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Does healthy food prevent obesity? Essay

Obesity has been a problem in the United States for some decades; it affects the population across all ages, and income: according to a report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 34 percent of American adults and 17 percent of American children are believed to be obese; the report further states that the condition is getting worse.

Despite having an obesity policy and engaging in massive campaigns to educate the people on the dangers of being obese, a lasting solution seems not to have been gotten. One way that has been recommended by medical practitioners is healthy eating. This paper, in support of healthy eating as a remedy to obesity, discusses how eating healthy can be a solution to obesity.

How eating health can resolve obesity issues in the United States

Obesity is accumulation of body fat and weight to a point that it can cause danger in the life of human being; it is caused by human eating and outdoor activities programs. When human being eats food with high fats and oils contents, they are increasing their fats intake that accumulated in the body.

When fat has accumulated in the body, human beings risk the danger of suffering from obesity and other related complications. Junk foods have high fats content and when they are fed on, they result to high accumulation of fats in human body.

Checking on what people eat is likely to reduce the chances of being obese; people should aim at eating foods with low food content. “Supermarket” foods, which are regarded as junks, and fast foods cause the most danger as far as obesity is concerned. They should be avoided at all lengths.

Unhealthy food is all over in the United States, they come in different shapes and targets different ages and population in the country; when people eat the foods, they have the tendency of repeating the same in the future a factor that further threatens their health.

The right food for a good health life is well-balanced food; every nutrient should be represented in the diet in a good position depending with the level of activities that a person is going to involve. Organic foods are highly recommended, they have low fat content thus they cannot lead to obesity. To instill the discipline of eating healthy, mothers should train their children on the right meals, at infancy; they should be kept off junk foods and in-organic foods as possible.

The current moves to genetically modified foods is also a major contributor to the growth of obesity among the Americans, the government should control their consumption. One reason why there are increased junk foods eating habits is the growth of fast foods and restaurants, the government should ensure that these places of eating should be controlled.

Other than eating healthy foods, the challenge can also be attached by a combination of eating healthy and engaging in a number of exercises (outdoor) activities. This will assist burning the calories of food and reduce chances of being obese.


Obesity continues to be a challenge to Americans; to get a remedy for the disease, the government, parents, communities, and patients should join efforts and promote healthy eating habits.

At all lengths, junk foods and foods with high fat /oil contents should be avoided; the government has the role of controlling fast food and restaurants businesses. Parents should train their children right eating habits from infancy.

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