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Addressing Cosmetic Surgery Concerns Essay

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Updated: May 3rd, 2022


Cosmetic surgery helps to enhance appearance. It involves hair transplant, breast implants, liposuctions, and tummy-sucks. Gynecologist and general surgeons mostly practice it. People assume that cosmetic and plastic surgery are the same. Plastic surgery mainly deals with facial and body enhancement due to birth abnormalities and accidents. Training to qualify as a plastic surgeon is different from a cosmetic surgeon.

Hence, cosmetic surgeon patients should understand that the training, experience, and education for becoming competent in cosmetic surgery are not the same as that required to become knowledgeable in plastic surgery. Many patients have false information that all plastic surgeons can undertake all cosmetic surgery.

Thus, they have incorrect and inaccurate information when it comes to choosing their surgeons. This endangers them by going to physicians with no expertise in cosmetic surgery. Despite all the risks and damages involved in cosmetic surgery, I support it because it has helped women largely.


Counter Arguments

Breast augmentation as a cosmetic surgery improves one’s breast, resulting in an outstanding figure. Some of the reasons why people seek breast augmentation include, increasing the breast size, the perception that one’s breast is too small, to enhance the body outlook and proportion, to achieve an enhanced appearance, size, and projections (Nadler, 22). Breast augmentation helps in enhancement, not perfection.

Liposuction as cosmetic surgery helps patients to get rid of unwanted fats that cannot be controlled by exercise and dieting. Aside from visual enhancement, liposuction helps patient’s clothes to fit them better. Patients get a psychological lift after they have undergone liposuction due to a trimmer body. Some patients find it easy to have physical exercise regularly after removal of extra fats; this makes them have body fitness (Miller, 33).

Mastopexy, as a form of cosmetic surgery, helps in the improvement of one’s outlook. It also helps in upgrading self-confidence and makes a person have a balanced self-outlook. Patients get a sensuous backside, and they are less cautious about self-appearance. Patients are advised to have reasonable goals about buttocks augmentation, and they should do it for their reasons but not anyone else reason. They should put in mind that it is for improvement, not perfection.

. All cosmetic surgeries have risks involved. If one follows, the doctor’s instructions, there are no problems, complication, and risks. Breast augmentation is not permanent and cannot stay forever; hence; it ruptures at one point or another (Nadler, 45). Patients may recognize leakage because a change in the size of the breast is detectable. An implant may rupture because of trauma on the chest region, but mostly it occurs spontaneously with no reason.

The major issue with breast augmentation is capsular contracture, the scar surrounding the implant hardens and tightens, and this makes the breast feel harder and tighter. The solution to this problem is by pressing the breast slowly during healing and following the surgeon’s instructions. Some women may feel numbness and sensitivity, but these symptoms may vanish after some time.

Rippling is another side effect experienced: it is experienced when the implant moves, and it is characterized by indentations on the surface of the implant. Removal of the implant is the best solution in case of severe cases. Some women may have contamination at the implant, antibiotics treat these infections, but in a severe situation, removal of the implant is advisable.

Liposuction has problems and complication like any other surgery. Some may suffer from sagging skin, numbness, scaring, and dimpling (Miller, 50). Follow up surgery rectify these problems. Other rare but extreme complications include excessive fluid loss and drug overdose. The following factors are associated with the removal of a large number of fats, multiple procedures are done together, and the use of general anesthesia. Risks involved with buttock implants include infection and bleeding.


Many people think that cosmetic surgeons are not doctors. What they do not comprehend is that surgeons are doctors who do not cure any disease. They only enhance and improve certain parts of the body. Cosmetic surgeons need to undertake a medical course for four years after they complete college.

They must excel in the board of examination to be qualified and attend seminars to broaden their skills. All this make them qualified as any other doctor. Others think that cosmetic surgery is only for the rich: this happened many centuries back when it was affordable only to the affluent. Nowadays it is affordable to anyone interested. This is because many surgery centers have come up and this procedure well.

Force qualification

Liposuction is advisable for individuals of normal weight who want to enhance their body. It can put the abdomen in place, shape the ankles, and remove contours. Liposuction cannot cure obesity; the process may even alter body proportion permanently. Patients with good skin will acquire smooth complexion after fat removal. Tumescent fluid yields satisfactory results. Because of pregnancy and other factors, women breast have lost proportion and begun to loosen.

Breast implant corrects this problem easily. Pursestring mastopexy surrounds the nipple with an incision. The other method is lollipop mastopexy, where an incision is underneath the nipple. Face-lifts make a person’s face smooth by removing excess fat. The procedure used is short-scar scaring, which yields good results. The face becomes fresh and smoother. Eyelid surgery gets rid of unwanted fat and skin on the top eyelid. It tightens the bottom eyelid and offers a relaxed and alert appearance.

My opinion on cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is of good and great help because it helps to improve various parts of the body. For instance, women who undergo this procedure find themselves with smoother and unwrinkled skin. For example, those who undergo liposuction can wear clothes, which did were small to them earlier.

There is the removal of unattractive and troublesome part of the body; this makes a woman feel more appreciated. There is no worry about looks and emotional instability. Some women feel very awkward with their breast and are very unhappy with them when they look in the mirror; luckily, breast implantation has helped them.


Cosmetic surgery is a procedure done from a personal decision but not from influences from others. A patient should put into account that cosmetic surgery is for enhancement, but not for perfection and that, there are risks involved. Through following doctor’s instructions, no risks and complications are encountered.

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