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Health IT Essay Examples and Topics

Electronic Health Records in a Small Hospital

It has been proven by experience that the process of change is usually unpredictable and fluid; this implies that a nurse facilitator has to be flexible and sensitive to resistance since the success will largely [...]

Electronic Health Record System Implementation

This report aims to discuss the implementation of the electronic health record system in the context of business continuity. The primary task is to implement the EHR system as it provides "efficient and real-time services [...]

CareCloud: Electronic Health Record

However, the cloud-based EHR is associated with a similar level of data security as regular storing systems and strives to ensure a high level of privacy and confidentiality for its customers and to minimize the [...]

Knowledge Management: Data Sources in Medicine

The decision-making in the infection and control programme is highly influenced since a lot of time is spent on analysis and surveillance to avoid wrong assessment of information and conclusions There is a continuous decrease [...]

Harnett County Public Health IT Department

Strahan explained that the decision to purchase PDQ came from the need to update specific pieces of software, or remotely update the software on their employee's software in a more efficient manner.

Health Informatics in the United States

The following paper aims at reviewing the main directions of projects that are made possible with the new discipline and identifying the practices involving health informatics used by Cobb and Douglas Public Health organization.

Telehealth: New Methodologies

Namely, the researchers find that the telehealth models can adequately support the primary care practices and reduce the pharmacy and medical costs of the treatments, reduce the number of admissions to the hospital; in addition, [...]

Impact of Technology on Healthcare Ethics

The first area of consideration is the technical capability of robots to perform the functions necessary for the delivery of care with a level of quality sufficient for ensuring adequate safety. Further research and development [...]

SAP Implementation in a Hospital

To unveil the reasons behind the success of this implementation, this paper addresses such aspects as major peculiarities of the process of implementation, challenges, driving forces and restraining forces to the change, factors contributing to [...]

The Technology Impact on Health Care Ethics

Machine learning, which is an evolving aspect of artificial intelligence, is a potentially revolutionary development in improving health care technology but requires an ethical set of standards to maintain the safety and privacy of patients. [...]

Diabetes: Treatment Technology and Billing

For instance, Kennedy, Runge, and Brown state that existing and future devices give patients an opportunity to send the gathered information to their smartphones and computers, which then can be shown to physicians and medical [...]

Patient Privacy and Mobile Devices in Healthcare

The use of text messaging to communicate patient information is of particular concern with regards to the issue of privacy and confidentiality in healthcare settings because more than 70% of healthcare providers use text messaging [...]

Clinical Information System Design

The following project will observe the scope of the problem along with its causes and will provide the IT solution applicable to the needs of both patients and health care providers.

Healthcare Database, Its Purpose and Implementation

The aim of the proposed database is to attain the significant improvement of the efficiency of the healthcare sector and contribute to the reconsideration of the existing approach towards the data collection and cooperation with [...]

Disruptive Healthcare Innovation

The use of ATP therefore does not require any special equipment, and it can be stated that there is no need for the development of special equipment and it can reduce the costs of implementation [...]

The Value of Health IT Investment

Considering the value of investments that are to be made by the Southeast Medical Center, it is possible to note that the offered Electronic Health Record system focuses on timely and coordinated health care reports.

Coding and Documentation in Healthcare

Another issue that needs to be highlighted is that the level of understanding of coding is not sufficient because health care professionals do not understand that it makes the process of documentation much easier.

Technological Improvements in Nursing Practice

Moreover, the field of nursing has also experienced a major transformation in nursing practices as a result of the development in technology around the world. The increase in population in the country calls for the [...]

Virtual Reality in Military Health Care

The purpose of the research is to identify the capabilities of VR and its applications in military health care. This study will explore the current uses of VR, its different functionalities, applications in the field [...]

Nursing Informatics and Telehealth: Pros & Cons

This is especially true for community and public health nursing that is characterized by the use of big data, extensive communication, collaboration, as well as the need to mind the geographical locations of patients.

Private Mobile Devices in Healthcare Workplaces

Experimental confirmation of the study hypothesis will determine the success of the application of the scientific method to the problem-solving. The basis of the theoretical assumption of this research is the results of the study [...]

Advance Directives in Nursing Informatics

In addition, it is also observed that in healthcare settings, there are instances of creating and collecting redundant information about patients. The aim of the information collection was to ensure that care providers did not [...]

Infection Control: Database Plan’ Guidelines

In the context of patient care, it is one of the major strategies for the prevention of healthcare-associated infections among health care consumers and hospital staff members. In the context of standard infection control, the [...]

