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66 Ebola Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  1. Ebola and International Business
    The proponents of institutionalism affirm that the establishment of such institutions fosters the development of a high level of transparency, reduction of the risk involved in international business, and minimisation of transaction costs.
  2. A Global Health Discussion: Ebola
    While the CDC has provided the future possible projections for Ebola, the WHO as acted an authoritative source by providing data which the global health community and other stakeholders depend on for updates and situation […]
  3. Measuring the Impact of Ebola
    Paucity of data has affected the capability of global health policy makers to prepare for the Ebola contagion. In the near future, it is likely to extend to other parts of the world.
  4. US Efforts to Cope With the Effects of Ebola Epidemic
    This article is aimed at examining the efforts of the American government to overcome the effects of the Ebola epidemic. In particular, the Department of Defense intends to send more troops to West Africa in […]
  5. Health Officials’ Handling Of First U.S. Ebola Case Raises Questions
    This article is aimed at discussing the way in which U.S.healthcare organizations can respond to the threat of Ebola epidemic in the country.
  6. Healthcare: the Ways to Address the Ebola Menace
    The problem is in the fact that at the current stage, the global public cannot control the spread of the Ebola virus effectively, and there is the necessity to find the efficient strategy, according to […]
  7. Ebola Virus Disease Etiology
    Ebola is a viral disease that attacks all the cells of the body in a systematic process starting with the white blood cells.
  8. Ebola Is Attacking the United States
    This is one of the pitfalls that should be avoided because it can result in many violent conflicts. This is one of the details that can be identified.
  9. Ebola Control and Management
    Politics and the securitization of the threat of the Ebola virus have influenced responses in different ways. When villagers feared that government and healthcare workers were part of the Ebola epidemic, they undermined all efforts […]
  10. Ebola Epidemic: Diagnosis and Treatment
    On the outside, the virus is covered by a helical capsid that has a diameter of between 40-50nm and cross-striations measuring 5nm. Transmission normally occurs at the late stage of the disease or following the […]
  11. The Ebola Threat: Culture, Medicine, Authority and Risk
    With reference to the United States, the main objective of this paper is to analyze the country’s medical, institutions, and cultural responses to the threat of Ebola.
  12. Ebola: Prevention of Health Epidemics
    This high level of casualty is a result of inequality in the access to health care services, poor service delivery in the health care industry due to underfinancing, poor allocation of health care resources that […]
  13. Ebola Global Control and Its Evaluation
    Affecting large swaths of territory to the northern and southern parts of the country, the civil war led to the collapse of the nation’s health infrastructure and the breakdown of health services in the country.
  14. Ebola Virus Disease in Uganda and Sierra Leone
    The reason for this is that as the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease has shown, the continuation of the ongoing social and technological progress does not make humanity any less susceptible what can be […]
  15. New York Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola
    According to the article, the government was also identifying new measures to treat every Ebola patient in the country. The American government was also undertaking new measures in order to deal with the disease.
  16. Recent Trends in Treating Ebola
    It is still unknown which drugs will be used in the experiment but it is expected that researchers will agree on the matter during the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene conference that will […]
  17. Humanitarianism in Crisis: Ebola in West Africa
    Because of the humanitarianism approach, whither the UNO promotes as the key tool for handling the problem, as well as the individual concerns of the current world leaders, the problem of Ebola has shifted from […]
  18. Epidemiology: Ebola Virus and Healthy People 2020
    In the report, the general information about the illness is stated, as well as the history of the disease and its symptoms and signs.
  19. Ebola Virus Disease: Global Health at a Glance
    The disparity of populations and countries with different developmental statuses implies the varying levels of exposure to health threats, one of the most dangerous of which is infectious diseases.
  20. Ebola as a Global Public Health Emergency
    An epidemic caused socioeconomic disruptions and resulted in the loss of many lives, which created a need to present more effective ways to prevent any outbreaks of the disease.
  21. Ebola Virus Outbreaks in Western Africa
    The purpose of their descriptive and qualitative study was to focus on Norwegian healthcare workers’ involvement in treating EVD patients in Sierra Leone.
  22. Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Test of Ebola
    The purpose of the analysis was to estimate the initially “infected” samples. The Scheme of Students’ Samples Mixing The standard indirect ELISA protocol was used for the analysis.
  23. Ebola as a Global Health Care Proble
    In our paper, we will look at the crux of the issue, its importance, factors that might influence the scale of the problem, and make some claims about the possible origins of the problem and […]
  24. Factors Contributing to Ebola Epidemics in West Africa
    The population that is most impacted by the Ebola virus disease includes the residents with the lower socio-economic status of underdeveloped countries of West Africa.
  25. Ebola Virus Disease Analysis
    The Ebola virus disease outbreak emerged as a significant threat to the lives and safety of both the countries of West Africa and the overall global community.
  26. Health, Poverty, and Social Equity: The Global Response to the Ebola Outbreak
    Canada and Australia, as well as several countries in the Middle East and Africa, were the most active proponents of this ban, halting the movements for both people and goods from states affected by the […]

