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Psychiatry Essay Examples and Topics

Teenage Suicide Causes

Although teenagers are more vulnerable to committing suicide, some predisposing factors and circumstances trigger the depression and subsequent development of suicidal feelings and thoughts.
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Severe Psychosis: Exercise as a Treatment

Primary data is to be collected and recorded through observation and recording of the behavioral pattern in the participants and the subsequent monitoring number of episodes and therefore the frequency of antipsychotic medication to determine [...]
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Expressive Therapies in Trauma Treatment

The expressive therapies in trauma treatment are also referred to as the creative arts therapies or integrative therapies and they include the use of art, dance, music, drama, and poetry.
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College Suicide: The Key Reasons

This paper will look at the reason why suicide is becoming a leading cause of death to college students, the responsibility of the college to the student in preventing suicide and the point where the [...]
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Case Study Analysis: Virginia Wolf – Bipolar Disorder

Analyzing the case of Virginia Wolf using the psychodynamic approach shows that a wide range of biological, psychological and social factors contributed into the development of her disease; this case study perfectly explains the need [...]
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Depression Disorder: Key Factors

Epidemiology refers to the study of the distribution and determinants of health related events in specific populations and its applications to health problems.
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Impulse Control Disorder of Kleptomania

Kleptomania first got its designation as a psychiatric disorder in 1980 when it was included in the DSM-III and the DSM-III-R; categorized under Disorder of Impulse Control Not Elsewhere Classified. Currently, Kleptomania is in the [...]
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Alcoholism as a Psychiatric and Medical Disorder

He meets criteria A since he is unwilling to admit that he needs help to fight his dependence, which means that he requires the assistance of an expert to recognize the issue and, therefore, manage [...]
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Abnormal Psychology: Nature of Fear

There is a group of disorders which share obvious symptoms and features of fear and anxiety and these are known as anxiety disorders.
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The Adults Somnambulism Problem

A variety of drugs, most lately Zolpidem, have been reported to be related to sleepwalking but this is contentious, being based on small numbers of cases and often without the methodical study of alternative causation. [...]
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A Critical Evaluation of Major Depression

This paper has actively shown how factors such as financial insecurity, job loss, income, and educational inequalities, lifestyle diseases, and breakdown of the social fabric have acted to propel the mental disorder by making use [...]
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Electroconvulsive Therapy: A Controversial Treatment

The mode of action through which the benefits of ECT are derived still remain elusive, though there is the suggestion that ECT acts by increasing the sensitivity to serotonin in the postsynaptic neurons present in [...]
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Capgras Delusions: Symptoms and Areas of the Brain

Other abnormalities of thought which can coexist with Capgras delusions include multiple person misidentifications, presence of misidentification of inanimate objects, delusions of multiplicity of self, delusions of persecutions and perception of morphological changes in the [...]
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Aspects of Anxiety Disorders

The symptoms of anxiety disorders are so commonly experienced and non-threatening that one is prompted to underestimate the occurrence of such disorders and therefore assume them to be just a minor stress-related anomaly.
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Nutritional Therapy for Bipolar Affective Disorders

Taking the viewpoint of orthomolecular medicine that "mental" disorders are in fact physical "central nervous system disorders," Werbach contends that omega 3 fatty acid has great value in the treatment of bipolar or mood disorder.
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Schizophrenia Study and Rehabilitation Outcome

In fact, the results of this prospective study can reasonably be projected to the universe of Germans with mental disorders only if Rehabilitation Psychisch Kranker in the city of Halle is a kind of secondary [...]
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Schizophrenia in Adults

Among the usual characteristics of schizophrenia is low motivation; which consequently makes the victim withdraw from other members of the society."Although studies have shown that, women are equally likely to develop the mental disorder as [...]
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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Minor Psychiatric Illnesses

However, the severe obsessive-compulsive disorder may lead to major incapacitation adversely affecting the life of the victims. When an individual exhibits or complains about obsession or compulsion or both to the extent that his normal [...]
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Controversies in Psychiatry

Michel Foucault is one of the leading experts in the study of social control and his greatest contribution lies in his interpretation of social control, not as the product of an evil central authority of [...]
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Psychological Disorders: Schizophrenia

This paper aims to research and analyze the causes, symptoms and the risk factors associated with the mental disease and discuss some of the prevention measures of the disease.
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Severe Neuropsychiatric Disorder

However, there are some concerns in identifying the children with ADHD.described in a report that support should be initiated from the parents in, recognizing the problem and seeking the help of the educational professionals.2.
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The Types and Effects of Lobotomies

The probe could then be maneuvered back and forth to sever the connections of the frontal lobe. A combination of the above two procedures could also be adopted to save the situation.
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Anxiety and Depression Disorders

The cognitive-behavioral model is different from the biological model in that anxiety and depression are seen as a manifestation of intense emotional distress and/or fear. The states of fear, anxiety, and panic are triggered in [...]
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Reminiscing Group Therapy for Dementia Patients

