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55 Malaria Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Malaria Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Malaria’s and Agriculture Relationship in Kenya
    This case study analyses the relationship between malaria and agriculture and some of the measures which have been put in place to lower the occurrence of the disease.
  2. Malaria in Women and Children in Sub-Saharan Africa
    It is important to note here that, although the whole of Africa has felt the impact of the pandemic, sub-Saharan Africa is the most affected; something that results either due to ignorance or due to […]
  3. Malaria Symptoms and Nursing Preliminary Diagnosis
    However, the evidence presented in the case study should be enough to analyze and present a preliminary diagnosis of the patient’s condition. This is why the first reaction of the general practitioner was to test […]
  4. Fighting Against Malaria: Integrated Vector Control
    The virus of malaria is one of the most common fatal health issues present in the poorest regions of Africa. The implementation of this strategy will let people know what places have to be avoided […]
  5. Malaria Disease and Drugs in Developing Economies
    Besides, in some poor regions, the spread of malaria is attributed to factors such as population movement, climatic changes, and resistance to anti-malarial drugs.
  6. Descriptive and Analytical Epidemiology: Malaria
    In recent years, basic epidemiological patterns have been observed in many parts of the world with political and economic instability, increased migration, and the implementation of irrigation measures.
  7. New Malaria Cure: Ethical Issues
    By investing less expensively in the research and development of the new drug, the company will also be able to develop effective and less expensive medication for many malaria patients worldwide Drug research involves the […]
  8. Malaria, Leishmaniasis, Dengue Fever and Plague
    Nowadays, malaria is spread in the territories which are good for malaria mosquitoes’ life, where it is warm and wet; thus, malaria is mostly dislocated in African countries.
  9. Culture & Disease: Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Thirdly, a relapse can occur due to the re-emergence of the blood-stage parasites from the parasites in the liver. The female Anopheles mosquito is an important organism in the distribution of the plasmodium, a parasite […]
  10. The Epidemiology of Human Malaria in Africa
    According to the Global Health Network, the Global Health problem refers to the problems and issues of concern that cut across national health interests and issues, and relates to specific existing experiences and conditions in […]
  11. Sylvain Fleury: Global Warming Heats up Need for Malaria Vaccine
    The central thesis of the author, Sylvain Fleury, is that global warming is one of the major, if not the major, causes of this high spread rage of infectious diseases.
  12. The Global Impact of Tuberculosis and Malaria
    Again the whole of Africa shows the maximum incidence when compared to the rest of the world. The HAART therapy in HIV infections allows the treatment period to be free of TB infection.

📌 Simple & Easy Malaria Essay Titles

  1. An Analysis of the Effects and Research for Treating Malaria in Virology
  2. Developing a Knowledge-Based System for Diagnosis and Treatment of Malaria
  3. The Discovery Of A New Treatment Against Malaria
  4. Gender, Race, and Heterogeneous Effects of Epidemic Malaria on Human Capital and Income
  5. Understanding the Link between Two Illnesses: Malaria and Sickle Cell
  6. The Issue Of Infectious Disease And How They Are Spread With Cholera And Malaria
  7. An Analysis of the Most Prevalent and Dangerous Disease Malaria
  8. Can Benefits from Malaria Eradication Be Increased? Evidence from Costa Rica
  9. The Effect of Malaria on Settlement and Land Use: Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon
  10. Co-Designing a Citizen Science Program for Malaria Control in Rwanda
  11. The History of Malaria and Smallpox and How They Migrated from Western Europe to the United States
  12. The Role of the Medical Anthropologist in Controlling Malaria in Namibia
  13. The Importance and Effects of Malaria on People
  14. Analysis of the Cost of Malaria in Children and Use of Insecticide-treated Bednets in Africa
  15. The Connection between Malaria and the Sickle Cell Disease
  16. Agricultural Policy, Migration, and Malaria in the 1930s United States
  17. An Analysis of the Connection between the Sickle Cell Gene and the Spread of Malaria
  18. The Treatment of Malaria Using Unconventional Medicine
  19. The Fight Against Geography: Malaria and Economic Development in Italian Regions

👍 Good Essay Topics on Malaria

  1. Epidemiological Trend Of Malaria In Odisha
  2. The Impact of Deforestation on Malaria Infections in the Brazilian Amazon
  3. The Ongoing Battle with Making the World Malaria
  4. The Impact of Malaria Control on Infant Mortality in Kenya
  5. Immune Response and Imperfect Vaccine in Malaria Dynamics
  6. The Mosquito Microbiome and Its Impact of Malaria Transmission
  7. The Effects Of Malaria On African Continent
  8. Erratum to: Malaria and Economic Evaluation Methods: Challenges and Opportunities
  9. Biodiversity Conservation and Child Malaria: Microeconomic Evidence from Flores, Indonesia
  10. The Causes and Management of the Malaria Disease
  11. The Causes of Malaria and Treatment Options
  12. An Analysis of the Number of People Affected by Malaria
  13. The Epidemiological, Socio Economic, and Ecological Implications of Deforestation on Malaria in South West Nigeria
  14. The Prevalence Of Manifestations Of Falciparum Malaria
  15. A History of Malaria and Other Diseases Caused by the Mosquito
  16. The Species of Anopheles Gambia and Their Spreading of Malaria
  17. Health Implications Of The Western Malaria Mosquito Breeds
  18. Impact of Malaria Control on Late and Early Infant Mortality in Senegal
  19. The Clinical Description of Malaria; Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options
  20. Advanced Purchase Commitments for a Malaria Vaccine: Estimating Costs and Effectiveness
  21. The Global Technical Strategy For Malaria 2016-2030
  22. AgDscam is a Receptor found in Vectors Correlates to Malaria
  23. The Signs, Symptoms and Prevention Care for Malaria
  24. The Long-Term Economic Impact of In Utero and Postnatal Exposure to Malaria

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