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Surgery Essay Examples and Topics

Cesarean Section: Untimely Operations

Cesarean section is one of the brightest illustrations of this kind of practice as thousands of women and children die due to an untimely operation or have to face adverse health issues after the delivery.

Plastic Surgery: Gaining Confidence with a Scalpel

Nevertheless, the 21 century is the time of cosmetology and plastic surgery; the beauty industry is so highly developed that people often lose their individuality in the pursuit of perfection imposed to them, and importantly, [...]

Ibn Zuhr and His Contributions to Medicine

Born in Seville in 1094, Ibn Zuhr is one of the most renowned physicians and surgeons of his time. He later published this information in a book that served as the basis for the development [...]

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Perfusion Methods Comparison

Cardiopulmonary bypass is a special method that briefly assumes the function of the heart and lungs during surgery to offer a bloodless, sufficient surgical area while ensuring a sustained circulation of blood and oxygen contents [...]

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery’ Perfusion

For the time of the operation, the functions of a patient's heart and lungs are temporarily suspended and taken over by a machine, known as the heart-lung machine and often referred to as simply a [...]

Plastic Surgery for Men

The number of men interested is now approaching the number of women interested in the procedure. Majority of men seeking plastic surgery are single and some have major problems in their marriages.

Cosmetic Surgery

Hence, cosmetic surgeon patients should understand that the training, experience, and education for becoming competent in cosmetic surgery are not the same as that required to become knowledgeable in plastic surgery.

Medical Error: Operation Room

One of the best examples to illustrate the cause and effect of medical error in surgery is the case of Tampa surgeon Rolando Sanchez who wrongly amputated the left leg of Willie King.

Organ and Blood Donation

However, ethical and legal issues, and unwillingness of many potential donors to provide consents have slowed down the rate of organ and blood donation in the county.

Al Zahrawi Biography

He is considered to be among the pioneers of medical surgery in medieval age. Moreover, he was the first physician to draw hooks with two tips for utilisation in surgery.

Consumer Trend Analysis: Plastic Surgery

The purpose of this consumer trend analysis is to examine the persons' motivation to purchase plastic surgery services and to list the manifestations of the trend; to explain social and individual consumer factors that are [...]

Midshaft Fracture of Humerus

Open reduction refers to the slitting of the limbs to access the bones and the fix in the right manner. However, this process is normally subject to the severity of the fracture, the patient's wellbeing, [...]

Breast Augmentation Revision

The main purpose of the given paper is to define gender, social, and cultural underpinnings triggering women to refer to breast augmentation and body modification in general.

Plastic Surgery

By 1930, the ASPS was able to create the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which role is to license physicians that qualify and meet the requirements to practice as plastic surgeons. According to Rabbi Waldenberg, [...]

Bone Healing Stages

At this stage, periosteum replicates and transforms to chondroblasts, which bridge the fracture. The remodeling stage comes last and involves the fractured site remodeling itself and correcting deformities a result of the fracture.

The History of Frontal Lobotomy

He was among the founders of this form of brain surgery and was awarded a Nobel Prize in the field of medicine in 1949 for discovering the significance of lobotomy in dealing with some psychological [...]

Excessive cosmetic surgery

Modifications come in the form of socially acceptable ones and those that are shunned by the majority of the community mostly due to their profane nature.