The elderly population which is increasing rapidly due to the rise in longevity is a group that requires plenty of attention by way of therapy and interventions for their several problems of health and disability. [...]
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Alzheimer’s Disease: Medical Analysis

Such gene-associated markers have been characterized, in particular the apolipoprotein E gene, which was linked to chromosome# 19, and was responsible for accumulation of A by way of binding to this protein.
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  • Words: 1327

Teen Suicide and Depression

In a recent national survey of teenagers concerning their information level and attitudes toward youth suicide, Marcenko et al revealed that 60 percent of the adolescents in the survey knew another teen who had attempted [...]
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  • Words: 1535

Person-Centered Treatment in Hong Kong

This research focused on the truth that in the past of the gathering of Eastern and Western psychology and faith, the welcome of Taoism in person-centered psychology constitutes a particular phase.
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Schizophrenia Disease Analysis

Before a patient is diagnosed to have schizophrenia, the person must have two or more of the following symptoms for at least a month according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth [...]
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  • Words: 454

The Portrayal of Women with Anorexia

Body image distortion, wherein the individual has an inaccurate perception of body shape and size is considered to be the cause of the intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat witnessed in individuals with [...]
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Psychiatric Diagnosis and Its Limitations

With controversies surrounding the diagnoses in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, it is essential to evaluate the range of diagnostic concepts within the sphere of mental health.
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Legal Responsibility in Mental Disorders

Ability to understand by which the individual is declared competent if one has the ability to knowingly act on information given in the process of obtaining consent.
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Schizophrenia Causes and Treatment Analysis

There exist several theories about the causes of schizophrenia, the most convincing of them are: the theory of genetic predispositions, the theory of prenatal or vital antecedents and the theory of social and environmental causes.
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Bipolar Disorder Review

The treatment of the patient will be evaluated according to her progress in the treatment and the way she is able to correspond with those around her.
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Schizophrenia and Its Special Symptoms

Talking to the patients in a way that could enhance their hopes in life and activities they usually engage in is one way of reducing patients' overwhelmed, as well as keeping them with the hope [...]
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  • Words: 2230

Can Cannabis Cause Schizophrenia?

Regarding this assignment, I am going to address the importance of this topic in the field of addiction and healthcare, assessing the research that suggests that cannabis plays a role in schizophrenia and the strengths [...]
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  • Words: 2048

Single vs. Multiple Antipsychotic Medications

The duration of the study that lasted from July 2004 till April 2012 amplifies the validity of the results and contributes to the applicability of the article to the clinical question investigation.
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  • Words: 1389

Mental Healthcare in Louisiana

The lack of financing and state investment preconditions the further evolution of the crisis and the use of ineffective policies to deal with the problematic situation.
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  • Words: 1704

First Therapeutic Session Review

It also contributes to the development of the sense of acceptance and self-compaction in clients, which is a critical component of therapy.
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Mental Health Disparities

The field of activity of this agency includes, first of all, efforts to improve the behavioral health of the nation and improving the lives of people with mental disorders.
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  • Words: 1181

Anxiety in Children and Its Reasons

Moreover, it features vital information about the potential causes of anxiety disorders in children, addressing the role of parents and the environment in the development of the symptoms.
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Autism Spectrum Disorder Features in Children

One of the causes for the appearance of these issues is an inborn disability that might presuppose the need for specific methods to educate a child and guarantee a chance for integration with society.
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  • Words: 2577

Psychiatry. Promoting Recovery in Mental Health

It is vital for a mental health nurse to recognize the different benefits and disadvantages of both philosophies and consider various aspects of recovery and patients' decision-making process.
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  • Words: 3030

Munchausen Syndrome as a Factitious Disorder

The generally accepted explanation of the causes of Munchausen disorder is that the simulation of the disease allows people with this problem to receive attention, care, sympathy, and psychological support, the need for which is [...]
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  • Words: 1491

Cannabis Effects on Mental Health

I am a nursing student who will present today on the topic of cannabis and mental health, providing you with an overview of the adverse effects of marijuana and the possibilities of addiction treatment.
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  • Words: 1024

Anxious Phobia Disorder Patients’ Brain & Behavior

The improvement of the methods of spectral and multifractal analyses of the electroencephalogram has enabled scientists and psychologists to sort the chaotic and fractal dynamics of the brain associated with anxious phobia disorders.
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  • Words: 2099

Nursing Mental Status Examination and Therapy

His thoughts and talks about suicide and his awareness of how to take this step along with his tears and quietness can be used by a nurse to explain that suicide is not the only [...]
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  • Words: 1870

Electroconvulsive Therapy from Preparation to Recovery

The day I spent at the chosen ECT clinic to observe the process of electroconvulsive therapy provided the opportunity to learn about the initial preparation, patient consent, procedures, potential side effects, benefits, and medications to [...]
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  • Words: 578