⭐ Good Research Topics about Ebola

  1. Fighting Ebola With Novel Spore Decontamination Technologies
  2. Key Points and Measures Taken for Preventing Infestation for People Tending to Ebola Virus Patients
  3. Ebola Virus and Government Quarantine Procedures to Prevent Outbreaks
  4. Ebola Virus Infection Modeling and Identifiability Problems
  5. The Ebola Scare: Lessons Learned for the Health Delivery System
  6. The Reasons Why the Ebola Virus Is a Serious Issue and How to Prevent Infection
  7. The Ebola Outbreak and Poor Medical Infrastructure
  8. The Deaths and Tragedy Caused by the Ebola Virus
  9. The Symptoms, Diagnosis and Therapy for Ebola Virus
  10. The United States Confronts Ebola: Suasion, Executive Action and Fragmentation
  11. Africa’s Deadly Disease: Rare and Deadly Ebola
  12. Ebola Virus: History, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
  13. The Ebola Virus: History, Occurrences, and Effects
  14. Factors That Make the Ebola Virus Deadly and Feared by Man
  15. Biological Warfare and Descriptions of Ebola and Anthrax
  16. Genome-Wide Search for Competing Endogenous Rnas Responsible for the Effects Induced by Ebola Virus Replication and Transcription
  17. Contextual, Social and Epidemiological Characteristics of the Ebola Virus
  18. Biological and Historical Information on the Ebola Virus
  19. Reasons for the Widespread of Ebola and AIDS
  20. Nanotechnology Against Ebola, Alzheimer Infection and Malaria

📃 Simple & Easy Ebola Essay Titles

  1. Cultural Differences and People Management – The Ebola Crisis
  2. Ebola Virus Symptoms and Diagnosis Methods
  3. The Key Issues and Recommendations for the Ebola Virus Outbreak in Africa
  4. Lessons From the Faith-Driven Response to the West Africa Ebola Epidemic
  5. Epidemiological Data Management During an Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease: Key Issues and Observations From Sierra Leone
  6. Ebola Epidemic and Impact on African Economies
  7. Preventive Measures Regarding Ebola in the United States
  8. Psychological Distress Among Ebola Survivors
  9. Good Managing and Ebola in West Africa: The Dynamic Role of Nigeria
  10. The Origins, History and Impact of the Ebola Virus
  11. The Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak in West Africa: A Wake-up Call to Revitalize Implementation of the International Health Regulations
  12. Ebola Viewed Through the Sociological Imagination
  13. Public Health Problems: Ebola Virus
  14. Ebola and AIDS: Problems and Prevention
  15. Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between Ebola and AIDS
  16. Global Travel With Respect to Ebola
  17. Microbiology and Ebola Zaire Victim
  18. Ebola and the Human Population: Emergency Response Strategy
  19. The Controversies Surrounding the Effectiveness and Ethics of the Solutions in Preventing the Spread of Ebola Virus in the United States
  20. The Cause, Transmission, Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment of the Ebola Virus Infection

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