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Adverse Aspects of Smoking Essay

Smoking has an adverse effect on ones health. These effects are classified into three major aspects, circumstances of smoking, means of smoking, and consumption of tobacco. Tobacco consumption is proofed to be the primary cause of heart and lung diseases, leading to preventable deaths. These diseases are as a result of high content of tar in the tobacco made cigarettes. The high level dosage of tobacco also results to hypertension and other vascular related diseases (Sloan et al 73).

This action of smoking should be stopped as it has led to many preventable deaths. Research from the World Health Organization that was done in 2005 shows that, 5.4 million people died from smoking. The tobacco smoke contains carcinogenic pyrolytic contents that regularly affect the DNA leading to genetic mutations. These carcinogenic contents are more than twenty that are consumed when one is smoking.

Tobacco smoke is also found to have some nicotine. This is an active chemical with both physical and psychological effects (Sloan et al 180). Nicotine addiction makes the victim to be like a slave, thus a person cannot perform his daily duties without first consuming nicotine.

Physically the victim looks sick and weary when he has not taken nicotine. The worst of all smoking adverse effects, is to the pregnant mothers. Tobacco smoking has proofed to cause miscarriages if a mother is a smoker. Incase a mother is clinically saved from miscarriage; there are still higher chances of the fetus to suffer from health problems.

The innocent unborn baby may be born prematurely towards the end of the nine months period, or may be born being underweight. Sometimes the baby may be lucky to survive in the womb throughout the nine months period, but increased chances of sudden Infant Death Syndrome are experienced.

Mothers who smoke should be sensitive enough during pregnancy, as the unborn babies have their rights to be born and enjoy their lives like other human beings. Some research done have shown that, cigarette smoke gets into the womb and causes an adverse effect on the growing fetus’ brain.

In several cases, it has been a very a shameful incidence where male smokers have been diagnosed to be impotent. A man having an Erectile Dysfunction not because he is biologically abnormal but because of smoking is disheartening as it can be avoided through stopping tobacco smoking (Britton 19).

Smoking has increased the mortality rate and shortened life span of many people globally. This has been caused through many people suffering from cancer and stimulation of adrenaline release that is a major cause of high blood pressure, and increased heart rates.

Any form of smoking has proofed to be the major cause of health damage of the most productive people in the world. Most of the teenagers who are smokers have shown signs of depression than those who don’t smoke (Britton 31). The decision-making process of the teenage smokers is slow compared to the non-smokers.

The brains ability of the smokers is deterred; hence why most of them loose their jobs others commit serious crimes ending up in jail. Moreover, smoking causes a certain percentage of fire deaths while smokers are also at an increased danger of injury related deaths due to high chances of road accident.

The habit of smoking can be prevented through the efforts of the victim. As smoking has proofed to be harmful to ones health efforts of stopping it should be made. Victims who want to stop smoking should come up with a plan of actions.

This should be a combined effort for different peoples such as medics, friends and relatives of the victim, and if possible a counselor. Over the counter prescription should also be included and other ways of dealing with stress (Allen 94). Smokers who have used medications to help them quit have succeeded as this reduces craving.

Smokers should keep away from places that may cause them to feel the urge to light one. The places that should be avoided are nightclubs and the cigarette lighters should be thrown away. Before any smoker takes a step of quitting smoking, he must have a personal desire to quit and learn deeply about the adverse effects of smoking. This helps to prepare both the mind and the body f the smoker.

A determined smoker should have his reasons to quit. A sincere list of both likes and dislikes of smoking should be written down. This is done before starting the actual process. (Allen 103). Consulting his friends and family members about the things they also dislike about him smoking would help. If the list on the positive side is longer than that of the negative side, then the smoker is ready to quit.

The smoker who is ready to quit is advised also to make another list of the challenges he will encounter in the process of quitting. For him to succeed, he should give the possible solutions to those challenges. Application of those solutions will be the final step to quitting.

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