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Health IT Essay Examples and Topics

World Health Organization’s Website Tools

The search function on the website allows for simple keyword search and for advanced search, which increases the accuracy of search results.

Queensland Health Information System Implementation

There is a good degree of convergence with the response provided because of the concurrence of the place top management holds in the project design process and their role in supporting the implementation effort.

Healthline and Mayo Clinic: Websites Comparison

Mayoclinic.com is one of the websites that offer information concerning breast cancer, and it is a very popular medical website. On the other hand, the healthline.com website is purely a health care information platform.

Healthcare Information Management Course Reflection

All the topics I chose for the five model assignments were exciting, and I enjoyed working on them with the main focus being to improve my knowledge, skills, and abilities. The five topics that I [...]

University of Malaya Medical Centre’s Innovation

In particular, some of the major challenges that the organization has encountered regarding the implementation of this innovative project were the lack of integration of ICT and the lack of training among the staff expected [...]

Digital Medical Image and Analysis

The readout is the next step; the latent image is scanned by a red light which releases the stored electrons. The image is now in a digital form ready to be displayed.

Patient Personal History Databases in India

Some populations are ready to find a solution to their problems in a short period of time, and some people have to work hard to gather enough information, consider the available examples, and make a [...]

Kinetic Energy Harvester Gait in Health Technology

The authors then speak of trust and attacker models of authentication system, and then present the system architecture of the model used in the research.

Health Information Technology Workflow Assessment

In the organization, it would be possible to apply checklists and interviews simultaneously for the collection of data about how workflows related to the use of the new EHR system is organized.

Medical Errors Reduction Through Information Technology

The goal of this research is to show that information technology may reduce the frequency of medical errors. Medical errors are a serious issue for many hospitals, but they may be reduced in frequency with [...]

Implementation of Change: Encouraging Patient Education

Change is a crucial and inseparable component of high-quality healthcare since it allows a nurse to adjust the ever-changing environment to the needs of a specific population and, thus utilize the available resources to promote [...]

Patient-Centric Healthcare Practices

Since "superbugs" are immune to many antibiotics, the following ICD-10 codes may be regarded as possibly related to these bacterial infections: A49: "bacterial diseases of unspecified site"; B96: "other bacterial agents as the cause of [...]

Role of Metadata in Health IT

The use of this system can guide auditors to extract meaningful information and identify every activity undertaken by physicians throughout the care delivery process. With the use of superior systems, auditors and investigators can be [...]

Master Patient Index’ Research

In line with the PMI standards, the healthcare provider is to focus on the distribution of roles, the organization of meetings, and the establishment of proper risk assessment and testing practices.

Enhancing Sepsis Collaborative: Computer Documentation

The project objectives will include: The creation of a sustainable computer-based sepsis documentation protocol to be used within Northwell Health. An establishment of the project's priority within Northwell Health and, thus, the need for its [...]

Electronic Document and Record Management System in Clinic

However, the reconsideration of the functioning of health units and the implementation of new technologies can be a challenging process because of the need to assess the current state of the facility, its inventory, financial [...]

Principles of Nursing Informatics

Over the last decade, the healthcare environment has seen a transformation of work practices and an explosion in the use of information and communication technologies.

Business Intelligence in Healthcare

The given essay discusses the current benefits of BI and possible breakthroughs in preventative health, which may come about because of the use of such technologies. This may lead to the betterment of health management [...]

Virtual Reality in Healthcare Training

The objective data will be gathered to inform the exploration of the first question, and it will focus on such performance measures as time, volume, and efficiency of task completion; the number of errors pre- [...]

Candida Auris Patient’s Electronic Health Records

Other reasons why Candida Auris is a burden of contemporary healthcare providers is the difficulty in identifying it with the help of standard laboratory tests because it is similar to other Candida species, and, due [...]

Medication Management in Electronic Health Records

Medication management is one of the central processes taking place in the clinical setting, and it is often associated with medical errors that affect patient health outcomes.

Candida Auris and Technology-Based Solution

In case a patient with Candida auris is revealed in a long-term care facility, it is necessary develop an intervention to manage the case and avoid the spread of infection.

Telehealth Tools to Support Family Caregivers

The focus of the scholarly article under consideration is the use of telehealth-based interventions and tools aimed at the improvement of caregivers' outcomes.

