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94 Nursing Theory Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 Best Nursing Theory Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. Spirit: Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing
    The word spirit is used in reference to the part of a human being that is associated with the mind, will, and feelings.
  2. Human Being in Nursing Theory
    The task of the medicine consists in resorting to the biological system, whereas the main scope of nursing is confined to focusing on the behavioral system.
  3. Transcultural Nursing Theory in Practice
    The theory is applicable in different settings to support the needs of many patients with psychological issues. Her competencies in social and cultural anthropology played a significant role in the development of the Transcultural Nursing […]
  4. Peplau’s Interpersonal Relations Theory in Nursing
    As was already mentioned above, the main focus of Peplau’s theory is on the relations between a nurse and a patient. In Peplau’s theory, health is a process of moving towards the state of productive […]
  5. Florence Nightingale and Dorothea Orem’s Nursing Theories
    To meet the needs of patients in the diverse contemporary community, one must focus on creating consistent communication between a nurse and a patient based on the latter’s environment and background.
  6. Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory in Nursing
    Also, the theory addresses the concepts of leadership and suggests that successful nurse leaders should build trust in their followers and comply with a number of principles that promote the professional development of the followers.
  7. Nursing Learning Theories, Styles, and Skills
    To achieve the objective, I will explore the benefits of accruing to nurses because of their knowledge about learning theories and learning styles.
  8. Applying Borrowed Theories to the Nursing Profession
    With the application of such a theory, it can be possible to introduce superior procedures, behaviors, and cultural attributes that will streamline existing nursing practices.
  9. Nursing Theory: Evidence-Based Practice
    The nursing model that can be used as a framework to promote the management of the identified issue is patient-centered care.
  10. Self-Determination Theory in Nursing Work Area
    This may be necessary to enhance the performance of the workers, but it also destroys their passion and the zeal that they have.
  11. The Patient-Centered Nursing: Application of Theory
    The patient-centered nursing model guides practitioners to respond to patients’ conditions and health using personalized care delivery procedures. This model meets the generalizability test since it is applicable in different fields, scenarios, and settings to […]
  12. Dorothea Orem’s Theory in Personal Nursing Practice
    This journal entry defines the theory of Dorothea Orem, determines the achievement of goals set initially, and explains the use of seven domains of practice in the context of personal nursing practice.
  13. Nursing Theories: Critique of the Statement
    Therefore, when one nursing theory is applied to the whole education process, it seems to be easy to understand the essence of nursing and follow clear instructions and guidelines.
  14. Nursing Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality
    The nursing theory that I utilized during my practice experience was the Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality. The Culture Care Theory focuses on the uniqueness of each human being and the importance of […]
  15. Mid-Range Nursing Theory Analysis
    One of these models was developed in 2003 to promote the importance of the interactions between a nurse and their patient and the impact of this relationship on the health outcomes.
  16. Virginia Henderson and Her Nursing Need Theory
    Evaluation of the model includes the discussion of its logical congruence, legitimacy, and generation to prove the correctness of its application in today’s nursing practice with respect to patients’ and their families’ needs and expectations.
  17. The Criteria of Theory Evaluation and Grand Nursing Theory
    The goal of this paper is to discuss the criteria of theory evaluation and use them to analyze a grand nursing theory.
  18. Nursing Theories of Henderson and Orem: The Modern Value
    In the first place, these two figures focused on the input of the patient care theory, which allowed them to constitute theories of nursing process and self-care deficit, respectively.
  19. Theory Development in Nursing
    This paper will consider the role of Nightingale in the formation of the nursing profession, discuss a study based on her theory, and analyze the relationship among theory, research, and practice.
  20. Nursing Theories: Outcomes and Reflection
    For this event, I examined the role of nursing leadership in healthcare and its implementation into interprofessional collaboration to improve patient-centered care.
  21. Nursing Theory Guiding Clinical Practice
    Finally, the main goal of week 10 will be to improve my application and understanding of terms, concepts, and principles related to women’s health.
  22. Theories and Hypotheses in Nursing Research
    I believe a theory in the nursing field aims to improve understanding of the process of medical care to provide the best service for patients ultimately. Without theory, it would be challenging to make real […]
  23. Nursing Theory and Personal Philosophy
    The task of a nurse is to develop and follow moral philosophy that is concerned with establishing a standard of correctness by the prescription of certain rules and principles.
  24. The Explanation and Comparison of Nursing Theories
    Nursing theories provide useful information concerning the definitions of nursing and the practice itself, principles that form the foundation for nursing, and also the goals and functions of nursing.
  25. From Novice to Expert Nursing Theory by Patricia Benner
    To do that, the author’s goal is to define the difference between a theory and a philosophy and to the stages of epistemological process occurring in the health care environment.
  26. Is Nursing Theory Important to the Nursing Profession?
    Nursing was recognized as a science, and instead of a traditional model of learning from more experienced nurses, a science-based approach to the training of the would-be specialists in this occupation was implemented. Indeed, theoretical […]
  27. The Essence of Family Nursing Theories
    The essence of the family nursing approach is that the nurse communicates with all family members, even if providing care for only one of them. This approach is justified since family members can support each other when facing complex or difficult diagnoses (Bell, 2016). Also, acquaintance with all family members and their medical history helps […]
  28. Middle Range Nursing Theory: Medication Adherence Model
    This paper looks at the theory in terms of its scope, the context within which it developed the content of the theory, the significance of the theory, internal consistency within the theory, the testability of […]
  29. Analyzing Nursing Theories Through Microscope Approach
    In order to get to a solution, the theorists highlighted the problem and the causes of the problem in the patient.
  30. Nursing Research: Models and Theories
    Content validity is the ability of the contents of a research study to relate with the contents of a certain construct.

