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Other Medical Specialties Essay Examples and Topics

Impact of Obamacare on Women’s Healthcare

This helps in the identification of potential risks to the health of individuals. In addition, it has reduced the amount of money that women pay to access various healthcare services.

Women and Their Bodies: Health Movement

These women were among the first activists of the women's health movement who drew the public's attention to the problem of sexism related to the provision of health services for women.

Organ Donation Myths: Critical Thought

This essay is aimed at subverting three of the most common myths about the subject matter by considering the facts closely, relating them to the values concerning the organ donation, and isolating the issues related [...]

Anatomy of the Human Chest

The heart is located in the middle of the thorax between the lungs and is more inclined to the left below the sternum.

Osteoporosis, Risk Factors, Treatment, & T Score

A young person of 30 years old is as a standard because he/she has optimum bone mineral density, and thus reliable in determining the extent of osteoporosis among individuals Thus, bone mineral density is a [...]

A Research on Cochlear Implant

The microphone receives various sounds from the environment and this is then transmitted to the speech processor which ensures proper selection and arrangement of sound.

Microcytic, Hypochromic Anemia

This paper looks at the direct and indirect impacts of lead deposits on the hemoglobin heights and the resultant effect on the blood levels of the same person.

The Arthritis Definition

The fluid assists in the nourishment of the joint. There are several initiatives in the management of arthritis.

Sickle cell and Anemia

Readers are made aware of the possible courses of action to be taken and similarly the approach used by the researcher to arrive at the problem of the study.

Hydrocephalus in Animals

Hydrocephalus is a nervous system disorder characterized by increased intracranial pressure and enlargement of the head. The disorder is caused by excessive production, defective absorption, and obstruction of flow.

Klinefelter Syndrome in Young Adults

A study by Verri et al shows that 70-80% of XXY males demonstrate language disabilities that are exhibited in terms of delay in onset of first words, acquisition of the main phases of language development [...]

Glaucoma – Preventing and Treating

Dirt that might cause blockage of the flow of fluid from the eye can easily cause the rise of pressure in the eye, thereby leading to risk of contracting glaucoma.

Left Handed Capability of Cross Dominance

Cross dominance is the preference that an individual gives to one side of the body or the other. If a person is left handed in fine motor skills, the ability to have cross dominance is [...]