several initiatives in the management of arthritis.

Sickle cell and Anemia

Readers are made aware of the possible courses of action to be taken and similarly the approach used by the researcher to arrive at the problem of the study.

Hydrocephalus in Animals

Hydrocephalus is a nervous system disorder characterized by increased intracranial pressure and enlargement of the head. The disorder is caused by excessive production, defective absorption, and obstruction of flow.

Klinefelter Syndrome in Young Adults

A study by Verri et al shows that 70-80% of XXY males demonstrate language disabilities that are exhibited in terms of delay in onset of first words, acquisition of the main phases of language development [...]

Glaucoma – Preventing and Treating

Dirt that might cause blockage of the flow of fluid from the eye can easily cause the rise of pressure in the eye, thereby leading to risk of contracting glaucoma.

Left Handed Capability of Cross Dominance

Cross dominance is the preference that an individual gives to one side of the body or the other. If a person is left handed in fine motor skills, the ability to have cross dominance is [...]