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UAE Obesity Problem Essay


The modern world is a rapidly developing place in all spheres of humanity and production of fast food and access to take-out combined with little exercise, have raised very many health concerns. Obesity is becoming a growing problem and United Arab Emirates has not been excluded from a number of countries where overweight population is increasing.

There are several issues and causes of obesity in UAE. The primary one is the culture and the particulars of dress code, as well as lifestyle. By some estimates, over 60 per cent of the population is overweight and this leads to many health related problems and risks. Diabetes and heart disease are becoming predominant, as extra weight puts strain on the heart, as well as the rest of the body.

The whole nation is affected, as increased health risks put pressure on the healthcare system and affect the economical wellbeing of the country. The individuals are suffering just as much because they are forced to lead limited lifestyle and also, face the danger of significant life shortening.

The long working hours, the availability of junk food and the relaxation time that is characterized by being at home and little activity, all factors that contribute to people becoming overweight. The fact that United Arab Emirates is experiencing an increase in the economic development is another reason why people are forced to lead unhealthy lifestyles. The increase in the pollution and industrialization, as well as the rise in technology and a lesser need to contribute physically, heighten the body’s inability to fight excess weight.

This sort of issue can be seen all over the world, as people are becoming more dependent on technology and the ease of avoiding activities. Previously, people had to walk longer distances, contribute to farming and other active work, whereas today, office employment, internet and ability to get easy access to food or even order it without leaving the house, made society very inactive.

The nutrition and the type of food that is consumed also play a great role. Someone might be busy with work and eat only once a day but a great amount of food. This becomes detrimental to health, as the body is “hit” with an extreme amount of food at one time. This makes the organism store a portion of proteins as fat, so that they can be processed at a later time. The picture would be very different if people exercised more and rationed their food, to be separated into three to five meals daily.

The cultural view that being overweight is the sign of good health is another predisposition that has been observed in the Arab Emirates. An old-fashioned view that women are healthier and will be able to provide better feeding to children has stayed rooted deep within traditions and people’s way of life.

The most alarming part of the problem is that there is a significant increase in child obesity. As parents become busier with their careers and developing businesses, children often eat foods that are high in cholesterol, greater amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Fast food has had an enormous affect on the social life of children and the cycle keeps being perpetuated. Children are at a much higher risk of obesity and heart strain, as their bodies are not as strong and their metabolism is much weaker, compared to adults. It is vital that changes are implemented immediately, as it is better to prevent problems than solve them.

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