👍 Good Essay Topics on Nursing Theory

  1. The Importance of Incorporating Nursing Theory
    In the case of hand hygiene, attribution theory may be used to explain the hand hygiene behaviors of the health workers.
  2. Middle-Range Theories Used in Nursing Profession
    In the healthcare field, nurses work their level best to promote patient satisfaction and improve the quality of care provided. One strategy to deal with the problem involves the use of the theory of nursing […]
  3. Grand Theories Application in Nursing Discipline
    It can also be described as a structured and systematic enunciation of reports related to the queries encountered in the nursing discipline. In addition, the nurse can be accused of ignorance and having a strained […]
  4. The Comfort Theory of Nursing Used in Education
    This essay aims to describe the Comfort Theory of Nursing and the use of the theory in addressing problems encountered in nursing education.
  5. Patricia Benner as a Nursing Theorist
    The work summarizes the key points of Patricia Benner’s article that discloses the peculiarities of contrastive proficiency levels. The distinguished scholar strives to prove that proficiency levels can represent a ladder of success.
  6. The Issue of Nursing Theories
    Being a very important part of modern medicine, nursing as a science obviously has a great number of different theories which main aim is to increase the level of knowledge of people who work in […]
  7. Nursing Theory Plan of Care Overview
    In this plan, the patient will play a central role in ensuring that he remains in good health, just as stated in the above theory.
  8. Implications of Theory to Nursing Practice
    All nursing models or theories have common positions; these include such concepts as the source of patient’s problems, the goal of the nursing interventions, the means of nursing interventions, the role of the nurse, and […]
  9. The Theory of Comfort in Nursing
    It was during Kolcaba’s master studies that she took a position of a head-nurse in an Alzheimer’s unit and became interested in the outcomes of comfort, and decided to impart a theoretical shape to the […]
  10. Aristotle’s Ethical Theory and Nursing
    Therefore, the actions of an individual determine his happiness and the aspect of what is ethically good. This theory is directly related to the nursing professional code of ethics as indicated in the provisions of […]
  11. Nursing Retention: Kanter’s and Neuman’s Theory
    In this paper, the concepts of nursing retention and turnover are explained in the context of nursing shortage. Given the negative effects of nurse turnover, strategies to reduce turnover and promote nursing retention have been […]
  12. Nursing Theorist: The Roy Adaptation Model
    A question that a nurse attending to Linda may ask herself in relation to Roy’s perspective of the physiologic need includes is; does the condition of asthma impair Linda’s oxygenation?
  13. Nursing Theorist Imogene King and Her Contributions
    When the individual opts to consult a nurse, the perception of the nurse is influenced through the constituents present in the individual.
  14. Søren Kierkegaard’s Ethical Theory to Nursing
    Referred as the “father of existentialism”, S ren Kierkegaard’s philosophically insightful and penetrating work not only focused on the social critique of the 19th-century culture and Christian faith within the state church but also in […]
  15. Kant’s Ethical Theory of Deontology in Nursing
    Kant advanced two approaches of categorical imperative; first, the maxim of an individual’s action should be universal; and second, a person should treat another with dignity, not as means to reach personal objectives. Also, section […]
  16. Nursing: Problems, Theories and Practice
    X and his wife the technique of injecting the insulin subcutaneously, the dosage, the time to have it because he was on the 70:30 mixtard preparations and how to properly plan for his meals.
  17. American Idol Nursing Theory Contest
    According to this theory, the nurses have the task of recognizing the role culture plays in the health of the patient.
  18. Nursing: System Theory and Leadership
    Most of the time, patients confuse things and may give false information that may result in the provision of different healthcare instead of the expected one.
  19. Change Theory in Inpatient Nursing
    Therefore, the nurses have to adapt to the increased activities in the facilities and also to ensure that the clients are satisfied with the services.
  20. Integral Nursing and Role Modeling Theories
    It must pay attention to maintaining human health, improving the quality of life, and solving problems related to the health of a person, family, groups of people, and the whole society.
  21. Selecting a Theoretical Framework in Nursing
    For example, in the study “Analysis of the UCSF Symptom Management Theory: Implications for Pediatric Oncology Nursing,” Linder uses the Symptom Management Theory in the field of pediatric oncology.
  22. Middle-Range Theories in Nursing Research
    The explanatory theory is the second type used to define the relationship between ideas. The first premise is that there is a connection between the patient’s confidence and quality of life or well-being.
  23. Use of Psychosocial Theories in Nursing
    Therefore, it is vital to examine the application of social and behavioral theories to the operations of healthcare facilities in practice by considering the case of the 65-year-old woman admitted for a mastectomy.
  24. Mother Roger’s Nursing Theory
    Martha Elizabeth Rogers’ theory helps nurses deliver quality healthcare to their patients. Rogers’ theory that gave nursing a new meaning.

