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Cancer Epidemic Research and Expectations Essay

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The existing healthcare system allows research organizations, medical facilities, and academicians to undertake different research studies in an attempt to present evidence-based ideas for treating and managing various conditions. My learning institution is currently undertaking different studies in the field of medicine. The outstanding example is the one focusing on the cancer epidemic. This essay gives a detailed analysis of the ideas and information gained after talking to all stakeholders involved in the research.

Knowledge about Research

The identified and consulted participants included data analysts, data collectors, physicians, nurses, and research directors. Majority of them were convinced that research was a useful process aimed at identifying and presenting evidence-based knowledge that could address most of the challenges many patients continue to face today. They indicated that such a procedure entailed the use of systematic investigations into identified cases, examine materials, and eventually establish facts before reaching agreeable conclusions (Sung, Siegel, Rosenberg, & Jemal, 2019). Those involved revealed that the application of existing knowledge was something essential in an attempt to present superior ideas and solve most of the challenges facing humanity.

The individuals and professionals indicated that the ongoing research focused on various clinical trials to develop or propose superior strategies for curing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing different types of cancer. The scholars have also been focusing on various therapies that physicians and health experts can consider to deal with this epidemic (Wardle, Robb, Vernon, & Waller, 2015). According to the majority of them, cancer research is a powerful model or link in the management and treatment of this epidemic.

Key Concerns

The completed exercise outlined various aspects and concerns that different professionals and participants identified. Firstly, the individuals were worried that cancer had become a major problem making it impossible for many people to record positive health outcomes. This was the case since it was one of the leading causes of death in all age groups. Secondly, the researchers in the institution were worried because various cancer types were associated with different illnesses. For example, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension were identified as some of the leading conditions observed in individuals affected by cancer (Sung et al., 2019). This means that all efforts aimed at tackling the problem of cancer should be broadened to address all other causal factors or illnesses. Thirdly, the participants were worried because the problem of cancer had been left in the hands of the government. Many private organizations and institutions were unwilling to engage in studies that could present new concepts and ideas for managing the condition. This malpractice had affected the effectiveness and applicability of the acquired findings.

Fourthly, the individuals involved in this research were facing the problem of reduced financial support. The nature of any study focusing on cancer remains complex, labor intensive, and expensive. This happens to be the case since there is always a need for advanced technological systems and devices to complete various biochemical processes. Clinical trials can also be expensive, thereby making it impossible for the involved researchers to record meaningful results (Stanton, Rowland, & Ganz, 2015). Finally, the respondents argued that the global society was not willing to focus on past findings and avoid misbehaviors that can contribute to this predicament, such as smoking, poor diets, and lack of exercises. The team members were convinced that any society that followed such guidelines was in a position to overcome different types of cancer.

Expectations from the Research

The selected research study was multifaceted in nature and focused on various issues and initiatives that could empower many practitioners to deal with this epidemic. The individuals consulted throughout this exercise indicated that such an investigation would present adequate information regarding the potential causes and triggers of different cancers. This would be achieved after analyzing and examining the mechanisms of disease development and carcinogenesis (Valle, Tramalloni, & Bragazzi, 2015). They were also optimistic that the study would highlight or outline specific chemicals and food materials that are capable of causing cancer.

Another critical expectation was to present appropriate strategies for detecting cancer before it had progressed. This achievement was capable of supporting treatment and minimizing the expenses many patients incur whenever trying to get this kind of medical support. Some of the professionals involved in the research revealed most of the existing screening procedures and protocols were ineffective. Consequently, they were forcing many citizens to go through unnecessary treatment or chemotherapy procedures. Some family members of the participants and other community members were also optimistic that the findings could become useful resources for encouraging more people to lead healthy lives, engage in exercises, and embrace the idea of timely screening (Burton & Sheron, 2018). Such achievements would ensure that more individuals reach their potential in life.


Research is something essential since it bridges the existing gap in knowledge and presents additional facts or ideas for dealing with various diseases. The completed exercise presented meaningful insights and responses from several professionals who were pursuing a study in cancer. The successful completion of such an investigation will present evidence-based concepts and practices for managing, treating, and preventing cancer.


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