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Health Outcome of Tobacco Use: Lung Cancer Essay

Nowadays, lots of people put their health under a terrible threat because of taking various harmful produces, and smoking is one of such terrible activities. In fact, tobacco use has already caused so many deaths, but people still cannot stop smoking and still try to make one of the most important decisions in their life – to smoke or not to smoke. To my mind, this life is too short to spend it on deciding weather smoking is good or bad.

Tobacco smoking takes so many lives each day, and the most terrible point with regard to this situation is that people are aware of that horrible statistics, but still, continue smoking; lung cancer, caused by smoking, is one of the leading diseases in the list of diseases, which may cause human death and the number of these deaths increased considerably day by day.

Just let us take into consideration one more significant point that tobacco use may cause lots of terrible diseases, which can be rather dangerous for human life: cancer of lungs, bladder, or mouth, heart disease, and chronic bronchitis (AMA, Promoting Healthy Lifestyle). Of course, this list is far from being full, this is why it should make people think once again whether smoking is worthy of doing this or not.

The popularity of tobacco use between pregnant women is also considered to be a burning problem that should bother society. In fact, smoking will hardly promote something really useful for human life, this is why people should be rather careful with smoking. Why are people so careless to own health? Why do they continue promote smoking and do not want just stop its production? Why do people still continue digging graves for themselves? Do they not know that lung cancer is a really terrible disease that can easily shorten their life?

In the United States, tobacco use has already taken more than 430,000 human lives (Sharma, 2007), and more than 80% of deaths are caused by lung cancer.

This disease is inherent to both men and women at any age, and even more, even if a person is not a smoker, he/she can get this disease and die as well, because such person will be considered as a passive smoker. Many statistics prove that both adults and young people smoke too much; however, the main difference between smoking at young age and at old age is that adults comprehend how dangerous the outcomes may be and what a bad example they demonstrate, and young people find smoking fun, stylish, and helpful.

For example, some part of young ladies still believe that if they start smoking, they can attract the attention of some boys and be a bit closer to them. Lots of boys follow the examples of their favorite actors or musicians, who can promote smoking from the screens and stages. For example, Sharon Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kate Winslet, Johnny Depp and John Travolta demonstrate their passion to smoking in the movies and young boys and girls are eager to follow their example.

I am deeply concerned that such promotion of tobacco use appears as a risk factor, because people, not intentionally, offer other people to take the step that may lead to their death. These young people start smoking without even understanding that smoking is one of the major reasons of lung cancer and poor mental health (Hodge, 2007).

Another point about the statistics concerning the matter of smoking is that there are so many smokers in this world as many other people, who do not smoke. And the major part of smokers forgets to respect the privacy of non-smokers, so that the latter can easily die because of lung cancer as well.

Contribution of tobacco takes place everywhere: at colleges, campuses, and other public places, where both young and adult people spend much of their time. This is why, with the help of statistical data that can be found online any time, people get a chance to evaluate their possibility to get lung cancer and die. They should be attentive with such kind of information, because everything is in their hands and only common people’s desire and abilities may prevent smoking and increasing the cases of lung cancer.

However, it is not always enough to comprehend that the number of smokers and deaths, caused by lung cancer, increases considerably. This is why in order to develop the idea of lung cancer and smoking, it is also possible to concentrate on the essence of lung cancer, its influence to organism, and the difficulties with its treatment.

“The clinical behavior of lung cancer is largely associated with its stage” (Sasaki et al., 2002, 412), this is why it is crucially important to comprehend what type and stage of lung cancer you have in order to choose proper treatment, pass it, and continue living. There are two major types of lung cancer: non-small cell lung carcinoma and small cell lung carcinoma.

More than 80% of people are under a threat to get the former, and only about 15% may die because of the latter. The non-small cell lung carcinoma also has own hierarchy that is closely connected to smoking and non-smoking people. Adenocarcinoma is one the types of lung cancer that does not depend on whether a person is smoker or non smoker. This disease creates a kind of tissue on lungs and makes it difficult to breathe without coughing. Squamous is one more lung cancer’s type that usually confused with ordinary bronchitis.

However, while patient’s examination, it is possible to find out a kind of cavity in the tumor, and this cavity promotes slow grow of lung cancer and make it invisible for some period of time. To my mind, at this level, tobacco use is considered to be a risk factor, because the impossibility to find out the disease and not in time treatment may lead to rather terrible results.

Smokers get more chances to get this disease than non smokers, this is why it is better to consult a doctor in one month or so in order to be sure that lung cancer does not threaten. Small cell lung carcinoma is such lung cancer that is certainly associated with smoking and can be rather dangers for smokers only. In this case, tobacco use is considered to a crucial etiological factor of the disease.

In general, tobacco use causes numerous diseases, and lots of them cause human deaths. This is why people should be rather careful when taking a cigarette to their hands. Tobacco use may be dangerous for adults and young people. In spite of the fact that the vast majority of people are aware about the danger of smoking, they continue smoking and worsen won health.

Lung cancer is one of the most spread diseases, which are caused by smoking, and it is necessary to find out what stage and type of lung cancer you get in order to choose proper treatment and get an opportunity to be saved. Very often, it is very difficult to find out lung cancer on its first stages, this is why such health outcome of tobacco use as lung cancer has to be analyzed and discussed in literature as frequent as possible to provide people with a chance to know what may kill them.

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