📌 Simple & Easy Nursing Theory Essay Titles

  1. The Importance of Nursing Theories in Nursing Education
  2. How Incorporates the Concepts From the Nursing Theory Into the Nursing Curriculum
  3. How Does Nursing Theory Affect the Practice of Nursing
  4. Deliberative Process Nursing Theory for End of Life Care
  5. Nursing Theory Application and Integration of Synergy Care Model
  6. Using Nursing Theory and Framework for Critical Thinking Endeavors
  7. Nursing Theory and Its Effect on Quality Improvement and Healthcare Practice
  8. The Five Essential Components of Florence Nightingale’s Theory of Nursing
  9. Nursing Theory: Florence Nightingale’s Contribution to Nursing
  10. The Relationships Between Nursing Theory and Practice
  11. Nursing Theory for Music Therapy Quality Improvement Program
  12. Impact of Margaret Newman’s Nursing Theory on Pediatric Setting
  13. The Ethical Dilemma of Grand Nursing Theories
  14. Why Is Nursing Theory Important in Nursing Education
  15. Description of Nursing Theory Madeleine Hubble of Diversity Cultural Care
  16. Nursing Theory and the Importance of Domestic Violence Screening and Intervention
  17. The Differences and Similarities Between Hildegard Peplau’s and Jean Watson’s Nursing Theory
  18. The Ultimate Goal of Nursing Theory
  19. The Theories of Florence Nightingale in Nursing in Modern Times
  20. Levels of Theoretical Thinking in Nursing Theory

🔎 Most Interesting Nursing Theory Topics to Write about

  1. Comparative Analysis of Watson’s and Orem’s Nursing Theory
  2. Debate the Connection Between Nursing Theory and Evidence-Based Practice
  3. Nursing Theory: Foundation for Nursing as a Profession
  4. Types of Nursing Theories: Concepts, Levels, and Uses
  5. Developing Nursing Theory Using Triangulation of Concepts
  6. Why Nursing Theories Are Organized Concepts That Guide Nursing Practice
  7. Applying on Practice Virginia Henderson’s Nursing Theory
  8. The Relationships Between Nursing Theory and Practice
  9. Florence Nightingale’s Theory: Theories and Aspects of the Nursing Theory
  10. The Influence of Grand Nursing Theories
  11. The Most Common Nursing Theories to Know
  12. The Usefulness of the Nursing Theory-Guided Practice
  13. Choosing and Implementing a Nursing Theory in Practice
  14. Result of Practice, Knowledge, and Nursing Theory’s Role in Future Work
  15. Hildegard Peplau’s Theory and Its Importance of Nursing Theory
  16. Relationship Between Meterparadigm Theory of Nursing and Ana’s Definition of Nursing
  17. Nursing Theory in Hospital Models of Care
  18. King’s Theory and Theory of Conceptual System in Nursing
  19. The Effect of Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory on Community
  20. Nursing Theory in 21st Century Healthcare

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