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Finger Length Ratio Research Paper

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Updated: Feb 28th, 2022

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People tend to attribute some significance to their fingers, making assumptions about one’s occupation and strength based on them. Researches such as Bailey and Hurd (2005) claim that finger length does matter, determining whether one is “more masculine” and inclined to do sports due to small index/ring finger ratio, or 2D:4D (215). It is especially sensitive despite the fact that other ratios also display sexual dimorphism, being responsible for several traits with medical implications (Jeevanandam & Muthu, 2016). This research paper tested the hypothesis about men having a longer ring finger compared to the index one and the reverse being true for women.


In order to test the hypothesis, the necessary data regarding finger length was collected from a sample of 12 participants, with 6 people for both sexes. The participants had their fingers measured from the basal crease to the tip using the Vernier scale (Agnihotri, Jowaheer, & Soodeen-Lalloo, 2015). Afterward, the individual ratios were calculated by dividing the index finger value by the ring finger one, and the average for each sex was also determined.


The measurement and calculation results are represented in Table 1, which includes the participants’ name, sex, age, finger length values, and ratio.

Name Sex (M/F) Age Length index finger Length ring finger Ratio
Romy Jonkman F 22 7,2cm 7,8cm 0,923
Britt Koopmans F 22 7,6cm 8cm 0,950
Krista Bekkema F 21 8,0cm 8,5cm 0,941
Youri Dirven M 20 7,5cm 8,0cm 0,938
Maaike van der Molen F 22 7.8cm 7.4cm 1,054
Guido Baart M 25 7.6cm 8.1cm 0,938
Mohammed Alazizi M 25 8.2cm 8.5cm 0,965
Anika Boonstra F 22 6,6cm 7,0cm 0,943
Moniek Drent F 22 7,0cm 7,5cm 0,933
Jorg Kooyman M 24 8.5cm 8.7cm 0,977
Laurens Dijkman M 23 8.3cm 8.6cm 0,965
Jelko de Vries M 19 8cm 8,5cm 0,941

Table 1. The measurement and calculation results

The average ratio for the male participants is 0,954, while for the female ones, it is 0,957. The highest and the lowest ratios are 1,054 and 0,923, respectively, and both belong to female participants.


The results are inconclusive and cannot fully confirm the hypothesis. All male participants had longer ring fingers, but the same was true for the female ones, except for one whose index finger was longer, fitting the hypothesis. The average ratio values were close for both sexes, with the one for males being slightly lower, which correlates with other studies (Warrington et al., 2018). In conclusion, only the first part of the hypothesis was confirmed, perhaps, due to insufficient sample size.


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