Informatics Nurses, Their Roles and Skills

According to the results of a survey published by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society in 2017, the majority of specialists in the field are responsible for system implementation and optimization and work in [...]

Advanced Information Management in Healthcare

First of all, the usability of HIS can be defined as an extent to which physicians and the staff can use the system during their work.

Data Transparency in Healthcare Organizations

The initiative to introduce and improve data transparency to boost BMCA compliance and patient outcomes required education interventions among nurses working in the ED.

Clinical Decision Support System and Medicine Titration Orders

Since the system is aimed to simplify the work of the staff and increase patient safety, clinicians are expected to be interested in its successful implementation and application. Measurement of patient outcomes is necessary to [...]

Electronic Health Record Ambulatory Case

As shown in the case, the primary use of EHR data in outpatient care settings is to promote the continuity of care.

Electronic Health Record and Health Policy

Therefore, it is possible to draft the intentions of the HITECH Act as the creation of prerequisites for innovating health care protocol techniques through the establishment of stable government financing.

Interoperability vs. Health Information Exchange

Therefore, acknowledging the relevance of interoperability when attempting the creation of a medical intelligence network and, conversely, setting the exchange of healthcare information as the goal of interoperability permits devising a powerful knowledge system.

Public Health Informatics

Sepulveda indicates that the field of public health informatics has suffered significantly due to the inability of different professionals to appreciate modern inventions that have the potential to mitigate various health problems.

EHR Systems to Disease and Syndromic Surveillance

Every region embracing the power of such systems in the United States find it easier to respond efficiently to disease outbreaks, support the delivery of high-quality and timely medical services, promote monitoring procedures, and handle [...]

Electronic Health Record Integration as a Change

The focus of this change project is on acute care units where the increased quality of care, patient safety, and efficiency of care are the benefits of EHR that are most significant.

Electronic Health Records and Nursing Attitudes

At the same time, the complexity of the system negatively correlated with the facilities' performance and the quality of the provided services.

Health Informatics in Preventing Infant Mortality

It suffices not to evaluate the gravity of the issue locally; there is a need to build a national network that could be accessed by health practitioners and policymakers.

Data Standards Development in Healthcare

Overall, the absence of data standards can become a hindrance to high-quality care and health research, which highlights the need for them in the field of nursing.

Consumerization and Technology in Healthcare

The time wasted by the medical staff translated to a loss of revenue due to the inefficiency of the care team in service delivery.

The Healthcare Applications Comparison: Cerner vs Wipro

As patients and healthcare providers continue to handle an increasing volume of health information, such as medical histories, clinical laboratory results, care management, and medications, among others, healthcare vendors have focused on developing new health [...]

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Shortening Techniques

The beginning of the MRI era was connected to the discovering of nuclear magnetism. The precession of the nuclei is characterized by the frequency that is proportional to the strength of B0.

The Cochlear Implant and the Deaf Communities

While assessing the arguments of the sides, it might be stated that the reasoning of the opponents of CI makes sense theoretically, but appear to be less effective in practice, especially in comparison to that [...]

Quantitative Research and Electronic Health Records

The aim of this paper is to explore the importance of the appropriateness of quantitative research designs. In order to remove this barrier to the implementation of EHR systems, it is necessary to provide employees [...]

Patient Work Framework in Health Informatics Transformation

The research question that will be reviewed within the framework of the future study revolves around the efficiency of health information technology in terms of improving patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, and the overall quality of [...]

St. Timothy’s Information Healthcare System

The first step that has to be taken to design the system is to analyze the basic structure of continuing care systems and compare it to a method of provision of continuing care services that [...]

Electronic Health Records in a Small Hospital

It has been proven by experience that the process of change is usually unpredictable and fluid; this implies that a nurse facilitator has to be flexible and sensitive to resistance since the success will largely [...]

Electronic Health Record System Implementation

This report aims to discuss the implementation of the electronic health record system in the context of business continuity. The primary task is to implement the EHR system as it provides "efficient and real-time services [...]

Ethical Violations of Health Care Technologies

First, it is necessary to explain to patients the importance of the current system and demonstrate its security mechanisms. The best-case scenario is the improvement of the current system.

