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The Virus That Causes Throat Cancers Research Paper

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Updated: Jun 23rd, 2022

The study summary was obtained from the New York Times publication of 26th January 2012. The summary was based on the prevalence of human papilloma virus in men which caused oralpharingel carcinoma.

The research article used after the insight of the summary in the New York Times was from the journal of American medical association. Published early 2012 the research paper explains the recent extensive research findings on the prevalence of HPV.

Study description

Author information

The author of the summary published in the New York Times is Anahad O’Connor. He is an extensive research summary writer of the New York Times. The research which was based on the American population had its funding from the Ohio state university (O’Connor 1).

Major research findings

The research indicates that the virus that causes most throat cancers is human papilloma virus (HPV). Being found in the genital area and affecting about 80 %, it is mostly transmitted by sexual means through intimate contact in cases of oral sex (Gillison et al. 2). The report indicated that 6.9 % of the population mainly made of adults and teenagers were infected with the virus causing throat cancer (O’Connor 2). However, another strain of HPV coded HPV type 16 was as well found to cause the disease. The prevalence was found to be three times in men than in women. The research further indicated the identification of more related characteristics that increase the risk of infection such as drug abuse, increased irresponsible sexual activity and the advancing in age (Gillison et al. 2).

In rare documented results, the study also shows that the virus can cause genital warts. It can also cause cervical cancer and cancer of the vulva and vagina in women. In both sexes, the virus is reported to cause oral and anal cancers though in small percentages.

Benefits of the findings to the society

It is now apparent that, the predisposing factors have been put into existing knowledge thus; the society can be educated on the ways of preventing the infection of HPV. The society will as well be informed of the prevalence of the virus. The significance of establishing the rate of prevalence is that, it will aid in the allocation of funds to fight the rate of infection by the state government basing on the raised statistics.

Cancer relevance

Cancer as it is known is the abnormal growth of tumors on the organs of the body, the abnormality in the cases of infection by HPV is on the cells of the throat and back of the tongue. This causes cancer of the throat and oropharingeal carcinoma. The established statistics help in the improving the efforts put in the management of cancers generally.

Relationship to biology 401

Cancer is developed when an abnormal cell growth is experienced in the region. Being the biological basic unit of life, it constitutes the basis of biological involvement. Research into the cancer infections and causative agents involves cellular biological studies which explain the altered shape, size and physiological process of cells (University of Georgia 1).

The study itself is an overarching theme which enables the study being continuous process in which the structure and functionality of the cells infected is extensively put into account (University of Georgia 1).

Research article

The research article explains extensively on the method employed and the findings of the research. This is presented in the form of descriptive statistics clearly on the findings of the research. The pathogenesis of the virus is well explained in the article than in the summary. Percentages detailing the prevalence of HPV in both women and men are well put in the article. An extra explanation on the prevalence of the virus in homosexuals is also indicated in the research article but not in the summary.

The historical perspective covered in the article is also absent in the summary. The statistically presentation of the results in the research paper and the explanation given for the results confirm the report of the summary. The exact percentage of prevalence is also reflected in the both documents.

One of the methods the researchers used to collect data includes random sampling where the women and men were sampled. Biological specimen were collected and examined for infection in the laboratory. Interviews were also used to raise information relating to the condition of the sampled persons (Gillison et al. 2).

The research paper was written by a number of authors while the summary is comprehensive understanding of an individual.

Personal plan to keep updated with scientific advancement

It is my wish to keep myself updated with the scientific advancement. I would do this by keeping breast on the researches published online. I prefer the internet for more current updates. I would visit the online sites that publish article on biological research more frequently.

The internet is most reliable source of information and it is updates every time. It is my choice because of the limited errors associated to the information it provides.

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