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Socioeconomic Status and Its Health Impact Essay

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Updated: May 2nd, 2022

Individuals from lower socioeconomic status (SES) have worse health compared to individuals from higher SES. This comparison gains its support from the frequency of illness, the seriousness of the illness, mortality rates. Lower SES is associated with risk behaviors leading to crop up of diseases. SES relationship with health exists as a gradient this is because an increase in SES leads to benefiting change in health aspects. SES has many effects on the health of an individual, including exposure to venom, the eminence of medical care, and behavioral factors.

Children from lower SES undergo unconstructive life events. As a result, stress leads to a broad range of depressing biological and health upshots in children, making stress prove as one of the factors linking SES to health disparities. Apart from stress, psychosomatic grief also plays a critical role in one’s health. The unpleasant social environment in which lower SES- persons grow leads to them facing challenging and emotional events compared to individuals from higher SES. Failure of young children to cope with psychological distress leads to the unsound health of an individual. (Fernandez, Lanier, Johnston, Pandurang & Victor, 2007).

Economic strain may also lead to an individual from lower SES developing negative individual attributes. A child from lower SES, due to inferiority feelings may develop a mistrust of other children from the sound neighborhood and become more hostile. His hostility may hamper his health. The children from lower SES compared to those from higher SES, may also become less sanguine about their future resulting in the creation of an illness environment in their bodies. (Blas & Kurup, 2010).

Children from lower SES compared to those from higher SES may avoid fit behaviors, such as intake of a healthy diet and exercising. They may also indulge themselves in drinking alcohol and not smoking. However, this may be due to the availability of resources. For example, individuals from lower SES find difficulties in purchasing dietary ingredients. On the other hand, children from lower SES have proved to be more hostile compared to children from higher SES.

This may lead to children from lower SES lacking enough playgrounds. Access to health care is also another factor that may contribute to differences between children from higher SES and those from lower SES. Individuals from low ranks of social resources may have less access to public goods leading to them having distressful lives than those from sound families. (Blas & Kurup, 2010).

Education is an essential element that enhances the health and safety of an individual. This is because it reduces the demand for health care, the correlated costs of reliance, vanished earnings, and individual suffering. In addition, it aids in endorsing and sustaining healthy standards of living and positive decisions. Education plays a pivotal role in nurturing human growth, relationships, and individual and relatives relationship. (Glanz et al., 2008).

Education as well lessens the chances of an individual working in perilous jobs. This is because of the knowledge gained through education on the importance of one’s health. However, education ranks also play crucial roles in a working environment, in that, those with lower education levels are more prone to health risks. An increase of level of education improves the overall health of an individual. (Glanz et al., 2008).

Moreover, education pursuing has also proved to increase life expectancy of an individual. This because, more educated people prove to have lower chances of contacting chronic diseases such as hypertension, emphysema, asthma, diabetes and ulcers. Better-educated people rarely complain of health problems, and it is seldom for educated people to suffer from depression and anxieties. In addition, educated people spent less time on their beds hence reducing the chances of developing functional problems such as obesity. (Glanz et al., 2008).

In conclusion, persons with extensive knowledge rarely take part in unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, drinking, loss of exercise, intake of illegal drugs. Education also governs an individual way of conduct; majority of them uses preventive medical care to protect their substantial health.


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