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Pharmacology Essay Examples and Topics

The Quality of Services in Pharmacy

It was also imperative to do this in order to assess and evaluate pharmacy staff and how they were attending to patients and other visitors.
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New Malaria Cure: Ethical Issues

By investing less expensively in the research and development of the new drug, the company will also be able to develop effective and less expensive medication for many malaria patients worldwide Drug research involves the [...]
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Vyvanse – ADD/ADHD Medicine Company Analysis

It is produced by Shire and New River Pharmaceuticals in its inactive form which has to undergo digestion in the stomach and through the first-pass metabolic effect in the liver into L-lysine, an amino acid [...]
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Pricing AIDS Drugs Sold to Developing Countries

The majority of the world's HIV/AIDS cases are in Africa particularly the sub-Saharan and many of the infected have been faced with a huge challenge to live a normal life due to limitations in access [...]
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Methamphetamine: About the Drug

During World War II, Methamphetamine and amphetamine were taken by the pilots keep them awake to due to the long flights and also to the soldiers for alertness.
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Current Issues in Psychopharmacology

It is proven by scholars that medications, psychotropic chemicals, and drugs influence the human brain and affect the processes that take place in it, thus altering the human reactions to the processes of the surrounding [...]
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Nociceptors and Body’s Pain Perception

Therefore, nociceptors determine duration of pain and the more they are, the longer the duration that a person experiences pain. However, majority of pain receptors are found in the skin and therefore detection of pain [...]
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Walgreens in the Competitive Pharmacy Workplace

It has also operating a network of more than 5,500 branches in forty-seven states, and the number will soon increase as the company is still working on opening more branches every day, making it one [...]
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Release of Xcytrin and Lutrin

This is because if we assume the approval of this drug by the FDA, in 2002 its usage would be expected in 2% of the 170,000 radiation treatments for brain metastases in the United States.
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Hypertension Physiology and Medications

An analysis of their mechanisms is given whereby I explained that while ACE inhibitors and ARB's were similar in terms of inhibiting the effect of angiotensin II, they differ in terms of the blockage of [...]
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Benzodiazepines as a Psychotropic Drug

This leads to an increase in membrane polarization and inhibition of neurons Benzodiazepines act by amplifying the frequency of ion channel openings, thereby enhancing the function of GABA.
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Ecstasy: Mechanism of Action & Clinical Applications

In higher doses, MDMA prevents the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine by binding directly to the transporters. The next important aspect is the side effects and problems related to the abuse of MDMA.
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Tysabri Medication: Development, Marketing and Distribution.

Tysabri is the medication used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, "TYSABRI is indicated as monotherapy for the treatment of patients with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis to delay the accumulation of physical disability and [...]
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Pharmacology: Herbal Therapy with Ginkgo

Alzheimer's disease is a neurological disorder as its pathophysiology is strongly believed to originate from the aberrations in the central nervous system due to the detection of markers in the brain tissue from the patients.
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Panax Ginseng for Diabetes Treatment

The main objective of the research is to compare the effectiveness of the herb with western medicines in the treatment of diabetes by investigating the right dosage.
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Justified Drug Prices in the United States

Thesis: It is often debated whether the high cost of drugs in the United States is justified or not; the high cost of drugs in the United States is totally justified when one considers the [...]
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Stem Cell Research: Some Pros and Cons

The science of stem cell treatments, potentially as or more significant than these other innovations, is beginning a new stage of exploration and growth that could be the forerunner of unprecedented cures and therapies.
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Steroid Abuse Can Lead to Serious Health Hazards

Loss of control over the amount of steroids used, preoccupation with continued use, development of tolerance, and the use of steroids to avoid or control withdrawal symptoms are part of anabolic steroid dependence.
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Small Medical Business in Third World Countries

To identify the health care problems specifically in expensive medications, in a sample of person who have been in the third world countries. To identify the traditional and herbal medicines that enhances the small business [...]
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Maraviroc: FDA Approved Drug

The paper will cover how the mechanisms correspond to the biological activity, side effects, utility, and the experience with HIV aids patients.
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Psychoactive Drugs and Their Effect on the Brain

The prevalence of these mental impairments emphasizes the importance of the research and development of the most effective treatment methods capable of eliminating not only the symptoms but also the causes of a disorder.
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Baclofen (Lioresal) and Cerebral Diseases

It is a -B receptor agonist and proceed on the pre- and postsynaptic deadly of main fibres of the spinal string to decrease the release of amino acids and to aggravate their events.
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Drug Absorption and Intestinal Components

Among the factors that can affect the absorption process are the ways the drug is designed and manufactured, its physical and chemical properties and the physiological characteristics of the person taking the drug.
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Blood Thinner Heparin and Related Risks

