Pharmacology Essay Examples and Topics

Clinical Trials Concepts and Methodologies – Pharmacology

Introduction The termination of a trial due to the adverse effects of a drug or agent is one of the most important aspects of clinical studies on drugs and drug agents. Known as a trial “close out,” the procedure of terminating a clinical trial is the act of ensuring that all the activities related to […]

Misuse of Steroids

Introduction This persuasive speech purposes at persuading my esteemed audience that it is extremely easy to acquire steroids. It is necessary that measures are taken to avoid nonmedical use. In my view, utilising steroids is an underestimation to the natural talent, and an abuse as well. It is worth pointing out that steroids are permitted […]

The Real Causes of Autism

At present, the causes of autism have not been accurately determined. This question still remains a subject of many studies. However, there are many stereotypes and misconceptions about this issue. In particular, one should discuss the belief that vaccination leads to this neural disorder. On the whole, it is possible to argue that this concern […]

Medical Marijuana California:

Medical Marijuana Program was established by the Medical Marijuana California to provide a voluntary medical identification card and register qualified patients and caregivers. The web based program allows the law enforcers to access and verify the validity of the patients possessing the registered card. These cards allow qualified patients and caretakers to be in possession […]

Treating Psychotic Disorders

Schizophrenia belongs to the category of mental illnesses, and it is characterized by hallucinations, delusions, and problems with behaviour. Typical and atypical (newer) antipsychotic medications are used to treat the cases of schizophrenia. Antipsychotic drugs are prescribed to prevent the recurring symptoms and relieve the patient’s state. It is more common today to prescribe atypical […]

Drug Abuse and Medicaid Program

A brief overview of Medicare and Medicaid is outlined together with the purpose for setting these programs up. The effect as a result of instating the above programs on those people who depended on the Supplementary Security Income (SSI) is covered. An outline of the population covered by the Medicaid and Medicare programs. An outline […]

How Drugs Get Into the Brain and Their Effects to Brain Chemistry

How Drugs Get into the Brain Essentially, drugs constitute of chemicals (Brick & Erickson, 1999). When an individual takes drugs, the body absorbs the chemical substance of the drugs into the bloodstream. In the bloodstream, the circulating blood takes the chemical component of the drugs into the brain where they exert their effect. The effect […]

Abuse of Using Drug Medicine in UAE

In contemporary society drugs has become one of the main threats. There is no use denying the fact that more and more people all over the world become drug addicted. That is why it is possible to call this process very dangerous. It threats people all over the world. With this in mind, it is […]

Methamphetamine Addiction and Prevention

Abstract Methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant that features a chemical composition that is similar to amphetamine. It is abused through gulping of air, smoking, being dissolved in liquids, or even being injected into the blood stream. Its dependence has various ramifications such as insomnia, exhilaration, insomnia, agitation, dysphoria, and development of obsessive behavior among […]

Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The emergence of scientific evidence on the effects of the main chemical components in marijuana has initiated a metamorphosis of the perception of marijuana as a drug that warrants legalization due to its medical and socioeconomic benefits. The supporters and opponents of the legalization of marijuana have opted to focus on either the positive or […]

Pharmaceutical Industry and Drugs

Introduction Pharmaceutical industry has been on the upward over the recent years. This attributes to the growing demand of pharmaceutical products because of changing lifestyles experienced in the modern life. Pharmaceutical industry has a responsibility of developing, producing and marketing of drugs licensed for medication purposes. It is the only body allowed in dealing with […]

The Stages of Production of the H1N1 Influenza Vaccine

The production of the Influenza vaccine involves three stages. First, an influenza virus that has a different genome from the circulating influenza virus is identified (Rappuoli and Giudice, 2010, p.63). After identification, it is adapted for use in vaccines by growing it together with another virus strain to form a hybrid. The hybrid contains the […]

Pharmaceuticals Industry Importance

Pharmaceutical industry is an industry concerned with the development, production and marketing of curative drugs, which are licensed for use. This industry is easy to operate because with the use of technical knowhow, one can understand the metabolism associated with diseases and pathogens, and with the use of chemistry and biology, manipulation can be done […]

