Diagnostics Essay Examples and Topics

Types of Tests Identifying Down Syndrome

Genetic and Biological Nature Down syndrome refers to the genetic condition under which an individual has 47 chromosomes instead of the accepted 46. The major cause of the syndrome is associated with the existence of extra copy of the 21st chromosome. This kind of Down syndrome is referred to Trisomy 21. The presence of extra […]

Reasons for Interpreting Screening Tests Results with Caution

Introduction People normally go for screening tests for specific reasons. There are different health related conditions at the family level that members may test. Screening tests enable families comprehend health related conditions in their lineages. Furthermore, screening generates accurate information, which informs patients decision-making processed. The results emerging from screening processes are crucial to clients. […]

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Focal Liver Lesions

Introduction Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) is now gaining popularity as a key a tool for demonstration and detection of focal liver lesions. It has replaced the normal medical ultrasound as an imaging technique. A normal medical ultrasound as an imaging technique has generally been the gold standard diagnostic imaging technique for the liver across the world. […]

Role of assesement and diagnosis in case conceptualization and treatment planning

Case conceptualization is the process of analyzing and putting together patient’s clinical assessment information obtained either through interview, observation or physical assessment in order to come up with hypothesis explaining the patient’s underlying illness (Braun & Cox, 2005). After identifying the presenting problem physician designs a treatment plan for the patient. A treatment plan involves; […]

Comparing Methods for Item Analysis

Introduction Basically, item analysis refers to methods utilized in examining the specific characteristics of test items utilized in psychological testing procedures (though it is similarly applicable other types of testing procedures in various fields as well). It enables researchers to analyze the test items, evaluate their implementation, eliminate items which have been deemed as “poor […]

Fractures of the Thoracic Spine: Article Review and Discussion

Introduction: The Significance of the Article Diagnosing fractures on a thoracic spine is extremely hard; given the fact that a patient’s life often depends on the results clarity and correctness, it is crucial to figure out which method is the best. Moreover, the issue of radiation and the associated health problems should be raised. Hence, […]

Baby body lotion

Babies have got highly sensitive skin, which needs utmost, providential care. This situation calls for careful choice of skin care products that babies need to use. Parents and guardians are required to ensure the lotion they apply on their baby skin is safe for the babies’ soft skin. Johnson and Johnson have come up with […]

Shingles and Its Treatment

Appearing on one side Since Herpes zoster (i.e. Shingles) lays dormant in the nerve tissue of the body, it usually travels from a person’s ganglia to the various axons and then reaches only a particular portion of the skin (Is that rash shingles?, 2013). While it is still unknown why it is isolated to particular […]

SOAP note case study

Subjective section R.A is a 16-year-old female with type 1diabetes first diagnosed 5 years ago. She is also obese and has hypothyroidism. She was binge drinking, but quit 2 years ago upon being advised that alcohol could worsen her health condition. Unless when she has an emergency, she usually comes to the hospital for follow-up […]

Impact of CT Scans on Stroke Diagnosis

Introduction Strokes are one of the leading causes of death in many parts of the world. Consequently, it is essential to adopt procedures that lead to the accurate diagnosis of the condition. The CT scan is a primary mode of investigation of the disease. This report will determine its impact on the management of the […]

A Career in Dentistry

What is the future of dentistry industry? Over the years, the industry has seen a rise in the demand of fro dental services. It has been occasioned by population growth and the lifestyle of people that expose them to dental ailments. This could be due to the food they eat or their hygiene level. Also, […]

Dental Hygienist

Choosing a career to pursue may not be as easy as one may wish to think. A number of persons have taken long to realize their ultimate careers yet some realize their potential early in life and make their career choices right away. As for me I have chosen to pursue a career in dental […]

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug Test A drug test is a scientific examination of a biological sample like urine, hair, blood, sweat, or oral fluid/saliva to establish the existence or absence of particular parent drugs or their metabolites. Deborah et al, (1998)stated that “one of the significance of drug test is testing for the presence of substance and detecting […]

Family Tree and Its Importance

A family tree is a representation of the lineages of a particular family mainly consisting of relatives stretching as far as possibly establishable by the family. A simple family tree would basically constitute of great grand parents, grand parents, parents, siblings, cousins and so on. With the continued complexity of modern livelihoods, development professionals in […]

Hemoglobin A1c Test

Available literature demonstrates that hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) level has received recommendations as a diagnostic test for diabetes due to its capacity to indicate how well controlled blood sugars have been over time (Liang et al., 2012). As suggested by these authors, HbA1c is essentially a marker of long-term glycemic exposure particularly in patients with microvascular […]