Surgery Essay Examples and Topics

Medical Error: Operation Room

In ancient times healthcare was a trial and error process. No one fully understood the scientific basis of healthcare. There were a lot of superstitious practices involved in treating sick people. But when in the aftermath of the modern age, the man began a more scientific approach to life and healthcare. Hospitals were built, and […]

Organ Donation: Importance Information

Organ transplant is a form of surgery in which an injured, diseased, or damaged body organ is removed from a patient and replaced with a healthy organ, which has been donated (Elgert 4). This concept emerged in the 19th century and has been practiced for a long time now (about 50 years now). Majorly, several […]

Evidence for the Safety and Efficacy of Metal-on-Metal Hip Prosthesis: Sufficient or Insufficient?

Introduction The development of joint replacement surgery was a major milestone in orthopedic surgery. Hip replacement is often the only viable solution for patients with advanced joint deterioration. Total hip arthroplasty is usually the last recourse for patients whose condition cannot be resolved clinically. Successful hip replacement usually leads to a better quality of life […]

Discovery and advancement of the hip replacement technique

Introduction The 20th and 21st centuries are a landmark epoch in the evolution of the field of medicine including the discovery and advancement of the hip replacement technique. Hip replacement stands out as a great breakthrough in the treatment of hip complications that can no longer respond to other normal therapy. When the hip deteriorates, […]

Organ and Blood Donation

Introduction Every day many Americans who require organ transplant strive to get the few available organs such as lungs, hearts, kidneys and other vital lifesaving organs, as well as blood. However, ethical and legal issues, and unwillingness of many potential donors to provide consents have slowed down the rate of organ and blood donation in […]

Al Zahrawi Biography

Biography Al Zahrawi (Albucasis in the West) lived between 936 and 1013 in Andalusia. He is considered to be among the pioneers of medical surgery in medieval age. His inventions in medical field are still utilised in modern surgery. Abucasis was born in Cordoba (Andalusia) in 936. He is believed to have originated from Al […]

Consumer Trend Analysis: Plastic Surgery

Abstract Plastic surgery can be discussed as one of the most actively developing consumer trends not only in the Western society but also in the Arab society because today the concept of beauty serves as the socially significant factor. From this point, modern people who choose plastic surgery are motivated by their need for the […]

Materials for Artificial Hip Joints’

Hip Anatomy The hip anatomy refers to the structures which make up the hip. “The hip contains various parts. These include bones and joints, which are our major concern, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, the bursae, and blood vessels, which shall be discussed in this section.”1 The hip is an example of a ball and socket […]

Midshaft Fracture of Humerus

Introduction Humerus fractures are damages that affect bone of the upper arm, which bonds the shoulder with the elbow. The fractures in this zone appear in three major forms: proximal, midshaft, and distal humerus fractures. The majority of these fractures occur due to various means, but they are often instigated by falls like in the […]

Breast Augmentation Revision

Introduction The main purpose of the given paper is to define gender, social, and cultural underpinnings triggering women to refer to breast augmentation and body modification in general. Particular reference will be made to the role that breast augmentation plays in meeting the standards of physical attractiveness in the society. Practice of Breast Augmentation Body […]

“Postoperative Recovery Advantages in Patients Undergoing Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery under Regional Anesthesia.” by Suri. Article Review

This review seeks to examine the article by Suri et al. (2010) titled “Postoperative Recovery Advantages in Patients Undergoing Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery under Regional Anesthesia.” The purpose of this review is to investigate some of new insights that the article brings into the field of medical surgery. Additionally, the review examines the findings of […]

Plastic Surgery

Vishal Thakkar, a New Yorker living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, got divorce in 2006. The divorce lowered his self esteem and he decided to “do something selfish” (Thakkar). He made an appointment to see Angelo Cuzalina, who happened to be the 2011 President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Thakkar decided to get a rhinoplasty […]

Bone Healing Stages

According to Johnston (n.d), bone healing after a fracture undergoes the reactive, reparative, and remodeling stages. However, healing may be complicated because of bleeding disorders and surgical risks. According to Johnston (n.d), the reactive bone healing stage lasts for two to three weeks. This is a very painful and inflaming stage. When healing starts, hematoma, […]

Cosmetic surgery: a symbolic damage to all women

Body modification tells a lot about people and their preferences. It may tell us about individuals who have body art; such as their likelihood, which substances they use, or any type of violence. Women’s desire to look attractive or their need of expression has made many go for plastic surgery. A Need for thinner bodies […]

The History of Frontal Lobotomy

The word lobotomy comes from two Greek terms lobos which means the brain’s robes, and tomos which means to cut. Lobotomy is a psychosurgical practice that involves destroying the connections of the prefrontal cortex of the brain. It originated from Europe in the early twentieth century (Dully & Fleming 76). The theory behind this procedure […]

Excessive cosmetic surgery

Introduction Body Modification practices have been in existence for a long time but has only gained prominence in recent times. This can mostly be attributed to popularization by the media especially in the west. Today’s mass media promotes awareness of outward appearance and has the greatest influence in the promotion of excessive or unnecessary cosmetic […]

Preoperative education and postoperative pain scores in the paediatric patients

Introduction According to Gehdoo (2004), medical practitioners have historically undertreated children for pain and painful procedures on the assumption that they do not feel the pain or that they forget the painful experiences faster than adults do. Gehdoo (2004) further adds that it is absolutely necessary for children to be given an effective pain therapy […]