Biomarkers Definition Working Group

With diminishing success in drug development, manufacturers have been exploring new ways of making drug manufacturing process successful. Biomarkers play a crucial role in drug development (Bleavins, Carini, Jurima, & Rahbari, 2011). Pharmaceutical companies consider using biomarkers to increase the efficiency of new drugs. This paper explores biomarkers, their use, classifications and importance in drug […]

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Introduction Recently, the pharmaceutical industry has grappled with an increased cost in production partly because of uncertainty with regards to the necessities for regulatory compliance. Of particular interest is the validation of particularly the automation systems as well as the accreditation of Practices for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Initially, the existence of many […]

Controversial Practices in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A study published on March 2006 indicates that the way oncologists are paid may influence decisions on drugs they chose to use in chemotherapy. Although payment method does not influence the choice of chemotherapy over other methods of treatment, once doctors decide to use chemotherapy, the payment system used prompts some doctors to either use […]

Practices in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Several controversies have been hitting the pharmaceutical industry in the last few years. The larger percentage of the controversies ranges from Medicare fraud to high-priced medications that are marketed by these firms. From the researcher’s point of view, big pharmaceutical corporations are putting huge profits on top of patients, spiraling shammed public relations campaigns and […]

Evidence of drug shortage in the United States currently

Evidently, it can be claimed that the USA is currently facing a critical drug shortage. This is notable on issues concerning health provisions and medical supply. Currently, it is observable that some hospitals in the US can hardly satisfy the demands of their patients in the realms of medication and other relevant services due to […]

Medical Marijuana use for Terminal Colon Cancer

In the recent past, there has been growing tolerance and change of attitude towards medical use of marijuana. Legalization of marijuana for medical use in sixteen states in the United States highlights this phenomenon. However, controversies and mistrust among doctors, regulatory bodies and medical researchers on medical use of marijuana persist (Gerber, 2004). The fact […]

Use of psychotropic medications in the treatment of drug abuse

Drug abuse has been, and still is, a great challenge facing the human society. In spite of the efforts that have been made to curb the vice, it is still impossible to completely phase out the issue of drug abuse from the society. Measures are thus being taken to reduce the use of drug abuse […]

Problem of Hydrocodone Addiction in US

Introduction Hydrocodone addiction has continued to be a persistent and ever growing crisis in United States. Minimal attention has been given to hydrococone abuse compared to other illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine. According to The Federal Enforcement Administration, hydrocodone is the highest abused prescription drug in US. It is estimated that its […]

Use of Methadone, Methadone clinics, and Needle Exchange Programs

Methadone is a pain reliever used when non-narcotic pain relievers fail to work well. The drug is popularly used to relief pain experienced by heroin addicts when they stop taking heroin (AHFS, 2009). Methadone clinics are clinics licensed to issue methadone to heroin addicts who are trying to stop their addiction to heroin. As already […]

Action of Nandrolone on the Cardiovascular, Renal, Blood and Respiratory Systems

It is an offense to use performance enhancement drugs while engaging in various competitive sports. This is mainly because performance enhancement drugs give athletes an unfair advantage over their competitors. Sportsmen face the risk of huge penalties should regulatory bodies discover that they use performance enhancement drugs. However, this does not deter sportsmen from using […]

Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Women

Introduction Since time in immemorial, humanity has yielded to the temptation of using chemical substances that has caused irreversible damages to otherwise beautiful, and sound human people. This has resulted to a desperate search for the ‘cure’ instead of the more noble cause of prevention. Among all these destructive substances, alcohol is the leading one […]

Pharmaceutical innovation: Can we live forever? A commentary on Schnittker and Karandins

Pre-Reading Paragraph With Medicare introduced in the US in the early 1960’s, the insurance industry recorded its ever-largest change in the entire history. This was because of the advent by economists that the introduction of Medicare would result into inventions within the pharmaceutical industry. This would as a result add onto the mortality rates reduction […]

An Analysis of UK’s and China’s pharmaceutical markets

Introduction Many firms are trying to improve their sales revenue by expanding into new markets. In this case, globalization plays a crucial role in helping the firms to achieve their set goals. In their assessment of the international theory of globalization, Johanson and Vahlne (1990) have identified three distinct phases of globalization. During the first […]

