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The Junk Food’s Risks Cause and Effect Essay

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Updated: May 7th, 2019

Junk food refers to foods that have a high content of in sugar, salt and fat. Such foods usually contain little nutrients and some lack any nutritional value. Junk food is also called fast food and many people prefer them especially in the contemporary society.

Joints dealing with fast foods such as MacDonald have recorded huge success as many people become addicted to junk food because it tastes good. However, in spite of the popularity of junk foods, they pose health risks such as diseases, depression. They also cause obesity and strain some people financially, thus a sweet bite may actually mean that people are digging their own graves using the teeth.

People who take junk food risk getting heart diseases. Junk food has high content of fat and cholesterol that leads to clogging of the heart arteries. Once the arteries are blocked a person can suffer from heart attacks that could lead to death or cause strokes.

Therefore, overindulgence fast foods such as chips may pose death risks and lifestyle diseases that are costly to treat. For example, I have an uncle who suffers from gout because of consuming roasted meat that is linked to the disease. Today he has to deal with pain in his joints and other health problems such as high blood pressure. Thus junk foods should be avoided to reduce the health risks involved.

The other problem caused by junk foods is obesity. Obesity is excessive weight gain that is normally caused by the high content of calories. The media reports that many people including children are suffering from obesity due to poor diets. Obesity leads to diseases.

I have seen obese children and adults in my neighbourhood and the children are not able to play well with the other children because they are a bit slow. Sadly, I have heard some children make fun of them and that must hurt them and affect their esteem. For example, the American First Lady Mrs. Obama campaigning against child obesity has been on the news. Therefore, junk food should be discouraged.

The brain health becomes degraded because of consuming of junk foods. The content of many junk foods is unhealthy and it may expose the brain to premature aging and shrinking. The harmful additives lead to mood swings, depression and sleep in some people. Growing children are harmed by junk foods because their IQ levels become low and they lack concentration.

Moreover, junk foods affect proper cognitive together with thinking skills. For instance, my 10 year old cousin is addicted to junk foods and his performance in class is poor. Moreover, he is very aggressive and cannot keep up with outdoor games the other cousins play because he loses his energy fast.

In addition, junk food is costly and can put a strain on individual’s budget. Eating out regularly is costly. Cooking at home can benefit them especially if they make healthy foods. Besides, individuals that eat out miss out on the opportunity to share and interact with family members during meals time.

I have a friend who never eats with the family because he prefers to eat out and when in the house orders fast food which he eats in his bedroom. Therefore, junk food not only strains the budget, but robs one of valuable time with family.

In conclusion, junk food appeals to many people because of the convenience it brings as people can buy it and consume it anywhere. However, the risks caused by overeating junk foods cannot be ignored and one has to make a decision to eat healthy and if one must take junk food do so in moderation.

I think parents should teach their children how to eat healthy foods and when they grow up they will stick with the good eating habits. Moreover, more awareness is necessarily to sensitize people about the dangers of junk foods to that they can avoid digging their graves with their teeth.

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