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Psychiatry Essay Examples and Topics

Therapy Aspects in the “Antwone Fisher” Movie

Antwone contributes to the treatment by listening to the doctor's advice, answering all the questions, even personal ones about his sexual experience, reading the book Davenport suggests, and practicing sublimation of his anger through drawing, [...]

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Analysis

The behaviors are not realistically connected to the anxiety that the client tries to alleviate. Developmental Disorder: No diagnosis Rationale The client has a BA degree and is gainfully employed, which is evidenced by her [...]

Agoraphobia: Major Psychiatric Disorder

Also, the client's heartbeat increases, and it becomes harder for her to breathe when she is obliged to take an elevator. However, the client is not a confident person as she thinks negative about her [...]

Histrionic Personality Disorder and Its Components

Hilde's parents never rewarded her adequately for her academic achievements, but they made fun of 'intellectual snobs.' During her adolescence stage, Hilde had a wide circle of friends but failed to create deep relationships with [...]

Schizophrenia Effects on Patient Development

This essay explores schizophrenia in a bid to understand what it really is, how it affects the development and relational abilities of its victims, and why these effects qualify it as a mental disorder.

Autism: Main Symptoms and Research

Major symptoms of the disorder are repetitive behavior, abnormal communication development, and motor skills development. Major symptoms of autism are repetitive behavior, abnormal motor skills, and communication development.

Eating Disorder Screening and Treatment Plan

The strong point of this article is the combination of the eating disorders and behavioral aspects of the problem as the mixture of the possible reasons for the psychological problem.

Psychiatry: Childhood Bipolar High-Risk Study

Out of the 51 students involved in this study, only 8 had a disruptive disorder with higher attention and externalizing scores which were to be used for generalization to a larger population.

Drug Abuse and Depression Treatment

She states that her father was the main person who was able to give the right pieces of advice and she was not afraid of making the wrong decision.

Psychopathology: Nature vs. Nurture

The discourse about nature and nurture concerning mental illness often involves factors that influence the mental development of a person. While some gene disorders also exist, schizophrenia is a classical case for explaining the role [...]

Anxiety, Depressive and Personality Disorders

There are several features of the depressive disorders, namely the presence of a bad mood, certain changes in the somatic and cognitive functions, and the significant deterioration of functioning.

Schizophrenia Symptomatology and Misdiagnosis

Although it was previously believed that the incidence and prevalence of schizophrenia in men and women were approximately the same, newer studies point out that the use of more restrictive criteria for diagnosis results in [...]

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Diagnostics

Developmental Disorder: No diagnosis No diagnosis can be made since the woman used to be an active member of her community. Medical Disorder: No diagnosis The client maintains that she does not have medical issues.

Diagnostics: Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood

Robin meets diagnostic criterion A because the development of his emotional and behavioral symptoms started within three months of the onset of relational problems that had triggered the disorder.

Major Depressive and Dependent Personality Disorder

The patient states that she blames herself for her husband leaving the family and believes that her personality or actions are the leading causes of this happening. She notes that she felt the strength in [...]

Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents

It is acknowledged by the researchers that the symptoms indicate the possibility of bipolar disease and not schizophrenia. Psychiatric and physiological factors, among others, contribute to the prevalence of self-harm in children and young people.

Suicide Prevention Consultation Model

The second step is the analysis of the girl's past and present behavior patterns and thinking of the most beneficial approaches for dealing with the problem.

Bipolar Disorder Patient Examination and Therapy

The patient admits that he becomes angry and aggressive, which he regrets afterward. He suggests that he has depression and claims to feel worthlessness and critically increased fatigue, which occurred 2 months ago.

Depression Assessment Using Intake Notes

The outcomes of the analysis point to the presence of a mental health concern, and the selected tool leads to the identification of the health issue in question.

Age- and Culture-Based Psychiatric Assessments

The interview techniques utilized for the assessment of a child are different from those used with adults. I believe that it is always necessary to consider individuals' cultural background during the assessment to meet the [...]

Dr. Sherwin Nuland on Electroshock Therapy

To some extent, his optimism was transmitted to the audience and to the viewers of this video. It has to be admitted that this form of treatment is often criticized and many practitioners are opposed [...]

Evidence-Based Treatments

The chosen case is the case of Ivan S, who is a war veteran who suffers from a variety of psychological symptoms that affect his relationships with his family and loved ones. Secondly, Ivan shows [...]

Military Social Work: SA Scott Case

Thirdly, SA Scott has a history of depression for which he was prescribed Lexapro, an antidepressant medication that sailor stopped taking after only two weeks due to the lack of immediate effect.

Mental Well-Being Diagnoses

The purpose of this paper is to discuss three different diagnoses in relation to the mental well-being of patients and diagnostic tools to help in identifying them.