Use or Misuse of Medicines in Western Society

Bradburd, Danell. Being There: Necessity of Fieldwork. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998. A medicine is generally defined as a chemical component that helps the person taking it in overcoming some unwanted feelings one may be experiencing in the body. A good example is the normal painkiller that people buy over-the-counter. Such over the counter medications can […]

Drug Abuse and Harmful Health Effects

Oryx Press (1993) states that harm reduction is the number of policies designed by the public to cater for the healthy needs of its citizens. The main aim of these policies is to reduce harmful health effects arising from drug use and abuse. The principle of harm reduction is very important because not even a […]

Different types of drug

When we look at Drugs, the brain and behavior we come to the realization that traditionally, drugs are therapeutic chemicals designed to have maximal benefit with minimal risk of side effects or toxicity. Essentially, psychoactive drugs are those drugs which that change cognition, behavior, and emotions by changing the functioning of the brain. As we […]

Pfizer’s Drug-Testing Strategy in Nigeria

What are the different phases that a Drug Company goes through in order to bring a new drug product to market in the U.S. and Europe? In the US and Europe markets, new drugs are released in the market after a number of trials have been done. This is necessary to asses their efficacy and […]

The benefits and the potential problems associated with prescription drugs being advertised

Introduction The high level of competition and diversity in the modern world has resulted to almost all commodities being highly publicized. In the past, knowledge about prescription drugs was only possible in medical literatures like in medical books, journals or in hospital. Advertisement of prescription drugs was rare with the only form of advertisement being […]

Physical and Mental Risks of Steroid Use

The dangers of steroid use and abuse remain well documented in the health science literature yet the demand for these performance enhancing supplements appears as strong as ever. Adolescents as well as competitive athletes feel intense pressure to perform and to fit a certain physical aesthetic ideal. As a result, this pressure to meet short […]

How does marijuana affect the brain?

Introduction Marijuana is commonly known by other names such as pot, weed, skunk, ganja or grass. Marijuana refers to dried leaves of the cannabis plant that people smoke or eat to get the feeling of euphoria. A substance in the marijuana leaves called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol abbreviated as THC causes the euphoria (Steinherz & Vissing, 1997-1998; Monroe, […]

Vaccines and Autism: A Critical Analysis of Thimerosal in Relation to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella

Abstract The issue of vaccines and autism has attracted a lot of attentionwithin medical circles. There are controversies in relation to the link between the two. Different people have varied opinions about this topic. Some claim there is an explicit relationship, while others oppose such arguments. In this paper, the author sought to clarify the […]

Safety of oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives have been used by women worldwide since they were introduced as birth control pills in 1961. There are two types of oral contraceptives depending on their synthetic hormone components. The first type is the combined pill which is an oral contraceptive that has both oestrogen and progestin. The second type is the progestin-only […]

Problem of Excess Alcohol Drinking in Society

Introduction For generations, alcohol has held an important place in the spiritual, emotional and social experience of people. For this reason, people drink as a form of relaxation, to mark important cultural events, and as a way of celebrating with friends (Heron 7). Taken in moderation, alcohol does not have any drastic effects on the […]

Chemical Medicine: Meridia drug

The use of chemical medicine in the treatment of diseases has an old history. For so many years, people have used medicine depending on its availability. However, development in technology has brought rapid progress in the field of medicine. Today, there are numerous medicines that are used to treat a wide range of conditions. One […]

Pharmaceutical Drug Addiction among African American Male Adolescents

A Brief History Abuse of pharmaceutical drugs is the recurrent use of medication without requisite direction and advice from a qualified medical expert. It also involves use of medication in contravention of expert advice and requirements (Boyd, 2007). Such abuse encompasses habitual use of prescription medication with a view to achieve good feelings and pleasure. […]

Pfizer and the Challenges of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Identification The case of Pfizer is one of the most interesting studies in the pharmaceutical business. One major reason is that it almost fell into near-death situation, a paradox considering that its mission is treatment of diseases. What happened to this once the biggest global pharmaceutical firm? Who or what was responsible for this fall? […]

Use of Antidepressants in the USA

Introduction Modern society has come to rely on medication to restore the body and mind to best functionality. Antidepressant medications, which are used to treat depression, have gained increased popularity in the United States. These drugs have taken the title of “most frequently prescribed drug”, suggesting that the US might be overusing them. Use of […]