In examining the allegations, it has been determined that all of the Heparin which was linked to the deaths of the patients consisted of active ingredients which were obtained from a Chinese plant.
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CMS Guidelines for Long Term Care

However, if a patient's condition does not respond to a medication or deteriorate despite the treatment, the drug is to be discontinued or the dose altered, disregarding GDR.
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Medication and Test Prescription by Nurses

It will ensure that there will be full adherence to the treatment, but if a patient cannot afford the medication, nurses should provide the most effective treatment for the patient's financial situation.
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Gout. Medication Treatment and Adherence

Gout is a disease characterized by acute pain and the swelling and redness of the affected articulations. For this purpose, it will give an overview of the disease, discuss treatment principles, and consider pharmacological treatment [...]
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Hormone Replacement Therapy Definition

If it is a woman with menopause, then the severity of the symptoms may signal the need to initiate HRT. Therefore, HRT should be administered on the basis of thorough investigation and elimination of all [...]
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The Concept of Antimicrobial Agents

The effects of other organisms on the human body lead to a variety of infectious conditions. Viral and bacterial infections differ because of their initiators; antibiotics can be utilized to kill bacteria but do not [...]
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SBIRT Screening for Opioid Abuse

The steps a nurse needs to take to evaluate a patient's physical and mental state are similar to those taken in the case of any other type of substance abuse.
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Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

Drug resistance crisis severely impacts the quality of services, and it is the responsibility of healthcare providers to reduce the misuse of antibiotics and prevent medication mistakes through education.
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Valerian Herb for Psychiatric Symptoms Care

Even though there is a limited amount of evidence for the use of valerian to treat the conditions mentioned above, acknowledgment of the matter is beneficial for understanding the possible use of the herb.
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Systems Pharmacology Among Viruses and Bacteria

The release of and receptors causes the increase of blood pressure. Such sympathetically acting drugs as prazosin and phenoxybenzamine block the release of and receptors and, thus, decrease blood pressure.
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Off-Label Drug Use in Pediatrics

The off-label drug is the prescription of medication to populations such as pediatrics in dosages that are extrapolated from the standard label recommendations for adults.
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Type 2 Diabetes and Drug Treatments

After type 2 diabetes is detected, the drug therapy can start with Metformin, a medication that lowers glucose production and increases the sensitivity of the body to insulin.
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Musculoskeletal Disorders: Pharmacotherapy

Female gender is one of the risk factors for developing fibromyalgia, and this aspect also affects the way women respond to medications used for the condition's treatment.
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Suicide and Bipolar Disorder: Medical Treatment

Still, the possibility to reduce the risks of suicides among people is the achieved outcome that makes physicians and psychiatrists choose this medication. This drug helps to reduce the frequency and severity of mood changes [...]
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Monopolizing Medicines?

Although the student's concerns are valid, it may be difficult to implement laws and regulations that oblige pharmaceutical companies to make the life-saving drugs affordable to millions of people who require them as such a [...]
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Morphine and Diazepam Analysis

Among the short-term psychological effects of morphine, one can distinguish the feeling of euphoria and decreased sense of anxiety or panic. These are the main impacts of this drug.
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The Psychotropic Medications Use Among Children

The paper will review various articles to analyze the contributing factors based on the pediatric psychopharmacology literature that explores the increased awareness of various health issues among children and the establishment of intervention measures that [...]
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  • Words: 4144

Psychopharmacology and Its Principles and Issues

Such principles are relevant in the field of psychology since psychiatrists are able to administer drugs to patients effectively. It is vivid that the dangers associated with abusing prescription drugs are similar to those of [...]
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Pharmaceutical Industry, Its History and Future

As the popularity and income of the pharmaceutical industry grew, pharmaceutical firms began forming partnerships with laboratories and research groups in order to expedite the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones.
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Political Influence of the Drug Industry

One of the significant benefits resulting from the provisions was that there were no external agencies or companies such as Medicare allowed to influence drug prices since the legislation prohibited the act.
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Interventions to Improve Quality of Care

This paper aims to study the case of Lanesha Johnson to observe the influence of cultural, social, and emotional factors on her medication non-adherence and to develop questions and interventions which might help to improve [...]
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Amphetamines and Their Effects on Memory

The scope of the problem of stimulant abuse is quite important in nowadays medicine since the application of amphetamine is not explored in an in-depth manner.
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  • Words: 5584

Levocarnitine: Properties and Application

The use of levocarnitine and l-acetylcarnitine has several benefits including improvement of the motor, cognitive and behavioral functioning. A study with a high dose l-carnitine treatment in a transgenic mouse model of Huntington's disease demonstrated [...]
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  • Words: 1191