Communication and Information Technologies in Health Care

For an organization to be able to enjoy the benefits of such technologies, it is necessary to research all the available options and select the most suitable technologies for every specific type of work and [...]

CareCloud: Electronic Health Record

However, the cloud-based EHR is associated with a similar level of data security as regular storing systems and strives to ensure a high level of privacy and confidentiality for its customers and to minimize the [...]

Electronic Health Information Technology Implementation

In my organization, a lengthy period of planning, a feasibility check, and analysis took place prior to the initiation of some practical stages of the project such as the implementation, testing, and maintenance.

Electronic Health Records: Implementation Challenges

It is possible to start the implementation by training staff members to use the technology or by preparing the existing systems for the integration and adjustments.

Knowledge Management: Data Sources in Medicine

The decision-making in the infection and control programme is highly influenced since a lot of time is spent on analysis and surveillance to avoid wrong assessment of information and conclusions There is a continuous decrease [...]

Harnett County Public Health IT Department

Strahan explained that the decision to purchase PDQ came from the need to update specific pieces of software, or remotely update the software on their employee's software in a more efficient manner.

Health Informatics in the United States

The following paper aims at reviewing the main directions of projects that are made possible with the new discipline and identifying the practices involving health informatics used by Cobb and Douglas Public Health organization.

Telehealth: New Methodologies

Namely, the researchers find that the telehealth models can adequately support the primary care practices and reduce the pharmacy and medical costs of the treatments, reduce the number of admissions to the hospital; in addition, [...]

Technology and Healthcare Ethics: Machine Learning

Programmers and pioneers of machine learning must, therefore, be on the frontline to consider emerging ethical issues that can affect a patient's autonomy throughout the medical care delivery process.

Impact of Technology on Healthcare Ethics

The first area of consideration is the technical capability of robots to perform the functions necessary for the delivery of care with a level of quality sufficient for ensuring adequate safety. Further research and development [...]

SAP Implementation in a Hospital

To unveil the reasons behind the success of this implementation, this paper addresses such aspects as major peculiarities of the process of implementation, challenges, driving forces and restraining forces to the change, factors contributing to [...]

The Technology Impact on Health Care Ethics

Machine learning, which is an evolving aspect of artificial intelligence, is a potentially revolutionary development in improving health care technology but requires an ethical set of standards to maintain the safety and privacy of patients. [...]

Diabetes: Treatment Technology and Billing

For instance, Kennedy, Runge, and Brown state that existing and future devices give patients an opportunity to send the gathered information to their smartphones and computers, which then can be shown to physicians and medical [...]

Risk Management in Healthcare Outsourcing Services

The study engaged a qualitative research approach to investigate, for the purpose of better service delivery, how to manage operational risks that arise due to the outsourcing of IT services, and why such risks happen.

3d Printed Heart: Current Situation and Future

Lee and Dai attributed the probability of the success of 3D technology to the materials used since they support the cellular components during and after bioprinting procedures.

Current Procedural Terminology in US Healthcare

The codes that belong to Category II are used to supplements the codes from Category I. Such codes have four digits and the letter F in the end, and it is used to provide valuable [...]

Patient Privacy and Mobile Devices in Healthcare

The use of text messaging to communicate patient information is of particular concern with regards to the issue of privacy and confidentiality in healthcare settings because more than 70% of healthcare providers use text messaging [...]

Clinical Information System Design

The following project will observe the scope of the problem along with its causes and will provide the IT solution applicable to the needs of both patients and health care providers.

Healthcare Database, Its Purpose and Implementation

The aim of the proposed database is to attain the significant improvement of the efficiency of the healthcare sector and contribute to the reconsideration of the existing approach towards the data collection and cooperation with [...]

Disruptive Healthcare Innovation

The use of ATP therefore does not require any special equipment, and it can be stated that there is no need for the development of special equipment and it can reduce the costs of implementation [...]

The Value of Health IT Investment

Considering the value of investments that are to be made by the Southeast Medical Center, it is possible to note that the offered Electronic Health Record system focuses on timely and coordinated health care reports.

Coding and Documentation in Healthcare

Another issue that needs to be highlighted is that the level of understanding of coding is not sufficient because health care professionals do not understand that it makes the process of documentation much easier.

