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Health & Medicine Essay Examples and Topics

Udayan Care: Indian Culture Care Community

The analysis started with a narrative of the background of Udayan Care, especially as compared to the institutionalized care given by the government and private homes in India and the West.

Definition of Dental Anxiety and Fear

That way, studying the facts that contribute to the prevalence of anxiety in dental patients, the researchers should study the psychopathological profiles of anxious individuals.

Care’s Critical Problems and Nurse’s Roles

Here are some new components that have been added to the role of nurse practitioners in connection to increased readmission rates: Nurse practitioners have to perform a comprehensive analysis to understand which groups of patients [...]

Ransomware in Computerized Medical Systems

Indeed, one would think that due to the sensitivity and importance of the information stored in digital medical records, hospitals would implement strict security measures to protect its systems from ransomware.

Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing Informatics

One of the basic underpinnings is the fact that confidentiality violations can result in various issues for the patient whose well-being can be threatened, which is unacceptable for the nurse whose job is to ensure [...]

Urolithiasis: Differential Diagnosis

Flank pain radiating to the abdomen and groins, nausea, urinary frequency, and fever shown by the patient are common symptoms of the disorder. The diet should be exclusive of substances and products that contribute to [...]

Virus-Like Particle-Based Vaccines

By using the ELISA tool to measure the VLP information, the authors of the study explore the way in which the adjuvant affects T- and B-cells. Seeing that the authors of the study carried out [...]

Hospital Strategic Management and Planning: Adding Value

The development of value-adding strategies starts with singling out the requirements and the analysis of the quality of services. Market research and target marketing are essential elements of pre-service value-adding as they help to plan [...]

Cochlear Implants for Children in Saudi Arabia

This paper provides some statistics about children with hearing loss in Saudi Arabia, discusses the effects of cochlear implants on young children and considers their advantages and disadvantages, and elaborates how the use of cochlear [...]

Outpatient Oncology Settings and Trends

The researcher will spend a considerable amount of time interacting with patients and some of the employees in the setting. I am the senior physician in charge of this oncology setting.

Nursing Workplace: Leader-Member Exchange

According to Xerri, "the quality of the social exchanges" between supervisors and employees would determine if a superior-quality or low-quality LMX relationship is produced in the workplace.

Schizophrenia and Frequent Readmission Rates

This literature review is focused on the exploration of self-management programs for patients with schizophrenia and their effectiveness in terms of the reduction readmission rates and the overall management of the condition.

King Fahad Medical City: Burnout Among Nurses

The purpose of this evidence-based project is to evaluate the impact of the adaptation of reflective learning on nursing burnout in managing cardiac patients in a coronary care unit of King Fahad Medical City in [...]

Point-of-Care-Testing: Troponin Device

The targets of POC testing are to accomplish, to the highest degree conceivable, excellence in clinical testing, and execution by tending to the following goals: To guarantee that patient test outcomes are exact and complete; [...]

Self-Service Deficit Theory

That is why the paper at hand is aimed to provide a detailed analysis of the chosen nursing theory. In 1939, Orem earned a B.S.in Nursing Education at the Catholic University of America.

Schizophrenia and Its Functional Limitation

The situation advances in severity with the age of the patient. This condition may affect work, social, training, and interpersonal relations and skills among people with the schizophrenia condition.

Cluster Headache: Differential Diagnosis

The pathophysiology of cluster headache is complex and cannot be identified precisely; however, the most popular theories describe such states as abnormal functioning of hypothalamus, vascular dilation, circadian effects, trigeminal nerve stimulation, and histamine release [...]

Schizophrenia and Self-Management Programs

In order to collect the data for further analysis that will help to answer the defined research question, it will be necessary to conduct the study allowing the researchers to track changes in behavior and [...]

ABC Hospital’s Effective Team Building

Building an effective team within a micro-system requires one to understand the mission of the micro-system and organization, and the goals that should be achieved by the team.

Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery’ Perfusion

For the time of the operation, the functions of a patient's heart and lungs are temporarily suspended and taken over by a machine, known as the heart-lung machine and often referred to as simply a [...]

Ancillary Services for HIV/AIDS Patients

The second trend having a direct impact on case management programs for people with HIV/AIDS concerns the fact that comprehensive care is now needed more than ever before not only due to the increasing complexity [...]

Infectious Diseases in Children

Measles diagnosis can be supported by the physical examination if the rash on other areas of the body is found and if there are small grey-white spots on the inside of his or her cheeks.

Childhood Obesity Policy Actions

While I support public health programs for reducing childhood obesity, I do not find the idea of the government assuming a stewardship role in the childhood obesity policy to be appropriate.

Bypass Surgery: Pulsatile and Nonpulsatile Perfusion

As part of the presented research, secondary analysis was conducted of patient data provided by NIS and HCUP with a range of variables for the purpose of establishing correlations between the perfusion modality applied in [...]

Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

The clinic question is whether the consistent checkups, close monitoring, and nursing interventions improve the outcomes in the CKD patients compared to the patients who are just being evaluated regularly.

Gestational Hypertension: Mechanisms and Management

The problem with gestational hypertension consists in the fact that preeclampsia may develop on the basis of it. Evidently, the fetus is also exposed to the risks of high blood pressure and gestational hypertension in [...]

