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Women’s Health and Gender Essay

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Updated: May 29th, 2021

The attainment of high-quality health (including emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing) is a human right that is recognized in many countries across the globe. When individuals are supported using adequate resources and opportunities, it becomes easier for them to achieve positive economic and social outcomes. Unfortunately, most of the advances made within the past four decades have failed to address the challenges most women face. Those from underserved and marginalized communities are affected by obstacles such as preventable illnesses, gender inequality, increased medical costs, and patriarchal violence. This paper examines how scholars interested in women’s health and gender across different disciplines can facilitate the development of empowering health care systems.

Empowering Health Care Systems

Women’s equality is one of the fundamental rights taken seriously by different scholars, researchers, and theorists. Various disciplines such as health, sociology, medicine, counseling, psychology, and nursing present numerous insights and ideas for addressing most of the challenges affecting many communities. It is agreeable that all these disciplines can be considered when focusing on topics such as women, gender, and women’s health. Scholars in these fields can collaborate and present evidence-based ideas that have the potential to facilitate the development of empowering health care systems. This goal is attainable since such professionals possess adequate competencies and theoretical concepts that can be used to improve women’s experiences and support their objectives.

Some various measures or initiatives can be pursued by different scholars in the above fields to support this goal. The first approach is proposing the implementation of superior policies that focus on efficient and sustainable health care systems. This initiative will ensure that adequate resources, laws, and frameworks are presented to address the diverse needs of women. Secondly, these professionals can present meaningful theories, case studies, and models to sensitize and encourage communities to design adequate health care systems. This achievement will tackle women’s emotional, mental, financial, economic, and physical challenges.

The third initiative that can be embraced by scholars is attracting different stakeholders, government officials, community members, and civil societies. Such a move will result in a superior health care system that is supported by different people and theorists. The strategy will guide agencies, organizations, and institutions to sensitize more people about the importance of women’s empowerment. Issues such as inequality and abuse will be addressed using evidence-based measures. They can go further to collaborate with different communities to design powerful campaigns and programs. This approach will support the participation of women in different economic activities. The proposed action plans will encourage men to support women, provide adequate resources, and make it easier for them to succeed in life.

Finally, the above practitioners can conduct numerous studies to identify the major predicaments many women face. The presented insights can be shared with agencies, institutions, policymakers, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focusing on gender equality, health, and empowerment. This approach will ensure that evidence-based strategies are put in place to strengthen existing healthcare systems for women. New programs can also be considered to deliver positive results. The concept of continuous improvement should be introduced to empower and guide more women to overcome their problems.

The establishment of empowering health care systems can make it easier for women to achieve their potential and lead better lives. Different institutions, agencies, and policies will support their needs. More female citizens will be empowered to control various resources, pursue their educational goals, participate in numerous economic activities, and empower their children. The situation will make it easier for more women to receive high-quality medical services. They will also engage in social and political agendas in an attempt to advance their objectives or interests.

Women Empowerment Topics

The above discussion relates to several topics that revolve around the idea of women empowerment. Practitioners and scholars interested in gender issues can collaborate with different stakeholders to facilitate the development of efficient systems that support women’s needs. This initiative is related to the development of a liberational health agenda. The above analysis has offered meaningful insights and concepts that can empower professionals to support women’s goals or affairs. A liberational model can ensure that all women have access to high-quality, timely, and safe health services.

The above discussion is also related to the topic “Women’s Bodies and Sexuality”. The introduction of a sustainable health care system will empower more women to pursue their identities and sexual behaviors. They will engage in meaningful physical and social practices that can result in weight management. They will also improve their physical appearances and become self-confident. Most of the challenges in women’s reproductive health have been taken seriously by many scholars interested in women’s affairs. Such professionals can propose adequate policies and practices to tackle such predicaments. The targeted women will plan their families efficiently, receive adequate medical services for their reproductive health problems, and eventually realize their goals.

The analyzed question is also related to the issue of patriarchal violence throughout women’s lives. Domestic abuse remains a major challenge affecting many females in different societies. Victims are usually forced to incur numerous expenses whenever looking for medical services. The implementation of superior health care systems for women can empower them to deal with most of the above problems. The problem of patriarchal violence will be minimized, thereby making it easier for more women to achieve their potential. The topic “Social Policy” is also related to the above discussion. It is agreeable that the proposed idea can result in appropriate frameworks that can address women’s challenges and empower them to achieve their potential. Adequate social policies can present new opportunities for females and make them successful.

The daily pedagogies of gender, race/ethnicity, and class can be analyzed as critical issues that are informed by the concept of women empowerment. The described question can be used to inform adequate teaching models and theories that can transform the thoughts of different community members. The approach will make it easier for them to treat the idea of gender equality seriously. They will also tackle the problem of class discrimination. The approach will address most of the obstacles that make it impossible for many women to achieve their potential. Race or gender equality is a concept that can make it easier for all women to lead quality lives.


The above discussion has indicated that different scholars and professionals should promote evidence-based policies and campaigns that can facilitate the development of empowering health care systems. This achievement will ensure that more women are empowered to achieve their potential. The initiative will also address most of the challenges arising from gender or race inequality, reduce costs associated with patriarchal violence, support women’s identity, and sexuality, and promote a liberational health agenda.

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