Nursing Informatic Position Description

The responsibilities adhere to the first Overarching Standard of Practice for the NI specialist, which includes the incorporation of theories and concepts from appropriate sciences into informatics practice.

Light Medical Center: Innovative Solutions

However, Light Medical Center realized that CAC did not facilitate workflow and the focused shifted to coding rather than reinforcing and supporting clinical identification of errors as expected. The CDI failed to benefit the facility, [...]

Electronic Health Records in Nursing

As a result, the main thing that I would like to check and improve in our information system is secure because I want to guarantee the safety of my patients' information.

Technical Standards in Nursing Informatics

The practice of the nursing informatics standards is important in nursing practice as it allows nurses to effectively integrate information science and nursing science in communicating and managing health-related information and data.

Ethics and Safety in Nursing Informatics

It is suggested that, first of all, nurses need to inform patients about the type of the accumulated data that may be disclosed and with whom it can be shared prior the beginning of the [...]

The Practice Fusion E-Prescribing System

The major part of the prescribing process happens in the setting where paper prescriptions are used the most often, so this kind of public-based background embraces the biggest outlooks for e-prescribing to be attained.

Ransomware in Computerized Medical Systems

Indeed, one would think that due to the sensitivity and importance of the information stored in digital medical records, hospitals would implement strict security measures to protect its systems from ransomware.

Mobile Computing Technology for Patients

Other advantages of mobile computing technology include the capacity to enhance the quality of healthcare, capacity to enable patients to manage their health with much ease, and the capacity to minimize the cost of care [...]

Lorenzo Regional Care for Care Management

Probably, the civilization of people will initiate the desires and reasons for the services to the people. Therefore, the costs will reduce due to the economies of scale or the customers will be satisfied due [...]

The National Programme for IT in the NHS

According to Heldman, defining project control for this project is very important in enhancing the success of this project. The top management of the National Health Service should be responsible for the controls in this [...]

IT Programme and Lorenzo Patient Record Systems

This report focuses on the application of appropriate project methodologies and concepts for a critical review of the National IT Programme in the NHS. The project was initiated by the Department of Health, which was [...]

Lorenzo Software: National IT Programme in the NHS

The case study shows that challenges characterised the implementation of the National IT Programme by the NHS because of lack of adequate expertise on the project management knowledge areas. This situation indicated the existence of [...]

Medical Laboratory Information Centralization

Generally, "laboratory informatics comprises the theoretical and practical aspects of information processing and communication, based on knowledge and experience derived from processes in the laboratory and employing the methods and technology of computer systems".

Certified Health IT Product List Website

After reviewing the certifications given in the CPHL website, it is recommended that one should go to the website of the individual companies to get further clarification about the products.

Wireless Ecg – Heartbeat Measuring Device

The gadget has been devised in such a way that it notifies the users of any looming complications such as heart attacks, and assessing the heartbeat of the user and comparing the measurements with the [...]

Implementation of Electronic Medical Records

The system will help in providing solution to the challenge of dealing with integrated healthcare delivery by providing detailed, reliable and accessible timely information on patient health status across the medical field whether in primary [...]

Impact of Technology on Healthcare Services

This chapter will highlight some of the important milestones in the health sector in relation to health technology. The benefits of the spending will be weighed against the efficacy of the technology in this chapter.

NYS Office of Mental Health

This gives the company monopoly as it is the sole provider of data and information related to mental health in NYS. With the latest advancement in technology and the presence of computer geeks, the information [...]

Consumerization in Healthcare

This would be due to the fact that the management teams of various organizations in the sector would use a central platform to store data that would be accessed by patients to make critical decisions [...]

Technology Prioritization

The objective of the information flow model is to develop a full view of the information ecosystem of the healthcare organization.

Information systems in Health Care

Consequently, information systems have become very crucial in the health care sector given that they have the ability of improving the quality of health care that patients receive.

Mobile Computing

With the use of mobile computing devices, patients are in a position to monitor the progress of their condition unlike when one is visiting a hospital and does not rely on mobile computing because in [...]

Implementing Telemedicine Technology

The Case Presentation is a tool for medical practitioners and used to support the features of human ideas and communication, and this helps the consultants to have an inclusive, explicative, and associative image of a [...]

Too Far Ahead of the IT Curve?

Another challenge which Peachtree Healthcare is faced with is the fact that the company to be contracted is still young in the business and has no record of previous services offered elsewhere.

Healthcare Information systems

Lack of relevant system-wide healthcare Information technology causes significant expenses that come in the form of the increased number of the workforce and wasted time.

Electronic Medical Records

While EMR refers to the whole system comprising the hardware, software and the medical information in it, the information relating to a specific patient comprises the Personal Health Information component of the system.