Pneumonia: Differential Diagnosis and Primary Care

Penetration of pathogens of pneumonia in the respiratory parts of the lungs through the bronchogenic, hematogenic, per continuinatem, or lymphogenous pathways followed by their adhesion to the epithelial cells of the bronchopulmonary system and a [...]

German and American Healthcare Comparison

The present paper is devoted to the comparison of the healthcare systems of Germany and the US. There is less price regulation, and, as a result, the prices for healthcare in the US are noticeably [...]

Operations Planning for a Group Medical Practice

Nowadays, many organizations pay vehement attention to the sufficient planning of their operations, as, otherwise, it will not be possible to mitigate risks and remain competitive in the market during the times of natural disasters [...]

Readmission Rates in Australia

Can addressing the main causes of high readmission rates in Australia and the establishment of relevant mechanisms to improve this outcome make the country one of the healthiest globally by 2020?

Anatomy: the Upper and Lower Limb Muscles

The upper limb: the ventral tissue serves as the site for the development of the flexor group of the shoulder muscles and the entire musculature of the palmar side of the forearm and palm.

Heart Failure in Adult Males Older 65 Years

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the problem of heart failure in adult males of 65 years of age and older, identify risk factors, pathophysiology, typical lab, and diagnostic health data, and goals [...]

Acute Pyelonephritis and Acute Prostatitis

As for the lymphogenic pathway, the presence of a significant amount of anastomoses between the lymphatic vessels of the ascending colon, vermicular appendix, and the ureter facilitates the penetration of microbes into the lymphatic system [...]

Medical Education & Research Coordinator’s Interview

Specifically, the department has made substantial contributions not only in the advancement of aging research, geriatric education and training, and clinical care within and outside the confines of the health facility, but also in translational [...]

Urinary Tract Diseases: Diagnostic Sonography

Continence, in this case, is attributed to the reactions of the external sphincter, supported by the walls of the vagina and the reluctance of both the frontal and subsequent linings of the interior of the [...]

Schizophrenia’s Readmission Rates

The purpose of this paper is to propose a research analyzing the frequency of admission rates among patients with schizophrenia treated with long-acting injectable antipsychotics or with oral antipsychotics.

Palliative Care: Evidence-Based Practice

This problem is rather relevant for the existing health care environment because it is pivotal to identify the best way to deal with pains in palliative cancer patients and facilitate their living through the proposed [...]

HIV/AIDS Patients: Legal Ethics and Patient Rights

Moreover, in the clinical environment where the treatment of patients with the infection is regarded as a norm, the denial of service is easier to detect because it will violate the professional standards of behavior [...]

Nephrolithiasis: Differential Diagnosis

In contrast, Urolithiasis is the condition that implies the accumulation of stones in the urinary tract. In case the patient requires more drugs, his symptoms must be assessed once again.

Human Factors and Their Impact on Healthcare

To ensure its sufficient functioning, one could not underestimate paramount importance of Human Factors that aims at enhancing the quality of the provided services with the help of teamwork, tasks, workforce and its collaboration, culture, [...]

Massage Therapy for General Pain Management

Massage is highly beneficial due to its universality and applicability to a wide range of problems and body parts. Versatile forms of massage can be used for a wide range of groups of muscles.

Biofilm Prevention After Cosmetic Injection

The concept of biofilm remains relatively new to dermatology, with few studies available on the formation of biofilm post-cosmetic injections; however, it is needed to explore the ways of preventing biofilm formation from reducing the [...]

Asbestos Removal and Health Threats

In effect of the proposed study, it is expected to contribute to both theory and practice of health care by reflecting the most relevant aspects related to asbestos removal.

Palliative Care for Cancer Patients: Search Strategies

In adult patients with cancer pain, what is the significance of receiving palliative care from the palliative care team when compared to conventional care practice in terms of pain intensity reduction and improved pain management [...]

Smoking Habit, Its Causes and Effects

Smoking is one of the factors that are considered the leading causes of several health problems in the current society. Smoking is a habit that may be easy to start, but getting out of this [...]

Ergonomics and Work-Related Issues in Sonographers

In a study that the Society of Radiographers had commissioned in 1997, the research findings identified the prevalence of MSIs among sonographers. The report further indicates that musculoskeletal injuries have led to a decline in [...]

Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure

The experimental character of the study can be proven by the following arguments: it involves an intervention; the impact of the intervention is the main focus of the study; the research is prospective; it tests [...]

Palliative Care for Adult Patients with Cancer

Because of the frequent painful experiences of the target population, it is crucial to develop a homogenous approach that will lead to the long-awaited relief and help improve the quality of the patients' life.

Cannabis and Its Medical Worth

Thompson, Flom, and Schmarzo underline the importance of statistics in the analysis and the implementation of the description as the main method to introduce a concept and develop its urgency.

Education and Nursing: IT Opportunities

The use of IT opportunities as the means of promoting patient education about palliative care in nursing and the enhancement of the communication process between nurses, patients, and the community is the topic of the [...]

Pathophysiology of Depression

The approach implying the identification and assessment of the stress response circuits is also viewed as a possible tool for determining the development of major depression in a patient.

Patient With Menopause: Symptoms and Treatment

Before deciding on the most appropriate medication and treatment plan, it is important to focus on such variables as the patient's past medical history, recently worsened vasomotor symptoms, her blood pressure that is higher than [...]