Factors Associated with Depressive Symptoms

Accordingly, this paper aims to address three primary steps of the plan: identification of the problem, the discussion of the search strategy, and the critical appraisal of the gathered evidence.

African American Adolescent Patient’s Condition

In the case under analysis, the issue of the generalized anxiety disorder is explored. Last year, X's mother had to apply for the second job due to financial constraints, which led to a drop in [...]

Beck Depression Inventory: Evaluation Plan

Reliability test Pretest and posttest scores from a nonclinical sample of respondents screened a week apart will be compared to determine the reliability of the tool for use in a longitudinal study.

Depression in Iranian Women and Health Policies

Historically, this approach can be said to be a hindrance to early screening for depressive symptoms and preventive interventions, resulting in the current high prevalence of depression among women.

Schizophrenia Hypothesis and Treatment

The dopamine theory hypothesizes that the activation of post-synaptic dopamine receptors in the mesolimbic pathway of the brain increases dopaminergic activity, resulting in positive symptoms delusions and hallucinations.

Major Depressive Disorder Diagnostics in Women

The patient's diagnosis was determined two months ago, and her mental condition has improved due to medications and therapy. The patient has a master's degree in education, and she claims to be stressed on a [...]

The Diagnostic Concept of Schizophrenia

Cultural and historical contexts have largely influenced the perception of this mental disorder, and the assessment of this disease and its features in different cultures is not the same.

Mental Health Care, Its Politics and Ethics

Nurses can and should bring the voices of mentally ill people and their close ones to the fore when addressing policymakers as well as articulating important messages to the public.

Youth Suicide Prevention: Health Promotion Plan

In this paper, a proposed mental health initiative to meet the challenges of at-risk youth is discussed using the PDSA model and related evidence-based strategies based on IHI indicators included. Access to the program will [...]

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Features

This is substantiated by Aldinger and Schulze because the authors state that the environment and genetics of an individual with bipolar determine the development of this condition.

Depression in Patients with Comorbidity

The purpose of this paper is to describe depression as a mental health disease, including its etiology, prevalence, signs and symptoms, and assessment instruments that facilitate the diagnosis of the disease.

Depression After Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment

Concerning the reoccurrence of depression after the use of TMS, in 2015, Levkovitz et al.found that in individuals receiving the 4-week TMS therapy preventing the relapse of acute depressive episodes, about one-third of patients achieved [...]

Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder

The relationship between a positive diagnosis of this disorder and a sudden onset of symptoms can be explained in the context of an autoimmune response to S.pyogenes invasion.

Psychiatry: “The Birth of the Asylum” by Foucault

When Faucault describes how the asylums treated their patients, he turns to the models proposed and implemented by Samuel Tuke and Phillippe Pinel: Tuke's idea was to define madness as the opposite of reason and [...]

Suicide Prevention Program for Baltimore

However, it has been noted that in order to reach the entire community, a reasonable program for suicide prevention should target the population as well as the individuals that are at a more significant risk [...]

Psychopathy Development in Children

Most studies do not even have a satisfactory resolution to the inquiry of whether children become psychopaths as a result of nature or environmental impacts in the course of upbringing.

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Children’s Psyche

Understanding parents' perception of their children's condition is crucial to the successful administration of the required treatment and the overall efficacy of the interventions provided to meet the needs of the target population.

Autism Treatment Network

In order to use these resources in PEACE, it is necessary to establish a budget that will cover expenditures on training courses for specialists involved in the program, educational materials, seminars, and individual counseling.

War and Remembrance: Casualties of the Mind

This paper will focus on the examination of the effects of American veterans with disabilities and PTSD concerns in the shadow of the Civil War and the associated treatment to be offered to veterans as [...]

Mental Disorders and Adam Lanza’s Case

Compare and contrast three key similarities and three differences between mental illnesses and mental disorders. Anorexia Nervosa and bipolar disorder affect the individual's state of mind.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Its Causes

While it is possible to clearly articulate the symptoms of OCD, the final and definite answer to the question about the causes of the disorder is yet to be found. Currently, it is hypothesised that [...]

Mental Health Practice in the UK

The report from the Department of Health and the National Health Service outlined an endeavor to enhance the nation's health care system by fixing the shortcomings of the mental health sector.

Schizophrenia: Diagnosis and Treatment Approaches

A detailed analysis of the factors that affect the patient's condition, including the internal and the external ones, must be mentioned as one of the essential strengths of the studies that have been conducted on [...]

Gender Dysphoria and Its Signs in Children

In particular, Bressert specified that some of the most common symptoms of gender dysphoria in children were the strong desire to wear the clothes typically worn by the representatives of the opposite sex, as well [...]

Borderline Personality Disorder in Female Patients

As a Mental Health Support Worker at CAC, I had to carry out the suggested healthcare plans for women with BPD, as well as monitor the changes in the patients' behaviour and report the observed [...]