Tricyclic Antidepressants for Back Pain Treatment

Some of the common medications used in the treatment of depression and back pain are antidepressants. However, data on the effectiveness of SSRIs in the treatment of depression and back pain is inconsistent.
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  • Words: 297

Primary Care Providers Treating Opiate Addiction

The current evidence presents several ways to stratify and minimize patient risk of opioid addiction, among which one may enumerate utilization of primary care providers, patient-centered delivery of opioid pain therapy, continuous monitoring, education, and [...]
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  • Words: 618

Antipsychotic Medications for the Elderly

Benzodiazepines produce a mostly positive effect on older adult patients with psychiatric issues, yet dosage should be verified carefully due to the threat of patients developing a dependency on the specified type of medications; Slow [...]
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  • Words: 340

Pharmacology: HIV Drug Resistance

The focus of this study was to investigate the possible causes of the resistance, its prevalence, and ways of dealing with the problem.
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  • Words: 5619

The UAE Population: Xenical and Weight Loss

The main variables observed in this study will be the following: the efficiency of Xenical for weight loss in the UAE populations and the preferences linked to the use of Xenical compared to other medications [...]
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  • Words: 1091

Xenical and Weight Loss in the UAE Population

The hypotheses are the following: The effectiveness of Xenical is seen as sufficient by the population of the UAE. The effectiveness of Xenical is seen as insufficient by the same population.
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  • Words: 862

China’s Pharmaceutical Research Internationalization

In order to reduce the negative impact of the increased control of the US government over the pharmaceutical industry, big companies have offshored their clinical research and trial activities to China and other emerging economies.
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  • Words: 1130

Medicalization of Hyperhidrosis in Media

As for the particular factors that may be regarded as important when it comes to the medicalization of this condition, it is necessary to mention that a lot of people experiencing excessive sweating have increased [...]
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  • Words: 1461

Parkinsonism: Future Clinical Modalities and Drugs

Since the cases of Parkinsonism symptoms development as a result of using some medications are numerous, scientists are constantly working on the improvement of the techniques employed in the treatment of Parkinsonism and Parkinson's disease.
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  • Words: 873

Glomerulonephritis in Paramedic Pharmacology

A recent clinical trial involving a comparison of Rituximab and IV cyclophosphamide initiation in patients with severe symptoms found that the former has fewer side effects but comparable efficacy to the latter.
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  • Words: 1673

Anti-Atherogenic Actions of Thymoquinone

However, the modern era of atherosclerosis has focused on the inflammatory process and the proliferation of smooth muscle cells in the arterial intima as a nidus for forming atherosclerotic plaques. The injury to the arterial [...]
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  • Words: 5518

Prescribing Psychotropic Medications to Children

First and most obvious, the enhancement of the quality standards can be carried out by the manager so that the prescription of psychotropic medication should be provided in the cases that actually need the application [...]
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  • Words: 1174

Generic Drugs and Prices in the United States

Generic drugs are approved by the FDA in the US only if they have the same active ingredients and require to be given in the same dosage and through the same mode of administration as [...]
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  • Words: 1374

Medication Administration and Patient Safety

Thus, drug labeling is the policy of medications, solutions, and container labeling which might lead to reducing the rate of medication errors in the nurse's practice. Medication labeling policy might be helpful to reduce the [...]
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  • Words: 577

Pharmacists’ Communication Skills

Speaking about the particular communication skills that are essential for the specialist, it is important to remember about the pharmacist's ability to concentrate on the specific needs of the client.
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  • Words: 884

Direct Marketing Pharmaceuticals Effects

The company had to provide a summary of the side effects of the product in published advertisements, and only the major risks of the drug in broadcast commercials.
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  • Words: 1184

Racial Differences in Clinical Treatment

The racial differences in the response to different drugs should be taken into account when prescribing medications and treatments, for instance, if the potential risk and impact of side effects may be crucial.
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  • Words: 242

Medication Errors in the Public Health

It is as a result of this fact that numerous precautions and measures have been put in place to ensure that the overall health of the public is guaranteed.
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  • Words: 2822

Medication Therapy Management

Second, there is the need for pharmacists to understand that MTM will significantly increase the utilization of the healthcare services at the IDN and subsequently reduce the costs related to traditional care provision where physicians [...]
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  • Words: 1103

Acetaminophen Use and Drug Regulation in the US

The writer of the article as well informs the consumers of the fatal liver damage caused by acetaminophen overdose. According to this article, most of the patients are ignorant on the content of acetaminophen contained [...]
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  • Words: 602

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug

The additional benefit is that they are allowed to be used not only by adult people; the treatment with the use of NSAIDs is also possible for children.
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  • Words: 859

Pharmacist’s Oath, Ethics, and Cultural Competence

In this paper, the rationale for cultural competence will be discussed in terms of two documents, the Oath of a Pharmacist and the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists, to explain their roles and the behavior [...]
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  • Words: 552