Diacetylmorphine in the XXI Century: Heroin, Its Use and Effects

Traditionally considered one of the most dangerous drugs, heroin could definitely use a better reputation. Although the chemical compound is called diacetylmorphine, the substance has gained a notorious recognition by its “nickname,” heroin. Prohibited all over the United States and in most countries of the world, heroin, weirdly enough, is also used for a number […]

New Opioid Dosage Forms and Treatments for Dependence

Introduction Opioids fall in a class of drugs that have been used for centuries to manage pain and records show that their usage started in times of ancient Egypt. Research has led to the discovery of special receptors that these drugs work on in the brain and initial studies use morphine to demonstrate a ‘morphine […]

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Concerns surrounding vaccine as a cause of autism began many years ago. This concern emerged as a result of children developing autism after 18 months of growth. It is surprising that autism occurred after children had been vaccinated in the first 18 months. During the late 1990s, researchers from Food and Drug Administration admitted that […]

Prescription Painkillers, the New Drug Abuse of Choice

Abstract In the recent past, statistics have shown that as the government increases efforts to curb the use of various illegal drugs, people have turned to prescription drugs, which are increasingly becoming the new forms of drug abuse. Among the most commonly abused prescription drugs are prescription painkillers since they are readily available through various […]

Marijuana’s Negative Effects and Advantages

Origin of Marijuana Marijuana is a drug obtained from a plant called cannabis sativa. Another name for cannabis sativa is hemp. The plant was grown in the United States of America for agricultural purposes during the colonial period up to the beginning of the 20th century. The plant was used in the manufacture of birdseed, […]

The mechanisms of action of anti-depressants, neuroleptics and anti-manic drugs

Health outcomes are better influenced by a variety of substances of internal or external origin. Nevertheless, the outcomes are often aggravated by certain potential effects of substances acting on them. In fact, the substances are nothing but the drugs or medication prescribed by physian or a doctor. These medications show action on various organ systems […]

Prescription Drugs Advertisement

Introduction Prescription drug administration requires a personalized and individualized approach. When companies introduce advertisements into the process, they influence the patient’s agenda negatively and lead to the commercialization of a highly sensitive industry. Studies show that half of America’s population takes a minimum of one drug per day. Clearly, something is wrong if this is […]

Professionalism: A pharmacist perspective

Professionalism is regarded as an essential element in the field of pharmacy. Even though the term professionalism has been widely applied in everyday’s undertakings, it is ideally true that not everyone understands the meaning of the term. In fact, a majority merely believe that being professional implies having the general good manners, being ethical, polite, […]

The Types and Role of the Pain Medications in Medicine

Types of pain medications There are many medications that are used to relieve pain. Pain can therefore be best controlled when patients used the appropriate medications. Pain can also be minimized using non-pharmaceutical remedies. This is a list of medications that can be used to remedy pain: Acetaminophen otherwise called Tylenol; Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications-NSAIDS; Corticosteroids; […]

Steroids Position Paper

Introduction By definition, steroids are artificial or natural composites that assist in controlling definite body functions. They are categorized in two groups namely anabolic steroids and androgenic steroids.Anabolic steroids are the most common one, which is utilized by sportspersons to enhance their performance in sporting. In light of exploration and subjective reports regarding whether to […]

Drug Abuse Effects

Introduction Drug abuse refers to the consistent use of drugs without putting into consideration the reasons why it was prescribed. In a broader sense, it entails the use of drugs that have non-medical effects to the human body. Drug abuse is considered a disease, rather than a social and a moral problem. Some of the […]

Psychoactive Drug Testing on Animals

Theories have been suggested towards the psychotic like traits in animals that have been subjected to psychoactive drugs. The proposed theories were accompanied by research experiments to evaluate the effects of psychoactive drug testing in animals. Psycho active drugs refers to drugs that have a significant effect on the behavioral characteristics of animals; both human […]

Marijuana Must Not Be Legalized

Introduction Marijuana has in the resent times toped the headlines of most media stations, particularly in the state of California. A bill concerning the legalization of the herb has been developed waiting to be passed through the vote of confidence. Based on my opinion, marijuana smoking has more adverse psychosocial effects associated with its use […]