Technological Improvements in Nursing Practice

Moreover, the field of nursing has also experienced a major transformation in nursing practices as a result of the development in technology around the world. The increase in population in the country calls for the [...]

Virtual Reality in Military Health Care

The purpose of the research is to identify the capabilities of VR and its applications in military health care. This study will explore the current uses of VR, its different functionalities, applications in the field [...]

Nursing Informatics and Telehealth: Pros & Cons

This is especially true for community and public health nursing that is characterized by the use of big data, extensive communication, collaboration, as well as the need to mind the geographical locations of patients.

Health Information Technology Job in Hospital

With this in mind, it is possible to conclude that the work of a HIT specialist is very important and influences the functioning of the whole hospital greatly.

Private Mobile Devices in Healthcare Workplaces

Experimental confirmation of the study hypothesis will determine the success of the application of the scientific method to the problem-solving. The basis of the theoretical assumption of this research is the results of the study [...]

Advance Directives in Nursing Informatics

In addition, it is also observed that in healthcare settings, there are instances of creating and collecting redundant information about patients. The aim of the information collection was to ensure that care providers did not [...]

Infection Control: Database Plan’ Guidelines

In the context of patient care, it is one of the major strategies for the prevention of healthcare-associated infections among health care consumers and hospital staff members. In the context of standard infection control, the [...]

Nursing Informatic Position Description

The responsibilities adhere to the first Overarching Standard of Practice for the NI specialist, which includes the incorporation of theories and concepts from appropriate sciences into informatics practice.

Nursing Informatics: Scope and Standards of Practice

Moreover, the most important of them could be characterized by the increased level of attention given to them and the usage of various technologies to improve the outcomes and attain a significant increase in the [...]

Light Medical Center: Innovative Solutions

However, Light Medical Center realized that CAC did not facilitate workflow and the focused shifted to coding rather than reinforcing and supporting clinical identification of errors as expected. The CDI failed to benefit the facility, [...]

Networks and Programming in Nursing

Overall, it will enhance the quality of the processes and ensure their continuous flow, but it should be a central focus of this profession.

Electronic Health Records in Nursing

As a result, the main thing that I would like to check and improve in our information system is secure because I want to guarantee the safety of my patients' information.

Video as an Instructional Media for Operating Room Staff

The purpose of this paper is to provide a plan for the resolution of the problem of operating room staff resistance to the implementation of video-based instructional and educational programs.

Health Information Technology Strategic Planning

Consequently, the primary goal of this paper is to assess the impact of different types of applications such as ERP systems and e-Health on the overall functioning of the healthcare organization.

Technical Standards in Nursing Informatics

The practice of the nursing informatics standards is important in nursing practice as it allows nurses to effectively integrate information science and nursing science in communicating and managing health-related information and data.

Anchor Hospital’s Telemedicine Services

In fact, for telemedicine, it is important to inform patients that this service is offered, and also about the kind of medical services that the hospital offers remotely.

Ethics and Safety in Nursing Informatics

It is suggested that, first of all, nurses need to inform patients about the type of the accumulated data that may be disclosed and with whom it can be shared prior the beginning of the [...]

Electronic Health Record Technology: Swimlane Diagram

Therefore, the objective of this paper is to make an attempt to understand and assess one of the processes commonly conducted in an ordinary health-care facility and improve it, representing the major steps related to [...]

The Practice Fusion E-Prescribing System

The major part of the prescribing process happens in the setting where paper prescriptions are used the most often, so this kind of public-based background embraces the biggest outlooks for e-prescribing to be attained.

Allscripts Sunrise Software Usability Assessment

The following paper attempts to illustrate the importance of usability assessment of the EHR software by using the example of Allsripts Sunrise clinical platform.

Health IT at the US Department of Veterans Affairs

Much of the discussion has been on the recording of health data in a safe and secure manner. Despite the success observed by the department, one cannot be oblivious to the limitations of the system.

Clinical Information Systems’ Scheduled Downtimes

That is why it is critical to take steps, which would help avoid the negative consequences of planned downtimes and guaranteeing adequate access to needed information.

Health Informatics: Data, Knowledge and Information

These essentials are organized in a hierarchy, with data at the lowest level of the classification providing the foundation for defining the information and sequentially leading to the probable fostering of knowledge.