Ophthalmic Drops & Ointments and Age Considerations

When instilling ophthalmic suppositories, the patients should not touch the tip of the medicine flask or tube to the eye. The latter is done in order to evade the transmission of bacteria to the medicine [...]
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  • Words: 564

Pharmacology: Statistical Thinking in Health Care

When a prescription is carefully chosen to be given out, the pharmacy structure will show the pharmacists the provisioning event that has been pre-accomplished on the base of the prescription facts.
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  • Words: 1169

Nursing Care Priorities: Juan Carlos’ Case

In the presented case of a diabetic foot ulcer, part of nursing care planning work is identifying connections among various elements of the patient's treatments, such as pathophysiological patient experiences, causes and risk factors, and [...]
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  • Words: 310

The Rise of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

The main question to be addressed in the current paper is whether the advantages obtained from trade with Indian pharmaceutical industry outnumber the losses for the US and other countries.
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  • Words: 2775

Valproic Acid as a Psychopharmacological Treatment

Valproic acid, also known as Depakote can be regarded as a form of medication that is suitable for treating bipolar disorder that is characterized by significant shifts in the mood. This is one of the [...]
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  • Words: 543

Ethical Challenges in Developing Drugs for Psychiatric

For instance, one of the daunting questions is whether it is, in fact, reasonable and rational from both the scientific and ethical points of view to prescribe medication to children that were tested on the [...]
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  • Words: 340

Resistance to Antibiotics

Medical personnel argue that some of the patients fail to take the full dosage due to ignorance; a case that will aggravate the patient's susceptibility due to the overall resistance in the long run.
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  • Words: 850

Sunitinib Drug: Efficacy and Safety

The incremental cost-effectiveness ratio for the use of Sunitinib as a treatment option is the ratio of the change in the cost for administering this treatment compared to other treatment alternatives to the change in [...]
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  • Words: 580

Spurring Socially Beneficial Pharmaceutical Innovation in Canada

The significance of patents in the pharmaceutical industry arises from the capital-intensive nature of the process. In spite of the extensive investment in research and development in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry, considerable gaps exist with [...]
  • Pages: 10
  • Words: 2779

Vaccines and Autism: Separating Facts from Fiction

The advocacy groups say that thimerosal, a preservative used in vaccines, is toxic to the central nervous system and responsible for an alarming rise in rates of autism among children in the United States and [...]
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  • Words: 587

The Placebo Drugs Controversy

However, it is important to note that this drug has a role to play in the process of offering patients medical assistance.
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  • Words: 833

Biologic Drug Clinical Trials – Pharmacology

A clinical trial involves four stages, which must all be passed to prove that a biologic drug is safe to use and produces good biological effects. The clinical phases and considerations in each phase are [...]
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  • Words: 4053

Are Drug Prices Being Set Ethically?

The efficiency and justifiability of drug pricing in the pharmaceutical industry are exposed to continuous controversy. According to the statistic indications, billions of dollars are invested in pharmaceutical research and the development of the novel [...]
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  • Words: 557

Misuse of Steroids

Therefore, there is a need to forbid the use of steroids when not prescribed medically. Thesis Statement - The use of steroids is necessary for athletes' recovery.
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  • Words: 604

The Real Causes of Autism

However, the main problem is that this association or correlation does not imply that autism is triggered by a vaccine. This is the main argument that can be put forward.
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  • Words: 569

Medical Marijuana California: theunioncollective.org

The physicians should also do a periodic review of the treatment and how the patients respond to the medical marijuana. The medical marijuana is only restricted to patients who are qualified and recommended by a [...]
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  • Words: 2549

Treating Psychotic Disorders

Mellaril is highly effective to treat the schizophrenia symptoms, but the treatment can be changed in order to meet the patient's interests and reduce the possible side effects. The atypical antipsychotic medications can be effective [...]
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  • Words: 576

Drug Abuse and Medicaid Program

The emergence of alcohol and drug abuse as a problem and the intensification of people with mental health problems, have exposed the society to the likelihood of involvement of the population in substance abuse.
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  • Words: 3113

Abuse of Using Drug Medicine in UAE

With this in mind, it is possible to analyse UAE in order to see state of affairs in this country and have a look at the problem of drug addiction.
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  • Words: 575

Methamphetamine Addiction and Prevention

In the discussion of the paper, addiction implies problematic utilization of methamphetamine despite the partial or full awareness of its negative implications on the health of its abusers.
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  • Words: 2776

Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The supporters and opponents of the legalization of marijuana have opted to focus on either the positive or the negative aspects of the effects of the drug to support their views on policies to legalize [...]
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  • Words: 563