Drugs in My Neighborhood

The suppression of Drug abuse is arguably one of the most pressing concerns of governments and communities all over the world. In United States, the number of people involved in drug abuse is constantly rising at an alarming rate. The mere existence of such habits in America is shocking since its states are characterized by […]

Concepts of Pharmaceutical Compounding

Pharmaceutical compounding is the general practice of combining different kinds of medicine or specific constituents of drugs, either following doctors’ specifications or for voluntary reasons. This is a practice that is very important in the pharmacy field, for it provides solutions to varying health complications. For example, the practice is very essential to individuals with […]

Performance-Enhancing Substances Legalization

Performance-enhancing substances legalization is impossible People always try to compete and prove that they can do something better than others. Interestingly, the word competition “derived from the Latin “come together” has obtained the English meaning of “a trial of skill or ability; a contest” (Bahrke v). Thus, sport is a trial of human abilities and […]

Fertility Drugs: Functions and Side Effects

For patients and medical practitioners alike, the sheer quest to surmount infertility is an obsessive one entailing not only a struggle on the physical dimension but also a struggle on the emotional and spiritual front. Each month without signs of pregnancy engineer another round of frustrating and emotive questions among couples, which soon develops into […]

Antibiotics resistance among human beings

The issue of antibiotics resistance among human beings is growing at an alarming rate. According to the Federal Task Force (EFD, 2008) report, the common infections will increasingly continue being scarce and expensive to manage or treat and worse still may become impossible to treat. This paper is an analysis on the use of antibiotics […]

Prescribing psychotropic medications

Ethical concerns In most child and adolescent cases, a combination of various methods is necessary to deliver a multidimensional treatment plan. The three primary broad modes of treatment in child and adolescent psychiatry are physical, psychological, and social treatments. Within these modes are medication treatments that spark controversy due to the limited, controlled research on […]

History of Clinical Pharmacy

1910-1959 Success in a professional career requires the ability to learn from the past. It is important to note that the time period between 1910 and 1959 was characterized by several incidences that acted as major platforms for the transformation of pharmacology in the world. Pharmacy in this period was composed of great levels of […]

Pharmacy: Advocacy, Integrity, and Respect

A professional is someone that must adhere to the highest standards of his profession. A high-level of professionalism does not only ensure quality output but also safety in the workplace and the sustainability of the operation because the professional will not do anything that would put the firm in a compromising position and negatively affect […]

Domestic vs. International Business

Since time immemorial, man has been planting crop and breeding his own livestock. It is accurate to mention that ever since he got to know how to perform these activities, he unknowingly was taking part in biotechnology. This was made clearer with the discovery that milk could somehow be turned to yoghurt or cheese. Animal […]

Three advantages of regulatory oversight for Gardasil to the health care provider

Acts as a good source of financial returns to health care providers The idea of Gardasil reveals importance of information and data sharing amongst regulatory authorities. There is higher percentage of individuals going for the vaccine; mothers encourage their daughters to go for the vaccine in order to escape the possibility of developing cervical cancer […]

Mescaline Peyote

Ogunbodede, O., McCombs, D., Trout, K., Daley, P., & Terry, M. (2010). New Mescaline Concentrations from 14 Taxa/Cultivars of Echinopsis spp. (Cactaceae) (“San Pedro”) and Their Relevance to Shamanic Practice. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 131 (2), 356-362. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2010.07.021. This article by Olabode Ogunbodedea, Douglas McCombs, Keeper Trout, Paul Daley and Martin Terry on New Mescaline […]

Medical Uses of Marijuana

Marijuana is medicinal extracts from a plant known as Cannabis sativa. Cannabis sativa contains psychoactive cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, and cannabinol amongst others. The presence of cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa gives it medicinal and scientific importance. The use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes is very controversial as many countries consider it an illegal drug […]

Why the Government Should Review and Add Laws Governing Diet Pills Introduction

Diet control, is one of the primary problem facing the world citizenry; more so women. This is because; majority of individuals always want to maintain body shapes or physiques they consider perfect. Hence due to this reason, majority of individuals will always use any means at their disposal to ensure they attain their ultimate weights, […]