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Misuse of Steroids Essay

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Updated: Mar 12th, 2020


This persuasive speech purposes at persuading my esteemed audience that it is extremely easy to acquire steroids. It is necessary that measures are taken to avoid nonmedical use.

In my view, utilising steroids is an underestimation to the natural talent, and an abuse as well. It is worth pointing out that steroids are permitted as regulated substances, easily accessible to the public, and still unacceptable according to the law (Stocco and Barbara, 230).

Therefore, there is a need to forbid the use of steroids when not prescribed medically. Teens are the major age group who misuse steroids, purposely for getting to an edge. Basically, steroids are used in all arenas; professional sports as well as secondary schools. It is worth noting that although they bear no side effects, they bring about grave medical complications (Murphy, 780).

The integrity of players is terribly ruined if they use steroids.


Thesis Statement- Steroids utilization in sports damages the view and trustworthiness of the players

According to evidence given by Alex Rodriguez in the year 2009, there are several players who have tested positive to steroid use. This evidence negatively affected their image and home run awards. In the contemporary world, people engaged in professional sports owing to their innate abilities. However, the current world feels cheated and do not rely on these athletes any longer.

Transition Statement

Professional sport players who use steroids end up ruining their image.

Thesis Statement – The use of steroids is necessary for athletes’ recovery. For instance, steroid use quickens recovery after surgery

This argument that athletes require supervised drugs may be true. However, it is extremely easy to obtain steroids for non- medical use. Steroids can be obtained easily over the internet, and used for non- medical purposes (Kincl and Iedel, 683).

The acquisition of steroids is usually unregulated. Any person, if willing, can acquire steroids from the various internet websites. Some examples of these websites include buyonlinesteroids.com and ibuysteroids.com (Wingfield and Donald, 320).

There are numerous side effects associated with the use of steroids. Extreme side effects include cancer and heart failure.

Transition Statement

Having considered how steroids are linked to image, ease of accessibility, and the side impacts, there is a need to assess their practical utilization and how lives are influenced.

Thesis Statement – The use of steroids among the teenagers has increased tremendously, making some abuse it (Brenner 780)

Using steroids so as to acquire a competitive edge contradicts the natural talent. Through engaging with steroids, majority of teenagers are usually unaware that they are hurting themselves. Overconsumption of steroids results to detrimental side effects. In some instances, death is the ultimate result. It is extremely sad to see an individual risk health, all in the name of being a superstar.

Examples of two Sixteen Year Olds who Abused Steroids

Taylor Hooton had the dreams of becoming an exceptional pitcher. He felt pressuarised to achieve this. For him to accomplish this dream, be decided to use steroids. He often felt depressed, and when the pressure was too much, he opted to commit suicide.

The steroids Taylor used were obtained from a local gym, and definitely, their use was non- medical use. Kyle Braid, a football player, also committed suicide when the pressure was too much. He used steroids without anybody’s knowledge, which resulted to his death.


The major problem with steroids is that it greatly affects the lives of youths negatively. These youths have the dreams of becoming superstars, but this dream is cut short when they commit suicide or tainted image. Steroids lead to critical health problems. It is important to use them for medical use.

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