Depression Among High School Students

The specific problem surrounding the issue of depression among adolescents is the absence of timely diagnosis as the first step to depression management.

Aphasia: Diagnostics and Treatment

The cause and the site of the brain affected determine the severity of the aphasia. The form of stroke called hemorrhagic stroke also causes Broca's aphasia, global aphasia, and Wernicke's aphasia when the blood vessels [...]

Mental Status Exam in Clinical Practice

Finally, cognition is a combination of factors such as attention span, orientation, memory, and concentration which collectively determine the mental state of the client.

Schizophrenia in Young Men and Women

Thus, the research of the problem among the young people is the primary task. The feelings of people with schizophrenia are contradictory and uncertain.

The Muscular System of a Human Body

As the definition provided above shows, the movement of the body is the primary function of the muscular system. However, the identified function of the muscular system is not the only one.

Weight Control for Chronically Mentally Ill People

It lies heavily on culture and cultural values, and hence people doing rehabilitation could use the theory to remind the victims of what is expected of them, the stereotypes and biases even those that they [...]

Mental Illness Through the Policy Glass

According to Hartley and Lambert, one of the arguments for the CMHC Act relates to the introduction of community-based care viewed as the most appropriate psychotherapy for persons with mental illnesses.

Insanity Treatment and Rehabilitation

However, there also exists a theory according to which the emergence of the asylum was a result of the social structure in which the ruling class built madhouses to better control the lower classes.

Schizophrenia, Ethical and Multicultural Issues

For instance, the assumption that the absence of evidence implies the same outcomes as the actual absence of the disorder symptoms often hinders the process of determining and addressing schizophrenia in patients.

Suicide, Its Categories, Causes and Effects

Another cause of suicide is the view that one has become a burden to the family and society at large. In this regard, it means that the ideal way of reducing suicide cases is to [...]

Schizophrenia, Its Symptoms, Prevalence, Causes

Noteworthy, hallucinations and delusions are reflections of the distortions of the human mind, which in turn causes distortions of the person's perceptions and interpretations of reality.

Schizophrenia in ‘A Beautiful Mind’ Film

The main symptom of a schizophrenic patient depicted in the film is the patient's inability to distinguish between the real world and the subconscious pattern created within the imaginations of his mind.

Bipolar Expeditions: Mania and Depression

Everyone always seems to focus on one side of the disorder, forgetting that there may be another aspect to depression that contributes to the individual's mental state, and to the same extent.

Bipolar Disorder in Children: Diagnosis & Therapy

In this study, the researcher seeks to support the argument that bipolar disorder among children should be diagnosed and treated. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between bipolar disorder among the [...]

Mental Health Care Services for Veterans

To guarantee that this requirement is met and the policy falls within federal jurisdiction, it is essential to address four dimensions of the program.

Mental Disabilities: Characteristics and Causes

TBIs are caused by an impact of the head against a blunt object or from its penetration by a sharp object; it often results from vehicle accidents. Autism is a developmental disorder that influences the [...]

Soldiers’ Therapy in Military Mental Health Clinic

The authors of the lecture titled "Practice of Virtual Reality Case Teaching Using in the Military Training Based on Virtools" argue that case teaching effect of military theory can be utilized in military academies. It [...]

Depression in the Future Public Health

Further, the attention is drawn to the current measures aimed at the improvement of the public mental health, and the economic and social matters associated with depression management are considered.

Psychiatric Differential Diagnoses, Tests, Biases

The statement ascertains the essence of the condition in the differential diagnosis of the individual. A case of a person walking to a tree and urinating five times is an indication that the individual may [...]

Depressive Disorders Severity Assessment

Quick Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology and the full version of the test are multivariate clinical screening tools designed for identification and assessment of the severity of depressive disorders that can apply to patients of any [...]

Schizophrenia and the Reduction of Readmissions

Thus, this research will be rather useful because it will discuss the effectiveness of self-management programs for people with schizophrenia and their influence on the reduction of readmissions.

Self-Management Programs for Schizophrenia

Therefore, the significance of the problem that is reviewed in this paper consists in the fact that the approaches to the treatment of schizophrenia can be optimized.

Schizophrenia and Frequent Readmission Rates

This literature review is focused on the exploration of self-management programs for patients with schizophrenia and their effectiveness in terms of the reduction readmission rates and the overall management of the condition.

Schizophrenia and Its Functional Limitation

The situation advances in severity with the age of the patient. This condition may affect work, social, training, and interpersonal relations and skills among people with the schizophrenia condition.

Schizophrenia’s Readmission Rates

The purpose of this paper is to propose a research analyzing the frequency of admission rates among patients with schizophrenia treated with long-acting injectable antipsychotics or with oral antipsychotics.

Pathophysiology of Depression

The approach implying the identification and assessment of the stress response circuits is also viewed as a possible tool for determining the development of major depression in a patient.
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