Dissociative Disorders Controversy

The main controversy that surrounds the diagnosis is the disbelief that many people have. The authors state that the one possible cause of the controversies is the fact that it is a complicated issue.
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  • Words: 548

Talks on Mental Issues

The present paper will offer a review of three talks on mental issues, the authors of which emphasize the necessity of drawing more attention to this kind of disorder.
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  • Words: 582

Developmental Delay Definition

The term developmental delay is the diagnosis that is not critical and cannot be related to severe intellectual problems, such as autism or a specific learning disability.
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  • Words: 500

Teenagers With Autism Disorder

Autism is seen as a spectrum disorder since its severity and symptoms vary greatly among affected individuals - from mild and occasional to persistent and interfering with all aspects of life.
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  • Words: 2042

Diagnostic and Statistics of Mental Disorders

Another common way of diagnosing a problem with mental health is the use of laboratory tests. Psychotherapy is the kind of medical care provided by a mental health professional.
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  • Words: 297

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Missouri Veterans

Unfortunately, the implemented policies have failed to meet the needs of different veterans, such as the Welcome Back Veterans, the Veterans Health Administration, and the Military Health System. Louis has several policies and programs aimed [...]
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  • Words: 597

Substance Use Disorders and Interventions

The main reason is that engagement will eliminate the patient's inner conversation, which, in most cases, will convince them to quit the recovery process and relapse by consuming the addictive substance.
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  • Words: 287

Sue Klebold: My Son Was a Columbine Shooter

Klebold's speech at a TEDx event is that it is cruel and futile to put all responsibility for school shootings on the shooters' parents. It takes a mutual effort of the government, healthcare, and school [...]
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  • Words: 329

Depression in Adolescents and Interventions

The problem is defined as a mood disorder that affects the daily life of a person due to unexplained sadness and lack of interest in general activities. This paper aims to examine the causes of [...]
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  • Words: 1444

Cognitive Disability Resource Sheet

The inability of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate in everyday life limits the reach of health promotion programs, which leads to more health-related issues.
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  • Words: 578

Justice for the Mentally Ill

This paper includes a brief description of aspects that should be included in the training of the staff, as well as a brief discussion of some of the most common mental health issues among inmates [...]
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  • Words: 1218

Psychological Treatment in Correctional Settings

First of all, these amenities have to deal with budget expansions that negatively affect the make-up of the incarceration facilities because the latter have to spend more money in order to establish the functioning of [...]
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  • Words: 565

Mental Illness within the Ranks

Continuing on the symptoms manifested in the behavior of the new commander, it is necessary to highlight that he fails to control his emotions according to the information reported by his subordinates, he is unable [...]
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  • Words: 871

Cognitive Behavioral Supervision Model

The cognitive behavioral model belongs to the broader category of psychotherapy based clinical supervision that mostly provides the basis for the theoretical development of supervisees and tends to focus mainly on strategies and skills.
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  • Words: 833

Autism Should Not Be Viewed as a Disability

A good example is that the treatment of autism as a mental disorder makes it possible for pharmaceutical companies and clinics to invent new health systems or procedures that will meet the needs of the [...]
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  • Words: 1113

“Ordinary People” as a Psychiatric Movie

Indeed, one can argue that Conrad's mother is rigid due to the fact that she refuses to change her lifestyle. This is proven by the fact that Conrad's mother indifference made it that much harder [...]
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  • Words: 515

Pediatric Psychiatrist’s Intake Note on Adolescent

Additionally, the subjective data obtained through the parent interview indicate that the client grapples with attachment and self-esteem. However, the patient exhibits symptoms of psychomotor agitation, intense anger, distraction, and dramatic behavior.
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  • Words: 1120

Psychiatrist’s Professional Development Plan

When it comes to theory, learning more about the key principles of risk assessment in psychotherapy, such as confidentiality and the absence of prejudiced attitudes, was the initial step taken to achieve the goal.
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  • Words: 864

Incidence of Mental Illness in Australian Workplaces

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare is endowed with the responsibility of collecting data relating to mental illnesses in various companies across the country in order to determine the influence that the illnesses have [...]
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  • Words: 2852

Negotiation with Mentally Ill Imprisoned Customers

The present project is focused on the kind of a situation where an individual with a mental illness is being dangerous to a group of people around and a professional negotiation team is needed for [...]
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  • Words: 3079

Imprisoned Customers with Mental Illness

As a conclusion to the case study, one may suggest that interrelation of social stigma and psychological behavior is closely tracked through the example of the inmate, imprisoned for murdering his own daughter.
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  • Words: 831

Schizophrenia: History and Diagnosis

The process of diagnosing involves a comprehensive assessment of the patient's symptoms, in which a specialist searches for the symptoms of schizophrenia and other disorders, which need to be ruled out for the diagnosis to [...]
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  • Words: 660